Dog Odor Remedies

| Modified on Sep 07, 2015
It's the rare dog owner that hasn't had to deal with strong dog odor at one point or another, and some dog breeds or particular dogs are simply more prone to being malodorous. On the other hand, there are times when a change in your pet's odor is a sign of more serious health conditions, so always be alert to other signs of ill health in your pet. Dogs are not always clear in indicating pain or discomfort, so pet owners need to be proactive.

If your dog begins to smell bad, obviously bathing is your first option. In many cases, though, this is ineffective or doesn't have a prolonged effect. A different pet shampoo may work. If not, analyzing your dog's diet and perhaps making changes to improve his digestion or remove odor-causing food items sometimes helps.

Natural Pet Remedies: Adding a raw egg or sweet potatoes to your dog's diet has been known to remedy dog odor.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Lucy (Orlando, Fl) on 04/03/2012

I just got a shitzue.. She is a 6 month puppy with a beautiful coat but cannot stand the dog smell. I searched EC and found out about Coconut Oil. I went and bought Organic 100% coconut oil. I mix two ts to the food and she loves it. I love it even more because she does not smell. Thanks EC

Replied by Rene
(Concord, Nc)

I seen people were using coconut oil for their dogs for odor and I was wondering what kind. The kind from the cooking section or one from a specialty shop. Thank you so much.

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh USA)

Get the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Unrefined). Usually comes in a 14-ounce jar. You can find it in your local Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or health food section of your supermarket.

Replied by Rene
(Concord, Nc)

Wendy thank you so much for responding back about the coconut oil. Hope you have a blessed day.

Replied by Lesley
(High Springs, Florida)

Coconut oil, the unrefined is more suitable for people, cause it actually has a coconut taste, versus the kind you get in the grocery store. However, the coconut oil you buy in a grocery, is usually not organic unrefined. This is what I give my dogs, the lauric acid repels fleas, helps with hot spots, and makes their skin and coat softer.

The unrefined organic coconut oil is more suited for people versus the coconut oil in the grocery store. But, it also depends on how much you want to spend.

Replied by Vicky
(Shreveport La)

How much coconut oil should we give for a 2 lbs pomeranian puppy? do I melt it 1st? thanks~

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Vicky!

I would start out with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil. If you start with 1/4 teaspoon am and pm and your dog experiences loose stool, cut it back to 1/8 am and pm, and once your dog tolerates that amount gradually increase.

Most dogs love the taste and will take it right off the spoon. You can melt it and drip it over the food, or just plop it off the spoon on to the food and your dog will most likely lick it right up.


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Posted by Sharon (Tampa, Florida) on 03/15/2008

Liver works great to kill doggy odor. Beef, chicken, or calf liver- I just cook it in water till most of the pink is gone, cut it up and feed my 4 pomeranians 1/4 cup every second or third day. They sure do love it.

Raw Egg in Their Food

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Posted by Lacy (Many, Louisiana) on 03/10/2008

My short hair dog had a terrible oder due to flaky skin. I tried giving her oatmeal baths, oils nothing seemed to work and only made it worse. Then I started giving her a raw egg with her food every other day. Not only did she think it was a treat her skin issues are a thing of the past and she smells great. Also I started using coconut oil on her tender and red belly, worked like a charm and if she licks it no worries because it helps her doggy breath.

Replied by Tunesia
(louisville, Ky)

I put a teaspoon of coconut oil on my shih tzus food every feeding...his coat is beautiful. he had horrible skin allergies.

Raw Egg in Their Food
Posted by Pamela (Granite Falls, Washington) on 08/02/2007

I have 3 small indoor dogs and their pet odor was hard manage even with regular bathing. My sister shared that dogs won't smell bad if you blend a raw egg with a little water and add it to their dry food. I tried it...and it worked like a charm. No more stinky dogs...and my house smells better, too!!!

Shampoo With Selenium Sulfide

Posted by Tamar (Manassas, VA) on 05/09/2009

I spent a fortune trying to get rid of my northern breed's "pukie" smell. The vet dermatologist recommended a specific type of head and shoulders shampoo: that contains selenium sulfide. It worked, even when my dog went wading - as long as I dried him well. There are other shampoos with selenium sulfide. That is the key.

Sweet Potato

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Posted by Tunesia (Louisville, KY) on 04/28/2009

I tried the sweet potato and It works, plus my dog loves it.

Replied by Sp
(Nashville, Tn)

Thank you for your suggestion on the sweet potato. We give both our dogs sweet potato almost everyday for 7 months now and it has helped with the smell, it is especially great for their "dog breathe". We prick the sweet potato with a fork and put in the microwave for 5-7 minutes. Everything the microwave comes on, our dogs sit and wait for their sweet potato.

Sweet Potato
Posted by Marilyn (Queensbury, New York) on 11/19/2007

My newfie has always had goopy ears and a slight doggy odor about her. At her last chiropractic visit, the chiropractor said that for some reason the big fluffy dogs are more prone to doggy odor and to give her 1/2 of a sweet potato every other day. She said just fix the sweet potato the way that I normally would and give it to her. So, I baked it in the microwave (poke some holes all around, nuke on high for 10 minutes, when done, immediately wrap in aluminum foil and let sit for at least 5 minutes), mashed it up with a little butter and gave it to her. Almost immediately I noticed a big difference - no more doggy odor and BONUS her normally goopy ears were clear and dry!!! Now she gets her sweet potato as prescribed - and they don't cost a fortune.

Replied by Katie
(Anchorage, AK)
08/25/2008 the following story is at the cite above.

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Replied by Giulietta
(Gandia, Spain)

Please be aware everyone, that microwaving food or water renders it unrecogniseable to the body and carcinogenic and it causes irreversible brain damage and early aging. It is frightening to see microwaving acceptable on a site like this. If anyone would like scientific data and proof then I can send it.

Replied by Janice
(Vonore, Tennessee)

This is in response to Giulietta from Gandia, Spain who states that they can provide proof of microwave dangers. I believe there are extremely dangerous consequences? to using a microwave but my family and friends do not believe this to be true. I would love to be able to show them proof so they will stop using a microwave. Is there any way I can contact this person or at least find out how to acquire this proof?

Replied by Martin
(Nashville, TN)

To Janice from Vonore: Believing there are negative health aspects or dangers from using a microwave is nothing but paranoia that stems from WWII-era media hype that persists through ignorance.

If you take the time to research how a microwave works, you'll find that all it does is utilize magnetism (a natural phenomenon) and electricity (a natural phenomenon) to cause a process called ionization, which produces heat.

Microwaves (not just the ovens but the actual microwaves produced by them) don't have enough energy to alter the chemical components of any object. So the claim from the poster above that they "render food and water unrecognizable to the body" or that it produces carcinogens is false.

Microwaves have been used in homes and restaurants for over 50 years and no viable research by any respectable member of the scientific community has shown them to be harmful.

A lot of paranoia surrounding microwave ovens comes from the fact that items in a microwave are heated by radiation. But it's important not to confuse "radiation" with "radioactive", two totally separate phenomena. In a microwave, "radiation" simply refers to the fact that heat is produced by waves and rays (same as the sun or an EZBake Oven), and has NOTHING in common with the obviously harmful "radioactive".

Replied by Doggieman
(Atl, Ga)

Really? Microwaves? Why don't we argue about Abortion or Israel or, or the lunar landing hoax. I thought this thread was about dogs. Thanks to everyone for the SMELLY DOG advice it has already helped. Surprisingly the other stuff doesn't.

Replied by Mrs. Swanson
(Interlachen, Florida)

never give raw egg to dogs or humans. It will destroy the biotin in the body and nake you very sick. Better to use the coconut oil or seet potato or other such ways to deal with bad odor(including dental exam and cleaning) than to use this dangerous method.

Replied by Sandy
(Seminole, Florida)

Started my bull dog on sweet potatoes. I micro ONE every day... Give half in the A. M. and the rest as treat through out the day....The microwave nonsense..... What a load.... Why is it that some people will find any means possible to remain in the dark ages. If you don't like or don't have a microwave oven, reasting the potatoes for one hour in a conventional oven will achieve the same results.

Replied by Sharon

For everyone looking for an easy way to cook sweet potatoes, consider your crock pot. You can "bake" several spuds at a time on high for an hour or 3, or on low for 6-8 hours, then feed at your convenience. Some crockpots take a little longer to cook. My dogs will eat cold spuds.

Replied by Jeanne
(Mn, US)

Can you use "canned" sweet potatoes for doggy odor or do they have to be fresh?

Replied by Amy
(Green Bay, Wi)

Thanks for the crock pot tip! What a great idea.

Can anyone suggest other foods for a balanced diet for my puppy and older chihuahua?

Replied by Diamond
(Ma., US)

It's best not to give anyone, especially pets, anything from a can, it has preservatives in it.

I give our dog regular natural oatmeal/great mixed with sweet potato; also make sure the oatmeal is not in small packets (instant) as it has sugar. The plain kind you cook is better.

Good Luck

Replied by Diamond

It's best not to give anyone, especially pets, anything from a can, it has preservatives in it.

I give our dog regular natural oatmeal/great mixed with sweet potato; also make sure the oatmeal is not in small packets (instant) as it has sugar. The plain kind you cook is better.

Good Luck

Replied by Carol

Dogs will eat raw sweet potatoes. Why are you cooking it?

Replied by Neeta

My 11 year old, active, beagle boy has very strong body odour. Shampoos are not helping. He has candida, very itchy paws, can't give him sweet potatoes. He loves coconut oil and we add a tsp to his meal, am, pm , but it's not helping much. Any suggestions what I can try? Also what food is good for him? He is on home cooked, boneless chicken, Lamb, some veggies diet, grain free.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Neeta!

Please consider borax in the water or baking soda in the water for a systemic yeast infection. The diet you are feeding sounds excellent. I would only consider adding pureed kale or parsley - 2 tbsp each meal raw, not cooked.