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Autoimmune Disease

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Posted by Candybeagle (Ohio) on 05/09/2017

I have scleroderma. My hands were sore, stiff and swelling. Getting digital ulcers every couple of mths. The borax protocol seem to help the symptoms plus was feeling better in general. I also take colloidal silver msm in green juice, water kefir, probiotics, colostrum plus some other supplements and essential oils. Autoimmune disease is epidemic and yet you hear very little about it. It effects each person individually. Drs just want to give us drugs to suppress the symptoms instead of attacking the root cause of the disease and seems like the research doesn't do anything to prevent the disease. It all starts with leaky gut syndrome. When we can't absorb essential nutrients then our bodies cannot fight off invaders or heal itself. Most AI patients are deficient in Vit. D3, boron and K2. If the body does not have theses essential components then you develop disease such as cancer or AI. They say 1 in 200 people have these diseases and most do not know it. So bringing awareness to people is critical to getting a cure and methods of prevention.

I find the Borax is effective. So when someone worries about the "safety" of the this I always tell them the drugs that are prescribed for my illness are far more "dangerous" than this. LOL.

Replied by Megan
(Cape Cod, MA)

I haven't met another person with scleroderma.. I have it down my thigh. I also have arthritis in every joint and fibromyalgia. I'm just so shocked to finally read a comment about someone having something I have.. and I've never met another person that has it!

Bald Spots

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Posted by Cassidyok (Fresno, Ca) on 02/02/2011

We've been using 1/3 cup of Borax in a large hair conditioner bottle--filled up the rest of the way with water. It's easy to use in the shower because it has a pump. My sweetheart has a bald spot that's been bugging him and 10 days ago he decided he would start using the Borax for shampoo and Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted) for a hair rinse.

Today he trimmed his hair and we noticed ALOT of hair on his bald spot. I haven't been checking it because I didn't want to jinx anything or bring attention to him using an "alternative" remedy.

It is really working!! Thank you ever so much for this site. I refer to it often.

Bird Mite Infection

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Posted by Sarah (Seattle, Wa Usa) on 07/23/2010

I had a really bad bird mite infection for 4 years and I researched Borax 20 Mule team which said it was an insecticide also loads of health benefits so I began having baths about a cup and then I would wash my clothes in borax (about a cup per wash). Then I would get a spray bottle and mix borax with water and spray my environment with it. I have to say it really helped alot at first but after long term exposure to borax I began to get chemically sensitive to it. My blood pressure would drop really low, my eyes were yellow and blood shot with big circles around them. Mental fogginess, dizzy spells all the time. I would get so nauseous I couldn't function with daily life. I know I've done damage to my pancreas and kidneys and my liver. It's going to take a while to recover. My advice to all reading about borax-yes it comes from the earth but I regret ever using it. ACV is a great alternate and the health benefits are amazing.

Replied by Nicole

Sounds like you got yourself into a serious detox that was more than your system could handle. Maybe candida or other fungal die-off. Maybe metals. Maybe both. Calcium Gluconate as a supplement will restore liver efficiency after this sort of episode. You can take it in pretty significant quantities, like 6-10 caps per day, and it works really well and quickly. Also, drink distilled water.

Replied by Phatgirl
(Weymouth, Ma)

Sounds like you over-did-it. Try less....doing only 1 of the 3 options you used. Hope that helps! :~>

Bladder Cancer

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Posted by Pastor William Barhorst (EC's YouTube Channel) on 06/11/2021


I'm 62 years old and cancer free! Read it! I remember getting planters warts because of all the marching with the new Navy issue shoes in boot camp. The doctors would shave the wart down daily then put a piece of hard foam with a hole in center over the wart to force it out with each step and kept shaving it down until the root would separate from the rest of the skin then grabbed it with tweezers and pulled it out! I did it myself many times after that. I'm planters wart free for over 40 years.

I used borax to cure my cancer. I'm adding more information to this four months after I posted this.

Today is Jan 22,2018 and I want to add that the Doctors at the Veterans Hospital told my family If I didn't go through the entire procedure they recommended including scraping the tumors out of my bladder then after it healed to fill bladder and hold it in as long as I could or I'd die in 30 to 45 days.

Well after the doctors forced the large equipment (Video cameras needed to see what they were doing plus the scraping and burning equipment up my very small in diameter urinary track), they ripped it from tip of my male member all the way up to my bladder causing heavy bleeding which caused the catheter to get plugged up which caused a life threatening infection and tremendous pain. I begged doctors to cut my member off because it swelled to the size of a cucumber and was just as green. I told doctors I will not let their urinary doctors touch me again. Especially after the doctor pulled out the catheter from me as if he was trying to start a lawnmower that wouldn't start! I filed a report against him after I left the emergency room with Patient Advocate at the VA.

Well it's been just over 2 years since I was diagnosed with the cancer in 4 parts of my body and since I started treating my cancer with Borax. So I am living proof it works! The doctors did an ultrasound to locate the cancers they originally found on x-ray after I went to them because I saw blood in my urine. They wanted to find out if they could cut the cancers out. Well, they couldn't find any cancer! They wouldn't document when I told them of my curing it with Borax but they haven't done any more testing to try to locate it. I'm going to have my Primary care doctor put in an order for further tests to see if they can find any cancer in me. But they said I would be dead 30 to 45 days and it's 2 years now and I'm still here. I took a table spoon of Borax in a 2 liter plastic bottle from either Gatoraide or Poweraide. I drink it slowly over a few day period. I also recently found I've been getting erections for no reason throughout the day and night! (I'm celibate for many years I might add.) Which for me decreased with all the pain medications I was on. I haven't had this happen like this since grammar and High School!

EC: We just discovered this amazing comment on our borax video YouTube channel. It's from January 22, 2018. Someone recently replied that they discovered on Facebook that the pastor died last year (2020).  It is the first testimonial about borax successfully treating cancer that we've come across!

The pastor's original post is here if anyone wants to read the additional comments:

Replied by Christi
(Atlanta, Ga)

My condolences. I am a bit confused by the comment “this is the first testimony that borax cured cancer”. You just said the pastor died. I am assuming it's from his cancer returning. Was it something else?

EC: No idea, sorry.

Replied by Michelle

He did not die of cancer. He died because he said borax cured cancer, publicly. Do you know how much money they make from cancer? It's not rocket science. And, they haven't taken their oaths seriously. Seems, if they don't have to be responsible for previous acts of inhumane treatment, or, anything else, the govt abuses. We've all been duped! To expect corruption to cure itself is the cancer itself.

Replied by MJJP
(Wilkes Barre Pa)


You can make this claim about money to be made in the US but the argument falls flat on those countries that have a single payer system that does not profit from pain and misfortune. Those countries are not sitting on a cure for cancer as they have the dog in the fight.

Bladder Infection

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Posted by Suzanne (Australia) on 08/09/2023

I have suffered from UTI and was prescribed antibiotics, after discovering borax I have no UTI, I take under a 1/4 teaspoon borax in a litre bottle and drink it all day. and no antibiotics.

Replied by Dayna
(New Zealand)

That's amazing results, I made up 1 teaspoon into 4 cups of distilled water and take 1 tablespoon every day but unfortunately I'm still getting UTIs I'm also in menopause, so get them frequently am hoping that borax will help with mine too so I don't need to take dam antibiotics all the time.


Hi there... you might want to try taking d-mannose powder for recurrent bladder infections. It's a molecule that binds to bacteria in the bladder. Do your research and experiment with dosing but commonly, 1 tsp in water each night before bed will do the trick.


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Posted by Randy (Jersey City, Nj, Usa) on 01/12/2011

Better But With Side Effects

Based on recommendations I found on the site, yesterday I tried Borax to help relieve my candida issue. I have had long standing bloating caused by the candida. Just to start off, I took a very small amount (maybe 1/20 teaspoon) of 20-mule team borax in 0.75L water, and drank it throughout the day. By about 4pm, I started having A LOT of flatulence that lasted several hours. Didn't smell bad luckily, but had to go home after work and stay there for a while :)

By the end of the evening, my belly felt empty, with none of the pressure or pain that I have come to live with. Unbelievable! I plan on continuing to use borax for my issues. I will work up gently to about 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon 4 days a week, for a limit time frame. Anyone interested in trying borax, I recommend it, but please read the borax information on this site, and work up the dosage very gently, it is powerful. Thanks Earth Clinic!!

Blocked Carotid Artery

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Posted by Allan (NJ) on 01/08/2023

I have used a boron solution for over a year and got rid of a 30% block in my carotid artery, according to a series of doppler ultrasound studies.

It should be noted that with all the good things boron can do it also removes magnesium and iodine from the system. I supplement with kelp tablets and eat fish twice a week. Epsom salts are the cheapest form of magnesium, I add a half teaspoon to the water and boron solution.

Borax and Gut Flora

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Posted by June (Florida) on 06/15/2014

Bill, what are the effects of borax water on the good bacteria in the gut?

Replied by Bill
(San Fenando, Philippines)

Hi June...I'm afraid that I cannot give you any real research evidence on whether borax kills good microbiota in the gut or not -- I have looked at the research and their isn't very much on borax. But that's probably because the drugs companies don't really want you to know about how effective borax is against both mycoplasma and fungus.

What's more, I've been using borax water regularly for the last 8 years or so and it has never made me feel ill (even when I used it against my candida). So if you want my own opinion -- because that's all it is from my own experience with borax -- I would say that it doesn't kill good gut bacteria.


A chemist back in the 1960's was commissioned to travel the world for all the info he could find on boron. Other chemists were tasked with other inorganics also. An encyclopedia set was then put together for colleges. If you can get your hands on these old encyclopedia sets it might be a very useful tool.


I agree with this comment it has something to do with the human ph balance where good bacteria live and thrive and Borax works on this human ph level... Chlorine Dioxide does this also kills off bacteria that is not on the human ph balance...

Replied by June
(Florida, US)

Thanks a lot Bill.

Replied by Anissa

For how long can I take the borax solution?

Replied by Katzie

You can take it for as long as you want. Boron is supposed to be in our fruits & veggies naturally but our soil is deficient in North America. If you keep taking the borax, it will help you during middle age too by assisting the parathyroid gland to help regulate your hormones, which is great for hot flashes.

Borax and Hormones

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Posted by Bev (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) on 08/08/2014

Borax causes men to produce more testosterone and women more estriol. For those of us older than 40 or 50, that would seem a very good thing.

Taking 2 or 3 days a week off the borax is to (supposedly) allow your body to adjust and your hormones to balance.

Several people take borax continuously and don't seem to suffer any ill effects. As usual, do your homework and make responsible choices. However, if taking borax 4 or 5 days a week gives you the results you want, why take it for 7?

Many health professionals advise taking even your regular supplements only 5 days a week (or 3 weeks on and 1 week off). The reason for this is because anything we take continuously may attenuate -- become less effective or even ineffective. This happens all the time with prescription drugs. People who were taking MSM every single day and getting great results suddenly were not: The MSM just stopped working for them after 6 months, a year, or in some cases many years.

Replied by Ken B

Fantastic answer, thank you Bev :)

Replied by Annie
(Golden co)

I take bio identical hormones. Can I still take borax?

Borax and Hormones
Posted by Bridget (Detroit, Mi) on 05/02/2014

Hi,I read on the posts here that borax can increase testosterone.......I don't want my hormones out of whack, is this something I should be taking? Thanks, this site is very interesting, glad I found it!

Replied by So & So

Hi Bridget~ I was wondering the same thing. I did a bit of internet snooping & found these articles helpful. My husband was diagnosed with Low-T, with blood levels @ 180. The doctor put him on one of the gel treatments. He felt much better @ week 2 of treatment, but has gradually been feeling worse again. We are now @ about week 4. I suspect his estrogen levels are playing a part in this. Anyway, after reading the abstract I'm sending him to Wal-mart tomorrow bright & early to get some 20 mule-team borax!

I hope this is helpful!

Replied by Nels
(Gold Country, Ca.)

I've just added boron as a 'must have mineral', having been ignorant of the wide ranging benefits toward wellness.

So much 'good stuff' seems to hide in the shadows of plain sight all around us, and one day, a light is shined on the subject, and it it immediately becomes a 'no brainer' to act upon the info, reaping unexpected rewards for one's effort to stretch further.

Boron's exactly that for me, changing my life in a wink...

...because, now I DRINK my footbath water.

(I mix up a fresh batch, no double-dipping for me)

Gee whiz! Whoo-da-thunk it? What's next?! ?

(urine therapy?! ?) Who knows...?

Thanks to all who contributed comments here. Has anyone noticed themselves feeling as strong as a mule? Just wondering...


Urine therapy works great for everything. Also Dr. Lugol's Iodine is a powerful tool as well. Researching old books has brought me to alot of this information. It is a fact, that when Rothchilds/Carnige created the first University, they removed ALL books of knowledge that promoted critical thinking. Schools were put in place to create "workers" not "thinkers".. That is a quote from Rothchild himself.

Borax Bans

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Posted by Andrew (England) on 06/30/2015

My usual borax supplier had this message when I went to some a few days ago:


This product is restricted for Sale to the General Public under Annexe XVII of EU Regulation 552/2009.

It is only available for sale to Companies and any sale will be subejct to a Declaration of Use being completed.

Please contact us before purchasing"

Seems our beloved Ted was right on the money as this restriction is totally irrational to a compound less toxic than table salt.

It can still be bought from that auction site and be imported but my advice is STOCK UP before a total ban if you live in the EU. Medical tyranny is halfway here. Look out for each other and stock up for your "chemical" remedies.

God bless.

Replied by Margaret

It is on sale at walmart. I just got some.

Replied by Beamer
(Brisbane, Australia)

Farm supply stores will have it.

Replied by Rskorj

Don't take it for granted if you can buy it from the supermarket, I have seen corporations change the formulas of products and thus made them useless. The same thing can happen for the general public access to pure minerals. Stock up is good advice.

Borax Capsules

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Posted by Jens (Vancouver ) on 07/24/2015

I have been taking gelcaps of 20 mule team borax which is about 11% boron mixed 50% with magnesium citrate. The caps full are about 0.5 gram, or 0.25 g borax or about 0.0275 g which would be about 27.5 mg. I feel that when taken it helps with sleeping better waking up less stiff and less sore. If I don't take them a few days later I am reminded first thing in the AM.

Borax Capsules
Posted by Alakhi (Mt) on 11/16/2013

I have a question regarding Borax. I do not like the taste. I was wondering if it would be effective to take borax in a capsule as an alternative? I grew up in a moldy envirnment and have had problems with pcos, acne, hirstism, energy, food allergies, candida, etc.

Replied by Prioris

You can put borax in a capsule or just keep diluting it in more water until it is palatable.

Replied by Ken B

Try mixing it in with lemon water or juice :)

Borax Contraindications

Posted by Gal (Fairfax, VA) on 10/23/2020

Question about using Borax.

Can borax be used for someone who has kidney failure? My dad is diabetic with kidney failure and hypertension. He wants to start supplementing with borax for boron. However, we're afraid that it might hurt his kidneys. Any advice?

Replied by Anon
(Not Canada)
Replied by JediSleeveEye
(Lethbridge, Alta. Canada)

I would go to Distilled Water for Kidney Failure, Get him to drink a Gallon a day. No Less, and more would actually work better. Distilled Water is what must be used to perform Kidney Dialysis. Big Pharma knows this... Kidneys are clogged and have been slowly dying off for years thus failing, this is Kidney Failure. Supplementation with Borax likely wouldn't have any deleterious effects

Replied by Dr Howard

For a Borax solution 4% see says lab use but this is a simple disclaimer.

l use many products over the years and personally know manufacturers that say lab use only, but the product is pure. They don't want to be blamed for any ‘wrong' uses. Can't blame them.

Much easier to use premade totally dissolved in solution borax pure lab grade to use in topical applications.

Replied by JP

Hi there, I was just wondering if there were any known health risks involved with taking Borax while being on Adderall medication? I appreciate all the help!

(Warner Robins, GA)

I am on adderall and have been drinking the borax mixture for almost a month. I do about 2-3 days a week instead of 5 (the reason being I forget some days... adhd lol) but I have had no issue whatsoever! If anything my focus, organization, and memory have improved.

Borax Decahydrate 99.9%

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Posted by Ashlee (Uk ) on 12/17/2022 2 posts

Hi, I'm sure this is an old question.. but I bought borax decahydrate 99.9%

it's called HD chemicals brand. With all the hazardous warnings. I've only just started looking again at dosage and want to check I've bought the correct type!
not also doesn't disolve that easily.. leaves a little residue at bottom of a glass when stirred..

:) new here .. any help appreciated before I start x

Replied by Mama to Many

Hi Ashlee,

Unfortunately, Borax goes by many names, but it is the same chemical. (Unfortunately, only because it causes confusion.)

Here are a couple of links showing that borax decahydrate is the borax being discussed here at EC.

Find U.S. Borax Products | U.S. Borax

Borax Decahydrate

You could try dissolving it in warm water. I add a pinch to my coffee and don't notice a residue, but then again, I may not be very observant. :)

~Mama to Many~

2 posts

Thank you so much! I didn't want to use a synthetic or something with other ingredients. I also read it's hard to get this product in Europe ( I'm in the uK) . perhaps that's why I was able to obtain it since we are no longer eu.. who knows!

Anyway Thankyou x

Replied by ROSINA

Hi Ashley,

Yes, I can confirm I purchased the exact same Borax Dehydrate. I didnt purchase it from a chemical company, I bought it from a seller on for about £20.00 a kilo I think. I had no problems with the seller who was very nice, and I received it within a few days. I also live in the Uk, East end of London lol. I hope this eases your mind. Rosina Lock from london UK

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