Breathing Issues

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Eric (Lethbridge, Ab, Canada) on 01/17/2011
4 out of 5 stars

My wife and I got a cat from the shelter who was only about six to eight weeks old. We found out the hard way that it is not uncommon for shelter kittens to have U.R.I. (upper respretory infection). His eyes watered, he lost hair in a few places on his body due to running nose while he slept and he was constantly sneezing, sometimes for minutes at a time. We have had him on two different strings of antibiotics which do nothing but prevent secondary infection and after a month solid of him being sick and us having kitty snot everywhere around the house, It was gross, I finally had enough and after finding out that URI Is a herpes virus for cats I began giving Jax a mL or so a day of coloidic silver thinking it will either be a kill or cure.

I am pleased to report that after only one week the sneezing has all but stopped, he has way more energy, the hair on his body has begun to grow back and the hint of ringworm he displayed no longer seems to be a problem. We did have Jax to the vet on two seperate occasions which cost just over two hundred dollars and while they did try to help him the results where expensive but useless. We were esentially told to wait it out and see if he gets better but there was nothing to be done. Nothing but a small portion of a twenty dollar bottle of silver it would seem.