Natural Remedies to Treat Black Spots on Dogs

| Modified: Aug 19, 2020
Add New Post Does your dog have unexplained black spots here and there on its fur? Is there hair loss and irritation that might be causing your pet to bite and scratch itself to distraction? Have you tried steroid creams to no avail? Check into the conversation among Earth Clinic users to find out what might be causing your dog's black spots and how you might be able to naturally treat this condition.

Acanthosis Nigrans is one somewhat common condition in which a dog's fur can become greasy, clumped together, and begin to fall out. However, it may also be due to allergies, aging, or simply the changing seasons. Most often, the black spots appear on the abdomen.

If the black spots appear without any signs of irritation or a change in the underlying skin, most likely the condition is cause for less concern. However, if the skin become sensitive or other symptoms appear, a trip to your vet is probably in order.

Hydrogen peroxide and borax are among the most popular remedies to treat black spots on our dogs. What works for you and your pet?