Treating Alopecia in Your Pet

| Modified on Jul 18, 2016
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Posted by Ptbaker (Leesville, South Carolina) on 05/03/2013

Ted, I have read all the questions and answers on skin problems on dogs, and I have a question that I didn't see addressed. We put a small heater in our dogs house, along with hay for her to snuggle down into during the winter. In January we noticed her scratching a lot, and then her hair started coming out, from halfway down her back, and now affecting her tail. We first thought she may have been to close to the heater, and she got to hot, but it was cycling on and off. Nothing I am using seems to be working, Adams flea spray, and diamatacious earth on her. Cleaned out her d.h. last weekend, and washed it out, do you think the hay harbored some kind of insects, or maybe mites, in that warm moist environment? I am wondering if she has gotten the mange, or if it was something in the hay, it did smell bad, and the hay was moist when I cleaned it all out. None of our other dogs have been affectd by this, and we would have seen it by now. I will wait on your opinion before I start your remedy. Her skin doesn't look crusty, or scabby, or oozing, but I did feel bumps on her skin where there was no hair, some looked to be healed up, while some of the other bumps were red, where she was biting and scratching at. Thank you for any help you may have for us in getting some relief for her. She was a stray puppy that was put out in front of our house Ja. a year ago, and she is very loveable, looks to have a lot of bordie collie and sheltie in her.