Syringomyelia in Dogs - Natural Pet Remedies

| Modified: Nov 06, 2017
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Syringomyelia is a chronic condition of the central nervous system in which (typically) a Chiari-like malformation of the brain tissue causes a blockage of the foramen magnum (the "valve" between the brain cavity and spinal column) and increased pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid along the spinal cord. Characteristically, small cavities form in the dog's spine and fill with fluid. These cysts, called syrinxes (singular: syrinx), are the result of different pressures within and outside the spinal column and can result in irritation of the neck, pain in the neck and shoulders, and with increased pressure eventually significant pain that progresses to loss of coordination and paralysis.

Diagnosis of syringomyelia can only be made with MRI imaging. However, signs of the condition include unexplained neck and shoulder pain as well as obsessive neck scratching. In fact, it is often called "neck scratcher's disease" for this reason. While a similar condition occurs in people as well, in dogs syringomyelia is most common in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. For this breed of dog, its breeding led to a brain too large for its skull, and the condition is a direct but not universal result of that mismatch.

Our first contributor on the subject of syringomyelia in dogs witnessed success from chiropractic adjustment. Have you had success with other complementary and alternative medicine treatments for your dog's syringomyelia?