Grief Remedies

| Modified: Mar 25, 2008
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Some people believe that animals aren't capable of feeling emotions such as sadness, happiness, grief, joy, pain or depression. Pet owners know differently though and have witnessed first hand the various types of emotions that our pets have experienced.

Have you ever had a pet or known someone who had a pet that dealt with some type of loss in the family?  That loss could either have been the loss of another pet or even a person.  Just like humans, our pets are affected by these types of occurrences and suffer exactly the same way we do.  Perhaps it is even worse for them in some ways as we are not able to explain to them that their friend cannot return, and so often we see them sitting, waiting and wondering, when and if.

You also may be very familiar with the term separation anxiety, and may have a pet of your own who becomes anxious and upset when you leave them alone.  Again, they wait and wonder if and when you will be returning to them.

Clearly it is true that pets can suffer from emotions such as grief and separation anxiety.  Thankfully there is a homeopathic treatment available that can assist our pets in dealing with those emotions and help them regain their sense of spirit.  Ignatia has been used with much success in the exact types of situations that we have discussed here.