Lyme Vaccine Side Effects in Dogs

| Modified on Oct 18, 2023
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Lyme Disease can be a very serious disease for dogs. A vaccine for such a feared disease is great in theory. However many, many pets have had serious side effects from the Vaccine for Lyme Disease including behavioral changes, arthritis, pain, vomiting, lethargy, loss of consciousness, and death.

Earth Clinic readers have shared many alarming stories of reactions in their dogs to the Lyme Vaccine.

Anne from Wisconsin tells us, "My vet suggested my coonhound mix, Trixie, be vaccinated for Lyme disease even though I use tick prevention all year. Within 3 days she was having trouble moving her head and neck and "screamed" if anyone bumped her. She is normally somewhat crazy, jumping and barking at everything, but she stopped barking completely."

"Maxsmom25" from UT shares that her four month old puppy had a reaction to the Lyme Vaccine, "It was terrifying. He went limp and was vomiting, luckily we were still at the vet so they were able to reverse it. But now I am terrified about going back to continue vaccinations!"

In Virginia, Pamela's 11 year old dog went lame within 24 hours of receiving the Lyme Disease Vaccine.

Should My Dog Get the Lyme Vaccine?

What is a pet owner to do? There are risks to the vaccine and risks to the disease it is meant to prevent! But pet owners do have a choice, this is not a mandatory vaccine. In areas where animals are not at risk for tick-borne disease, the risk of the disease is low. Animals that are kept indoors are at low risk, unless the pet owners bring the ticks in on their clothes. There are products to prevent ticks in animals, but these products often come with side effects, too. Happily, may pet owners have found some natural alternatives to these products.

Reducing Risks of Lyme Disease in Dogs

If you have control of your pet's outdoor area, you can work to keep the area tick-free and greatly reduce the risk of Lyme Disease without the worry of the vaccine. Keeping grass short and eliminating brushy areas helps a lot with tick problems. Some pet owners sprinkle cedar granules or diatomaceous earth in the yard to prevent ticks. This may need to be done several times during tick season.

If you do get your pet vaccinated for Lyme Disease, do not get the vaccine if your pet is ill. It is also best to only get one vaccine at a time. This makes it easier to know what vaccine is causing a problem, should your pet have a reaction.

Scroll down to read the stories about the Lyme Vaccine sent to us by Earth Clinic readers.

If your pet has experienced side effects from the Lyme Disease Vaccination, please share your experience!

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects

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Posted by Nick (Pennsylvania) on 08/21/2023

My dog (Boxer mix) received a Lyme vaccine Monday Jul 24th. On Friday (7/28) he started having facial tremors (vets won't officially call it a seizure but could have been), uncontrollable salivating, pacing. Saturday morning, symptoms progressed to not moving at all, wouldn't eat. Since then, he has been better with meds (Steroid, anti-seizure, antibiotics). Neurologist is certain this is Lymphoma, although all test results have come back fine/negative. He still says Lymphoma can fly under the radar. I just can't wrap my head around it being a coincidence that 4 days prior to this, he received a Lyme vaccine. Any insight on where to go from here would be much appreciated. It very well could be Lymphoma but I am having a hard time believing this coincidence.

Replied by Art
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If the vet is certain it is lymphoma, why doesn't he do the biopsy to confirm it, as discussed here? best way to diagnose, lymph node (excisional biopsy).

Here is a relevant quote from the article :

' The best way to diagnose lymphoma is to perform a biopsy. A biopsy is a minor surgical procedure to remove a piece of lymph node or other organ affected by cancer.

The most common methods for lymph node biopsy are Tru-cut needle biopsy, incisional wedge biopsy, or removal of an entire lymph node (excisional biopsy). The larger the biopsy sample, the better the chance for an accurate diagnosis of lymphoma. '



Hi Nick,

We have some information on Earth Clinic about activated charcoal and other remedies for Lyme Vaccination side effects. Here is the page: I would personally try the charcoal poultice first if my dog was having side effects. Also, I would give it internally. Colloidal Silver might be a helpful remedy...

And in response to your reply about getting a biopsy, Art --

I learned when my elderly golden retriever had a huge lump around her shoulder blade from a woman who has a well-known Facebook page about the Tagamet protocol for cancer in dogs that you should be very careful with biopsies (especially for mast cell tumors) as they can spread cancer cells. I didn't read this until after my dog's tumor was biopsied. However, it grew rapidly and became enormous shortly after the biopsy, and she was gone within a few months. I can't say for sure the vet's needle aspiration caused the cancer cells to spread, but I just wanted to mention this even though Nick's post is about Lymphoma and Lyme Vaccine side effects.

Here's the Facebook page about the protocol with all the information. It works best on Mast Cell Tumors, not lymphoma unfortunately:

Nick, I hope your dog gets better very soon!

Replied by Jack


Last year after the Lyme vax my dog couldn't walk for 3 days. Was on steroids to help. This year they did a pre & post steroid for the Lyme vax. And here we are again ... vet bills & a vax injured dog: falling down & neuro side effects. We are never doing this vax again.

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by SayNotoLyme (Traverse City, US) on 06/15/2023

I am still in the midst of this horrible issue, so I'm not sure how things will turn out.

My 6 month old GSD received his second dose of the Lyme Vaccine on Monday, June 15 upon my veterinarian's recommendation. Although, I don't blame her, I blame myself. I'm not ignorant anymore, I know not to trust medical professionals and to always research, yet I somehow fell for it again. The next day he began having diarrhea, I figured it was from the vaccine, so I rushed to town to pick up milk thistle, omega-3, and probiotics. The next day he was still having diarrhea, but seemed okay besides that. I was driving by Pets Naturally, so I went in to pick up some anti-vaccinosis to help detox him. Wednesday and Thursday he seemed to be getting better until he became lethargic. He felt feverish and I noticed what looked like hives all over his stomach. I called the emergency vet who told me there was no need to bring him in, just keep an eye on him. The next morning I called his normal vet and she recommended Benadryl for 5 days. After a few days of the Benadryl his stool became normal again and he started to get some energy back. Then two days ago he had a horrible, traumatic episode. He began crying and wailing, he was pacing all over the house and limping suddenly. We placed ice on his leg and after 20 minutes he was fine. Later that night, it happened again except this time he has not stopped limping. I called the vet again who couldn't get me in for 36 hours. So, I went to the store to pick up tumeric bars, which has seemed to help some.

While at the vet, she checked him over and said she couldn't find anything with an exam and recommended xrays, which I declined. I asked for an anti-inflammatory to see if it will help before putting him through the trauma of xrays. While there I told her that the hives have not went away. She looked at it and said that is was not hives, but a bacterial infection. She asked if he had been bitten by a tick recently and I told her that I have not seen any ticks on either of our dogs. She said he probably rubbed up against something while peeing which gave him the infection.

When I got home I started thinking about it and Lyme disease is a bacterial infection. I decided to research and found that all symptoms he has experienced are lyme disease symptoms, but my heart stopped when I read that sudden onset limping was also a symptom. The diarrhea, bacterial infection, and limping are not separate incidents, but are all connected. And she knew otherwise she wouldn't have asked if he had been bitten by a tick recently, but either refuses to say or doesn't believe it was caused by the vaccine. I am 100% certain that my dog is suffering through Lyme disease symptoms due to this vaccine. I am praying that he doesn't get worse and that maybe through the things I'm already giving him and the antibiotics (although I'm not sold on them as a good thing either), he will pull out of this.

Replied by Gary
(Kitchener On)

Hi SayNotoLyme,

Here is an article for the cure of Lyme.

I cannot take credit but want to spread the cure. I read an article of a Norwegian lady who did her homework of people in the states that cured themselves of Lymes disease, herpes and tons of other diseases that are caused by some bug(s) biting you as a child or adult and per medical medium as the decades go by, you get more and more health problems due to the viruses ( Go to the box to the left in English and hit the Lymes story of her cure).

God Bless


Replied by Terence
(Eastern Nebraska)

I listened to a lady's story about getting Lyme's disease and was horrified. I went to my vet and got the vaccine and told him it was for s big dog. I vaccinated myself and soon the characteristic bullseye developed at the injection site. I think I got Lyme's disease from the vaccine. Worst decision of my life. Leg weakness and pain. I used colloidal silver to back it off but doubt if I cured it. Anxious to see the other posted info.

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Candice (Wisconsin) on 03/23/2022

I'd give the "Lymes vaccine" shot a zero. Negative if I could.

After both of my dogs had the second shot, that very week two bloody violent fights broke out between the two and it had never happened previously in 7 years. It was the vaccine of course tormenting their brains. They also started having violence issues and barking issues. They seemed to not be able to differentiate anymore between a threat and non threat. Now they just mindlessly get angry and elevate matters. They are vaccine damaged for sure in the brain. But also in their bodies: One dog has a cancer lesion now on her nose and other weird growths that were not there previously. I tell everyone not to get this for their dogs. I even stopped one lady from getting the second shot for her beloved pet. I talk to my students and many of their dogs have had this and many of them told me that their dogs have suffered seizures since this shot. I told them to go to their vet and demand that he reports it officially with paperwork that you get a copy of.

Replied by Terri

I'm so sorry to hear this! Please give them activated charcoal to pull the toxins out of your dogs. This is heartbreaking...I'm so sorry for your dogs misery. Thank you for warning others!

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Kenneth (Hurricane, WV) on 02/16/2022

My Yorkie, had a Lyme vaccination and could barely walk the next day but was then ok, 5 days later he has had constant diarrhea and is lethargic from time to times, vet said it wasn't the vaccine and gave us Imodium but he still won't eat, very concerned.

EC: Please see this page on Earth Clinic for remedies:

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Candixe (Wisconsin) on 04/04/2021

I went to the union grove vet who I will never take my dogs to anymore in Wisconsin. The guy pushes vaccines like crazy and when I told him not to give my dog a vaccine not needed for whooping he cough, he took my dog in the back and did it anyway and then I got pissed, and he apologized. Nonetheless, since having the Lymes vaccine which was pushed on us, our dogs have never been the same. For the first time in 5 years they fought twice and the one hunting dog has been NUTS since getting it. She barks at everything and cannot calm herself down. Its like her brain is on fire. I'm really angry that the vet field is going as same as AMA with fake health via vaccines...making our animals more ill with latent viruses and god knows what else is in the vaccine. It should be law that ALL ingredients are listed just like FDA demand ingredients on packaging.

Replied by Charity
(faithville, Us)
Replied by Kerri

So sorry to hear about the damage to your dogs! Please try a little charcoal mixed in their water. You might be surprised that they prefer it. Mine do. It is worth a try...please do!

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Keisha (New Jersey) on 11/20/2020

I took my 5 month old pup to banfield for final shots they gave him the Lyme disease shot. A couple of days later I noticed he is hardly eating now 4 day after shot he has a limp. I called the vet they say to monitor it and if it gets worse they will do a check. I will not recommend this shot, not at the expense of all these side effected.

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Jackie Bluejacket (Afton, Ok) on 03/27/2018

My dog, Molly, received the Lymes vaccine along with her regular yearly vaccines on a Wednesday. Sunday evening she died! She vomited the first night, went downhill, lethargic. Diarrhea and worse lethargy. Quit eating, quit drinking and then couldn't even stand or walk without help. Now she is dead and we are heartbroken!

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Yvette (Yonkers, Ny ) on 03/10/2018

My five month old puppy received a lyme shot 10 days ago and she's limping hasn't gotten any better. I called the vet and he says not to worry it will go away but nine days after a injection and her limping is concerning to me.

I will be contacting the vet again regarding this matter it's concerning me to see my puppy limping when she wasn't before. I will not be taking her any more for any lyme shots if these are the reaction she'd going to have after the shot..

The vets will always say it's nothing to worry about it will get better or come in so we can countine to pay for nothing because what will they do so our animals will not suffer from an injection.

Not right I'm not a happy person with this situation!!!!

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Mike B (New Haven, Ct) on 12/17/2017

Hello. My 5 1/2 year old cocker spaniel was fine. Went to vet Banfield for physical, they gave her Lyme vaccine, we live in CT. That night she started changing, sluggish, not eating. This went on for 3 days. Called vet. No worries wait 5-6 days after shot, next day Riley worst, would not get up out of bed, called vet and insisted I bring her in, they denied it's the Lyme vaccine, they wanted to do more blood work etc which was just fine 3 days before, I denied the blood work, They gave her antibiotics and non steroid anti inflammatory. Still denying any issues of vaccine. Riley seemed a little better with 3 days of anti inflammatory. This morning, Riley is shaking, can't move well at all. This is 9 days after shot. She went outside but almost couldn't make it up the deck steps. She use to run and jump and be happy, now she is shaking in pain! What do we do??

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Jessica (Jessie) on 10/12/2017

Hello, my dog is a three year old lab/Shepard mix, his name is Brock. He received his booster shot for Lyme disease two days ago. Since then he is not acting like himself. He normally is at my side, he is acting scared and is off by himself. It's breaking my heart, I even tried bribing him with treats, nothing is working.

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Heather Sanchez (Willseyville) on 10/11/2017

I too my new two year old rescue dog in for a free vet check he recommended the lyne disease vaccination and after suffering with horrible Lyme disease myself bedridden for years and in wheelchair before they figured me out I jumped at this for my dog I asked if any bad side effects and if it's truly safe. One hour after the shot, she shakes and tremors in legs then bit me if I touch her backside where shot is. She won't get off couch or jump up she whining and acts in great pain. I cried when I did my research on it. OMG! What did I do to my pup. I'm so upset! This is horrible.

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Flynn (Butler) on 08/11/2017

I took my Shih Tzu to get a lymes vaccine and that evening he wouldn't eat or play. The next day same thing I called the vet they said it was not the vaccine. Day 3 still the same so I took him for an ER visit to the vet. They stuck with not the vaccine ...I paid 325.00 for blood test and visit. went home with nausea meds that did nothing. How long will it take for my Pup to feel better. We will not get round 2 of the lymes.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Flynn,

You might consider homeopathic Silca for your Shih Tzu.

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Mariamagdalena (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 06/03/2017

After reading a few websites now we're convinced that our standard poodle had an allergic reaction to the shot for Lyme disease. The day after he had his shots he started not being himself. He couldn't even jump on the bed anymore and after he had a bath he was not even able to shake his body like he normally did and he stopped barking all this happen and it lasted about 1 week. He is five years, four months old and had the lyme disease shot every year for the past four years and this is the first time he had this kind of reaction but it scared us enough to where he's not going to be getting the shot ever again will just take other other precautions.

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Pippa (Duxbury, Ma) on 05/26/2017


As dog owners that have watched our pets suffer from Lyme vaccine reactions and adverse effects, we need a collection of data. The data needs to be sent to American Veterinary Medical Association, American Kennel Club. My vet "pushes" it. This year it was included in vaccines at yearly physical. I found out that they received Lyme Vaccine when I paid bill. I have two Shelties. Foxy became lame in her right front leg after vaccine 2 years in a row. It resolved. The vet insists that "this is not due to vaccine as he has never seen this reaction. The next year the same reaction happened immediately after Lyme vaccination. Foxy was not to get the vaccine again. She got it again this year without my knowledge.

Shelly ( 2nd sheltie ) this year vomited profusely in vet office after vaccine. The injection site was swollen with discharge. She cries in pain. I contacted vet and going in today. Again VET DENIES THAT LYME VACCINATION COULD DO THIS. AND YES THEY PUSH THE VACCINE AND ADAMANTLY DENY THAT IT HAS SIDE EFFECTS.


I live in New England. We camp. Use Advantix 2 and have never had a tick. Yards can be safely treated without chemicals.

Very worried about Shelly. It is as though her entire body is painful to palpation, touch. THERE NEEDS TO BE CONSUMER AWARENESS . Do veterinarians report adverse effects of medications and vaccines as doctors and hospitals do?

Replied by Julie
(Albany Ny)

I hate it when vets say effects are not related to vaccines, especially since they never saw it before. Like people, each dog is different. Pet owners need to go with their gut and common sense. I am a licensed vet tech and I know for a fact that vaccines make up a huge part of a vet's income and they don't like to admit it. DO NOT let vets push vaccines on your dog. Rabies vaccine is required by law but distemper should NOT be administered yearly after a dog has had their first set of shots and then one year after. Three or more years after that!!!

Lyme Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Kathy (Ny) on 04/29/2017

My 8 month old GSD received the Lyme vaccination and within hours began limping and became lethargic. He became worse and returned to the vet the next day. He had a 106 temp and could not bear weight on his front leg. Was given an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. It's been 2 days and he is slowly responding. Needless to say, he won't be getting the 2nd dose

Replied by Marie


I hope your puppy is doing better. We must only vaccinate for distemper, parvo, and rabies. Then, before any further vaccinations, have a blood test called a titer taken to detect immunity. Any reaction is positive for immunity, where no reaction truly shows no further immunity. Titers are acceptable in place of continuing rabies vaccinations in many states and countries now. Please go on line and watch the interview on Dr. Mercola regarding pet vaccinations. It is quite eye opening. The Lyme vaccination is a killed version of the virus so adding L-lysine daily at about 1/16th tsp powdered may help, and the homeopathic Thuya 30c 4 pellets, 3 times a day for a week. I always advise any pet owner to stay outside the vets office for an hour after any vaccination in case of shock. I learned this with my own dog. She nearly died after a neurological reaction to a rabies booster at the age of 8 in 2012, after which she became autoimmune. She was put down last year. I wish I knew this then. Good luck.

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