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Borax Cures and Health Benefits

Borax Baths

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Posted by Vital Salts (San Diego Ca) on 09/11/2013
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For those having issues ingesting Borax I would suggest bathing. I had major healing bathing using various mineral salts in a hot bath for an hour a day for six weeks. I had been diagnosed with lyme and associated co infections including candida and cleared most if not all symptoms using bath salts, citrus (vit. C) and hydrogen peroxide in combination topically. I used Borax, Epsom, sea salts and dead sea salts together. I would also add half a bottle of Hydrogen peroxide and scrub my skin with citrus. I used about 4 cups total salt per bath. Soaking the neck and thyroid seems important and I cleared lumps around my thyroid and all sorts of skin anomalies. Whenever I feel sick again from environmental toxins and parasites I just take a few baths a week and it clears my system. I was sick for 8 years and tried western and non-traditional treatments and nothing worked like this bath formula. I never ate borax but did increase ingesting mineral salts, Vitamin C and MSM. I also like to put Borax in my work boots. I noticed a detox from this.

Replied by Yasha
(Imnaha, Or)

Simple question: How much borax to put in bath? Don't want all that other info. Just HOW MUCH BORAX IN A BATH????? Cannot find a simple answer to a simple question in all of this website! Not really very helpful.


Be nice please.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Yasha from Imnaha,

You ask how much borax for the bath:

One tablespoon.

If drinking, use 1/20th of a teaspoon in a gallon of water and drink throughout two days.

Yasha there is not an exact science on this. But if you read the material about oral consumption you'll see that VERY little is required. By extension I use proportionally the same for a bath. The absorption will be less than orally consumed but spread throughout the body allows for a diverse transfer to different regions. Less but better applied. Same idea for Epsom Salts baths. I can orally take a magnesium supplement (and I do) but also there is a broader or wider absorption with Salts baths. A very ancient remedy to many maladies.

Best to you,


Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

My husband did some borax baths and he used 1 cup per bath. I will say he had no ill effects. He didn't do this long term.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Baldev
(Maharashtra, India)
192 posts

Hi Yasha,

On this site Ted has recommended 1/4 tea spoon for men and 1/8 tea spoon of borax for women with 1/4 tea spoon of sea salt in one liter of water to be consumed through the day for internal use. Therefore, for bath one cup of borax should be ideal to get some benifit of borax for any health problem you are looking forward, may be don't soak for too long but I feel the concentration should be adequate to get the benefit.

Good Luck


Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2105 posts

I have been using 1/4 cup Borax in hot baths for many months now, in addition to many other major & trace minerals w/ only temporary results. Last time I took 750mg Lufenuron prior to bath and did seem to have better results for my fungal issue. Also, as for combination therapy, I have taken Berberine following the bath which seemed to improve the situation.

Replied by Jacquelyn

Borax can take glyphosate and radiation out of the body when soaking in it. I would not do anything less than 1/4 cup. You can do a half to a cup mixing it with epsom salt, baking soda or regular salts that will help draw it in through the skin. When drinking it, begin with 1/8 tsp in a qt. or liter of water. Some use distilled, I dont. Just dont use city water. You can increase to 1/4 tsp.

EC: Ted's recommended dosage for borax is 1/8 teaspoon in a liter of water for women and 1/4 teaspoon borax in a liter of water for men once daily 5 days a week.

Replied by Clara

How much borax should I use in a borax bath? Thanks

Replied by Cazzy

Is a boron foot bath recommended for arthritis joint pain? If so, would a boron supplement capsule dissolved in water work? And how long to soak recommended?

Replied by David
(Chadron, Nebraska)

Indeed. Yasha is about 78 years old now if she's still drawing breath, and is/was living in one of the most sparsely-populated, isolated areas of these United States of America in far northeastern Oregon (I used to live in the same county a few years back). A different breed of people live there, the very few who do, and the modern world has a tendency to confound them. Am not meaning this harshly or being mean. It's simply the way things are there. Good people, but their minds are generally made up and they can confuse when given facts. Go there, you'll see. Gorgeous country, Hell's Canyon area.

On another note, all of the vast amount of ideas, experiences, and knowledge here are quite likely helping to extend my life at present, having fought a couple of cancers all naturally for pushing 6 years here now (bladder and prostate). The borax has been incredibly effective in keeping my system on the slightly alkaline side, a critical part of my chosen therapies. It's kept the cancers from being able to grow.

Important, and respectfully- a little borax goes a long way. In my estimation- 1/8th teaspoon of borax in a quart/liter of water per day may well be too much for many if not most people. One quarter of this amount is likely fine, 1/32nd teaspoon (that is- one measured "smidgeon") dissolved well into a quart or liter of clean water per day is a strong alkalizing solution, still requiring a couple of days off each week.

And thank you one and all for spending the time to share and thus help many others. Had I gone the conventional medicine ways there would have been no way that I could have spent the last half a decade living life to the fullest. Thank you EarthClinic.


Since 1/32 of a teaspoon would be difficult to measure, could perrson just mix up a liter of water with the 1/8t tsp of borax but only drink a portion of that water a day, perhaps 12 cup or 1 cup?

Borax Capsules

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Posted by Seth (West Virginia) on 03/17/2014

Good day, I have a question regarding borax intake. I was thinking about putting my borax in a gelatin capsule to make intake easier. I normally mix my borax with water. If I were to change over to capsule intake would I still get all the benefits, or is a water mixture better?

Replied by Jens
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I have been taking gelcaps of 20 mule team borax which is about 11% boron mixed 50% with magnesium citrate. The caps full are about 0.5 gram, or 0.25 g borax or about 0.0275 g which would be about 27.5 mg. I feel that when taken it helps with sleeping better waking up less stiff and less sore. If I don't take them a few days later I am reminded first thing in the AM.

Replied by Sue

I'm looking at gelcaps on Amazon and seeing sizes like 0 and 00. What size gelcap are you using for the amounts in your comment? Thanks!!

Replied by Amanda

I accidentally swallowed a gel cap of boric acid which is slightly different than borax ( I think a little more acidic). It was supposed to be a vaginal suppository but I swallowed it by mistake. I was terrified because of what I read on the internet. It said I should get my stomach pumped and run to a poison control center. I stayed calm and waited for symptoms before I took action. The only symptoms I experienced was clarity of mind, clarity in my gut, total disappearance of cravings for chocolate and sugar and meat. Weight loss, glowing skin, more flexibility in my body and less tightness in my hips. :-) I swallowed one capsule only and it's been 2 months and I've continued to look and feel amazing. People comment all the time on how I look better than ever. It's now been about 10 weeks and I'm starting to have some sugar cravings for the first time. I dreamt about chocolate chip cookies last night :-0 I feel like it's time to do another cleanse and try borax instead of boric acid. And trying to decide if I should drink the diluted version or try doing a capsule again. My experience was that one capsule which probably contained about half a teaspoon of boric acid lasted me for 2 months. It seems like it might be a lot to do that daily unless you have really severe symptoms. Any thoughts anyone?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Innc)

Yes, Amanda; I have a thought on the Boric acid "event"... some of the most amazing scientific discoveries have been made by accident. If you did try the Boric acid again, I'd try a very small amount to see if it produced a bit of the same good effect without having a bad reaction. You might have just been lucky the first time.

Borax Capsules
Posted by Alakhi (Mt) on 11/16/2013

I have a question regarding Borax. I do not like the taste. I was wondering if it would be effective to take borax in a capsule as an alternative? I grew up in a moldy envirnment and have had problems with pcos, acne, hirstism, energy, food allergies, candida, etc.

Replied by Prioris

You can put borax in a capsule or just keep diluting it in more water until it is palatable.

Replied by Ken B

Try mixing it in with lemon water or juice :)

Borax Contraindications

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Posted by Vickie (WV) on 02/01/2021 1 posts

I have a couple of?'s. It is about Borax. I am on a synthetic thyroid med for hypothyroidism. Will Borax interfere with my thyroid med? I want to take it for arthritis. The meds they put me on don't help now. I have everything working against me. The only one I managed to get rid of was my diabetes. I have high bp & on meds for that & depression & anxiety. Plus I am overweight. I am tired & I want help. Can Borax help with weight?

Replied by Ani

Hi Vickie, I recognised all your ailments are exactly as described in a video by "Fit Tube" I just watched about Ayurvedic remedies for thyroid issues, which I suspect I have recently started to experience in the early stages. My eyes are puffy, I get headaches - which is very unusual for me, I'm often overtired, my appetite is poor even when feeling hungry, I'm struggling with my weight - especially around the midriff, always constipated, itchy skin, thinning hair and feeling aches and pains most days. These symptoms gradually started to appear a few months ago. I'm hoping to nip it in the bud before needing any prescription medication.

The Ayurveda approach involves sticking to healthy foods & home cooked meals; regular activity (eg walking, swimming, rebounding) including 3 specific yoga breathing exercises (10-15 mins/daily); drinking water which has been used to soak a teaspoon of crushed coriander seeds overnight, then reduced by half on the stove before straining out the seeds and sipping once it's cooled down a bit. This must be taken first thing in the morning at least 30 minutes before any other food or drink. Finally, massaging the throat and neck with cold pressed walnut oil every evening. I am blessed that I am able to find both the oil and the seeds locally and they are very cheap. Others may need to explore local health food stores or search online via Amazon or eBay etc. Anyone on medication should discuss first with their healthcare provider, assuming they have the good fortune to find one who is sympathetic to natural treatment options.

This protocol must be followed for 3 months, so it's too early for me to report any benefits, but the coriander water most definitely improved my sluggish digestion from day 1.

I'd been taking ACV (organic apple cider vinegar with the "mother") until a few months ago, so I will resume taking 1 teaspoon in a glass of spring water 6 days a week. I find it improves/balances many things including my appetite and helps regulate my weight.

Borax Contraindications
Posted by SugarLoafBob (Boulder, CO) on 12/29/2020

John Taylor has stated that no oils or supplements should be taken while using the borax treatment. Why is that?

Borax Contraindications
Posted by Brenda (Wa) on 10/29/2020

I am taking Advanced TRS ,2 sprays oral two times a day for metal detox....will Borax interfere with the Advanced TRS?

Borax Contraindications
Posted by Gal (Fairfax, VA) on 10/23/2020

Question about using Borax.

Can borax be used for someone who has kidney failure? My dad is diabetic with kidney failure and hypertension. He wants to start supplementing with borax for boron. However, we're afraid that it might hurt his kidneys. Any advice?

Replied by Anon
(Not Canada)

I see nothing in the MSDS that suggests it impacts the kidneys.

Arsenic poisoning mimics diabetes. Consider having him do a heavy metals detox - garlic has been found to detox arsenic. He may regain his kidney function.


Borax Contraindications
Posted by Raghu (India) on 10/08/2017

Is Borax recommended when you have Jaundice which is also part of autoimmune disorder?

Borax Contraindications
Posted by Richard (Nevada) on 09/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Does anyone know if a person who had a triple by-pass, including 2 stents placed in heart area can use Borax? One of my stents was medicated back then, even had a recall? But with this surgery came severe Insomnia, probably from Plavix. Plavix I found out latter is a treatment for maybe 6 months, I was on it for 8 yrs? No one said a word, so I think this maybe caused the insomnia? Please help.

Borax Dosages

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Posted by Cher (Norfolk) on 01/31/2021

I've been reading on the second page of these posts that one poster said he felt Borax supplies 75 mg in a 1/8 tsp--but Dr. Newnham said "...40-60 grams was a dangerous dose and children had been killed with much smaller doses...... So I took 30 mg of borax twice daily, this was 6 mg of elemental boron a day and in a week the pain was less, in ten days the pain was less. In three weeks the pain, swelling and stiffness had all gone, so I stopped taking the borax. A year later the pain and swelling returned so I took more borax and in two weeks all was right again."

It seems that if 75 mg is 1/8 of a tsp, but Dr N. took 60, forgive my math (it's horrible) but wouldn't that mean you should be taking less than 1/8 to get 60 mg (his 30 mg 2x a day)??? So why is everyone taking so much more than he researched and recommended? Pls explain. I am all ears and I don't want to take too much or risk poisoning myself!! Tnx

Borax Dosages
Posted by Shannon (Ga) on 10/30/2019

How long is it safe or advisable to drink the borax solution? Are we talking weeks, months, years?

Borax Dosages
Posted by Deirdre (LA) on 10/10/2019
5 out of 5 stars

My new borax protocol, working fabulously..

A pinch of borax in 4 ounces of water.

Taken two times a day. By pinch, I mean if you were to reach into a salt jar and pinch just enough salt to sprinkle on an entree, about that much. (Don't ask me to count the granules!) I spent the past 10 years on and off doing Ted's 1/8 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water. However, a pinch 1-2 times a day seems to be the perfect amount for me. I do the first dose on an empty stomach in the morning. 5 days on and take the weekend off. I was inspired by the post on Earth Clinic in the borax cures section to try the pinch after reading where someone wrote about how they generously sprinkled borax on their food every meal. No side effects with this pinch dosage! Previously borax made me feel upset for absolutely no reason like other women have mentioned here and there on the site. With the pinch of borax, after less than a day I feel light on my feet and have no joint pain lingering after strenuous karate training.

What an amazing remedy.

Borax Dosages
Posted by Mike (Virginia, United States) on 10/05/2019

Greetings all, I just found this site yesterday; however, I bought Borax when I first heard about using it for health purposes, but never used any because I had no pressing health issues at the time and did not realize it's benefits for detoxing. Now I thinking about starting to use it as a foot soak for swollen gums and detox. I got rid of the causal toothache with Oil of Oregano, but the swelling has persisted. Two questions if I may. I'm currently taking two droppers of Lugol's 2% per day and was wondering if starting the Borax soaks one day after stopping Lugol's seems OK? Also, any suggestions on a good starting point for how much Borax to use in the foot soak? From the side effects page I came away with, a pinch and up? Any input will be greatly appreciated. Mike

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I don't have the answer to your question but I found I needed chanca piedra (stonebreaker) when doing the foot soaks with pinch of borax for one hour one day a week. I use selenium or brazil nut when using the iodine. Others have soaked in larger amounts with no side effects. Horsetail (silica ) is also needed to regulate calcium. D-3 with K-2 and magnesium. As far as gums swollen. Comfrey tincture helps. I put a drop on the gum., or a few drops on the face around the problem area of the mouth and let it penetrate. Activated charcoal helps, put tiny amount in mouth and let it soak up the problem and then spit and do it again. Maximum. GSE with citricidal helps, 1 blob drop in little water and mix and swish in mouth and swallow. Castor oil helps, 1/4-1/2 tsp swish around in mouth , spit repeat and I swallow because a lot of teeth stuff is coming from gut issues. I also put it on my face above problem area at bedtime...messy stuff but works. Tumeric helps, I put it on my eggs daily. I would also encourage you to speak what you want to happen and not what is going on at the moment because words are powerful. Imagine pictures of what you want to see it become. I got an old picture of myself and put it in front of me when symptoms attack it makes it easier to imagine the goal I want. I think I can.....oh yes I know I can and I am. I overcome and my body is always healing itself and renewing my youth.

(United States)

Thanks Charity, I'm up to 1/4 teaspoon in foot soak and the gum swelling seems to be going down. A couple more days and then a break and then back on the Lugol's or maybe oral Borax. Mike

(Faithville, Us)

I just want to add that any neck /spinal issue that affects circulation of nerves and blood flow to mouth /digestio can wreak havoc on the mouth. The spine affects the life of the nerves and organs connected to it. I had problems with neck. John Bergman youtube teachings are amazing on the spine . As far as that goes mineral salts and adequate water and I do hormone balancing . Dr, John Lee teachings were my favorite .What your doc may not tell you. Too much estrogen causes muscle tension and cancer can grow.. Cortisol the stress hormone is also a culprit to dental health and Eric Berg , You tube seems to have the best teachings on how to reverse that. May your smile radiate with perfect health . Put the fire out and then figure out what started it.

Borax Dosages
Posted by Christine (USA) on 05/22/2019

Hello, I want to point out that according to 1000 mg equalts 0.12 tsp or close to 1/8 tsp and not 1/4 tsp as mentioned "¼ teaspoon (940 mg ~ 1,000 mg) of borax" in your article. "The density of borax is 1.73 gram/cm^3. A gram therefore has a volume of 0.58 cm^3. However a teaspoon is 5cm^3. Therefore 1 gram of borax is about a tenth of a teaspoon. Or if you prefer: 1 teaspoon full of borax is about 9 gram" So 1/4 tsp should have approx. 226 mg of boron. Please advise if you agree. Thank you, Christine

Replied by Will

How fine or coarse your borax is granulated would affect density in practice, I would think, negligible or not I'm not sure

Borax Dosages
Posted by Tim A. (Taiwan) on 05/04/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I was wondering if you knew how much elemental boron is in one teaspoon of borax powder? Or how much boron is in 6 grams of borax powder? I'm a little confused about the math. If one teaspoon of borax powder is about 6 grams, then how can you get multiple 3 gram doses of boron in the water concentrate recipe? If you start out with only 6 grams of borax powder, then you probably wouldn't have more than 3 grams of boron in the quart of distilled water "concentrate". Thanks, Tim

Replied by Josef
(Chiapas, Mexico)

That's an easy calculation... if borax formula is Na2B4O7*10H2O, elemental boron is 11.33% of formula. Thus, 6 grams x 0.1133 = 0.6798

As an engineer/chemist, I prefee to do everything by weight than by teaspoons. Cheers.