Bone Fracture Remedies

| Modified: Dec 19, 2014
Add New Post Has your pet ever had the unfortunate experience of breaking a leg or some type of bone?  As an owner you feel completely helpless in not being able to do more for your pet and help them to heal more quickly.  It is difficult to watch them struggle to hobble around in a cast or setting without the ability to explain to them why it must be this way and what they can do to help themselves heal.

There is however one additional way in which you can help to speed up the recovery process.  A homeopathic remedy of Symphytum can be very useful when your pet has a broken bone of some sort.  It has been known to dramatically speed up the healing process of bones.  If you treat your pet three to four times total during the entire course of healing, this should be plenty.  You want to be careful not to over treat with this particular remedy.