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Apple Cider Vinegar, Oregano Oil
Posted by Madonna B (Cypress, Texas) on 03/19/2011

My female cat started developing the lesions on her belly that were slimy and feverish to the touch. She licked them constantly and they began to spread all over her belly and lower legs. We took her to the vet and he immediately diagnosed her with Eosinophilic Granuloma. What that means is that her white blood cells think there is a foreign object in her body that needs to be attacked. However, there is no actual foreign object and her body is essentially attacking itself. We were told there is no cure and that the most they could do was give steroid shots periodically to relieve it, but that the steroid shots would eventually kill her because they suppress the immune system.

I researched everything I could find and everything I read said what the doctors did. I tried ACV from the mother diluted 50-50 and used a spray bottle to spray her tummy. It helped a little. (NOTE: diluting ACV with tap water has to be refrigerated because the tap water makes it go bad.)

Then my husband had an inspiration to put straight ACV with a dropper full of Oil of Oregano (food grade). Oil of Oregano is a natural anti-fungal, anti-biotic, anti-germ. I've used it on myself. We researched it first to make sure it wouldn't hurt the cat, but every traditional site said not to use it. We reasoned that the steroid shots would kill her and therefore really had nothing to lose either way.

The ACV with Oil of Oregano WORKED!!! We started seeing immediate results! The lessions started diminishing, the cat herself became energetic again.... She is once again the sweet, social cat she was before. It took several months to get rid of all it. We sprayed her once a day in the evening every day. We always made sure we petted and loved on her afterwards so that she wasn't too stressed. She would always lick it off some, but never had a bad reaction to it. She was miffed at being wet though, that's for certain.

Interesting thing I would like to note - we had her fixed 8 yrs ago and the area on her belly which they had shaved for the surgery had never grown back the fur. Since treating her with the ACV/Oil of Oregano combo, all of that fur has grown back!