Grief Remedies

Homeopathy for Sadness and Grief
Posted by Kathleen (NY, NY) on 03/25/2008

re: pets and sadness/fear. I've been studying and using homeopathy for 15 years now with great success. I have also been studying and using it on my pets for about 4 years now. Many homeopathic cures for people work well at smaller doses for pets. For example: in grieving/depressed pets use ignatia for grief. It can be dissolved in their drinking water or put into their food. I used in for my 2 dogs and cat when my twin sons left for college and the pets all exhibited signs of depression and loss. There are also now many books on the subject as well out there. And more and more alternative sites for pets are popping up to purchase homeopathic remedies on the internet all the time.

We need to take care of them the way they take care of us with their unconditional love.