Natural Remedies to Treat Black Spots on Dogs

Posted by Meadow's Mom (Miami Beach, Fl) on 08/16/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My Shorkie has this problem, black spots, and it sort of looks moldy in places. I tried steroid creams but they didn't work. A trainer suggested using a dandruff shampoo and that sort of helped, but it came back. I kept at the research and it seems yeast is the most likely culprit, so I tried Monistat/Walgreen's 2% external cream and that helped a bit but it came back pretty quickly. So, next I applied yogurt (plain, whole milk Greek yogurt) near her ears and neck where they were. The next morning, the black spots were significantly reduced and she completely stopped itching. Be careful with applying on large amounts of skin because it's cooling effect can cause chills. To sanitize the air and fabric in the house, I used Clorox 4 In One Disinfecting Spray because it works on molds/mildews, reduces allergens, sanitizes air and fabric, hard nonporous surfaces and soft surfaces like upholstery/linens, fabrics. No this is not a plug for the brand, just the product because it seemed to help. I'm also buying something to add to my laundry to disinfect it from fungus/mold/bacteria/viruses because I have not found any detergent that does this and I need to clean color fabrics, not just whites that I can use a disinfecting bleach on.