Cure Your Pet's Boils

| Modified on Jan 02, 2013
Boils are increasingly common in people these days, given our toxic environments. So it's no surprise that we're seeing more pet boils as well, especially on dogs but with cats and other pets too.

First of all, a boil or furuncle is a deep infection of your pet's hair follicle. This infection is caused by a form of the staph virus. The resulting boil swells up with pus, dead cells, and even blood. The boil can be swollen and painful for your pet. If more than one boil forms in an area, this is called a carbuncle.

Whatever other steps are undertaken, proper handling and cleaning are essential, as a broken boil can spread infection and lead to more boils on your animal or even on yourself. Typically though heredity, diabetes, a weakened immune system, or other factors are involved in the formation of boils beyond mere exposure.

Natural Pet Cures: A soothing cream can help relieve the pain and swelling of a boil. Ichthammol drawing salve may help to eliminate a boil, as might turmeric added to your pet's diet or applied in a paste to the boil. If the boil has burst, an antibiotic salve such as with colloidal silver may help prevent the spread of infection.

Boil Remedies

Posted by JAN (COLONIA, NJ) on 08/17/2008

my conclusion about my pet's boil is that it is not reacting to the external treatments so internally it has been treated for over a month now. well, personally i think it should be removed surgically. then go from there, if it is still that lg. it can be a possible ulcer, which my 16 yr old dog had acquired a while ago. she did not last back in the day from it. 30 yrs ago i knew nothing & no way to help her then.i was too young to know about natural healing. but as time has gone by i've done alot of reading about all of the healing remedies, and they do work w/ time.

i do need to mention . too much alkalinity can cause a stop in digestion. which can lead to other complications.. that you don't want to happen either.. then your pet won't absorb the needed nutrients to help put the immune system back in check.. its the neutral balance thats impt most of all.i heard alot about missing link, and how it has a well rounded way of assisting the immune system. once that is in check, then natural healing should take place..

keeping yeast down is also a critical issue but not to disolve it too rapidly or you'll get dieoff effects. the body has to rid itself of lg amts. of these dead yeast cells and gets a reaction to that . especially on the skin. it must be done gradually just like when a pet or person will get worse before they get better, thats the reaction..! of riding the body of yeast & toxins. pure coconut oil helps alot but a little at a time ! i put vinegar & lime juice in water just a few 2 cups of water 5-6 drops. cant over do or it can change the ph too rapidly and that can cause a can't be in a rush. w/ natural healing it takes months.. not days.. be patient be calm around your pet !! they can hear your heart beat, and smell your stress hormones released from your body ! that effects them too ! so stay calm and have faith in the power of the herbs !! nothing can match them..!

i want to mention that dogs , if you watch them outside and they have access to alot of natural plants, they will seek out what their bodies need naturally and eat them. how do you think the american indians learned. they watched & learned from the animals natural instinct to the healing herbs..the animals taught them.. read about it. its amazing. even toxicodendrion has healing properties.. it is used in homeopathy. its the sap of the poison ivy plant.. read about it. night shade can be deadly, but it also has healing properties for asthma.but the components have to be seperated to be a bronchial diolator. do not eat it. it can hurt you. one seed can make you sick.i became very interested in natural cures after my brothers son came down w/ chrones. which is caused from too much yeast in the intestines.. because of the acid conditions in the gut it was able to thrive. so by removing this condition, it cannot proliferate ( live) but it must be done gradually !! good gut flora to keep the yeast the lower intestine where it belongs. everyone has it, it just must be controlled..beneficial bacteria, proper ph. greens, less non sulfer greens.fruits, fiber. a good rounded diet. good luck w/ all you learn from natural healing.

jan b. of nj.

Hot Compress, Honey

Posted by Marguerite (Los Gatos, California) on 01/02/2013

My dog Nadine developed a large abscess on her head. I applies some pressure with a wash cloth soaked in hot water. When the abscess finally ruptured (stinky), I packed it with raw honey. She was fine the next day.