Breathing Issues

| Modified: Aug 11, 2016
Add New Post Upper respiratory infections and general breathing issues are not at all uncommon among cats, dogs, and other pets. Still, it can be difficult for pet owners to see their pets suffering so with any difficulty breathing. And with natural remedies at hand to help resolve breathing issues, you don't have to sit idly by while your pet suffers!

Your first step would be to determine what is causing the breathing obstruction in your pet. If this is an object your dog or cat has attempted to swallow, then safely removing that object is likely to resolve the breathing issue. Cold or other respiratory infection symptoms can also be resolved if properly identified. First identify if your pet's breathing difficulty is primarily in the nose, the mouth, or perhaps in the lungs or throat.

Natural Cures: Borage oil for cats and echinacea for dogs may help to open up clogged air passageways and reduce breathing issues in your pets.