Dry Nose Remedies for a Healthy Pet!

| Modified on Oct 13, 2016
When they're sick. cats and dogs often exhibit a dry nose as one of their more obvious symptoms. However, a dry nose can occur for perfectly normal reasons as well. Most likely, you're well versed in your own pet's patterns of health and wellness, so if the condition of its nose has changed, it's time to take a look at what might be going on with your pet's health.

In a dog, dry nose conditions are common for short periods due to the sun, heaters, or upon waking. If the dog's nose is dry for an extended period of time, this might indicate that your pet is dehydrated, suffering from allergies, or sunburned. A cold or other infection could cause a dry nose, but the presence of unusual mucous is a more likely indicator of disease. For any dog, dry nose treatment can be as simple as increasing his water intake, adding omega-3 fatty acid supplements to his diet, or eliminating allergens, plastics, and excess sun exposure.

Cat dry nose findings are harder to take much meaning from. A cat's nose is often either wet or dry throughout the same day, with a dry nose not necessarily indicating any kind of illness. On the other hand, if you see odd mucous forming in or around the cat's nose, then that is a more obvious symptom of disease. Similarly, if your cat's nose is constantly dry and scaly, this could be the result of an infection or feline skin condition.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Toni (Indianapolis, In) on 07/14/2013

Virgin Coconut oil also seems to help the nose issue. It is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal as well. My 13 year old boxer has a very dry nose and the coconut oil seems to help so long as the other dogs do not lick it off. Hope this helps. (He doesn't like the application process, I usually have to straddle him and make it happen, he is not willing, yet he does act as though he gets relief from the treatment) I also feed him a spoonful a couple of times a week for his coat, and all around health.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Mary (Regina, Saskchewan) on 05/02/2010

Hi All:

my little minature pincher has developed severe dry nose. I have given her salmon oil, coconut oil, olive oil some buter. I give these to her with her raw diet andsome digestive enzyme. Have applied coconut oil, she just licks it off. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? I will have to bring her to the vet soon but do not want her to take any sort of harmful medication or topical product.
Thanks in advance!


Replied by Phyllis
(High Point, North Carolina)

bagbalm - just rub it on the nose a couple times a day...worked for my cocker spaniel

Replied by Mary
(Regina, Saskchewan)

Dear Phyllis:

Thank you so much for your response. I tried it immediately! I will post back on how it works! Thanks again.

Replied by Sunny April
(Santa Fe, Nm)

Where can I purchase a bagbalm? My little dog has a crusty nose and it's getting red around her nostrils. Thanks for any info. or help. S.A.

Replied by Eva
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You can get it at amazon and in most drug stores.

Replied by Laveda
(Commerce City, Co)

Just went to the vet for my dogs chapped nose. He said to put vaseline it. He said to put it on like you would chapstick several times a day.

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh)

I would suggest only using virgin Coconut oil on his nose. My dog had a dry nose and the coconut oil worked great. The chapstick & Vaseline have too many chemicals that are toxic for a dog!