Natural Osteoarthritis Relief: Holistic Remedies Guide

| Modified on Jan 27, 2024
Hungary Water
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 01/18/2024

Hungary Water for Osteoarthritis of the Hands

I have found this formula to be helpful with pain and arthritis in my hands.

Hungary water (sometimes called "the Queen of Hungary's Water", Eau de la Reine de Hongary, or "spirits of rosemary") was one of the first alcohol-based perfumes/liniment/elixir in Europe, primarily made with rosemary. The oldest surviving recipes call for distilling fresh rosemary and thyme with brandy (vodka modern way), while later formulations contain wine, lavender, mint, sage, marjoram, costus (true ginger), orange blossom and lemon.

According to legend, it was formulated at the command of the Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, sometimes identified as Queen Isabella of Hungary or in one document "Saint Elisabeth, Queen of Hungary". Some sources say that a hermit, witch or monk-recluse first gave it to the Queen of Hungary, though most likely it was made by a monk-alchemist or a band of roaming gypsies. The water was given to the queen in order to help her headaches, and is a cure for rheumatism or gout which the queen suffered in her old age or as a rejuvenation treatment. These legends mostly date to the early to mid-17th century, so the details may have become confused in the intervening centuries.

Ingredients: (Original Recipe from 1370 A.D.)

  • 4 tablespoon rosemary
  • 4 tablespoon thyme
  • Vodka (750ml – 80 proof) to cover


1. Pour all the herbs into a one quart widemouthed glass mason jar

2. Add vodka to jar; close the jar tight and let it sit in a warm spot for 6 weeks or longer shaking occasionally (Hippocrates states both herbs must be steeped for a minimal of 6 weeks)

3. Strain out the herbs with a fine mesh – try and get all the bits out

4. Re-bottle the mixture and store in a cool, dry place

How to use:

I put this mixture into a spray bottle and spray topically on my hands at nite before bed. You will see a huge difference in your hands if repeated daily. The early recipes advise the user to also drink the tonic (though I would definitely say that you check with your doctor on that first! ).

Cinnamon and Honey
Posted by Mary (MT) on 06/20/2023

Cinnamon and Honey

For debilitating osteoarthritis where bilateral hip surgery is scheduled & the only "apparent" answer according to mainstream...

I am on my second dose of honey cinnamon right now. I did not need my crutches when I got up in the middle of the night -- bathroom break awoke me not pain.

Made another cup & will report back. I hope this helps someone else with joint pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Farmer (Hometown) on 03/12/2023

Maybe lugol's iodine and selenium. Or the whole iodine protocol.

I have been using an organic molasses for years with no issue. Recently I tried a different big-name brand because it had a higher iron content, and I developed abdominal cramping/discomfort and chest pains. After a few days it went away, but resuming the molasses causes them to return. I suspect the new molasses may be especially high in selenium as previously I had similar discomfort after taking selenium supplements.

Best of luck.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Helen Thomas (FL) on 02/11/2023

I've been doing ACV for over 20 years, off and on. I add 1 tsp cinnamon and a lemon wedge to it, which makes it much more palatable. Both lemon and cinnamon have other benefits as well.

Diet and Exercise
Posted by Beladonna (ON) on 09/16/2021

Thank you!

Did you try DMSO? I read a lot of positive things about it!

Diet and Exercise
Posted by Iowama (New York) on 09/16/2021

Dear Beladonna,

I'm catching up on reading Earth Clinic and your query from 2 days ago. From my experience, the biggest determiner of whether I'll wake up with joint pain is refined sugar. I don't usually eat it, but I happen to have been on a 2 day binge. This morning, I am hurting.

To calm things down, I've got a jar of bone broth thawing. It is homemade. I can't speak for the store shelf kind, but I have read the labels and don't see calcium in there (How is that possible?). A cup or 2 of bone broth over the next 3 to 4 days is what I will use to turn this around. That and no more sugar.

I make broth with roasted venison bones when I have them, but a good quality hen carcass adds a lot more collagen gel. I have never been bothered by nightshades and lately I take the easy route of using a cup of jarred pasta sauce to flavor a batch of broth. It seems to work as well as when I spend half an hour chopping vegetables. We eat from our garden and I take a walk or a paddle almost every day. I do appreciate the Mediterranean diet and always enjoy Michael's posts, but when cooking, I use the fats suggested by Dr. Terry Wahls instead.

Osteoarthritis pain is no fun. I hope you are successful in finding your answers.

Diet and Exercise
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 09/15/2021

Hi there Beladonna (ON)!

you have my sympathies regarding the perceived complexity of the advice regarding the implementation of an anti-arthritis treatment protocol!

However, we must think positively and note that there are so many foods one can turn to whilst moving ourselves towards a diet that causes us less pain and suffering.

The difficulty we have in the "West" is that we have gone down the wrong road in the past and now the chickens have come home to roost as it were and for a restoration of balance to take place, there is no quick fix-sorry, no magic bullet and your doctor / pharma giant will not "cure" you. Not fair I know but the answer is in our own hands if we remain focused and determined. Bodies can be re-built over time-good mantra to remember and treasure!

If you are young (lucky you! ) you will often times see results more quickly.

So, what to do? For sage guidance, switching gradually to the Mediterranean Diet would be a sensible starting point as an antidote to our present poor nutrition regime of too much meat, sugar (public enemy number one in my humble opinion), simple carbohydrates, fizzy drinks, alcohol etc etc - you get the picture?

The human body is a marvelous machine but eventually too much self- abuse will cause it to rebel by letting you know it through pain and suffering of the joints, bones, ligaments and muscles etc - the response will manifest itself in differing ways between individuals - some get IBS say but not others....

Having moved successfully to the MD (Mediterranean Diet) then one should seriously self-evaluate whether or not some components are "fit for purpose".

Should you cut out all that pasta for example? What about those nightshades - leave them alone maybe?

Beans can give you gas, so what is that doing to your intestines?

The above are all ingredients in the MD that we need not necessarily kick into touch but one needs to seriously listen to one's own body and be much more self-aware than we maybe have been in the past. This business requires a whole attitude shift on our part if we are to achieve a pain free future (any reduction would be a blessing though! ).

Lastly (I could rave on and you might fall asleep) a person could do worse than take a digestive enzyme pill or two to aid the metabolism of the evening meal. These little marvels should assist you with the assimilation of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and even raw foods! Well worth serious consideration!

Here we get help with bloating, intestinal gas, wind (lovely euphemism), discomfort and digestive issues after meals. They are also purported to replace the enzymes lost in cooking, which is a nice bonus - I am a big fan of enzymes - the forgotten nutrients. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they are not there! Need to be kept in the fridge.

Lastly, you do not need to give up fats - they are no longer considered the main enemy. Also, consider all the info readily available on this wonderful Site regarding changing from an acidic body towards a more alkaline one.

Drink more H2O - become a wet person.

Cheers and good luck with your health restoration journey.

Michael from Down Under

Diet and Exercise
Posted by Beladonna (ON) on 09/14/2021

I have a question about diet and osteoarthritis. The info on Internet regarding the issue is very confusing.

Some sources are suggesting no any kind of meat, no fats, no milk and etc. But others are suggesting healthy fats, proteins, fermented milk products. I understand the diet should be 100% healthy - no refined sugar, no fast foods, coke, but for the rest I really need the suggestions and personal experience.

Boswellia Serata
Posted by Mary M. (Arcadia, CA) on 08/03/2021

I have osteoarthritis and started to take Boswellia Serata. It really helped me take most of the pain away. It helps me to walk a lot better. I am not cured but a lot better now. Hope this helps you. You can buy it from amazon or vitacost vitamins. I am sure from Swansons vitamins which are a not as expensive. Hope this helps you.


Mary M.

Ginger Root
Posted by Jacquie (El Paso, Tx) on 06/23/2021 21 posts

Thank you for recommending the ginger root for osteoarthritis. Would you please be more specific as to the dose?... I see you wrote 2 capsules, but how many mg are in each capsule? For example, some supplements I looked at said the capsules are 250 mg some say 500 mg. Also would you please recommend or share what brand you are using?

Cinnamon and Honey
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 06/17/2021

You mention daily use of honey, so I thought you might want to read this information below:

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

The problem is most people have consumed fructose, mostly coming from honey and fructose from fruits in the belief that it prevents or cures cancer. The truth is directly the opposite. I have found that in all my patients especially honey was consumed before they had cancer, and they continued to do so. As cancer cells produce HCG, the cancer cells try to feed themselves causing insulin resistance. This prevents healthy cells from getting fed, causing the person to be weak. The person got weak not because of cancer. There are honey recipes out there to treat cancer. This is disinformation and should be avoided at all cost, including manuka honey, organic honey, etc.

Lysine, zinc, green tea, N acetyl cysteine and vitamin C are at the top of the list of cancer remedies, as I found most cancer patients to be deficient in them. To stop cancer from growing cobalt ascorbate can be taken by mixing 1 to 5 mg together with vitamin B12 with sodium ascorbate. Sodium ascorbate is done by mixing vitamin C ascorbic acid with baking soda until the fizz is less, then you mix in vitamin B12. Both lysine and cobalt will stop the progression and metastatic cancer.

While I do not know the status or details of your mother, B complex deficiency usually needs to be addressed and vitamin C should be taken throughout the day, especially the sodium ascorbate form. Lysine and N acetyl cysteine are ideally taken every hour for 4 hours in a row twice a day. The immune system will pick up and some effects may be seen the first two days as white blood cells try to eat up the cancer. The person usually improves after 3 days. Meanwhile, blood sugar must be kept under control. Keep it below 100 mg/dL. Cancer is mostly caused from a fructose diet (honey, fruits, and high fructose corn syrup).

Death from cancer comes mostly from three things, cancer cachexia (loss of appetite), morphine (by lowering immune system) and chemo (side effects). You generally don't die from cancer, per se. If we compared, in nearly all cancers most of the decline in health is from the chemo. Some doctors are careful to watch for white blood cells not to go down, when giving chemo, but the problem is chemo causes white blood cells to go down.

Appetite may be increased generally by taking hydrochloric acid concentrate, with between 4 to 6 drops added to 250 cc of water to convert pepsinogen to pepsin so you can digest the food. Digestive enzymes help, especially pancreatic enzymes, specifically the chymotrypsin, to digest the cancer, and bromelain (pineapple enzymes). B50 (b complex) three times a day and vitamin C ascorbic acid will further the digestion too, by supporting the liver, as well as N acetyl cysteine, and selenium to detox the liver, as precursors to glutathione.

This is as simple as I can make it to get initial improvement.


Cinnamon and Honey
Posted by Nan (Tennessee) on 06/16/2021

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to one tablespoon of honey every morning before breakfast. Hubby started this 2 days ago...but make sure you get Ceylon cinnamon.

Cetyl Myristoleate Supplement
Posted by Nan (Tennessee) on 06/16/2021

Myristin...I googled it.

Cetyl Myristoleate Supplement
Posted by janeybrand (atlanta) on 03/30/2021

Can someone give me the name of the product this person used in 2009, please?

Urine Therapy
Posted by Maimi (Hawaii) on 11/13/2019

I'm a little confused after reading your post 2-3 times. So the urine helped but you still have pain and arthritis?

Urine Therapy
Posted by Mohan Rama (India) on 06/06/2019

The doctors after x-raying my knees told me that I have oestoarthirits and said that the bones in my knees are rubbing each other recommended a knee replacement. I did not want that. I started my own treatment of massaging my own urine on both my knees. I would daily massage about 200 ml of my urine when I go to bed and wash away the next morning. After about 40 days i went to another orthopedic doctor and he x-rayed me and he said that I don't have oestoarthirits and my knees are 10 years younger than my real age of 70. I would not have to do a knee surgery for the next five years. The x-ray showed about half inches gap between the bones in both knees. I told him i still have knee pain. He said that it was due to arthritis. I am posting this for people who are suffering from OA.

Posted by Art (California) on 11/28/2020 2137 posts

Hi Darmae,

For those who can not tolerate oral borax or are otherwise opposed to oral borax, Borax Lotion can act as an effective substitute applied topically. Here is a link to how to make it:

Btw, I recently found out that this also works for other arthritic areas of the body as mentioned by a friend of mine who was testing it on her arthritic knees and wrists which were painfully swollen, so it is not limited to just the hands!


Posted by Darmae (Mercer, PA ) on 11/28/2020

I have taken the boron supplements for years and no longer have any arthritis pain. (I discovered taking it in the evening didn't make me nauseous)

Since it's cheaper I started taking the borax powder more recently. I did get nauseous taking 1/8tsp, so I cut it back to 1/16tsp. I'll try 1/8tsp again after a few weeks.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cyndi (Oregon) on 08/20/2020

Many of the Rife machines are not like the original. I have info that tells why this is the case. Look up Dr. Beck BioElectric's Electromedicine is better.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cyndi (Oregon) on 08/20/2020

I have information that most of the Rife machines are not what they "use" to be so for some they may not work.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jeanie B. (Israel ) on 06/27/2020

Can someone please help me with where and how to get information on Rife treatment for arthritis?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Denise (Crescent City, Ca) on 10/25/2018

I recently got my sister started on ACV, the good stuff with the Mother. Anyway, I just got a message from her and she says it's like a miracle. All her pain from her osteoArthritis has let up. She's only been doing the ACV 1 tbsp in the a.m. She also never has taken any drugs for pain, so her system is pretty clean so to speak. Maybe that is why it is working so well! I'm thrilled, and wanted to share here with others.

I told her about the honey and Blackstrap Molasses post I saw here as well, she's just ecstatic about the pain being gone. She is 76 and had this for about 20 years at least.

Posted by Littlewing (Boston) on 08/04/2018

Magnesium for Heberden's Nodes / Osteoarthritis

For the past few years, I've been developing bumps on the top bony joints of both index fingers. In my research I've discovered they appear to be Heberden's Nodes – they're bony swellings that form on your hands as a result of osteoarthritis. And they make using that finger or fingers incredibly painful. Starting earlier this spring the one on my left hand was really bothering me, couldn't use it, had to be conscious of not using it for anything or the pain would shoot through me. (ever try to function without your index fingers? it's very challenging).

In the last few months, I've also been getting foot cramps in the middle of the night. Wake-up-cry-out-loud-foot/toe-twisting foot cramps. (I know, I need to drink more water too).

For foot cramps, I use magnesium oil for almost immediate relief. I also use magnesium oil on my legs for my restless legs. In an effort to be proactive in the last few weeks I've been rubbing magnesium lotion on my feet and massaging them for a few minutes each night before bed. I found this great lotion that's cocoa butter with magnesium oil. Or I use my MSM lotion and mix it with my spray mag oil. Like a lightbulb going on the other day, I realized my finger hasn't hurt me in a few weeks. Hasn't hurt AT ALL. Magnesium to the rescue....

AGAIN. I use it for so many things, I don't know how people can live without it. I hope everyone tries it, it has so many uses. I wasn't even using it on purpose for my fingers, but I got results as a side effect of trying to fix my feet. Sweet!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Iowama (Usa) on 03/23/2018


Wow! I'm learning a lot here. Next time I start hurting, I will step up my game!

Thanks for your response,


Dietary Changes
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 03/22/2018

Dear Iowama,

Fantastic that some people are responding to older postings when they feel they have something to offer each other-wonderful community here on Earth Clinic! I got advised of your recent posting to-day even though my relevant posting was late last year! Thanks for that interest.

My story is a bit similar to your story of your journey with arthritis. There are apparently hundreds of types of arthritis out there, so it is pretty darn likely that the majority of us will have at least one type pay us a call in our lifetimes, especially as some of us are living longer than we used to (if you get my meaning) and therefore opening ourselves up to elderly maladies.

As our Good Doctor famously opined a few years ago, “I'll get to see all of you folks come through these doors eventually”! Ha! “One thing about old age is that it doesn't last long” he said, cheerful fellow but I suppose you need a sense of humour if you are going to be a doctor in this day and age.

You may possibly be interested to check out my looong list of reported treatments for arthritis(es) here on Earth Clinic.

However, a more targeted response (gleaned from this Site and trial and error), I have found to be as follows. This is helping me but has not “cured” me. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the pain relief I think the following regime has brought me over the last several months.

Upon rising, I do the oil pulling with coconut oil and occasionally olive oil (for a bit of variety).

On an empty stomach, I mix baking soda with lime OR lemon juice in a glass of freshly boiled and cooled water. Our rainwater goes through three filters but I still boil for this job. I could use warm water from the tap but my mummy told me not to years ago, even for cleaning my teeth in a cold climate! A half hour later, and after breakfast, I take a fish oil tablet, two alfalfa tablets along with a vitamin C tablet. In addition, I take an enhanced Turmeric/Curcumin tablet and I am fairly confident that this latter one is the Magic Bullet in my case. These little darlings take from about one week to one month to kick in and while they will probably not reverse the damage sustained over a lifetime of hectic, careless living, they seem to tackle the pain factor pretty well in my case.

I confess to having a couple of cups of coffee each day and that could be a tad acidic but I enjoy them and they keep me “grounded”. I still try my best to alkalise, eat more vegetables, drink more fluids to wash out the dross, & have cut out gluetin over the past four months etc etc. I'll be a good boy one day but it's exhausting! Time was, I just poked things into my mouth without analysing!

After (or during) the evening meal, I take my ACV and this has certainly helped my (former) digestive issues considerably. Straight away, it took away the gas and it probably assists the digestion of an older person anyway. It can assist in an alkalizing programme of course. Many reasons why it could be useful to take on a regular basis. Also, regular gardening and walking work for me. Positive outlook!?

On an ad-hoc basis I will take some magnesium chloride liquid in a glass of water, will increase my water consumption even further, especially if I am doing a lot of outdoor work, take my Boron supplement, enjoy an Epsom salts foot soak and put some gelatin(e) into my tea or coffee. If parts get too sore, I resort to my Soothe Cream that I have mentioned on this site before by slipping it under our Dear Leader's Radar (no mean feat! ).

A smoothie I like goes as follows: take half a cup of orange juice, half a cup of apple juice, one cup of water, 2 cups of diced pineapple, 100gms of organic gelatin(e), one cinnamon stick and a dash of organic honey(to taste).

Add the above (except the water) to the blender until you see a homogeneous mixture. You can then add the water. If you wish to stiffen it up you can stick it into the ‘fridge. When it becomes jellified you can begin to take a spoonful regularly.

Cheers & thanks, Michael

Dietary Changes
Posted by Iowama (Usa) on 03/22/2018

Michael, I hope what I write can help you as much as it has helped me.

When I first started daily use of a tea made with ACV, it helped. I was in my early 50s then and had ended a career in hands on horticulture. I too woke up with aching hands in the night. I'm closer to 60 now and no longer drink that tea, because other things have helped more. I make bone broth to drink and to cook with. I really believe in that broth as a great help for arthritis! I strive to eat no sugar, gluten, or soy. I only eat Irish butter (higher fat content than US butter) and some goat products for dairy, but am cognizant that too much dairy can cause inflammation. I try to eat 7-9 cups of colored vegetables or berries per day. drink plenty of water, and limit alchohol. I take a B complex, magnesium, potassium, CoQ10, and an eye vitamin each day. I seem to be getting the needed minerals by using pink salt. If I wake up at night, my palms do feel a bit knotted, but I continue to work with my hands each day and am, basically, pain free.

For me, there was no single supplement that did the trick; just the overhaul of my diet. When people on this site speak of Alkalizing the body for health, this is what they mean.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ila (Hamilton, On) on 03/21/2018

If ACV isn't helping, try magnesium oil. While I haven't used it, I've read that you can apply it topically to the affected area for relief. May you be well soon!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ila (Hamilton, On) on 03/21/2018

I've read that heartburn or other side effects in heart due to ACV may be due to a higher concentration. Try taking a smaller amount than what you're drinking.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger
Posted by Mally (Australia) on 12/06/2017

I want to thank you for your timely warning that ginger has a high Potassium content. I've just been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my wrists and my doctor put me on Prednisolone (a steroid) which makes me feel terrible. But there is a warning on the tablet container not to take Potassium while taking the meds; maybe drinking ginger tea wouldn't do much harm, but one never knows so I'll be cautious. I'm searching the net for more natural cures and land often on the earth clinic website. I'm also doing the Borax cure following Dr Newnham's recipe. it's early days yet but I'm hopeful. thank you again Chris in Surrey. :)

Organic Broccoli
Posted by Charlotte (Texas) on 04/26/2017

Can you please share the amount of organic broccoli you ate daily for the arthritis pain relief, and other foods like meat, fish, fowl and veggies and friuts? My right knee pain is chronic now, and I loose sleep a lot. Thank you.

Vitamin C
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 04/08/2017

I have an almost funny Vitamin C and D story. If you want a quick as you go relief from Arthritis body aches and knee pain, C and D is the way to go (remember to take your magnesium). I forget the details, however I have mentioned this experience before. I was taking vitamins C and D before I ran into Mr. Shingles. At that time I had worked my way up to about 3 grams of C, and 10,000 IU of D. When I went on a 3 day fast soon after this, the first day of no vitamins I was still running up and down the stairs like a school girl. By the third day my body was full of aches and pains once again, and I remembered my age.

What I had learned from that experience is to cut down from the vitamins a little at a time so my body won't go into shock.

Since then I gave borax a second try. The first time a few years ago I only hung in 30 days and gave up. This time I hung in 4 months and can go up and down the stairs without pain ( I have heart issues too). Up and down the stairs without pain, "That's Good", however the vitamins had me Running up and down the stairs, "That's Great! " but I did not like the backfire, so for now borax it is.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 04/08/2017

Thank you Connie for that information.

Could you kindly tell me how long your Hyaluronic acid and Turmeric treatments took to show results? Also, the other ingredients listed on the bottle would be good to know?

Hoping for a reply.

Thanks, Michael

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Connie (Or) on 04/08/2017

I use hyaluronic acid (it has 2 items in with the hyaluronic acid) 100mg 2x day. I do not have the bottle handy to tell you those 2 other items that are in the capsule. It has helped me a whole lot. I also heat a cup of water and put 1/2 tsp Tumeric in it and let it sit 15 seconds stir and put 1 tsp honey in it stir and drink. I do this a couple of times a day and it really helps also.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Eddy (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on 03/31/2017

I just want to let you know that you should google coconut oil and read everything it does for you. It's a super food. It will cure your arthritis and 20 other amazing things.

Devil's Claw
Posted by T (Albert Lea, Mn) on 08/24/2016

I had to stop taking Devil's Claw for arthritis after 10 days. It made me light-headed...very dizzy. After reading about possible side effects I realized I was most likely experiencing low blood sugar (I am susceptible to this). I was taking 1800 mg a day. The dizziness went away the day after I stopped taking Devil's Claw. I am now using 500 mg of Egg Shell Membrane to manage arthritis pain in my hand.

Black Cherry Juice, ACV, Turmeric
Posted by Ruth (Massachusetts) on 08/20/2016

I just want to add more praise about Black Cherries. I too have arthritis, aka gout, I bought the Black Cherry juice, what a difference. With in 3 days I could use my hands again!

Pau D' Arco, Boron
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/08/2016

Dear Jill,

If the reason you have osteoarthritis is because of parasites and microbes, perhaps the Pau D'arco will work.

But I believe borax does other things to help arthritis, like alkalize the body and improve the calcium/magnesium balance that Pau D'arco may not be able to do.

You could try using the borax in juice. I put a little in my coffee and don't notice it. (Just a sprinkle, though, not a 1/4 teaspoon or anything.)

You could also try a different alkalizing remedy, like 1 Tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water.

Magnesium oil topically may give you some relief as well.

~Mama to Many~

Pau D' Arco, Boron
Posted by Jill (Ar) on 08/07/2016

Osteoarthritis: I hate the taste of borax and started substituting with Pau d'arco (Taheebo) tea. This also kills microbes, parasites. It is also good for inflammation and pain. I am on my 2nd week but have not gotten a cure. I take 2 boron supplements a day.

I would give the borax another try if it is going to cure my osteoarthritis. I have it bad in the back of my knees. The arthritis is in about every joint, my feet, ankles, knees, hands, fingers and wrists. Ouch!! My question is, can I expect to have a cure using this tea, since in the original article by Rex Newnham (?) is that correct spelling? any way he said if you do not want to use borax that you could use something else that kills the microbes etc. Someone please advise.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger
Posted by Chrisf (Surrey Uk) on 06/11/2016 4 posts

Update to my ongoing experiments.

I have read about the use of ginger to ease Osteoarthritis. I have also used Apple Cider Vinegar as an additive with honey to relieve sore throat, sinus symptoms etc.

I must report though that you need to be really careful with the amount of ACV you use. One of the ingredients is Potassium Metabisulphate. Too much of this can have bad effects on different parts of the body. I started to get quite serious difficulty in passing urine. My thought process went into rewind to find a reason why I suddenly found it so difficult to pass urine and using a catheter was very painful during insertion when the tip of the tube got to the point where the prostate is.

I did some research about Potassium Metabisulphate and discovered that one of the side effects over too much in the body can cause swelling of certain parts of the body.....fingers, toes, extremities, but also the prostate. What was happening is that my prostate was swelling up and pinching the urethra and stopping urine flow. I stopped using ACV and within 3 to 4 days the symptoms disappeared.

I then read about ginger and results to ease Osteoarthritis. So I followed quantity recommendations and used fresh ginger root every other day. However the symptoms experienced with too much ACV returned. I checked the suggested quantity amount, but I also checked what components make up ginger. I was surprised to see that ginger is very high in Potassium. So I stopped this too and my symptoms disappeared.

Another vegetable that does similar things is Asparagus, be careful with this one too.

The moral here is to be very careful with things that are high in Potassium. Too much of it can actually be very dangerous.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Chrisf (Surrey, Uk) on 04/01/2016 4 posts

Following some research on the use of apple cider vinegar and honey, I started to use a concoction every day in the morning.

The reason for the use is to bring relief for sinus congestion and frequent sore throat.

What has happened though has taken me a bit by surprise. My increasing symptoms of Osteoarthritis have been brought under control, the pain is significantly reduced. My energy levels are increased, my sinus congestion is reduced, my sore throats ..... almost gone! The surprise though is the change to the Osteoarthritis. I suffer with this in my wrists and hands.

The mix I use is as follows: One dessert spoon of good quality honey, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass and half filled with warm ( partly cooled boiled water ) stir until dissolved and just drink it down or sip it. It is quite palateable. I drink this in the morning.

Organic Broccoli
Posted by Mike (Reading, Pa) on 03/01/2016

Approximately 12 years ago I was suffering with osteoarthritis in both of my knees. The Lord guided me to switch from eating regular broccoli to organic broccoli. I had been eating broccoli daily because I like it so much. After eating steamed organic broccoli daily for one month the arthritis in my knees vanished and has never returned. Praise The Lord!

Subsequently, the Lord has sent scores of individuals into my path who also had osteoarthritis and He had me give my testimony about this wonderful remedy and person after person has reported the same wonderful results by doing the organic broccoli. Some of those got rid of their arthritis in one or two weeks. Praise The Lord!

Honey and Royal Jelly
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 12/12/2015

Hello Tina,

On the Osteo issue, please google, youtube DMSO Dr. Jacobs 60 minutes....and you'll find a three part series on DMSO re arthritic issues.

Honey and Royal Jelly
Posted by Tina (Ohio) on 12/12/2015

How long did it take? I have such pain and my fingers are crippling.

Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon
Posted by Genny (Inglewood, California) on 11/24/2014

I take (1) tablespoon of turmeric, (1) teaspoon of ginger and (1) teaspoon of cinnamon with a pinch of black pepper daily for joint pain. I also take 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil daily. It takes about 6 weeks but your pain will go away. its excellent and really works!

Heberden's Node Remedies
Posted by Redplanet (Palo Alto, California) on 09/18/2014

Vitamin B6 is excellent for the nodes on fingers. 50 to 100 mg per day for me reduced them quickly. I learned about it from a book called The Doctor's Guide to Vitamin B6. I think it is from the '70's and it is packed with information. Also take a complete B complex along with the separate B6.

Heberden's Node Remedies
Posted by Popeye (Birmingham, United Kingdom) on 06/13/2014

I also have Herbedens nodes on 4 of my fingers, have been taking ACV but not really noticed any difference. In fact, I have aquired another node over last few months. Have just ordered some Cherry juice as I have read it is excellent for gout and GP seems to think I could have gout in one very painful finger.

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