Bad Breath in Pets: Natural Remedies

Posted by Erin (Seattle, Wa) on 05/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My pomeranian has oxalic bladder stones, and we've already been through one uncomfortable doggie up until one very expensive surgery. I heard about the raw dog diet and started him on it once signs of the oxalic stones were back. We had him on a holistic dog food diet and they still came back, albeit a year under schedule (go holistic food! ). However, I have had him on a raw dog food diet for two weeks now and now shows no signs of the oxalic bladder stones that were there previously. His breath is almost scentless, he has more energy, and less eye discharge. Apparently, fleas do not like raw dieted dogs, either, which will be a blessing since he is severely allergic to fleas as well, which I am also treating this year with garlic and brewers yeast pills and so far he has not needed expensive flea meds... We'll see.... I will give a progress update in a month or two. Meanwhile, anyone who has a dog with medical problems or just seeks to maintain optimal health should add the book "raw dog food" to their arsenal of pet care literature. Out of all the other things I have tried, this diet has warranted the quickest and most profound change in our dog's health.