Skin Issues, Allergies and Conditions

| Modified: Sep 06, 2020
Add New Post Just like with humans, your pet's skin can be an indicator of its overall health. If your pet is biting itself, itching and scratching obsessively, losing fur and showing red, irritated skin; your pet is probably suffering from some form of skin disease. Skin conditions in dogs and cats might be allergies, could be fleas, fungal infections like ringworm, a food sensitivity, yeast infections, hormones, mites that can cause issues like mange, bad reactions to grooming products, stress or even boredom. Same as when we have an itch, rash, or any discomfort it bothers us, and it will bother and obsess our pets as well!

Dog skin allergies and skin issues in cats can be treated naturally just as we would treat our own skin problems and allergies. Apple cider vinegar, alone or in conjunction with other natural products, is very popular among our readers for their own skin maladies and has shown great efficacy in our pets! Many of our pet skin care cures also involve coconut oil or hydrogen peroxide, but we are also looking for more remedies to share with anyone who is looking to soothe their cat or dog's suffering or take the redness out of their irritated skin.

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