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Borax: Unlocking the Health Benefits of a Natural Compound


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Posted by Scott (Anytown, Usa) on 08/13/2009

Hello all,

Hope this is beneficial to some other like sufferers...

I have been suffering from skin Mites for the past 2.5 years.

Been on Iodine hard for about a month or so, big help. 20 - 30 drops SSKI 2 or 3 times a day, SSKI I got off curezone. 5 drops Magnascent once or twice a day. 2 weeks ago I started with the Borax as well. I use 1/4 tsp in 1 quart of distilled water and consume 2 of these a day. I'm also having 1 - 3 Tblspn of Flax oil a day and also oil pulling each morning for 20 minetes first thing.

The relief has been phenomenal, 95%. Just what I needed after 2.5 years of absolute hell.

I believe in the power of Iodine and Borax working together.

I have Curezone and this forum to thank for my progress and a elevated outlook on life. All you Iodine and BoronBorax users have been a great help. As a result of Ted and Ginagirl (curezone) post's, jumping over the wall and trying borax was a breeze.

Lets keep the light on.


Replied by Scott
(Anytown, Usa)

Hello all,

Just here to update my usage of Borax as my source of Boron. It's the 14th of July 2010 and I've been ingesting roughly 1/4 tsp of Borax daily for over a year. It has continued to be a great help with my skin mites and now I am using it in a P&B shake to help clear the fungal overgrowth in my intestines from my Candidias. We all have choices to make about what we use for our health and how we use it. My health is ultimately my responsibility, as such I choose to educate myself. Scott

Posted by Briana (Indianapolis, IN) on 03/20/2009

I have been taking borax internally for 5 days. I haven't been following the 1/4 tsp/gal rule but have been taking it mixed in hot green tea because I needed to drink a lot of tea and I noticed the borax dissolves better in hot water. Because I didn't have a good method of measuring precisely into 8 oz I just take the tip of my finger, dip it in the borax and whatever sticks to my finger I put in the tea. So far no ill effects so I don't believe I am overdosing. I have been drinking upwards of 10 cups of green tea and Shizandra detox tea (for liver, chest congestion, and cough) per day for the last 5 days. Also I started drinking ACV 2 tbsp and 1/2 tsp baking soda in 8 oz of water yesterday. I also started oil pulling 4 days ago. I mention these other remedies in case they have had an effect on the progress of my illness, but I believe most of the progress has been due to the borax (although the oil pulling is remarkable at removing plaque and tartar, my mouth feels like I just came from the dentist).

I don't usually get sick but my health has been rapidly deteriorating for about 5 weeks. It took me awhile and some research to link the strange acne, skin rash near my eye, and intense sinus headache without much mucus and sensitivity to beer to going to a friend's house for his birthday last month. His pit bull has an odd skin condition unidentified by vets with redness and some hair loss which they say is not mange (not that I have confidence that they would know). I know this because I remember he asked me about it and I gave him an oil mixture of emu oil, VCO, and immune boosting and skin healing essential oils which he says has improved the condition. Anyway I came to conclusion that I had contracted whatever disease the dog has by petting the dog and then probably rubbing my eye. I imagine it involves mites or other small insect, fungus and/or yeast. I have very sensitive acne prone skin, but my acne has been generally under control due to diet, OCM, etc. until just the past few weeks where I broke out with increased rosacea-like redness and odd cysts that did not want to heal. I also had a nonstop sinus headache which drinking more water did not help without much drainage and a cough which did not produce much phlegm. After a couple days of research (which is how I came across the borax treatment for mites and fungus) I self-diagnosed myself as having a combination of candida, fungus infection of lungs and sinuses, and mites infecting the skin. I think I may have already had the candida (probably from working in bars around so much secondhand toxic smoke) and it depressed my immune system.

The very first day I started taking the borax I began to pee green which I was very pleased about since I knew it was from die off. I peed green on and off for a couple of days, and my pee still has a slight tinge to it at times, but I believe most of the candida, bacteria etc. is dead by now. (BTW, I had already been drinking copious amounts of green tea for a couple of days without this effect so I know it was due to the borax) I also treated my face with the borax/H2O2 in water and the acne and rash were almost gone after two days, and the spots are now healing. A rather disturbing effect of the borax taken internally is that you could feel it working. I now know exactly where all my sinus cavities and canals are because I could feel them burning one after another (I did not know I had a cavity in the top of my head and back of my head linked by canals behind the ears and over the top of the head and behind the eyes to the sinus cavities in front. I wonder what these are called?). Interestingly my bad wrist and toes would burn also, and a small area of my lower left abdomen (inflamed intestine maybe?). The most disturbing sensation was to feel critters die all over my body in the middle of the night. Needless to say I did not sleep well, the sensation could drive a person raving mad. Also, yesterday morning after oil pulling my right nostril began to drain lots of thin watery and waxy clear yellow-orange fluid. I have no idea where that was from but I assume it was a good thing to get rid of it.

Three days into the borax treatment my week long headache went away. The strange acne is now healed (5 days - internal and external treatment). I still cough and have some chest congestion but now at least I am coughing productively. I am hoping the chest congestion will clear up soon. My bad wrist and toes do not hurt as much nor pop as much as they used to. Possibly I had beginning stages of RA (I am 29) and the borax killed of the mycoplasma? I don't know but I am happy about it, I didn't expect the treatment to help.

Replied by Man
(Sojouring America)

In response to 3/20/2009: Briana from Indianapolis, IN: I sure wish you would return to this post and put a follow up post here to let us know how you are doing now. And the result over time. I know from experience natural holistic things do not work over night. I dissolved a 1/8 of a teaspoon of Borax in warm water today, because I noticed that it does not dissolve very well in cold water.

Replied by Jeri

In the event you return to this site, copious amounts of green tea consumption will also make you pee green. Personal experience.

Replied by Michele

Look on about nebulizing colloidal silver. Works wonders for all lung problems

Replied by Jay
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Could you address what is oil pulling. Your narrative is very informative and encouraging. Thank you.

Replied by Mj
(Tampa florida)

Alit could be a parasite. As doctors in America practicing western medicine turn their heads away from the parasites

Posted by Rebecca (Sydney, Australia) on 03/15/2009

I use a very small amount of borax - half cup or less - in my bath, and I have noticed that whenever I do this I have mild diarrhoea.

Also, since these baths I have noticed a creepy crawly sensation under my skin in just one localised spot on my shoulder. I feel it the most when I first wake up in the mornings, and is absent the rest of the time. Hopefully it is not Morgellon, as there are no other symptoms.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Replied by Kathy

How often can I put borax in my bath water?

Posted by RIKARDO (LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA) on 09/19/2008


EC: More information about Ted's dog mange cure is here:


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Posted by Angela (Cheltenham, England) on 01/10/2010

My daughter is a student and the house she shares is damp and full of fungus on the walls. Her room is the worst. When I went to pick her up for the Christmas holidays I took a plastic spray bottle of Borax and water (just put enough Borax in so that no more will dissolve). I sprayed the walls with it when I arrived and then wiped all the fungus off. After helping her pack I sprayed the walls again and just left them to dry. This was a last ditch attempt to make things better because the landlord would not do anything.

When I took her back after Christmas I didn't know what we would find but imagine my delight when we walked into her room to find not a trace of mould.

Thanks to all on this website who have written about Borax and how it kills fungus.

I hope this helps others in the same situation.

By the way, I live in the UK and it is impossible to buy Borax in any shop (even Boots). They are now selling something called 'Borax substitute' and no-one will give me a straight answer as to why they won't sell Borax. One assistant in Boots said that it was because old people used to put it in their eyes. Anyway, I eventually ordered a tiny amount from Amazon and to be honest you don't need a huge amount. Though one chemical company said they would sell it to my by the ton at a very good price.

Replied by Garry
(Los Angeles , Ca, Usa)


In the UK check your local asian food stores, some asians use borax when making noodles, it appears that the product for the eyes you purchased from amazon is boric acid not the salt Sodium borate decahydrate which is basic not acidic

again as is mentioned on the first page of this topic dont take boric acid

Mouth Sores

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Posted by Kelsie S (Grand Blanc, Mi) on 09/07/2016

A dilution of Borax in water worked beautifully on curing my daughter's mouth sores. She had cracks in the corners of her mouth for a few weeks. I applied herbal balms and kept them clean, but they just weren't going away. Then I checked earth clinic, my favorite site, and someone mentioned that its a fungal infection. My lucky day!! Because I know Borax knocks out fungus like no ones business. And it didn't disappoint this time either.

So I just diluted Borax in water, about 1/4 cup of Borax in 8 oz. Use warm water and stir until most is dissolved. Sometimes you're left with extra borax crystals and that's ok. Now you use this solution on the corners of your mouth 2-3 times per day, or anywhere you have a fungal infection. Just saturate a cotton ball and dab on. Don't rinse off, just air dry. It may cause drying. You can use a nice herbal salve or whatever to moisturizer. I also recommend applying borax to any fungal infection for 5-7 days after the sores have cleared. Fungus is a tricky beast. You gotta kill every last bit or it'll sneak back in..

Well that's it! Seriously, try this remedy for yeast and fungus. You won't regret it. And nothing to be worried about...Borax is less toxic than table salt if swallowed. Its a useful internal remedy too, but that's another subject matter. Good luck!

MSM for Borax Side Effects

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Posted by Mvm (Sinop) on 12/25/2017

MSM might be good against borax die-off reactions

Taking a serious risk, I took 1/4 teaspoon of borax with a glass of water. The next day, I got strong Herx reactions primarily including stomach and gut pain, nausea, and slight pains or pressures in various regions of my head.

I noticed that a teaspoon of MSM powder (which I've been using for a week now) with a glass of water and orange juice alleviated the reactions.

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Sunny (India) on 07/31/2023

The following remedy not only fixed multiple symptoms after taking covid vaccine but also improved my appetite.

1) Morning:

  • Triphala Powder 100g + Borax 5 g (mix it together) -- 1/2 tsp.
    (Borax is available in Ayurveda as Tankan Bhasma)

2) Afternoon:

  • Lithium Carbonate 300 mg (Lithium is an OTC medicine in India) -- 1 tab

3) Night: 10 drops each of following homeopathic drops.

  • Valeriana Officinalis Q drops (Q indicates Mother Tincture) -- 10 drops
  • Alphalpha Q drops -- 10 drops

I generally give a break of 1-2 days after taking borax for 2 weeks.

This helps purging the accumulation of borax to a harmful levels.

The above remedy has reportedly worked for cancer and several other body conditions.

Replied by naturelover
(orange county)

Hi Sunny,

First of all, Thank you for posting.

I recently watched a documentary by Dr. Jorge Flechas on Boron and Health.I was most impressed by natures elements (Boron) for providing a possible natural remedy for arthritis pain in my knees, shoulders, and mental clarity. After scouring the internet for a recommended internal supplement-product (preferably powder based so not inside a capsule-making it go directly into my system)with the different options/types I am now left uncertain of what brand and in what form to take. I have bought the 20 Mules Borax at the grocery store for years and used in my wash and as a cleaning agent; it cautions and warns on the label against taking it internally. Please confirm the the borax -boron you are taking internally is the 20 Mules Borax detergent from the grocery store- just taking in a small dosage of 1/8 tsp. in a liter of water? I am so happy that you have found some relief.

Thank you for sharing. Cheers to health

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Posted by Sue (Westmoreland NY USA) on 07/22/2023

I'll start by saying I was skeptical about taking Borax-but after reading many of the posts here & on other sites-I decided to go for it. I figured worse comes to worse, I'd have an excellent cleaner!

Anyway-I was looking for something to help w/Hidradenitis Suppurativa-which is basically cysts in your armpits, sometimes in groin & under breasts. It's horribly painful & can be embarrassing-especially when they burst. Doctors have no idea what causes it either & is treated w/tetracycline-a strong antibiotic or biologics &/or incisions & draining them.

That doesn't cure it-they come back. And no one should be on tetracycline or biologics all the time!

I started taking 1/8 of a teaspoon dissolved in a bit of warm water right after breakfast.

I started it on Monday-today is Saturday & the cysts are all gone! I'm shocked it worked so quickly!

I'm also an insomniac-I have been since I was a kid-& w/in a couple days I was falling asleep easier & staying asleep! I've been able to go off a couple of OTC meds I was using to fall asleep also in just a couple of days!

I also have fibromyalgia & usually have a flair up a couple times a week-but not this week! I'm knocking on wood that I don't have any more of them-but even if the flare-ups are just lessened it would be great news for me.

FYI-I didn't really have any herxing & I'm hoping I don't-but regardless, I'd continue taking this amazing mineral.

Thank you, Ted, for spreading the news of this natural medicine! You've literally changed my life!

Replied by Antoine

Hi Sue,

May I ask you for the link from where you bought the borax you use?

I firmly believe that there are huge quality differences between borax products. The ones I tried/used did not work, the one you use is obviously genuine/real borax since it works for you and in such a short time as well.

In how much warm water did you dissolve the 1/8 teaspoon of borax approximatively?

Thank you very much

(Vista, CA)

Twenty Mule Team Borax - in any grocery store! It is called a washing soda in some stores- found in the laundry detergent aisle. Been taking on and off for hashimotos/arthritis/gout for yrs-my Rheumatologist agrees! Some on EC have suggested 5 days on and 2 days off.

EC: Washing Soda (sold by the brand Arm & Hammer) is sodium carbonate, which you can make yourself by baking sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) for 30 minutes, so people should carefully not buy washing soda thinking it is boron-containing borax. Here is a box of washing soda on Amazon.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Michelle (WI) on 04/12/2023

Borax has helped my bloating almost instantly. My nails are growing faster and my shoulder pain is almost gone. My skin from my hasimotos is not dry anymore. It has cured interstitial cystitis that I have had since 2006. No longer waking at night to go to the bathroom. 1.5 weeks into taking about an 1/8 tsp. Answered prayer. Saw videos on tik tok.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Robert (Freeland, Wa.) on 02/26/2023

In reply to the long thread on borax side effects and measurements here:

I have used it for 2 Years, 1/4 tsp Borax in a liter of water 5 days a week. No bad effects, but Gout, Joint Pain, Body stiffness, skin Spots, mental clarity, vivid dreams, 2x Hearing, Hearing came in three weeks, joint pain a week, Gout hasn't returned, dreams 4 weeks. It is a life thing because foods are Boron deficient, synthetic fertilizers grow crops. Chicken fertilizer is best so I'm trying thing in my garden, land not been in production before. If I take a break, body stiffness is the first effect to return. I'm 57.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Malcolm (Gore Bay, Ontario) on 02/02/2023

Hi just wanted to reach out and tell my story about using borax. I'm 36, am a stone mason by trade and used to power lift. I've been suffering chronic inflammation, extreme muscle soreness and extreme cramping to the point that I was tearing muscles. My last major tear was an abdominal muscle. Just for reference, I used to squat 551 bench 345 and deadlift 685 as a natural athlete. I had to completely stop all lifting and working far less hours due to these issues. By 7 pm I would start cramping and my joints would ache so bad I started using cannabis heavily to medicate so I would relax and be able to sleep. I've been to drs and specialists and have had all kinds of tests but everything has always been normal.

Found a video with a Phd talking about consuming borax and the dosages etc etc. To make it less complicated, I started out with a pinch 2x a day and worked my way up to 1/8 tsp, 2xD.

Within 3 days - spasming stopped. 5 days - joint pain and all muscle inflammation next to vanished. I have had the same length of goatee since I was 19. It grows to a certain length and falls out. At about week 3, my facial hair was growing more so than usual and by about week 5 it had doubled in length and I was having to shave far more often. I have had 3 bone spurs in the last decade. One in my right shoulder, my left heel, and recently my right heel. It was digging into my achilles and causing a lot of issues. I did some reading that talked about cal build up and on my search I found that video about taking borax. Also around the 5 week mark it is 90% heeled up. Full rom, 3/10 pain but only 1/10 constant.

Recently decided to stop drinking coffee and stop consuming cannabis. I stopped taking borax, and within a week my joints started to ache again and my nails are chipping and have all kinds of lines like they are going to split.

As I'm writing this I have hot water beside me ready to drink. Just wanted to reach out and share my story.

Replied by Wanda
27 posts

Going on a carnivore diet helped me with all of that! Especially broth with unflavored gelatin! It's the “glue” that keeps you together (my grandmother always said)! Now I'm strict carnivore! Love it!

Becky H

My son went on an all meat diet and his psoriasis cleared up. Nothing else worked.

Replied by Dee

The same with me! I stopped taking borax. My knees hurt so bad and I remembered I wasn't taking borax and went back on, and my knees stop hurting in around a week!


Hi Dee,

How much borax do you take per day?

Do you dissolve the powder in hot water first and then drink or place the powder on tongue and wash it down?

When do you take your borax doses during the day, I.e. first thing in the morning and before sleep or at noon?

When do you take your doses in relation to meals, I.e. 30- 60 min before a meal and or 2- 3 hours after a meal on empty stomach or right after a meal or during a meal (like sprinkling it on the food)?

And could you please post the link from where did you get your borax? Not all borax products are the same... I tried some without success... your borax source obviously is genuine and works.

Thank you

Replied by Loretta

I have read the reviews, once you start taking borax, 5 days on 2 days off but it doesn't sound like stopping is an option? People seem to feel reactions when stopping

2089 posts


I've been taking borax for well over a decade and have stopped for months, several times with no problems. Now I take it regularly to get all of the benefits that borax may offer. I did however, see a friend who discontinued borax at her doctor's request for well over a year and when she started taking it again, it no longer worked for her osteoarthritis.


Replied by Seriously

I have stopped and started it several times without issue. It's just a boron supplement. My favorite thing about it is the wild dreams.

Replied by Jean

I suggest you take magnesium. Helps for cramps and balances excess calcium. Plus taken at night, it helps to relax and sleep better.

Replied by Lisa

Thank you so much. I had terrible plantar fasciitis and had tried everything. I read your post, took a pinch in a glass of water and within 30 minutes had no pain. Can't wait to see the long-term effects!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Nice Lady (United States) on 06/24/2022

There are two methods of taking this 20 Mule Team Borax powder. One is to put one teaspoon of the powdered borax in a liter of water and then use this by putting a teaspoon of this water in a glass of water once or twice daily. The second way is according to Ted's advice which is for men to put 1/4 teaspoon of the 20 Mule Team Borax into a glass of water once daily and drink the whole glass. He also recommended for women to put 1/8 teaspoon of the Borax into a glass of water once daily. I have read where it's according to your weight and that some women can use the man's dosage.

For me, I am a little heavier at 200 lbs and a woman and what works for me is I started with the 1/8 tsp in water, it worked well for me, I started slowly for a week or so and I also read to take a magnesium capsule once daily to offset any symptoms as this borax seems to work hand in hand with the magnesium. I take one 500mg magnesium capsule in the morning with breakfast. This works for me. After doing well with the 1/8 of a tsp of the 20 mule team borax I upped the dosage to where I take this two times per day in a hot large cup of coffee.

I have taken this for a month now and it seems to be helping me with the stiffness in my shoulder joints which I could not raise above my shoulder level without pain before and can raise straight up now, much stronger with very little pain if any and I run my rototiller about once a week, have a large garden and work daily on two acres, keeping it mowed and taken care of. Plus I am almost 70 yrs old. This has also been helping to dissolve my kidney stones and has helped my IBS very much. Helped my partner's arthritis in his knees a lot also. So for me this works well.

Replied by Alicia

Interesting on the kidney stones! I am curious if that would help me as well.

Tom 70
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Boron and antioxidants complex: a new concept for the treatment of kidney stones without rigorous pain:


Clinical data

One investigator has reported the use of boron supplementation in approximately 30 cases to facilitate dissolution and/or passing of urinary stones with minimal pain. Boron was supplemented at 10 mg/day with and without additional antioxidants for 2 to 60 days. Boron was well tolerated without observed side effects.(Naghii 2014, Naghii 2013, Naghii 2012) In the absence of a control group, it is difficult to attribute these results to boron.


Please look up the lemon juice and olive oil method to dissolve kidney stones. It's here on earth clinic and it worked for me!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Golden Dotz (Rural Wisconsin ) on 06/28/2021

My fiancé and I both started taking 1 liter distilled water mixed with 1/4 tsp of Borax . We drink it over the course of 12 hours . I have done this for 5 days and took several days off and now I'm back on it. I FEEL GREAT! Much more alert, healthy bowel movements that seem to be dense and I feel crap leaving my body ~ literally ~ lol, optimistic energy and a up beat positive mood. The clarity of mind is what I'm really enjoying most.. I'm a fan. I also take Lugol's iodine a few drops a week and grey Celtic sea salt regularly. I was told the borax and grey Celtic sea salt help pull heavy metals out of the body. I avoid all gluten starch and sugar ~ so that is working for my wellness, and I use the iodine to also test a food if I'm unsure if it has starch in it. Toxemia is an excellent book to read - and that's all I'd like to add for right now. Thank you.

Replied by cc

"I avoid all gluten, starch and sugar"

I wonder how much of your success is this vs the Borax? I tend to also do too many things at once and then can't pinpoint exactly what the 'miracle" is!

Multiple Cures
Posted by George S. (British Columbia) on 06/17/2021

I've been taking a small amount of Borax on a regular basis since late 2012, after reading an article entitled "The Borax Conspiracy."

Within a week, the pain in my shoulder was gone.

My wife had a calcite spur in her foot. Very painful. I told her that the boron in the Borax would help her body regulate the calcium and the magnesium in her body and may make the spur go away.

It went away within a week.

Recently, my dentist checked my jaw bone to see if I had enough bone to install a dental implant (it's unusual for someone my age [65] to have enough bone to safely do an implant without extra preparation to the bone). He was surprised/shocked to find out that I have no bone loss at all. I told him it was because I "take boron supplements." (I didn't dare say that I take BORAX--he would have flipped! )

I put 1/4 teaspoon of Borax in a 2-liter bottle of water. Then I drink about 1/2 cup of Borax-water each day, for about 4 or 5 days per week.

The $5.60 box of Borax that I bought on 24-Dec-2012 is still mostly full. It will last until I am about 130 years old or more.