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Posted by Joyce (Joelton, TN) on 11/23/2007 509 posts

Hello to all you who love this site as much as I do -Just answered my own question for Ted. Just printed out MSDS on 20 Mule Team Borax which gives its chemical formula as Na2B4O710H2O (sorry,apologize for not being able to get this computer to properly type chemical formulas) but it proceeds to give chemical names/synonyms: sodium tetraborate decahydrate, disodium tetraborate decahydrate, borax decahydrate, Borax 10 Mol

Goes on to say "this product contains greater than 99% sodium tetraborate decahydrate" and repeats the chemical formula again. I take this to mean that Borax and 20 Mule Team Borax found in the laundry section of the grocery store in 3 lb. carton for about $4 to be one and the same. If any chemist out there knows different, please speak up.

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Posted by Kristy (Lansing, Michigan) on 10/17/2007

Hi...I was just reading the Borax page to a friend of mine and saw something a little startling in the testimony by Julie from New York dated 10/12/07. She writes that she used 1/8 of a tablespoon. The dosages I've read have said 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon. I don't know if it's enough of a difference to matter but I thought I should bring it to your attention so you could figure it out. Thanks!

EC: EC: Thank you, Kristy! You are right -- the correct dosage is 1/8th teaspoon, not tablespoon!

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Posted by Pam (Raleigh, NC) on 10/04/2007

I found this website And it states that if borax is swollowed in small amount (1teaspoon)that it is not harmful in healthy adults.

Replied by Beth
(Gr, Mi)

I realized this was an old post only after I tried to check your link. here is the new one on the safe daily dose of borax.

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Posted by Dee (Lafayette, LA) on 10/02/2007

Hello. I am writing in response to the posts about borax use. Many people have asked if they should just use 20-mule-team borax. I just found this site so I haven't used the remedies yet, but I wanted to write and give your readers a lead on a cosmetic grade borax. Actually, if they just type that into a search engine, they could find it themselves. But I found it at a place where I buy bulk organic herbs and flowers for making my own personal care products. This is the description from their site: "A natural source cosmetic grade Sodium Borate that does not contain surfactants and detergents which are commonly found in commercial Borax products. Borax acts as an emulsifier, natural preservative and buffering agent for moisturizers, scrubs and bath salts." Now, I would imagine that this means the borax in the store is NOT the one you would want to ingest, even in small amounts, since it more than likely DOES contain other ingredients that you don't want. So, if I were to try this remedy, I would look for 'cosmetic grade sodium borate'. The place I found the above description was mountain rose herbs, listed under miscellaneous products. I do not work for them and have no vested interest in telling you their name. I am, however, very impressed with them in general. I've purchased many things from them and everything has been good quality. You can delete the company's name if you'd like, it matters not to me. As long as your readers type in the correct words, they would find the site I'm talking about, or at least a place that sells the grade of borax that I'm referring to. Well, good luck! I'm off to email Ted to see if the borax will kill spirochetes...

Replied by Kelly
(Olympia, Washington (USA))

If you need a large supply of borax (we used large quantities to rid a rental of cockroaches), keep in mind that farmers use it in their fields and it is available in forty pound bags and other quantities from fertilizer supply houses. Inasmuch as it is not purposed to compete with Tide or Cheer, it may not have surfactants and such in it.

Replied by Katzie
(Calgary, Alberta)

Just so you know, the Borax you find in the laundry aisle is 99% pure with the other "1% possibly consisting of: sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, bicarbonate, carbonate, sulphate, phosphate but not toxic, and no heavy metals. Pharmaceutical grade is not noticeably better or purer" (per The Boron Conspiracy). The laundry aisle stuff is perfect.


There are a few different boxes of borax . does it have to be mule team? or will any of them work.thanks

(Toronto, Ontario)

Where in Canada do you live? There is Borax in every grocery store in Ontario ( Loblaw's, Zehrs, Food basic) in laundry department.

Hair and Scalp

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 05/11/2021 403 posts

Something I've discovered when using borax on your hair is that a handheld shower makes it a whole lot easier. Particularly if you work in your 1/4 tsp of citric acid in a pint of water and leave it in until you're done washing, then getting the handheld shower right up close to the scalp to rinse it all out. AWESOME!

Hair and Scalp
Posted by John H (Pa) on 09/26/2015

Until today, I have never read about mixing borax with water for washing hair.

I have long hair, and sometimes only wash my hair once or twice a week. When my diet is less than ideal, my hair gets a bit greasy, and at times I get somewhat of an itchy flaky scalp.

After learning about borax for dish washing (the clearest glass you will ever see! , and it kills the mold in your dish sponge), I decided to try washing my hair with it.

For many months now, I just dump a handful of borax into my palm, and rub it all over, mostly the area subject to be oily where my hair meets my forehead. Borax does not normally foam when you clean with it, but it foams when I rub it into my wet hair. I try rub the powder all over.

The first several times, I would just wash it out with water, but then I started using a diluted alkalizing and natural green soap. At first, the wet hair will have a dry feeling to it, but once it has thoroughly dried, it will be the softest hair. It just looks and feels great after this.

Any dandruff or flaky scalp will be gone for a couple of days after this. If your scalp is really bad, I would recommend following the protocol outlined above where the borax is diluted in water first.

Also, my hair is thinning, and I think, but am not sure, that the thinning has slowed down severely since I started using the borax wash.

Replied by Jules
3 posts

Hi I have a infestation demodex mites so I will wash my hair now in borax which I just started to drink in water.. Thank you so much Julie from sydney Australia

Hair and Scalp
Posted by Currie (Us) on 01/31/2015

Can you please tell me how to make a simple emulsion of borax, coconut oil and water? I can't and haven't used commercial shampoos or soaps for years because they make my skin very dry and uncomfortable and I like to use more natural things. Recently I started using borax because my other options weren't really getting my hair clean enough and it works great but dryness is becoming an issue for me again now because of it. However I want to continue using the borax because it's natural and it gets my hair clean. I was thinking if I mix it with oil that could combat the drying factor but I don't want to be left oily either so I need to know how to make it mix and emulsify like mayonnaise so it will rinse away without leaving me oily. I would like to make it rather thin so it's easy to put through my hair. Can you tell just a basic instruction of how much of each thing of coconut oil, borax and water and how to do them so that they emulsify together properly?

Replied by Pamela
(Fl., US)

Hello. Read your post and couldn't help to think of lecithin granuals. Crush the granuals and blend all items. Lecithin is an emulsifier, meaning it binds the oils together with water into creamy consistency. This lecithin also when taken orally will pull oil out your body (Oil pulling ). Also a lil FYI : Walgreens sells a name brand called shea moisture, their products all organic, no parabans or sulfates. Find it at the ethnic isle. Not as cheap as regular shampoos but not too expensive either. And if you go from now until February 28th it's buy one get 2nd at 50% off. I love the coconut hibiscus line. You might want to check out their Jamaican black castor line, they have clarifying shampoo with apple cider vinegar and their leave in Conditioner has great ingredients. The good part is Walgreens has a good return policy, if you don't like, you return it!

Replied by Steph
(Los Angeles)

I use borax and water and may add some sweet to it. It is very anti parasitic and I wash with it too.

After I rinse with water. then I use half and half apple cider vinegar and water not sure of the best way to do it or I would follow that.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hi Steph from Los Angeles,

I suggest either spraying your 50/50 mixture on your scalp 15 minutes before showering (& maybe shampooing?) and then rinsing off with a mug or two of "nice" water with a teaspoon of lemon juice in it. OR spraying the same 50/50 mixture on 5 minutes after having shampooed and then rinsing off as above.

Someone on this site also suggested massaging the scalp for many minutes to stimulate it and get the blood flowing etc.

I hope this helps.

Replied by Tim

Try coconut oil to moisturize without getting greasy.

Hair and Scalp
Posted by John1230 (Delhi, India) on 08/16/2011

How should I make Hair Wash Solution with Borax. I have lots of Fungus and Dandruff. My hair are now very thin and have lost hair. Also, In India, what grade specification of Borax should I buy.


Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

John1230, borax doesn't have a grade, it is 99-100% borax. I can't find the recipe in the ailments or remedies, but put about 1 part borax to 2-3 parts water and pour onto hair and leave in for 10 mins. Lily.

Hair and Scalp
Posted by Breann (St. Louis, Mo) on 01/26/2010

Hi. I am addicted to this site, and I've found many helpful posts. So, I wanted to quickly respond to the amount of Borax to use for hair and scalp. Obviously, I'm only speaking from my experience. I use a palmful of borax (2 or 3 TBS.), which I rub into my scalp. I rinse it out and then clean my hair, as normal. At the end, I use a final rinse of 1/8 C Borax mixed in 1 Liter of water (I keep the solution in a rinsed plastic soda bottle). I do not rinse out this mixture. I, then, dry and style my hair as usual. Since the first application, I have no longer suffered with an itchy, flaking scalp. It's been wonderful!

Hair and Scalp
Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 12/28/2009

i've been using borax for a hair wash too. i've used it a couple of different ways - 1 teaspoon in a pint of warm water stired and poured on wet hair, then rinse with water - followed by a 1 teaspoon of ACV in a pint of warm water; rinse again with cold water - and i've used it saturated - which means i put about 1/2 inch in a bottle and filled it with warm water, shook it, and let it sit until no more borax would dissolve (they will be some white crystals which is ok) (then used the same as above) - and i really couldn't tell the difference!!!

both methods leave my hair very full, shiny, smooth, soft - better than anything else i have used!!! before this i was using soap bars which started leaving white residue in my hair when our water quality changed. this is not a problem with borax!

it does seem that the saturated solution may be more prone to 'build up' which means that my hair wasn't quite as shiny (still shiny though) as with the less saturated solution - but this could be because i'm only using ACV to rinse - 1/4 teaspoon citric acid in a pint of water is supposed to be a better rinse - but i have yet to find any and love my ACV rinse. also i like the idea of using less borax since i use it for my laundry and other things.

the other wonderful thing borax has done for me is i have a rat named eric who has always had itchy skin!!! i have tried everything - VCO rubs (to kill mites - he hates VCO) - olive oil, ACV, neem soap, etc. and while some of these work the itchies always come back when it is cold and dry.

the last time this happened he was chewing his skin off and i was desperate and decided to try the borax.

i put about a tablespoon or so into the sink and filled it with warm water and soaked him and massaged his itchy spots. then i rinsed him with plain water.

immediately he stopped itching! he was able to sleep all night that night and has been better since. i have only had to do it once more and it has been a few weeks!!! this time i made sure to get it on his head and this has worked even better.

and rats often suffer from a respitory illness called myco - which seems to me to be similar to pnuemonia - and suprise of suprises! eric's breathing is much better after his borax baths!!! he is an older rattie and has allergies - and while i don't think he has active myco - most ratties do carry myco and they can come down with it if their immune system is compromised.

hope this helps someone! my rattie boy now has much energy and is acting like a young rattie again in spite of being almost 2 years old!!! :)

also my bf has had athletes foot for ever. i finally gave him some borax and he wet his feet in warm water and just scrubbed them with the borax granules. he says his feet haven't itched since he did this!!! and if they do he now knows what to do!!! this is funny to me because he was initially very afraid to use borax LOL

borax rocks!!! YAY!

Replied by Ratgirldjh
(Austin, Texas, Usa)

UPDATE: i have been using borax for several weeks once a week to wash my hair with an ACV rinse and i started getting build up on my hair and scalp.

so i went and got the citric acid of which 1/4 tsp. in a pint of water is recommended to rinse borax away since supposedly vinegar and lime or lemon juice is not strong enough to remove the borax.

after i washed again and used the recommended 1/4 tsp. citric acid in a pint of water and then rinsed again my hair was VERY slimy feeling. and then it took over 5 hours to dry.

the next day it felt limp and coated.

finally i washed again and did a stronger citric acid rinse and had the same problem - slimy, coated hair that refused to dry :(

eventually i clarified my hair using clay and i am now afraid to use the borax because it obviously was building up on my hair.

so if you use this method keep an eye out for the borax building up on your hair. in my hair this was evident by it becoming limper and limper and less shiny and feeling very soft and smoother than usual (at first a good thing LOL) and feeling like i had coated it in fabric softener.

then i had little white hard things coming out of my scalp as well as a weird waxy coating on my brush bristles when i would brush.

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)

another update!!!

ok so i started using the borax again since everything else i have tried, eggs, my soap bars, all leave residue on my hair.

what i've found is that if i put 1 tsp. of borax in a pint of warm water and stir it up good and then use it to wash it works great - with no build up!

and i can still use my ACV rinse - 1 tsp. ACV in a pint of warm water!

i think the key is to rinse very well after the borax and then leave the acid rinse on for a few minutes.

citric acid did not work at all for me :(

also the saturated solution built up on my hair very fast - but at this dilution (perhaps because it is not totally saturated) does not appear to be building up on my hair or my scalp.

and i occasionally use this same measurement on my rattie boy if he gets itchy!!!

Replied by Sandra

It is possible borax is helping rattie if he has demodex mites in his hair follicles. Dogs and humans have demodex mites. In dogs it causes mange. Borax kills the mites. They come out of hair follicles to breed at night. They itch like crazy and can even cause rosacea in humans it is said. People are allergic to the mites droppings in the hair follicles or even the mite itself as it dies in the follicle.

Hair and Scalp
Posted by Kantuckee (Green Road, Kentucky, Usa) on 10/21/2009

Years ago I picked up a small book of old timey cleaning recipes from the 1900s. In the last century before there was store bought bottles of cleaning concoctions people made their own products. Women with the long hair used Borax Water to clean their hair very efficiently. The recipe I use is 1 cup of Borax to 1 gal of very hot water. Let it sit for 24 hours and shake it occasionally. Use only the water from this jug to wet your hair and just squeeze through, don't scrub. Rinse throughly and if needed do a vinegar rinse to clean any buildup.

When you are low on the borax water I add water and/or borax to keep the level right in the jug.

I hope this helps.

Replied by Mark
(Exeter, United Kingdom)
12 posts

Hi, its recommended that only citric acid is powerful enough to remove borax from the hair.

Here is the section on diy borax shampoo by

Dr Hulda Clarke (Ph.D., N.D)

'The cure for all diseases' page 528 (free ebook)


Borax liquid is ready to use as shampoo, too. It does not lather but goes right to work removing sweat and soil without stripping your color or natural oils. It inhibits scalp bacteria and stops flaking and itching. Hair gets squeaky clean so quickly (just a few squirts does it) that you might think nothing has happened! You will soon be accustomed to non-lathery soap.

Rinse very thoroughly because you should leave your scalp slightly acidic. Take a pint container to the shower with you. Put ÂÂ1/4 tsp. citric (not ascorbic) acid crystals (see Sources) in it. For long hair use a quart of rinse. Only citric acid is strong enough to get the borax out, lemon juice and vinegar are not.

After shampooing, fill the container with water and rinse.

Rinse your whole body, too, since citric acid is also anti-bacterial. All hair shampoo penetrates the eye lids and gets into the eyes although you do not feel it. It is important to use this natural rinse to neutralize the shampoo in your eyes.

(Some people have stated that citric acid makes their hair curlier or reddens it. If this is undesirable, use only half as much citric acid.) Citric acid also conditions and gives body and sheen to hair."


Hair and Scalp
Posted by Rena (Mineral Bluff, Georgia) on 04/22/2009

Hi Everyone that reads this,

I've been using the Borax and Water for shampooing my hair for well over a year now. It's kind of hard to get use to in the beginning because it does not foam up but it does get slippery. I am 48 years old, with naturally curly hair, and it is always tangle free and smooth, not dry or oily at all. My one fault is I use a lot of hairspray to keep my hair in place for the day, but the borax and water keeps any buildup from occurring due to the hairspray. I thought why stop there, why not use it all over like a body wash, it's cheap, easy an all in one kind of thing. I can shave my underarms and legs with no problem because it is a slippery solution and the razor just glides on through. I do not have dandruff but never did to begin with so I don't know if it would help with this condition or not.

As far as measurements go, that's hard to say because due to the size of container you are using. Just simply go to the point of saturation, and if there is still some crystals from the borax in the bottom, so what no big deal.

Peace, Rena.

Hair and Scalp
Posted by Marty (Nashville, Tennessee -- Music City, USA) on 04/21/2009

I, too, have long hair. I ran out yesterday and bought some Borax after reading all of the comments here regarding its use. I'll have to get really brave before I think about ingesting it though! I tried washing my hair in two quarts of warm water with two Tablespoons of Borax. I do give it credit for detangling my hair. Brushing it out wet has always been a chore. Borax simplified that! However, the end result didn't impress me. My hair seemed heavy and wouldn't move. It appeared matted down after dry. I think adding a tiny bit of shampoo will work for me. I am going to try bathing in it for all of the noted benefits, but I truly am the type that needs some shampoo of some sort.

Maybe I'll try adding a bit to some Baby Shampoo. I love this website!

Replied by WhollyFool
(Farmington, MI)

Hi there,

I had similar problems the first time I used Dr Bronners soap: my hair felt like one big stuck together mass. I wanted to cry I was so upset. Then I used the vinegar rinse (just a splash of white vinegar in some tap water) and my hair smoothed out perfectly. From what I've read, it's a PH problem, so I'm assuming that would be the same with the Borax.

For the record, I tried the castille/vinegar combo out of desperation with my frizzy hair. I don't notice a big difference between my hair with the various high priced shampoo and conditioners I was trying, so I'll stick with the castille/vinegar. At least I know what's in it!

Hair and Scalp
Posted by Lynn (USA) on 01/04/2008

What a wonderful site! I find so much honest mindblowing information on this site. I already know quite a bit about herbs and vitamins but I am really being educated to some incredible healing therapies here. I have fallen in love with borax. I have had an itchy scalp for 10 years. When I say that it sounds pretty benign, but it has dominated my existence, alternating between itching, inflammation, tenderness, prickliness, numbness and downright pain. I noticed that it had a hormonal connection, but because my head "talked to me" with all of the above symptoms, I touched and tugged on individual hairs to calm my head. Of course I knew it wasn't working and it only made matters worse, but there was a "reaction".

I have purchased rogaine, shampoos, conditioners, pills, anti itch sprays, etc and the list goes on. I happened on a diatribe on curezone, and they mentioned borax and also earthclinic. so I went to this site and found a ton of amazing information. Of course the light bulb goes off. The next morning I mixed some borax in water and poured it on my scalp. Small amounts of tingling pain. My hair felt silky but stronger and thicker. My hair looked fantastic, but the other noticeable thing was that my scalp didn't itch. Later on in the day, there were tiny scabs where the small bumps would show up.(I know I didn't mention that earlier, but neither did I mention that my hair didn't feel like it was firmly connected into my scalp either) I knew that I had found a solution to what has been driving me crazy.

I really wonder if the people who pull out their hair are reacting to some of the same conditions that I have been experiencing for so long. I no longer feel like I need to "play" with my hair. when I say play with it, I actually mean that I was pulling a lot of it out. I was not trying to pull it out, but I felt that if I just ran my nail down the length of it that I would somehow "fix the individual hairs, and sometimes they would come out, because as I said they were not firmly rooted into my scalp. I take away the symptoms with the borax and I no longer need to touch the hair. I think they call it tricholotomia or something like that.

I have a question and I don't know if anyone has an answer, but my brother in law has a bone chip on his ankle. He has had surgery once to "fix" it but it didn't work, the pain is back, and he is once again, walking with a cane. I don't know how big this bone chip is, but is there anyway to either dissolve the bone chip, or to get the bone chip to attach to his ankle?

anyway, I am glad this site is out here in cyberspace where people can get real and helpful information and not have to pay 150.00 for either a non answer from a doctor ( I brought my scalp problem up 3 times with 2 different doctors and they would look at my scalp and offer zero advice or help) or an answer which doesn't do crap or hurts you. I don't know about you but when I pay a doctor 150.00 and they either don't answer my question or whatever they do doesn't work, I think I should get my money back. Speaking of doctors, I went to one once because I was sick two days before I was going on a long vacation. I diagnosed myself and knew that I had rocky mountain fever. My father in law had gone hunting and his wife cooked some of the meat that he brought back. They both had come down with it. I had heard my mother in law say how hard it was to diagnose. I had all the symptoms but I tend to get really gassy and nausous. I DID not want to be sick on christmas vacation around family.

I went to dr. before I left, explained what I had, symptoms, and why. He said absolutely nothing to me, gave me some anti nausea meds and sent me on my way. They did nothing. I got some charcoal pills before I left because the dr. hadn't helped at all. I spent 10 days in bend ore. sick as a dog, Toward the end I felt like my insides were starting to dissintegrate. I separated myself from everyone because of the terrible gas. I finally started to have diahhrea just before we left (I have always been constipated) It took us two days driving home in the snow. I went to a check medical as soon as I got home (different doctor) I told the doctor, I know I have rocky mountain fever, just give me the meds, you can run the tests but I can not live with this another day. He gave me the drugs. Two days later, they called to say indeed I had rocky mountain fever. I was so pissed at the other doctor for ruining my vacation. Of course this was about 17 years ago before wonderful access to web information. But that doctor was so arrogant he could not stand having a patient telling him what was wrong. Thank god for the second doctor because I was ready to kill myself by then rather than feel like my insides were literally pulling away from their internal walls, feeling constantly nauseated, but not being able to throw up. Sorry, I am still pretty angry about it and I have never called or said anything directly to that doctor. I simply never went to his office again. sincerely. me.

Replied by Dickens
(Brockville, Ontario, Canada)

As I find your symptoms of scalp itching, sensitive scalp, etc. I'm wanting more info [please] on the process of using Borax to wash the hair - how much Borax/water, do you leave it on rinse it out, use it every day, etc . Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated . Regards.

Replied by Sandee Palm Coast
(Palm Coast, Florida)

RE- BORAX and water for rinse - ITCHY SCALP

Thanks for the simple remedy - wondering when you said "small" amount of Borax what you mean - IE: Tablespoon - or smaller - in a jug I presume to pour over the head - and is this LEFT on - or rinsed out. Last Week - I tried Apple Cidar Vinegar and that too make my hair thicker with more body - but the Borax sounds better for continual itch. Thank you -

Replied by Rena
(Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa)

Hi Earth Clinic Readers,

I just want to inform readers that my beautician did finally tell me that she could tell my hair is getting dry, so I had to cut back on the use of borax and use regular shampoo and conditioner again. Still good stuff to use, but just not as often, Peace, Rena.

Replied by Marie
(Clover. Sc)

Thank God I found this site. I've been to 5 Drs and they said no infestation but little black things fall out of my hair. What can I do?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Marie from Clover

Re mites...

Go to Earth Clinic's "Ailments" section and click to "M" and scroll to "Mites"...

378 posts are there to give you lots of information.

Replied by Mark

This is to your question about your brother-in-law's bone chip. I had two bone spurs on my fingers and I ran rife frequencies for bone spurs in a frequency program I made for a PC and used the rife frequencies I found online and I woke up one morning and the bone spurs were gone. I was quite pleased.

Charles and Linda

rife frequencies?


Hi Charles and Linda,

Answering your question as it is very up to date and sure you will be reading for any replies? You seem to be wondering what "rife frequencies are" There was a guy many years ago called Royal Rife, and he built a machine. It cured many people of ailments. There is a very interesting story surrounding this very famous man" If you type into google something like: Information on Royal Rife, you will see lots of websites, I actually printed off a very very large amount of papers telling his story. The machine he built contains many many parts, and although there are machines about today? None of them would ever equal this genius machine that Royal Rife invented. Look his name up, I think you will find it very interesting, and that is how you will learn about the famous Royal Rife! Hope you found this of interest. Rosina from London, UK.


I purchased rife machine, Spooky2, and am very pleased with results for insomnia, add, ocd, and weight loss. I use mine to imprint holographic stickers, which I then put in my bra or sock so it's close to me pretty much 24/7. I gave several for back pain to some co-workers and didn't tell them what it was for, just told them put it in your pocket and I'll explain later. One got so much relief she is purchasing her own unit, the other is skeptical that it did anything--may have been having a good day, etc. Ok. Your mileage may vary but, for me, I think there is something to it.

Replied by Brooke

I am having a hard time locating the exact protocol regarding borax. My 5 yr old daughter has a fungal infection on her scalp. Ted replied to me to used a borax saturated solution, but I still haven't read exactly what ratio to use for topical use. Lastly night I mixed 1/8 tsp with 1 liter of water and rinsed her hair and let sit for 5 min, then rinsed off with reverse osmosis water. so could someone please help me...I'd greatly appreciate it as her scalp has been suffering for a year and it's really been stressful for our family. Here are my questions.

1)What ratio do I use topically?

2) Do I only mix with water? or include something else..I've been reading about the dryness?

3) How often do I do this? I read something about 4 days on 2 days off?

4) Do I use this as the/instead of the shampoo (we always use natural/minimal shampoo) ? Do I leave borax on or rinse off?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Brooke,

You have tried so many things for your daughter. (I read your initial post that outlined the many things you have tried.) I am sorry this is dragging on so long for you and for your daughter!

Regarding the borax mixture - I have used a borax recipe from Ted on my goats (with great success, I might add! ) On his recipe for animals he uses 3 heaping Tablespoons of Borax in 4 cups of water. We did not wash this off of the goats. We put it into a spray bottle and sprayed them twice a day. I think 4 days on and 2 days off sounds reasonable. It did not irritate or dry their skin and they had new hair growth in a remarkable amount of time.

I know you have tried castor oil and coconut oil, but I would consider trying them again. On one of the two days off, try gently massing into the scalp equal parts of castor oil and coconut oil (if you still have tea tree essential oil around you could add a few drops of that per tablespoon of oil) and letting it sit on the head for an hour or two, (I wrap the head with plastic wrap and a towel to protect furniture and keep the oils from spreading.) Then gently wash out using the natural shampoo you use. It may take 2 shampoos to get it to not look greasy.

I have read about the late Dr. Christopher using black walnut tincture on a serious scalp fungal infection with great success. If I were going to try that, I would get a good quality black walnut tincture (I trust Herb Pharm.) Put one dropperful of the tincture into 2 ounces of water and apply to the scalp daily. Interestingly, Black Walnut does contain iodine, which has seemed to help your daughter some in the past. Because this could cause a stain, you could try this at night. Perhaps use the borax in the morning?

I would also try some things internally. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has anti-fungal properties. If you could get her to take 3/4 teaspoon of this twice a day, that may be helpful.

Also, in my house, "When in doubt, try turmeric." I give turmeric daily for something or other. One day I had three children complain of three different ailments and turmeric was the answer for all three! Turmeric is a blood purifier. It has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. I give a five year old about 1/4 teaspoon a day. In yogurt or applesauce or mixed in a smoothie. (I put 1/4 teaspoon into my 3 year old's breakfast smoothie this morning and he didn't even know it! He was attacked by a mosquito last night and had a lot of itchy bites, so I wanted to get some turmeric into him.) Some say turmeric can be constipating, so it should be taken with plenty of water.

A probiotic or daily consumption of kefir may be helpful, too.

Please let us know how things go for your daughter. And let me know if something I wrote was not clear.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Dear Mama to Many ----

Your response resonates well with me specially since my big water dog has the red mange again and Neem Oil did not made the grade even though it may have interrupted their breeding cycle. I will use your goat remedy.

For my hair I will add Dr. Christopher's black walnut oil treatment. Being vegan for a year did much damage to my metabolism and am living vegetarian with goats milk again, hoping my hair will grow again and my body will recover.

As to turmeric, I have had a glass hot goat milk with one tsp. turmeric twice a day for two weeks now and on some days the turmeric elixir that I posted on EC recently.

This was to mitigate muscle pain from an old injury from the groin of my right leg down to the entire leg. Gradually the pain is diminishing as well I feel more flexibility. But the unexpected results with the "Golden Queen" is the disappearance of three abscesses causing trouble and now all is quiet. I did not expect that.

Also, in the last two days I perceived turmeric working in both breasts, which reminds me of Ayurvedic medical comments that T. will prevent and heal breast cancer. This can be felt if one is resting very quietly. I also have an inflammation from the old injury in my groin and it is also diminishing.

This is good news and so pleasant to administer.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U BROOKE, , , , , , , , , when the term saturated appears, it means that the solution can no longer absorb any more . Take yo sweet tea. It can only take so much sugar, and the rest goes to the bottom of the glass. It can only get so sweet for the temperature and that's the reason Southern folks sweeten their tea when it's hot so it's super saturated when ice is added. It's a Redneck thing.

I can't speak for Ted, but I think he meant for you to add Borax until it would no longer be absorbed and the crystals would end up in the bottom of the jar. The supernate, or clear part, would them be saturated.

I'm just a passer by, but I think you just need to use your common sense. You have a trail, so follow it. You want instant success and that does not always happen. Just get started and you will find success.


Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Om,

I always love to hear of your successes and progress. While I am not surprised at the great results you are getting with turmeric, it always makes me happy to hear more good news with it!

Regarding treating your dog with mange - we did also use hydrogen peroxide in the mix with borax and water as per Ted's mange treatment. It seems that his borax treatment for scalp infections in humans does not include the peroxide.



Replied by James

You need more borax than that. Mix a half TSP of borax with a half-tsp of baking soda (not baking powder). Put the resulting powder in a cup or saucer and have it handy. Get your daughter's hair sopping wet. Wet your finger-tips and touch the powder to pick up a bit (about an 8th tsp) and work your fingers into her hair, all over her head. Her hair will soon feel slippery. That's fine. Leave it a bit then dry her hair. Her hair will be a bit stiffer due to the B&BS. The slight solution of borax and baking soda will also remain behind on her scalp and do the job. Repeat the next time you wash her hair. Results should be noticeable in a day.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

To James (Frostburg) ---

I read your post with interest. You also mentioned that you had good results using this mixture on your dogs. Other versions use H202 but my dog has a most beautiful black wavy coat and I cannot bring myself to ruin it. I did one treatment but will also make a spray. Thanks for posting.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Rick
(Los Angeles, California)

Hello everyone,

The layout of this site is very confusing to me and I am not certain that I am posting correctly.

Thanks for all of the useful information, it is much appreciated. I have couple of questions.

I've only read about half of the borax thread and I am interested in doing a borax shampoo for my scalp issues.


1. What is the exact recipe for the borax shampoo/ wash? From what I gather it would be 2 cups hot water and one tablespoon of borax.

2. How long do I leave it in?

That's about it! I plan on doing the ingestion with water method later, but I want to experiment with this first. Thanks again everyone!

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn Sc)

I use about a tablespoon of borax disowned in about 2 cups of warm water. In the shower then pour the borax solution onto scalp. I scrub and let sit in scalp for five minutes then wash out. Pretty simple.

By the way...I've always found EC so easy to navigate.

Replied by Rick
(Los Angeles, California)

Thanks for the response Dave. I am finding the site easier to navigate the more that I use it.

Replied by Marianne

I have used borax water to clean my hair for years. I use 1 teaspoon of borax in a cup of hot water to dissolve. Then I put it in an empty 16 oz shampoo bottle and top it off with RO water - we're on well water which is extremely hard.
In the shower, I shake the bottle and use about 1/4 of it on my hair to clean it. Rinse, spray with ACV water (1 part apple cider vinegar to 5-10 parts water, in a spray bottle) and then do a final rinse.
The ACV in the spray bottle is not an exact science, seems to work just as well with the weaker amount, too.
Good luck!

Replied by Barbara
(Apison Tn.)

I understand that a Castor Oil poultice will dissolve bone spurs. Maybe he could try this. Just pour some Castor Oil on a thick cloth and put this on when he goes to bed at night. You could tape it on or use an ace bandage.

Replied by Tea
(New Zealand)

Actually not hair and scalp but the bone chip from the above lady. I heard of someone with a permanently brittle crushed spine and she was told to rub pure frankincense from neck to tailbone twice a day for 6 months from the founder of an essential oil company.

Later down the track, an X-ray revealed it has fused back together and repaired itself much to the shock of the doctors who could t explain it..... worth a try????

Replied by Sandy
(Pembroke Pines, Fl)

Re: bone chip - read about micro current device to heal fractures


could you explain about the imprinting holographic stickers?

Replied by Claire

Regarding Ankle with Bone Chip:

use Castol oil. Put like 6 drops on a piece of an old t-shirt...put it on his ankle, wrap it in plastic and put a warm water bottle on it for 30 min. Like 3x a week.

Replied by Gina
(Oshkosh WI)

I know you posted almost 15 yrs ago but here goes. Check out Barbara ONeill's youtube video on castor oil, she addresses bone spurs. She has other great videos too.

Hair and Scalp
Posted by Rhonda (Seattle, WA) on 12/03/2007

I learned about borax on curezone for itchy painful scalp and decided to try it. Someone else on this site has mentioned how nice her hair is as a result of using the borax. I have NEVER used a hair product- a shampoo or a conditioner that has equalled the lustruous results I have achieved with borax. My hair was dry and straw like now it feels soft and silky and very manageable. The rats nest is gone! I can now comb and brush my hair again without fear of tearing my hair out. If for no other reason, I think everyone should abondon their shampoo and start using borax to wash the hair. As for my scalp? I was pretty desperate the day I tried the borax. My scalp was very sore, there was an inflamed (swollen) ridge on my part and there were tiny bumps like zits forming. I have a theory that hair pullers are reacting to whatever it is that causes these symptoms I experience. I started messing with my hair when I started experiencing all of the above. anyway. after using the borax, pain and itching subsided. bumps scabbed over that same day. soooo gentle. Have you noticed that if you get it in your eyes, it does not burn? I remember when I was a kid, I had some sort of eye infection so I went to the doc and he said I had pink eye and prescribed boric acid ointment. so of course it would be gentle to the eye. I am anxious to try it internally for some of the other issues I have read here on the site.(arthritis, tmj, fibromyalgia)."

Replied by Shauna
(sandwich, ma)

Sounds like a stupid and superficial question is it safe for color treated hair? I would love to try this remedy internaly and externaly but i am so scared. Also has anyone had experience with borox and dogs with pnemonia if so please post.

Replied by Linda
(Detroit, MI USA)

I used 20 Mule Borax on my color treated hair (1/2 cup disolved in 1 liter water) and experienced some fall out the first few times. If you have thick hair, I wouldn't worry too much since I think it was more or less because the hair was already damaged. Now it doesn't affect it at all when I used it.

Replied by Rachel
(Indianapolis, USA)

Hi! I tried using Borax today for the first time for an itchy, flaky scalp. I mixed some of the ___ brand with my shampoo. The strange part is that when I mixed some of it with the shampoo, it smelled a bit like ammonia. The shampoo I use is from Whole Foods Market. It is a fragrance free, paraben free shampoo. Does anyone know if I should be concerned about the smell? I like the way it lathers when mixed with a shampoo more than just the Borax itself. Also, how much should I be using? I think I may have used too much because my hair felt rough and un-combable at first and I had to use a lot of conditioner (which usually isn't the case), but I did like the result once it dried. Would I be better off doing a borax/water rinse before shampooing? Thanks for everyone's comments, and this website is SO helpful!

Replied by Rena
(Mineral Bluff, Georgia)

Hi Rachel From Indianapolis, I am one that uses Borax daily, as a body wash and hair shampoo. You don't need to mix with anything but water. It is a wonderful and cheap body wash and hair shampoo as is. I know it's hard to get use to because it does not foam, but just pour on and massage into the scalp, and all over the body, rinse, and your done. I still don't need to even use any underarm deodorant, even more money saved, Peace, Rena.

Replied by Rachel
(Indianapolis, IN)

Thanks for your feedback! I will give that a try! Do you make a water/Borax solution to use on your hair and body? If so, what are the measurements you use? Thanks again!

Replied by Nooree
(Miami, Florida)

Hi , I also started to use borax with the whole food market shampoo and I can also smell ammonia in my hair when I have it one. Is it normal? I tried to use it with water but my hair was not soft. In how many days my hair will get use to it and how much should I use in a quart of water. Please let me know how much ratio is used of borax:water when you shampoo your hair. Thanks! I am already benefitting with borax remedy for Candida that I suspect I have. I might not but I did have burning mouth for 10 years without ill effects to my health but last year I was diagnosed with auto immune disease of Thyroid "GRAVES" and then I realized that it might be the flouride toxins in water that I am allergic to so I started to detox with borax. I know it will help me if I have candida.

I just take 1/8 tsp of borax and put is one liter of water which is approximately 4 and1/2 glsses and I drink that all day long till it lasts, in a day for 4 days than I rotate with iodine ( Lugal's) 2% 3 to 4 drops in a glass of water for four days and then I take Hydrogen peroxide 3%, 5 drops in water for 4 days and then I take propolis extract one dropper full in water for 4 days to boost my immune system and so on. I am also on candida diet for six months or so. I am feeling better but now I have heavy legs that is not going away even though I took Vitamin E and magnesium/potassium. If any one knows any thing I am doing wrong or should do more let me know. Thanks! I love this site and the people who made this site possible. God bless you all.

Replied by Tally
(Valencia, Ca)

I had alot of small bumps behind my upper arms, which a Naturopath said indicates Candida, so I took an anti-candida product and that's all I took, and it was gone well within 2 months. No special diets, etc. Love the stuff. Hope you try it & have the same experience.

Replied by Daniel
(Fresno, Ca)

Hi--- you say your legs are heavier-- I understand that to mean water retention or bloating water retention in your legs?

that means to me your liver is working slow or the liver is getting backed up---I will suggest a liver detox and milk thistle--super milk thistle will help detox the liver and help get the water out faster.

Google-- benefits of milk thistle.

Hope this info helps-- I use milk thistle everyday and my legs are doing well. I used to have water retention not anymore.

Borax detoxes the whole body and milk thistle helps the liver detox.