Pet Health: Forum & Advice for Mysterious Pet Ailments

| Modified: Oct 18, 2016
Add New Post Dog health can befuddle dog owners, and cat health can head south in a second; but since pets only have indirect ways of showing us when and how they are sick it can be difficult to understand what is wrong with them and how we can make our pets healthy again. For that reason we have this page for symptoms in pets that have not been diagnosed by a veterinarian, where the ailment just can't be discerned from the pet's behavior and various health issues.

Holistic Health Advice for Pet Owners

When pet health is compromised and we don't know the cause, a vet visit is the best first step. After that if the ailment still can't be identified general support for the pet's health and immune function are a good idea. A change in diet can relieve unknown allergies or improve nutrition. Adding apple cider vinegar to food or water seems to help even the healthiest pets. Colloidal silver can be a safe and effective antibiotic. And as with us dog owners and cat owners, increased light exercise can often help the body overcome health issues of all kinds. For more specific advice on dog health, cat health, and ailments among other animals please look through the stories and advice found below for the knowledgable experiences of other pet owners like yourself.