Endangered Bees: Cures for the Honey Bee Die-Off!

| Modified on Mar 01, 2018
2/12/2007: Truly alarmed about recent articles on the honeybee population collapse, we sent the following article to our Bangkok independent health contributor, Ted, for comment:

Ted responded:"Yes, there is an easy way to kill the "alarmingly high number of foreign fungi, bacteria and other organisms" on dead bees without killing the bees. Just use relatively mild ozonation on the beehives. Most ozonators these days are quite cheap and you can adjust the amount accordingly. It won't kill the bees, but it will at least kill a lot of those foreign fungi and bacteria first. Small organisms die first. If mites are at issue, being in the fields in which the bees pollinate, consider that the mites are now insecticidal resistant. Weak orange oil in detergent or a simple borax and peroxide as usual, should get rid of the mites, over a large field for a couple of hours. It should be rinsed with water before the bees have a chance to pollinate, therefore not harming the bees. Of course, this is my own way of dealing with them, I am sure other people will have better ideas. As to why, there is an unusual numbers of fungi and bacteria, look no further than acid rain. It is acidic in nature and tends to promote bacteria and fungus. A simple way is to use a relatively alkaline solution to spray the premises, thus suppressing such growth. One simple remedy is (hee hee), baking soda mixed with water!

Perhaps, ten years from now honeybees, at least in most of the U.S., may face extinction, not really because of the disease, but something we usually overlook as species are increasingly facing extinction -- the issue of global warming. Basically, most parasites, tiny bacteria, viruses, cannot live in colder weather and this provides the bees with natural protection. But as global warming ensues, at least in the last 20 years and accelerating, opportunistic bacterium will get worse. There was a chart I remember as ice glaciers go down precipitously that the new bacteria and parasites rises dramatically during the same period. That chart came from the video of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, and I think it was done quite well in explaining how the rate of diseases expands as temperature now no longer protects natural species from diseases. Therefore, a simple cure for honeybees is to go to cooler temperatures and "refrigerate" beehives, or use temperature as a natural protection. A much easier way, of course, is to relocate the beehives to colder temperatures that will be protective of the bees' immune systems, thereby preventing them from being overwhelmed with opportunistic viruses, mites, and nano-bacteria. Ted"

7/27/2007: Linda forwards Ted the following article:

Subject: Asian Parasite Killing Western Bees - Scientist
SPAIN: July 19, 2007

Asian Parasite Killing Western Bees - Scientist SPAIN: July 19, 2007 MADRID - A parasite common in Asian bees has spread to Europe and the Americas and is behind the mass disappearance of honeybees in many countries, says a Spanish scientist who has been studying the phenomenon for years. The culprit is a microscopic parasite called nosema ceranae said Mariano Higes..."

Ted replies, "Thanks for the forward! I will investigate the Asian parasites as to the possible cause of Western Bees extinction.

What is unusual is Thailand, which is also an Asian country and other countries around here are relatively resistant to "Asian parasites" and honey bees around in this area are doing quite fine.

It would be quite possible to change the honeybees species or at least through breeding introduce asian honeybees more resistant to the parasites.

A relatively weak solution of borax might remotely reduce the parasites infestation since most bees seem to be relatively resistant to a weak solution of borax for insect control. Of course, I haven't done experiments on that, but I do know bees don't get killed easily with borax, but parasites and mites seem to be peculiarly more sensitive, especially the mites and parasites' eggs.


Bees Colony Collapse

Posted by Marla (Buffalo, NY) on 05/23/2008

I think the bees could use our intentions as well. If they cease to pollinate, humans will not have the food to survive. I believe they are dying because their gift is being taken advantage of. They would feel our intentions and benefit immensely.

Replied by Pamela Paddock
(Asheville, North Carolina)

Greetings Bee Lovers!

I have recently become aware of employing the miracle mineral called shungite to support bee and bee hive health. It was accidently discovered that by placing 3 nuggets of shungite (3 is the magic number) by the hive door, colony collapse goes down to ZERO.

Here are a few links to show you what I mean.


Starting at about 26:00, talk about the bees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1BovUjHtQw


GMO and Honeybee Die Off

Posted by Karen (El Segundo, Ca.) on 08/11/2013

After speaking with bee keepers in Southern California, and doing my research into the bees dying as a layman, I found one thing that is not being talked about. That is the GMO factor. The BT toxin and Round-up Ready seeds, that are professed to be none lethal to bees, do a great job of destroying them. Renowned naturalist, Terrence Ingram, had created Round-Up resistant bees including queens, which were stolen, without a warrant by ag. Inspector under false premise and before the hearing. Coincidently, the headline: Monsanto buys leading bee research firm after Roundup linked to Colony Collapse Disorder, screams George Soros had a hand in stealing Mr. Ingram's bees. The hives were taken when Mr. Ingram was away, and if Soros has them, (laughing) it just cut 15 years of research for Monsanto. Unfortunately, I think it's the agriculture department, says Round-Up does not kill bees, but it does. The GMO protein makes them sick, and when bees get sick, they are unable to navigate home, all energy is on healing. If they do get back to the hive to deliver what they collect of the GMO food to the hive, it is then given to the young, who also become disorientated and never fly home. I have seen almost no bees, 3-4, all summer so far, with young bees found dead in the street and ground. The first bee I saw this year was around July 12.

Petition to Save the Bees

Posted by Claudia (Los Feliz, California) on 07/20/2013

I am telling my friends and family to sign this petition from Avaaz.org ASAP!

"Dear friends,

Across the USA, millions of bees are dying, threatening our food supply. Scientists blame one group of pesticides some of which have just been banned in Europe. A new bill could save America's bees, but big Agriculture and the pesticide industry are lobbying hard against it. We only have days to make sure Congress acts to stop the Chemical Armageddon -- sign the emergency petition now!

Quietly, across the USA, millions of bees are dying, threatening our crops and food. A new bill this week could ban one group of deadly pesticides and save bees from annihilation, but only if Congress feels the sting of public opinion.

America's bees are facing a chemical Armageddon -- just last week, 50, 000 died in a single car park in Oregon after being exposed to pesticides, and last winter over 50% of all California's bees died. Leading scientists blame one group of pesticides called neonicotinoids. The evidence is so compelling that the entire European Union has begun banning them, and the Save America's Pollinators Act could impose a ban on these deadly poisons in the US.

Now it's up to us to get our politicians to save America's bees. Big Agriculture and powerful chemical companies like Bayer are already lobbying hard to stop the bill, but if we show an overwhelming public support for a ban, we can counter their influence. Sign the petition below and tell everyone -- when we reach 250, 000 signers, we'll take Avaaz's giant inflatable bee to Capitol Hill to tell Congress to save our bees:


Bees don't just make honey, they are vital to life on earth, every year pollinating 95 types of fruits such as avocados, almonds, apples, and that's just the A's -- with an estimated $30bn value. Without immediate action to save bees, many of our favorite fruits, vegetables, and nuts could vanish from our shelves.

Recent years have seen a steep and disturbing global decline in bee populations -- some bee species are already extinct and some US species are at just 4% of their previous numbers. Scientists have been scrambling for answers. Some studies claim the decline may be due to a combination of factors including disease, habitat loss and toxic chemicals.

But increasingly, independent research has produced strong evidence blaming neonicotinoid pesticides, forcing the European Union to temporarily suspend use of one or more of these bee killers. But, in the US, the EPA has been slow to react -- their review won't be completed until 2018 condemning our bees to 5 more years of chemical Armageddon.

This issue is now coming to the boil as major new studies have confirmed the scale of this problem, and Representatives Blumenauer and Conyers have introduced legislation. If we can get other members of Congress to act, we could shut down once and for all Bayer's influence on policy-makers and scientists. The real experts -- the beekeepers and farmers -- want these deadly pesticides prohibited until and unless we have solid, independent studies that show they are safe. Let's support them now. Sign the urgent petition to Congress now, then forward this email:


We know we can win on bees. Last April, over 2.5 million of us signed a petition calling on the EU to adopt a ban on bee killing pesticides and won! And in the US, nearly a million of us persuaded the EPA to review their position on these poisons. Now let's go one step further towards saving bees!

With hope,

Iain, Luis, Anne, Alex, Allison, Ricken, and the whole Avaaz team