Excessive Drool Remedies

| Modified: Jun 04, 2017
Add New Post Drooling pets, how embarrassing! Does your dog drool? Do you have some other pet with a string of saliva perpetually dripping down? Well home remedies exist to help you get your pet drool problem under control!

Technically called ptyalism or hypersalivation, excessive drooling is somewhat common in dogs but can occur among cats and other pets as well. Drooling is just the extreme of a natural response to food stimuli or a dry mouth. However, it can be a messy and unappealing trait in your pet, and pet owners don't have to deal with their dog drool without relief.

Caution: If excessive drooling is a new trait in your dog, pay attention to additional signs of distress, pain around the mouth or head, or other symptoms of a more serious condition.

Natural Cures: Slipping a bandanna around your dog's neck can help reduce and collect excess drool. Meals and excitement can increase drooling, so plan for these occasions.