Pancreatic Health in Pets

| Modified: May 03, 2016
Add New Post In dogs, cats, and other pets the pancreas -- as in humans -- is an endocrine organ most associated with the digestive system. Its primary role is to excrete enzymes necessary to lipid (fats, oils, and waxes) metabolism. The pancreas is also the organ that creates and releases insulin for sugar metabolism.

A healthy pancreas is taken for granted, but other health conditions in your pets can lead to complications with the pancreas, and sudden onset of conditions like pancreatitis is possible as well even without preceding health conditions or symptoms.

Pancreatitis in particular occurs in dogs and cats. It is a swelling and tenderness in the pancreas (found right amid the stomach, liver, small intestine, and spleen) that is caused by the release of stomach acids into the pancreas. Often, this results when your pet's blood lipid levels are high, perhaps after a fatty meal. Diabetes is also a risk factor.

Natural Pet Remedies: Natural digestive aids such as gymnestra, bromelain, and papain may be worth considering to reduce the risk or symptoms of pancreatitis.