Bad Breath in Pets: Natural Remedies

| Modified: Apr 12, 2020
Add New Post What greater joy exists than a pet that is so happy to see you that they bowl you over licking you to death?  Unfortunately the experience becomes somewhat less joyous when the pet is stricken with a horrible case of halitosis or bad breath, as it is more commonly known.  A dog or cat with bad breath can cause any pet owner to turn the other way in an attempt to avoid those loving licks.  And even though we all love to wake up to a nice, slobbery, facial wash, sometimes that breath is just too much to take first thing in the morning.Dog

There may be a specific reason for the bad breath, and again there may not be.  Particular issues like periodontal disease can often cause halitosis.  Look for symptoms such as swollen or tender gums, plaque build up and yellow or brownish stains on the teeth.  Though we can give you some tips on how to manage your pet's bad breath, issues such as the ones mentioned should not be ignored.

To suppress that stinky breath try giving your pet Garlic and Fenugreek Tablets that you can pick up at an herbal or health food store.  The tablets contain 16mg of powdered fenugreek and .22 mg of essential garlic oil.  A daily maintenance plan of approximately 1 tablet per 10 kg animal (to a maximum of 4 tablets daily for giant breeds) should help to combat the problem.

A bean-like plant, fenugreek comes from its native India and Southern Europe and is made up essentially of the small seeds from within the pod of the plant.