Remedies to Treat Nail Injury in Dogs

| Modified: Jul 31, 2016

Most pet owners have had to deal with that dreadful moment of what to do when as a result of clipping your pet's nails you accidentally cut into the quick. First of all let's make sure that you know exactly what the "quick" is.  If you take a look at your pets nail (view the side area of the nail), you will see that part of the way up there is pink line portion inside the nail.  This is the blood vessel of the nail and is called the quick.  This is much more difficult to detect on black or dark colored nails, but if your pet's nails are white you should be able to see it easily.

It is often when attempting to trim those black or dark nails that accidents happen and we sometimes cut the nail too deeply and hit the quick.  The problem with cutting into the quick of the nail is that it is extremely painful for our pet, and is very difficult to stem the flow of blood.  Often once we think it has finally stopped, the animal moves to get up and just merely touching the nail on a hard floor or object causes it to bleed once again.

Some people choose to use a styptic powder such as Kwik-Stop to prevent further bleeding, but most of us don't have that on hand.  There are a number of everyday products that work just as well to stop the bleeding and that are guaranteed to be found in almost every home.

Here are a couple of suggestions...

Grab a Dry Bar of Soap and gently rake the nail across the soap to block the blood flow


Fill the palm of your hand with Baby Powder, Baking Soda or Flour and dip the nail into the powder, making sure to coat it well so that the nail stops bleeding

The trick after you have stopped the bleeding is to keep the animal lying or sitting still for a good period of time so that the bleeding does not begin again.