Pancreatic Health in Pets

| Modified on Nov 01, 2023
In dogs, cats, and other pets the pancreas -- as in humans -- is an endocrine organ most associated with the digestive system. Its primary role is to excrete enzymes necessary to lipid (fats, oils, and waxes) metabolism. The pancreas is also the organ that creates and releases insulin for sugar metabolism.

A healthy pancreas is taken for granted, but other health conditions in your pets can lead to complications with the pancreas, and sudden onset of conditions like pancreatitis is possible as well even without preceding health conditions or symptoms.

Pancreatitis in particular occurs in dogs and cats. It is a swelling and tenderness in the pancreas (found right amid the stomach, liver, small intestine, and spleen) that is caused by the release of stomach acids into the pancreas. Often, this results when your pet's blood lipid levels are high, perhaps after a fatty meal. Diabetes is also a risk factor.

Natural Pet Remedies: Natural digestive aids such as gymnestra, bromelain, and papain may be worth considering to reduce the risk or symptoms of pancreatitis.

Blackstrap Molasses

Posted by Surfer (Florida) on 09/22/2022

I have a mini schnauzer who has pancreatitis and wanted to know if it would harm her or cause a flare up if I gave her 1/2 to 1 tsp of BSM for arthritis?

Prayer, Dietary Changes, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Mamaneko (Roanoke, Va) on 11/09/2009

I love this website and I am very thankful for all the people who share their knowledge. I have tried many natural remedies posted on this site and I am so much healthier than before. My story is about my cat, 12 years old, who got very sick over 6 months ago. I panicked because I have been single for a long time, living very far away from my parents and siblings,so this cat is my only companion.

The diagnosis was severe pancreatitis. I was also told that he may also have IBD; irritable bowel disease. He had been throwing up a lot more frequently before, he had lost so much weight, looked really weak and very sick, and he started 'crying' in pain several times a day. I was told that it takes "a lot" of pain for a cat to cry like that because they usually tolerate much pain as a part of self-defense. In the nature cats either hide themselves or act like fine when they are sick so they won't become easy preys for other animals. I was basically told that there is no way of saving the life of my kitty. Pancreatitis is very difficult treat even for humans. He was fighting well although getting very weak, and I just could not give up on him.

My friend and I laid our hands on him and prayed. He survived the most difficult time when he really could have died, and the result of the second checkup showed that his pancreatits flare up calmed down but they found his lymph nodes were very swallen. I was told that he may have cancer but he was too weak to get biopsy to check if it is cancer, so I decided to just let him live as long as he would. I decided to live one day at a time, enjoy our quality time together before he was gone. I could not believe he got so sick because I had been feeding him the most (so-called) "natural" and expensive cat food from a specialty pet store.

In desperation, I started giving him "the ultimate natural diet" for cats, which is basically raw meat as undomesticated cats (like barn cats) would eat, since I remembered reading testimonies online about the raw meat diet for cats helping sickened cats survive. I fed him small pieces of raw chicken breast freshly cut out of a defrosted whole organic chicken as I was told to give him low-fat food. This did the wonders. He could no longer eat anything very dry and hard, like the premium low-carb dry cat food with no meat byproducts I had been feeding. It was too harsh on his weakened tummy. I could see his raw meat was very easy on his stomach. I gave him a little bit of it, and he asked for more. I fed him only the raw organic chicken brest for several weeks, and he recovered!

More than six months later, he is still with me, running around like nothing had happened. He gets a small amount of prednisolone now, which makes him "so hungry" and he eats like a pig, but he never gains weight. At his recent checkup with the vet, I was told that I can reduce the amount of the medicine because now we know it was not cancer (he had not been dead). He eats a lot of soft food including his favorite raw organic chicken (I mix dark meat also now), softened dry cat food with no animal byproducts low in fat (I soften dry cat food with the same amount of water), natural canned food low in fat. At one time, I read something that said cat food sold at stores are all "pasturized" or "cooked" and they just don't have the things that "raw meat" has which in the natural environment is the most authentic cat food.

Although my cat recovered, every 2 to 3 weeks he has some bad days when he throws up a few times a day looking like his intestine is irritated. The other day, I tried mixing extra virgin coconut oil which I take regularly in his food, and it worked!! It calmed down his upset stomach very quickly and he stopped vomiting. His coat look shiny and he is just so energetic zooming around a young kitty and being very playful. I wanted to share my experience for cat owners who are distressed with their sick cats. These things, and prayer, really worked for my cat. I hope my information will help other cat lovers who are looking for alternative remedy for their kitties.

Replied by Anonymous
(Anywhere, Usa)

Can you please contact me? I was told coconut oil was the source of my dog's pancreatitis.

Replied by Laura

I too have a cat that recovered with raw food. You mention that your cat get sick still every few weeks. Mine too! Go on line and print a monthly calendar of the moon phases. You will find that your cat gets sick between the New moon and Full moon. Parasites inside us are moving at that time and are getting ready to lay eggs. I too give my cat coconut oil daily and just a very small pinch of clove. Be careful on the cloves too much and they will not eat it. It has a very powerful smell. I also give my cat slippery elm for his tummy. My cat was almost dead and they wanted to do surgery. I said no I will take care of it. Dr. Baker with Vitality Science helped me. He is very playful today. I rescued him when he was very sick and we have been together for almost 3 years. I give raw food, Life Extensions Cat mix advanced Multi-nutrient formula and and digestive enzymes from Vitality Science. All the raw food is organic and no fat. My Freeway also gets purified water and organic wheat grass to nibble on. I use no chemicals around my house.

Replied by Charity
(North Carolina)

Awesome artice!!!! Prayer really does work and it's so amazing how God designed the cure for everything we need right in nature. A natural diet just the way God intended for animals to eat helped restore your sweet pet :) Thank you for sharing this!!!!!!

Replied by Raksha
(Livingston, NJ)

It is 2023 and I just saw your post which can save my cat's life. She is 12 years old and has various situations going, like IBD, pancreatitis, kidney disease? some sort of infection etc etc. I will follow your suggestions besides my vets treatment and pray for the best!! Thank you so much for your post.

(St Louis MO)

Hello, My cat is 16 and I was just told yesterday he has pancreatitis and he is very sick, I stopped giving vaccines about 5 years ago. He has always struggled with periodic vomiting and constipation, and sometimes urinary infections.

For Constipation the vet gave him lactulose (different names on different bottles), for constipation, it caused his stool to smell HORRIBLE and he did not always eat it. I started him on both a dry food by Orgin and he did better on that, and then added canned food that said GRAVY on it, I mixed everything in that and it helped. 3 years ago his hair started falling out and he lost a lot of weight. The vet told me he had Liver and Kidney Disease and he would not live much longer.

I took him off all medicines immediately. I had been learning about Homeopathic options for humans and decided to put 2 pinches of Borax in his 2 liter water bottle. All his hair grew back, and he filled out again, started playing with the dogs (he never did that before)! I do not keep the Borax water going all the time just every few months ( it Alkalizes the water in his body, my understanding is fungus, bacteria and cancer cannot grow in it.) But he needs to regulate himself also, so I do not keep him on that full time. -just my opinion).

I then did research through Dr Becker (online homeopathic vet) on Constipation so also gave him 1-3 drops of Triple Strength Liquid L-Carnitine and 1-2 drops of liquid B vitamins in his canned Gravy food every day, (he does not eat the bits in the canned food but eats the Gravy, added distilled water and L-carntine and b vitamins. He started having a regular bowel movement every day and has fully recovered until this pancreatitis which I'm sure now, the issue is his food! So we are going to try raw and some other vitamins I say in the information on this page above. I also wanted to mention that the product by Dr King's Natural Pet's Urinary Tract Irritations, resolved his Urinary infections, If his urine is getting a little concentrated or dark I add a few drops for several days in his gravy mix bowl and everything clears up! I hope and Pray this helps someone! I have told several vets my story and they all think I am crazy!! But these things worked and he is alive today 3 years later because of them! Now we just have to start Raw and hopefully get rid of this pancreatitis!! Please tell everyone you know so they can save/heal their pets also and we should consider changing our diets as well! Peace and Love to All!!