Photos of Mange Dogs Cured with Ted's Remedies

| Modified: Dec 19, 2018
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Earth Clinic is fortunate to offer you the single most popular and effective home remedy for mange in dogs, a borax and hydrogen peroxide cleansing wash that swiftly and safely kills the mites causing sarcoptic mange and other forms of this parasitic health threat. Incredibly positive feedback from dog owners like you fill our mange pages. To back up those claims, we have also posted a number of dog pictures below of pets before and after treatment with our resident naturopath's canine mange remedy. Check them out for yourself!

Click to read detailed instructions for Ted's popular remedy formula for mange and all the testimonials from people who have tried Ted's protocol on their pets.

Once you've seen the pictures and been convinced of the effectiveness of this natural pet care remedy, try it out for yourself and come back to Earth Clinic to tell us all about your experience!