Paralysis Remedies

| Modified on Jan 17, 2018

Paralysis in a pet can be just as terrifying for you the pet owner as it is for your pet. You can use some home remedies to help comfort your dog, cat, or other pet and hopefully find a natural cure for what has caused the paralysis.

A stroke is one common cause of paralysis, but a number of infections and other conditions can cause sudden or encroaching paralysis in pets, including tick paralysis. Getting an evaluation from your vet should be the first step in addressing your pet's paralysis.

Home Remedies: Increased blood flow can be good in addressing paralysis, so a natural remedy such as cayenne or gingko biloba can -- with care -- be used to improve circulation. Many breeds also suffer paralysis due to ruptured vertebral discs, in which case bone and cartilage supporting remedies such as comfrey or chicken cartilage may offer some restoration.

This is a terrific link on how to care for your paralyzed dog, with lessons to be learned for other pets as well.


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Posted by Katie (Edison, NJ) on 11/02/2008

Comfrey Compress for a Dachshund

My doxie's back legs became paralyzed. The vet "guessed" that he had intervertebral disk disease and suggested a $5,000.00 surgery. After my research - I put him on strict crate rest, gave him supplements, chinese herbs and pumpkin (for fiber). I also gave him comfrey compresses - 3x's a day- which he would settle into. It took 3 1/2 months for him to walk again. The interesting thing was that when he got better, he would not sit for the compresses. I took it as "I'm ok now and don't need it anymore.") A big thanks to this website for it's valuable information.

Replied by Terry
(Glendale, AZ)

Katie, I have Shih Tzus and my Laverne had a slipped disk which she was given an injection of cordizone and medication and it healed to get swelling down. I then got her Daily Sure Vitamins which help, but when I stopped she can run but when she shakes her back legs fall and she can walk.

I research as always and know this breed can get Interverterbal disease. Two herb supplement natural is what I found. on web page called DISC AID, another one is ARTHRO-INOX Is fortified to target nutrition and joint health over 74 minerals and trace element on web page

Can you or someone help on what to give her as the multi vitamin seem great and was helping and out of my 7 Shih Tzus, she is the only one with problem.

Also she has no pain and I wanted to know which chinese herbs and what kind of pumpkin did you use?? I researched Hip Displasia and Degenerative Myelopathy which are in bigger dogs. I'm more than sure she has the first aligment I mentioned. Thank you for your help and what I should do. I do give my dogs Organic Appple Cider Vinegar in their food. read about it and I also take it for 3 years Excellent product. Waiting to hear. Terry

Replied by Diane
(Riverside, Nj)

Thank you to Katie in Edison, NJ, who posted the comment about Comfrey for her Dachshund's paralysis in 2008. My 13 year old Dachshund now has this, so I plan to try Comfrey, too. Thank you again.

Replied by Maddy
(Big Island, Hawaii)

how did you prepare the comfrey? Just the leaves? As a salve? Thanks so much!


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Posted by Kris Lubeley (Wheat Ridge, Colorado) on 05/29/2017

Regarding dogs with paralysis, before considering surgery please try DMSO. My little girl injured her back and could not use her back legs. Both back legs were dragging. I was advised to get a neurological consult with MRI to consider surgery on my 13 year old girl. I did not want to even consider surgery on her, so I decided to give DMSO a try. You need to read all about it first so you understand how to dose and mix.

For my 9 pound girl I made a 50/50 mixture of 50% DMSO and 50% Distilled Water. From that mixture I syringed up 1/8th of a teaspoon (0.6 cc's or ml) and put that in to her mouth. You need to get pharmaceutical grade 99.9% pure, DMSO (you can get on Amazon, get the one in a glass bottle, READ comments to decide the best to get) and ALWAYS only mix with DISTILLED WATER, NOT TAP water. I dosed her 3 times a day, and on the 3rd day she had movement in her legs, and by the end of that week she could support herself to walk. She got stronger and stronger and after about 2 weeks she was totally able to walk as normal.

When she got tired of being syringed, I went to putting the 1/8th teaspoon of the 50/50 mixture in 1 Tablespoon of chicken broth mixed with 1 Tablespoon of Distilled Water. She lapped it right up. I went to giving twice a day after her walking was really good. I will now decrease to once a day and see how she does, and so forth. DMSO is a wonderful product to have on hand, but you must be careful to read and mix and dose correctly.

READ all about it, and be prepared when an emergency arises so you know how to use it when you need it. It is safe when used correctly, and I will always have it on hand now that I see what it can do! Also, forgot to mention the first 2 weeks she was kept very quiet, when not home to watch her, I put her in a crate, but when home to watch her she was not in the crate. The 2nd 2 weeks she was kept on a leash when outside, and I just made sure she did not take out after a squirrel or do any fast moves. The 3rd 2 weeks I still kept her on a leash, just to be extra careful. No jumping up or down off of furniture, etc. EVER.

Replied by Kris Lubeley
(Wheat Ridge Co)

I need to add a comment to my post, After syringing up the 1/8th teaspoon (0.6 cc's or ml) from the 50/50 mixture, I put that 1/8th teaspoon in to 1 oz of Distilled water, and syringed that in to her mouth. DMSO is very safe to give, but should be given with enough fluid, I.e. Distilled water, broth etc. depending on the amount given.

Please add to post made on 5-29-17

Replied by Laura
(Erie, Pa)

My dog has been paralyzed for 2 weeks now. Took her to the vet and she is on a steroid but it's done nothing for her. Is it too late to try the DMSO? She is a 45lb blue heeler. was wonder how much I should give to her?

Replied by Laura

My lolli dog is the same way paralyzed in the hind end.. she can't even control her bowels. Did your dog have control of its bowels?

Took her to the vet and he gave me prednisone it hasn't done anything its been 2 weeks. I wish I would have seen this thread sooner. I'm gonna try thr dmso anyway for a last hail Mary.


Posted by Datzinahat (Pickerington, Oh, Usa) on 10/29/2011

Please give any suggestions you may have for my beloved labrador Willow. About 13 years. Has had a stroke and has lost muscle. Vet thinks spine may be fusing together.

What can I do to help with Stroke & Spine/Muscle issues? She is having trouble standing.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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The fusing of the spine can be definitely helped with hyaluronic acid. It is preferably mixed in standard drinking water, say 500 mg of hyaluronic acid mixed in water and dissolved with 10 grams of sea salt. For the fusing, you apply DMSO with castor oil (50/50) for simplicity to the area of the back topically 3 times a day should do. It is often caused by long term magnesium deficiency combined with a fungus which grows allowing autoimmunity. The antidote for autoimmunity (some) includes 1/8 teaspoon of borax dissolved in the original drinking water, and add 10 drops of magnesium chloride saturated solution. Muscle loss has something to do with vitamin B complex deficiency, so B50 given to the dog for a whole week will give some healing. Lysine is needed, at 1/2 teaspoon a day for calcium utilization and bone generation somewhat with some vitamin C, 500 mg a day will help. Some vitamin e may also help with lameness or trouble standing, Start with that.


Replied by Reena Joshi

Plzzz save my dog who is suffering from stroke..he can not stand..his back legs not working

Replied by Leigh
(Queensland, Australia)

Have you tried DMSO?