Hypothyroid Remedies for Dogs, Pets

| Modified: Jun 09, 2020
Add New Post Has your dog been diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition? While other pets such as cats and horses can suffer from low thyroid functioning (i.e. hypothyroidism), this is most common in dogs. While this is often a hereditary condition among canines -- across many dog breeds -- it is a condition your pet can live with if you keep an eye on its food, activity levels, and health concerns.

Low production of thyroid hormones will result in a lower metabolic rate for your dog, such that your dog may be more lethargic and prone to become overweight. Your dog may also experience skin ailments and slow hair growth among other symptoms of hypothyroidism in dogs.

Natural Cures: Hormone therapy is available from your vet. Home remedies worth considering include the addition of coconut oil to your dog's diet, as it has proven successful for some people with hypothyroidism.