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How to Use Borax as a Natural Remedy for Arthritis

| Modified on Jul 26, 2021
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Borax for Arthritis

Borax is an effective natural remedy for arthritis. Borax is an easy and inexpensive remedy to use for arthritis and it is effective for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and many other types of arthritis and joint problems.

How Does Borax Help Arthritis?

There are many theories as to why borax helps with arthritis. Borax contains boron, a necessary nutrient for the skeletal system. Studies have found that strong bones contain more boron than weak bones. Borax helps to alkalize the body, which reduces pain and helps maximize the body's health. Borax kills fungus and can therefore fight any fungal root to arthritis. Some believe that borax helps with lubricating the joints. Borax also neutralizes the fluoride added to tap water. Fluoride has a negative effect on the immune system. Reversing fluoride poisoning can only be a positive step towards better overall health and the decrease of arthritis symptoms.

Watch Earth Clinic's new video on borax for arthritis here. Learn specific dosages, best practices and borax alternatives.

How Much Borax Should I Take for Arthritis?

Earth Clinic's Ted recommends the following doses of borax:

  • For Men: 1/4 teaspoon of borax dissolved in 1 liter of water, sipped throughout the day. This is taken 5 days on and 2 days off.
  • For Women: 1/8 teaspoon of borax dissolved in 1 liter of water, sipped throughout the day. This is taken 5 days on and 2 days off.

This is a general guideline. Larger women may benefit from a larger dose. Smaller men may benefit from a smaller dose. The elderly may do best with half of the recommended dose.

To avoid the risk of side effects, start with less at first to make sure the remedy suits you. Because borax can kill off parasites and infection, it is possible it could make you feel ill. It can also cause digestive distress to some people. Cut back on your dose or discontinue using the remedy for a time. You will find more about the possible side effects of borax on this page.

How Long Will it Take for Borax to Bring Relief to My Arthritis?

Some find relief with this remedy in a short time, even in a day or two. For others, the borax takes time to bring the desired results. Degenerative diseases like arthritis have taken years to develop. Healing can take time, too.

To maximize the benefit of borax for your arthritis, do drink plenty of water with it. Do get light exercise as you are able. Do take care of yourself and eat well.

Is there an Alternative to Borax for Arthritis?

Not everyone is comfortable using borax internally to treat health problems. The boron in borax is critical to bone and joint health and can be obtained from sources other than borax. Boron supplements are available. Calcium Fructoborate is another supplement option. Foods like nuts and legumes do contain boron, but boron deficiency is still not uncommon.

Have you tried borax for arthritis? Please share you experience with us!

Continue reading for interesting and informative reviews from our readers about how they used borax for arthritis.

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Posted by Mike (Des Moines, IA) on 06/30/2021
4 out of 5 stars

I am taking borax 5 days a week for joint pain in the last 8 months. My pain has been reduced 80%, but in the last 2 months, I have not seen any improvement. Any suggestions?

Replied by Michellle

How much do you take? I made my mixture not sure how much to take?

Posted by Glenn (New Braunfels, TX) on 05/28/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Borax worked for me! Shortly after starting a Borax regimen, I noticed that I stopped popping ibuprofen and acetaminophen all day like candy.

In context: I am days from 70, and previously made lifestyle changes to overcome prostate issues: high PSA and BPH. Three years ago, my right shoulder started to hurt a little, maybe from mousing all day at work.

I started some shoulder exercises with Dick's #10 bands, and have worked up to about 3 hour workouts twice a week with #40-70 bands, and mow with a push mower. Still, there was continual right shoulder pain. If I do a 40# bench press, it will creak and squeak a dozen times per down and up.

So I had a heating pad, and a car heating pad, applied Icy Hot and Capzasin-HP and other salves, took the allowed daily limit of Ibuprofen, and Acetaminophen, and all these supplements: Turmeric-Curcumin, Glucosamine-Chondroitin, a Multivitamin, C, Omega-3, Ashwagandha, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, plus three for prostate/testosterone/libido. Still, chronic pain.

About 2-3 months ago, I learned of Steve Mabey's Borax video, goggled hard all the facts, did the math, and added this daily:

When I wake up, I drink two 12-oz mugs of water with 1/2 tsp baking soda in each cup, first thing, to hydrate and alkalize my body. Then, spread out over the day, in about three of my many frequent mugs of Green tea + Instant coffee + Cacao, I drop in about 1/16 tsp of Epsom Salt (for Magnesium) and 1/16 tsp of laundry Borax (for Boron). That's small enough to barely taste. In perhaps a couple of weeks, real relief has come upon me. Nice!

Posted by You are what you eat (Dallas, Texas ) on 04/14/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Borax for arthritis

I use I every day. Last year, I was a month out from getting a knee replacement and my nurse sister told me about borax. Well 1 week of using it, I didn't get a total knee replacement and am 90% pain free.

1 tablespoon in a 1 liter bottle mix. Take a tablespoon-sized drink of this concentrate. Mix with water or coffee whatever you like to drink.

Replied by Gracie

Surely, it should be 1/8 teaspoonful for a female, and 1/4 teaspoonful for a male, added to one litre of water.

Replied by Annette

Do you only take one tablespoon daily? Sorry I'm confused. Can you elaborate?

Posted by Sara B. (USA) on 02/09/2021 1 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I had read the Borax, Arthritis connection here on Earth Clinic but didn't try it at first. I have began running again and my knees were clicking and sore as heck even after a long rest period. Then my fingers and shoulders started hurting, I not sure the connection with this and running but maybe my body was out of whack.

I began taking a pinch of Mule Team Borax in my coffee for about a week and had no relief. I then increased my dose to 1/4 teaspoon every morning in my coffee. After five days I started feeling relief in my knees and fingers. I did a seven mile run and my knees felt lubricated and hardly any pain the next day. I am amazed this has worked and will continue.

Replied by Bill B.
(Vancouver, BC Canada)

Why the coral calcium, magnesium and iodine drops? I take magnesium citrate, which remains completely successful in preventing night leg cramps after strenuous daily sport. I am a believer in the benefits of iodine after spending the healthiest of my 79yrs when in and around the sea.

Posted by Oomybeauty (Earth Clinic's Youtube Channel) on 08/29/2020
5 out of 5 stars

1 month taking a tiny little pinch of borax in my drink like water or coffee ☕ a day. Have noticed a very significant decrease in my arthritic pain in my hip which was at a range of 4 to 8 now it is at a 2 to 5 . I could hardly do anything, including walking, going up and down stairs, shoes, even stretching was excruciating! Now I can do treadmill for 15 minutes to half an hour, not be in wincing pain stretching, no pain sleeping, and the hip has not been giving out like it did. Finding these vids was really a great gift 🎁 from God !! Thank you so very much for sharing this vital lifesaver info 😊 ❤!

EC: Comment on our Borax for Arthritis video here:

Replied by oomybeauty
(EC's YouTube page)
5 out of 5 stars

3 months, taking one pinch of mule team borax in my Starbucks coffee. My super painful hip pain, from arthritis, is almost gone. I am still limping but pain is so I can put shoes on, jeans, leggings, = no pain, also pain from sleeping and sitting is almost gone. Added coral calcium/ magnesium and iodine drops. My teeth, nails, whites of eyes, mental sharpness= all improved. Highly recommend a pinch a day of borax!

Also, I did feel the detox effect, I just took aspirin or migraine meds and took a day off from borax. Will continue to update.

(Pittsburgh, Pa)

May I please ask, when you say a little pinch in your Coffee are you using the 1/4 teaspoon like it says for a whole liter of water? Have you had any side effects at all?

Replied by SusanK
(Spfld MO)

Wondering if your results are still successful with daily Borax? Any issues? My natural health person didn't know anything about it.

Posted by Jack (Durham) on 06/02/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Borax is very good for arthritis and general health.

Posted by Susan (Toronto) on 05/13/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I was taking a borax solution - pinch of borax in a tall glass of water - off and on for a couple of months. Then stopped during covid-19 a couple of months ago. In the past two weeks, I have become increasingly sore and feeling arthritic in all joints, esp fingers, hips and knees.

I saw ORH's post on Earth Clinic and remembered that I too had stopped taking borax. Well guess what, in only a day back on a pinch of borax, all aches and pains are gone. This tells me that 1. you don't have to do the borax remedy constantly and 2. The effects last 2-3 months. Very happy the turn-around was that quick.

Replied by N N Epp

Do you need to use distilled or purified water? Can I use Pur filtered water and get the same results? My arthritis is bad in fingers, wrists, knees. ankles and neck. Just started taking borax in water and will do every 3 days to start. Unless someone tells me otherwise. Thanks for your help.

(Faithville, Us)

Remember while you are using borax or boron that it is ONE of your minerals and you need to keep them in balance or your body will produce histamine and you will have histamine symptoms until you get those minerals back into balance with water. Borax removes calcium out of soft tissue and let loose stones into organs . Chanca Piedra is nicknamed stonebreaker.

Posted by Lilikoi (Pahoa, Hawaii) on 12/28/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Borax works for me too for arthritis in a few of my fingers that were injured a few years ago. I just use a good pinch in my drinking water for the day. If I forget and skip for a few days they hurt again. When I take it the pain stops. Perhaps I should take more to keep my fingers in better shape!

Posted by Jim H. (Keyport NJ) on 11/30/2019
4 out of 5 stars

Borax: I've been taking about 1/4 teaspoon 2/3 week (3years) and it helped my clicking knees.. i found it best in a cup of tea with spoon full honey, you cannot taste it at all..

Posted by Jerry J. (Seattle) on 09/13/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Borax works for arthritis, it's natural, from the earth like a clay and received well. My question is that as long as you don't drink baking soda with meals, which of course can lesson your natural digestive acidic juices, you can add it to the water you drink to alkalize it. I've been doing this to my spring water for years, so I'm wondering if baking soda (sodium bicarb) can be mixed with boron, as again my drinking water all has baking soda in it. Thanks.

Replied by Deborah
5 out of 5 stars

I have read recently that borax mixed with baking soda is a great combination. I am starting that as of yesterday. I use energy testing and those together test very strong for me.


what amounts of Baking Soda and of Borax are you using, in how much water and how often if you don't mind? I'd really like to be pain free again.

Replied by Roy

What is the required dose for a 65 yr old adult?

(Not Canada)

Scroll to the top of the page for more info: Https://

"Earth Clinic's Ted recommends the following doses of borax: For Men: 1/4 teaspoon of borax dissolved in 1 liter of water, sipped throughout the day. This is taken 5 days on and 2 days off. For Women: 1/8 teaspoon of borax dissolved in 1 liter of water, sipped throughout the day. This is taken 5 days on and 2 days off. This is a general guideline. Larger women may benefit from a larger dose. Smaller men may benefit from a smaller dose. The elderly may do best with half of the recommended dose."

Posted by Rod (Canada) on 08/23/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hey all, I stumbled upon borax/boron about 5 or 6 years ago after I was diagnosed with arthritis....and told "there is nothing I can do for you". I have been taking it every day for 5 or 6 years. I feel better than I did in high school. I'm 50 and a pretty good athlete, still. Before borax I had to tape my ankles and wrists, and was always in a great deal of pain after sport. Now, I have zero inflammation, and play sports all the time.

Borax GREATLY increased the quality of my life. Sports/fitness has saved me all my one constant throughout my journey. I don't know what I would do without sport and fitness. In essence, borax has saved my life. I call borax the fountain of youth. Rex Neuman and Walter Last are 2 doctors that should be googled. They spearheaded the research on boron a long time ago. Borax also increases sexual function, and a host of other things.

Here is a must read (pretty technical):

Lot's of love and good health. Without health, life is not life.

Posted by Marth (Brooklyn, NY) on 06/24/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I am a long distance runner since my mid-teens, now in my late 40s. I was feeling horrendous aches and pains in all joints, esp feet and knees the past few months. Arthritis was setting in! Upon extensive research, I found the borax remedy and started it up immediately last week after locating the borax in a grocery store in my town. It's early days on the protocol but I just wanted to report that within 2 days on 1/8 teaspoon in 1 liter of filtered water (Brita filtered), aches and pains in all joints completely disappeared!! I am stunned that the borax worked so fast. Guessing I became severely deficient deficient in boron recently and my body desperately needed it. I plan to continue the borax indefinitely. Let's spread the word, guys!!

Posted by Sam (Nyc ) on 03/04/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have two bad knees, arthritis for sure, getting worse year by year. I started the borax remedy two months ago. I use 1/8 teaspoon in a liter of water per the instructions. It took about 2 days to feel relief. After 2 days, no more knee pain. My knees feel about 20 years younger, sounds weird but I am not kidding you. I walk everywhere and I have no more pain or fatigue in my legs and knees at night.

I stopped taking the borax to see how long it would take before the pain returned and it was 10 days. So I don't think you need to take it everyday after a while. I'll keep experimenting and report back! Yay!!

Posted by Cazzy (Melbourne) on 02/22/2018
0 out of 5 stars

I started taking boron for knee arthritis and muscle stiffness four days ago (1 x 3mg suppliment tab daily with food), but I also appear to be one of those experiencing the "HERXHEIMER EFFECT", whereby my joint pain and muscle stiffness has immediately doubled making mobility even more difficult and miserable than usual; yet which research informs is a positive sign of a cure being imminent? So my question to those who have experienced likewise is, what would your advise be as to the best approach to deal with this ... I.e. 'bite the bullet and just keep pushing through with the dosage', or take a break from the boron until symptoms subside and then begin over?

Also can anyone please advise how long this effect is likely to last before any pain relief at all is experienced as I really don't know what to expect? Thanks heaps!

Posted by John (Michigan) on 11/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

In Response to:

Posted by Brian S. (Coombabah Qld) on 08/04/2017

I have arthritis in my fingers and knees. Last December I was told about Borax. I mix 1 1/2 teaspoons in 600 mils of water, then take 1/3 of a small glass each morning; now virtually no pain. Last Easter I was away for 5 days, but did not take my Borax. After 2 days the pain started to return.

That is rather strange. The original researcher that discovered Borax as a treatment for Arthritis and many other researchers have said the opposite. After patient had been on Borax for a few months to a year that if they suddenly stopped the pain relief lasted many months to a year after treatment stopped. If you stop and think about it that makes sense because borax is absorbed mostly by bones in the body and they have not found any plateau effect in bone like they see in soft tissues. So you should not see results of supplementation disappear in 2 days or even a few weeks time. Think about it you stop taking calcium and magnesium you bones do not turn to dust in days! If our bodies where that bad with regard to mineral maintenance we as a species would have died off many thousands of years ago. In fact even when you water fast your body does a good job holding onto sodium, magnesium and calcium with phosphorous being the problem child we just can not hold onto well when water fasting. If you are having this much problem when you stop for a 2 days or more you might need to up your does of not only Boron but also magnesium, K2 and vitamin D3. Borax/Boron works synergistic with these. You might also want to look at your faty acid profiles because lesions on articular cartilage are directly related to some fatty acid's but not other's. Remember once your bones are loaded with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, boron it is like money in bank or a swimming pool full of water a little daily leak is no big deal even if it goes on for weeks if the bank/pool is full. If it the bank account or pool is almost empty though even a tiny leak will have you in trouble fast.

As near as I can tell if you have osteoporosis it takes 75mg-150mg of Boron a day combined with 400mg-600mg of magnesium a day to reverse it. So you might consider these things and a bone mineral density test to see where your at. You do not need DEXA X-Ray study anymore a lot of doctors have in office bone mineral density testing that just has you insert your lower leg into a small device and it reads bone density! Bottom line is that after weeks or months of Boron supplementing you should be able to easily go 2 days with out it and not be in pain. The studies using low doses like 3mg-10mg a day are all over the place with either no statistically significant results or hit and miss results.

The people that have been preaching about Borax for 20+ years usually talk about 50mg-150mg daily doses. Some even advocate 5 days on 2 days off to guarantee that you never over do it since Boron is water soluble and is flushed regularly from your body. Also keep in mind placebo effect works both ways if you think something is a cure or will help with pain often id does even if it is just a sugar pill or salt pill but if you think you can not go with out something guess what placebo works that way too and any interruption of the "cure" and you spiral out of control. Most nutrients are not a daily thing unlike rodents humans do not balance the metabolic books every day.

Sincerely, John