Treating Alopecia in Your Pet

| Modified: Jul 18, 2016
Add New Post Many of you may be familiar with the term Alopecia as the commonly known disease that affects humans, and which causes unexplained and sometimes, permanent hair loss. Alopecia is a condition that is not limited to humans only, as it can also affect your cat or dog.

It is not known exactly what causes this problem among pets but it is suspected that factors such as stress or flea allergies may contribute to the development of the condition. In some cases, the problem could cause the pet to lose very small, isolated patches of hair, whereas in other situations the hair loss could be much more extensive. This is particularly true in cases where the alopecia is caused by an allergy of some sort. The allergic reaction would cause the pet to scratch excessively and result in hair loss over large areas of the pet's flank, tail, hind end and anywhere else that they are able to reach.

While this is certainly not a life-threatening disease by any means, it can cause considerable distress and discomfort to the animal. There is never any way to know whether or not the hair will re-grow in the area of the loss as a result of alopecia. However, Alumen is one particular homeopathic remedy for this condition that has been successful in treating the problem.