Pet Heart Health & Heart Illnesses

| Modified: Dec 09, 2015
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Heart disease and heart illnesses are a possibility for our pets as much as for ourselves, so pet owners need to be able to identify the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases in their dogs, cats, and other pets and animals. For instance, dog heart health can be affected by a heart murmur, vascular damage, congenital heart failure, and other forms of heart disease and cardiovascular disorders. Respiratory issues, fatigue, loss of appetite, and weakness in the limbs are among the signs and symptoms you should look out for.

With dogs and cats in particular, the pet owner should be concerned about heartworm, a parasite transferred in mosquito bites that will take up residence in the lung's blood vessels and cause heartworm disease. Coughing and breathing issues can indicate your pet is suffering from a parasitic heartworm infection.

Natural Remedies for Heart Health Pet Care: First and foremost, prevention is essential. This is especially true for heartworm, whether you opt for preventative drugs or instead try to minimize your pet's exposure to mosquitoes and/or use natural anti-parasitic remedies such as black walnut. As in human heart health care, pet owners can also look into apple cider vinegar and possibly cayenne peppers as additions to a heart-healthy diet!