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Posted by Alexp (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 01/24/2011

Hi Ted! I add vitamin C in a form of magnesium ascorbate to my all day drinking water. Is it safe to add borax to it also? Will there be any interaction?
Thank you! Alex

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Posted by Jack (Junction City, Or, Usa) on 01/21/2011

Have there been studies in which the excretion of fluoride has been shown to increase with the use of borax?

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Posted by Steve (Ny, Syracuse) on 12/30/2010

About this Borax material. I bought some of the Team Mule brand Borax in the laundry aisle and it warns that it should not be taken internally or used for medicine. I contacted them personally and they do not make any claims for human consumption. I understand that many people are uneasy about taking it because of these reasons. Can you shed any light on this? Are there any mainstream articles referring to the use of this substance? I've tried the pellets but they're quite expensive for what you get. Thanks!

Replied by Becky From Ohio
(Ashtabula, Ohio, Usa)

I'm sure someone can address this better than I, but I would like to offer my personal experience to you until a better explanation is posted. I too felt very nervous about consuming something that was labeled "not for human consumption. " I remember reading that the toxicity of borax is about the same as is for salt. (I haven't consulted any MSDS's to prove that thought. I believe you could get those over the internet?) Anyway, I finally decided that 1) the dose was small- 1/8th of a teaspoon generally for women, 1/4 of a teaspoon for mean. 2)Even if it wasn't good for me, it was basically just a little bit of soap? Also- not for human consumption doesn't necessarily mean it will hurt you, just that a government agency won't recommend it. That doesn't mean it IS safe, but it may not mean it isn't.

So, I did try the borax for arthritis pain. Reluctantly at first, but I was quite desperate. I have had GREAT results, and NO bad reactions. Within a few days my knee pain (I'm calling it arthritis, but I'm not sure what was all going on in my knees)was greatly improved. It felt like cement breaking up in my knees. I am still using the borax (along with ACV) most days. I take a break from it every once in a while. If I go too long the "cement" and pain in the knees comes back and I start back on the borax and it clears right up. I suggest it to so many people I know that sound like it might help- but so far no one will try it. They just can't get over it not being made for human consumption. Such a shame. I was very close to having to go to an orthopedic surgeon before I tried the borax. I highly recommend it!

Replied by Becky From Ohio
(Ashtabula, Ohio, Usa)

Steve, After I mentioned that borax is said to be less toxic than salt, I decided to look for its MSDS (material safety data sheet) on the internet and compare it to something most people would normal consider safe. I found the MSDS for borax and also Advil (ibuprofen). I thought it would be a good comparison. I'm not sure if you are familiar with MSDS's. They can be pretty scary looking if you are not use to them. Hopefully it will make you feel more confident in trying borax and not scare you. Under section 11 is the toxicological information. Advil has a much more toxic than borax. Advil has a acute oral toxicity (LD50) of 495 mg/kg. Borax oral toxicity (LD50) is 2,400 mg/kg. It takes much less Advil to kill 50 percent of the test animals (rats usually) than it does borax. If I'm doing my math correctly, Advil is almost 5 times more toxic than borax? Anyway, here are the 2 links to the MSDS's:

For borax

For Advil

Maybe this will help?

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

Hi - Re Borax... I take Boron every day in capsul form. It is amazing for arthritis. I used to have bad hand pain every morning, now I only have it when I have not taken my boron for a few days. I am wondering if Borax and Boron are similar or even the same thing? I am one of those people who has a hard time considering consuming laundry soap. Even in such small amounts, the thought of it is - pardon the pun - hard for me to swallow. ;)

In my opinion anyone with arthritis pain or osteoperosis would do well to look up boron on the search engines. Boron is one of the KEY components for building bone, along with Magnesium, Vitamin D-3 and Calcium. I try to keep my supplimental calcium intake at the lowest level possible and when I do take it it is a 1:1 ratio with Magnesuim. Vitamin D I take at leat 4,000 iu a day. I live in the North, and there is virtually zero sun here in the fall and winter. All I can say is if you have joint pain or bone issues - read up on all of the above - They are amazing! Here is to a Happy and Healthy New Year! Carly

Replied by Mesm
(Toulon, France)

Thanks for relating your experience with borax. I will try it for my poor big toe (not gout)! 1/8 tspn sodium borate in juice per day? Everyone is freaked out by me taking Lugols or suggesting H202. Sodium borate is great for athlete's foot, gone in 2 days, just sprinkle it on.

Replied by Jennywren
(Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

Hi Becky, thanks for relaying your experience.. It has given me hope for my rheumatoid arthritis! I have been taking a licked fingertip of Borax mixed in an ACV/honey hot toddy every evening for 5 days and, while I'm not getting any Borax side effects, I'm not feeling any pain relief either. I know it was ages ago now, but just wondering if you remember how long you had to take it for before you felt any benefit? Ted has said 4 days on, 3 days off but I think I'm going to go for broke and keep going! :) Did you take it with breaks or consistently? I'm a bit leery of taking it daily for weeks on end...

Hope you are still in good health.. And that it may have even gone away!

Replied by Jacqueline

I take it most days. It's just the 20 Mule Team. I do the other, alternative mixture made thus: take a 1/2 litre bottle and put 1/2 a teaspoon in the bottom. Add a little boiling water to dissolve. Top up bottle with filtered water and put into fridge. One teaspoon of this mixture = 3 mgs of boron, so start with one teaspoon in a cup of tea or coffee, and when you find no problems with that, increase to 2 teaspoons a day, then 3 teaspoons a day. I take this probably 5 times a week, but it doesn't hurt if it's taken all the time. I find it has NO side-effects and it does reduce the pain of my rheumatoid arthritis. It certainly didn't kill me. I will add however, that I take 400 mgs of magnesium every day and apparently that helps your body use the boron where it's needed.

Replied by Richard

Borax is not any kind of soap..

When used to wash clothes it softens the water, making your laundry detergent more effective and you are able to use less detergent...

Replied by Tammy

I've been taking borax for a while as well and yes it works wonders. I need to be more consistent though which I have started doing again. People look at me crazy when I tell them I do it but you know what if they won't try it it's their loss we know it works.

Replied by Dan
(Holiday, Fl)

Boron and Borax are not the same thing.

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Posted by Brendan (Adelaide, South Australia) on 12/05/2010

Just trying to clarify if the borax I bought is ok to use. Im in Australia and the only one I could get is Harpers powdered Borax. It says on container 99% MIN BORAX so I was just wondering if thats ok? Theres all this stuff on the bottle like "do not swallow" "CAUTION" and information about contacting poison info centre if ingested, so it got me a bit worried, is it ok to use. Ive already got dermatitis on my face so I cant afford to make that worse or damage my immune system anymore. Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Brendan, I have taken this brand internally and found it safe. Many years ago I learned from a friend that quite a few people were using it internally after they had been to a Dr. Joel Wallach seminar and in those days that brand even had the label poison on the container. Under our laws as this product is not a poisonous substance it cannot be labeled as such. If a product/substance is deemed poisonous it has to be labeled as poisonous and you can go to the person/company selling it and ask for the MSDS Sheet (Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet) and they are required by law to give it to you. This gives the legal saftey info about the product. Even at the supermarket they will look it up and print one out for you.

My husband recently went to get borax from the supermarket and the Harpers brand is no longer available here and the only one they have is in a green container (hubby & shop assistant spent quite some time looking for it as neither knew it had changed). It has the standard "CAUTION - keep out of reach of children" and in very fine print on the back the poison hot line ph #. This container does not even have a caution about taking it internally. Borax in Australia I think has the saftey rating of S5, which requires it to have "Caution" on the label. Here is a site that has the definitions of these ratings:

Having said all this the dose makes the therapy or the poison. Just as salt has a level that makes it a poison for us so does Borax. Boric Acid is the one that is considered HIGHLY TOXIC for internal use. So I would NEVER use it. Here is a site for some info on boric acid:

All the best in finding what works for you.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

After re-reading my post I need to clarify when I said I would never use Boric Acid I meant - I would never use it internally. As I do not have the skill to neutralize the acid nor would I bother to try when borax (99% or more pure) is available to us.

Replied by Brendan
(Adelaide, South Australia)

Hi Maria from Gippsland, That is really helpful info. I'll remember about the MSDS sheets, I never knew that but it could be useful. Thankyou.

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Posted by Peter From Chicago (Chicago, Il) on 11/08/2010

Bill, since alot of Earthclinic readers are not comfortable using 20 Mule Team Borax because in the laundry section, can you review the two links below to see if they are Borax, this suppose to be USP grade. powder

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Peter... I would certainly not use the brand you have found because it is specifically a cosmetic form of borax -- for topical use only. In the specification, it says that it only contains 70% borax, also containing Sodium Oxide as well as small amounts of Chloride. I certainly would not ingest this form of borax.

If I could, I would simply use the 20 Mule Team Borax as recommended by Ted. Unfortunately they don't sell it in the Phillipines, but I have managed to buy chemical grade borax(sodium Tetraborate) in Thailand(99% pure) but you will probably have great difficulty purchasing chemical grade borax cheaply in the US. So the only option open to you will be to purchase chemical grade borax through the internet. This may be expensive.

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Posted by Mama (London, Ontario) on 09/11/2010

Can anyone tell me if this homeopathic borax I've been reading about that you can order on Amazon is any good? Does it work like the borax powder you buy in the grocery store? It seems very expensive so I just wanted to know the opinions of anyone who has tried it or knows a lot about it. Thanks, Mama

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Posted by Paul (Sanford, Nc, United States) on 09/07/2010

When you guys refer to Borax, are you talking about 20 Mule Team Borax, or something else? Thanks.

EC: In the laundry detergent section of your local grocery store.
Brand Names: 20 Mule Team (USA), BORAXO (USA, MEXICO)

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Posted by Newagewoes (Pittsburgh, Penn.) on 08/19/2010

Need to know from Ted if drinking 1/8 th teaspoon of Twenty Mule Team Borax in Liter of Purified water is safe for those of us with high blood pressure? I am on Atenolol 50 mg per day but want to try it to help with Morgellons.

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Posted by Light9 (Sleepy Hollow, Ny) on 04/27/2010

Can i use borax to heal my ear infections since its safe for the eyes?

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Posted by Wendyacox (Adelaide, Australia) on 04/05/2010

I note that 1/8 teaspoon of borax in a litre of water is recommended as a detox for the relief of pain in many ailments. Borax is considered a poison, so how can this recommended remedy not affect the kidneys and liver if used over a long period of time?

Replied by Kaz
(Greenbank, Qld Australia)

Borax was removed from poisons list in 2001. Pat Coleby, natural farming/animal expert in Australia prescribes Borax for treatment of arthritis in horses. ACV is also high in Boron.

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Posted by Wendyacox (Adelaide, Australia) on 04/05/2010

I note that 1/8 teaspoon of borax in a litre of water is recommended as a detox for the relief of pain in many ailments. Borax is considered a poison, so how can this recommended remedy not affect the kidneys and liver if used over a long period of time?

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Posted by Arn (Seattle, Wa.) on 03/11/2010

Please don't go overboard in your reactions to using borax.

On one hand, it is not the toxic insecticide some imagine. The mechanism by which it kills bugs is by contact. They get a particle of borax on them, it burns a hole in the wax coating on their shells, they dehydrate. That's not going to happen to humans.

On the other hand, it is a micro nutrient, meaning your body doesn't need and can't use much. Big doses over a long period aren't a good idea. In concentration it kills pretty much every bacteria, virus and fungus which is handy for a lot of uses but not for your body. I wonder what it does to the friendly flora in your gut.

By the way, try putting a teaspoon each of sugar and borax in your Christmas tree water next year. It will stay green into spring.

Replied by Blanche
(New Iberia, La)

I think you may be confusing borax with boric acid powder, which IS used to kill insects by contact.

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Posted by Mama (London, Ontario) on 03/08/2010

I have really severe fibromyalgia and will be in a wheel chair in a few years if I don't do something about this, so I'm really glad that I found earth clinic. I am going to try the borax, h2o2, acv, baking soda, magmesiun, vitamin b's and colloidal silver. I am only 35 with four small children and I live in constant pain with chronic fatigue and everything else that goes with it. This ailment has stolen from me the joy of parenthood. These years should be an absolute treasure for me - not misery.

I also have a child with type 1 diabetes that we have been trying to cure for 6 years now. Can I give her (11years) borax and or h2o2? She must be full of flouride if I am. I know everyone says that you can't cure it but our bodies rebuild themselves and correct themselves if we bring them back to balance with what we take out, and what we put in. What do you think?

Thanks for your time,

Replied by Mama
(London, Ontario)

This is to the_phoenix:

Thank you so much for responding to my concerns. It made me cry reading your response (but in a good way). I am going to follow your very sound advice and not try too many things at once. Maybe just one at a time. And I will study up on the things you suggested, because they sound like they might be of help.

My children are growing way too fast and I'm afraid that when I'm finally better and able to get down on the floor and play with them, and run around outside with them; that I'll look to find them all grown up - and I missed it!
I want so bad to have the energy that I need. They drug me out of the house for the first time this winter, and I climbed up the tiny little snow hill that they had made - put myself in the sled and slid down the tiny drop. They wanted me to go down again but with all of us on it; but I had just used up all the energy I had and laid in the snow for 20 minutes trying to get enough energy to go back to the house.

They looked so sad! I let them down again and it hurts a lot to see them disappointed. They know that Mommy doesn't feel well and they know that if I could - I would, but they just deserve more then I can give them.

I sooo wish that once I'm better that I could go back and be the Mother I set out to be, when we decided to have children. I had it all planned out, there was nothing I wanted more - I could see it in my mind... many trips to the beach, to the parks, to the zoos, baking cakes and cookies, playing all day outside in the sun, all that fun stuff; but since my first child was born; it still hasn't happened.

Finding earth clinic has made me feel not so alone in this, and I'm reading about new things I haven't tried. (really I haven't tried much, I've spent the last 10 years trying to cure the rest of my family of their issues). But you are right... It's time I look after me, because they need me to be healthy and I need me to be. I know that I can do this... I just have to.

Thanks again for your input,

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Mama, I was very touched by what you wrote. I relate to it very much as I have had a rough last 4 years with my physical issues which seemed to hit me overnight. It has been quite a process but I just want to encourage you to not give up! There have been moments when I felt so discouraged but then, something would rise up from inside of me and fight! Then again, I've always been that way. I too have 2 young children and know how you can feel that you are disappointing them. I have 3 much older ones who I had when I was younger and I could ride bikes with them, have races, hike, rollerblade etc. but can't do that with these two who are 13 and my daughter who turned 11 the other day. Still, they are so patient with me and understanding. My son carries my bags for me all the time without prompting so imagine the lessons he is learning for some young woman some day!

Anyway, I have had major breakthroughs since last Oct with juicing and raw foods. All the excruciating pain is gone! I still have hip issues but I feel rejuvenated in my resolve that one day that will be gone too. I have a ballet studio that I teach at everyday but I can no longer demonstrate the steps. My kids are well-trained so they can learn the steps with me talking them through and they take turns showing the steps as I talk them through so it's an opportunity for them to really grow and what a lesson for me to let go!

I don't know if you have read any of my posts and I hesitate to reiterate as I'm sure many readers might think it's quite redundant. Still, I would highly recommend that you listen to Dr. Brian Clement on youtube who is so very inspiring. I have been in contact with two women that I have met from this site that we now correspond and both of them could not believe how his information has impacted them. He has literally helped thousands to overcome debilitating illnesses through changing their eating habits/lifestyles. I no longer NEED naps in the afternoon before I return to the studio, I can walk distances again and I am out of constant pain. I attribute it to the green juices I drink every morning now and eating a lot of raw veggies and adding in lots of sprouts and now sea veggies.

Please take care of yourself. Remember, you are the hub of the wheel. Love yourself enough to do that and remember, the more we love, the more love we have to give. And you are not alone. I'm glad you were encouraged by this site.

BTW, sisters out there, there is a fantastic program going on right now to empower women sexually, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Some of the top people in human potential are speakers in it. It is only running for two weeks and is completely free. It only started yesterday but go immediately and check it out as each speaker is only posted for a number of hours and each speaker speaks for an hour! It is at for those interested. Enjoy!

To your health!

Replied by Mama
(London, Ontario)

To Lisa from Thousand Oaks: Thankyou so much for all of your encouragement. I will look at those you tube videos that you recommended. I am starting to feel somewhat better already. The peroxide therapy and the Borax are really working. The non processed food diet and allergen avoidance is a real help too. I test everything with Kinisiology first to see if my body likes it. My husband and I have become quite good at it and it never fails to be accurate. My energy has gone up quite a bit.

Thanks again,
Mama :)

Replied by Mama
(London, Ontario)

To The_Phoenix: I did register, I'm not sure if it worked or not, I didn't receive any confirmation from EC. I don't really know how to follow threads - I'm very new at this site. I would love to hear of any more help though. And guess what... I decided to do just the Borax and H2O2 and I'm starting to feel better! I have more energy and actually made it upstairs for the first time all winter! I even cleaned the living room. Do you think it would be too much if I start Oil Pulling? I hear so many good reports about it. Or should I just stick with what I'm doing for now? I also forgot to tell you that I am avoiding all processed foods and basically eating just rice, beans, potatoes, raw and cooked fresh veggies, raw juices, molasses and raw honey. I'll add more later but for now, these are the only things that don't make me flare up really bad. Oh, and raw bee pollen. (apparently you can live on that stuff!)

Thanks again for all your help,
Mama :)

Replied by Mama
(London, Ontario)

Hi :)

This is MAMA,(with Fibromyalgia) and this is to THE_PHOENIX and anyone interested. Thank you very much for all the time you have taken to help me. I haven't been on for a while, and just checked in and read all that you wrote, Wow - thanks! I was sad to hear about your arthritis but then happy to hear that you're doing better. I will tell you why I haven't been on for awhile - I HAVE ALL THIS ENERGY NOW THAT I CAN'T SIT STILL!!!! It's the H202! And I'm sure of it. I have been taking the BORAX too but not as much as I should. I am up to 25 drops of H202 3xday and feeling energy like I did when I was 16!

The muscle pain has not been as good as it was a few weeks ago,I kind of slacked off on the BORAX, maybe I need to step it up again, I can't get on my knees or raise my arms like before - but this energy this is AWESOME. I was also out for a walk in the woods with my husband and he was totally in shock, because normally I don't walk anywhere that I don't absolutely have too cuz I would need to be very careful at what I used my energy up on (which was almost nothing.) The family is really enjoying the better meals too, cuz when I don't feel well- I choose things to prepare that take as little effort as possible (without neglecting nutrition of course).

When I was taking 1/4tsp BORAX, (and I know that Ted says only 1/8 for women)I felt very little pain, so I might have to concentrate on doing both.

Know what? I think I'm really going to be able to beat this, and be able to help encourage other sufferers as you have me. I look very closely at what you recommend any try my best to take your advice (I guess I trust you don't I?)

Well I'm off to make a nice big fancy dinner to welcome in the weekend, and then tomorrow I'll clean the house! Can't believe I just said that!

Thanks again to THE_PHOENIX.

P.S. Any readers out there that suffer from Fibro or Chronic Fatigue - you just have to read up on HYDROGEN PEROXIDE and also BORAX! (and stay away from grains, sugar, and dairy.)


Replied by Robin
(Chicago, Il)

To "Mama".... You might also try acetyl l-carnitine, which you have to take hand in hand with alpha lipoic acid. It's what got me out of bed and I've lost 12 pounds in 2 months because of it. It helps your mitochondrial function. Additionally, d-Ribose for your muscles... They need repair and it's a simple form of sugar. Probably, you could also benefit from free form amino acids for the same reason. I'm battling this myself right now. As with everything, you must keep your activity in check and not overdo it when you feel good. I'm so guilty of this myself. You're not completely healed yet, so you might have flares. WE ARE ALL GOING TO BEAT THIS!! Just goes to show we don't need all the pharmaceuticals we're made to believe :)

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Posted by Mrs. Willis (Las Vegas, Nv, Usa) on 01/17/2010

Diabetes, Kidneys, and Borax

Hi, I registered on the earthclinic site, haven't figured out how or where post new questions, thus the reason for this email. I have recently read a pdf from the borax company which concerns me - I will keep this short - I have diabetes - So I am worried about using borax. Will borax cause kidney damage in someone who may have diminshed kidney function? - but then I am only going on what I read in the pdf. Also I am morbidly obese [315]

here is the quote from the pdf:

'Note to physicians: Observation only is required for adult ingestion in the range of 4-8 grams of Borax. For ingestion of larger amounts, maintain adequate kidney function and force fluids. Gastric lavage is recommended for symptomatic patients only. Hemodialysis should be reserved for massive acute ingestion or patients with renal failure. Boron analyses of urine or blood are only useful for documenting exposure and should not be used to evaluate severity of poisoning or to guide treatment.'

I really want to beat this thing. I was diagnosed 2 years ago - I gave up sugar,pasta, white bread,msg,junk food etc - Trying to learn to love exercise! I wont use sugar substitutes - I take NO medications whatsoever! I want to be healthy, for years I did not, I just didn't care.

Please advise. Thank you, Lana

EC: Hi, you are indeed posting in the correct place. Just use the "Give Feedback" link at the top of any page to submit questions or feedback. We'll do the rest!

Replied by Dee
(Hill Country, Tx)

One teaspoon of granulated white sugar is equal to about 4.2 grams. Borax is probably similar enough to sugar to compare, so one teaspoon is 8 times the recommended 1/8 teaspoon. Plus, in this information nothing was said about the period of time over which the borax is taken. Always follow protocols as given. Do not think you are smarter with a better way. Think things through; avoid impetuosity; address all aspects of your life (sleep, love, exercise, diet, work, giving burdens and grudges to God... ).

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Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta, GA) on 01/16/2010

I am on day 5 of Ted's borax remedy. I am treating what I believe it a fungal condition that I've had for over 10 years now (starting with athlete's foot I picked up at the dojo) and for fluoride removal.

I am taking a little less than 1/8th of a teaspoon in 1 litre of distilled water. I have not experienced any side effects with kidney pain like two people have recently reported on the site. However, when I tried this remedy about 2 years ago I did get kidney pain the second day because I had not read Ted's dosage carefully. The problem was (I think) that I did not dilute the borax in enough water... 2 years ago I think I put 1/8th of a teaspoon in 16 ounces of water, rather than 1 litre of water. 16 US fluid ounces = 0.473176473 litres!! Additionally, I did not use distilled water like I am now, but Brita filtered water (which doesn't remove chlorine). Perhaps using distilled water makes a difference. This time around I am making sure to err on the side of caution since I want to continue this for some time. I plan to take it 5 days on, 2 days off. If I have any side effects, I will stop for a few days and continue with even less borax.

Rob from New York mentioned that he had vivid dreams on the first night of taking borax for vertigo. I did too. In fact I had a strange dream about coughing up some nasty looking phlegm! Hopefully that was a sign that the borax is indeed detoxing my body. Will post more as time goes by...

Replied by Deirdre
(Atlanta, GA)

I did an experiment Saturday and added 1/8th teaspoon of borax to 1 liter of tap water filtered with a relatively new Brita filter (instead of steam distilled water, which I have been using since last week). I drank the entire liter during the course of the day and by nightfall, all of my joints ached like crazy and I had some brain fog. Same symptoms as when you are getting the flu. Awful!! Sunday I took the day off from the borax remedy, drank a ton of water, and my aching joints and brain fog gradually went away... I'd say it took about 24 hours for the symptoms to pass. Yesterday and today I have resumed the borax remedy but am using the steam distilled water that I bought at the grocery store. I feel fine, no side effects. So I think the kind of water used does make a difference. I would be curious to hear from other people doing the borax remedy (especially those experiencing side effects) what type of water they are using.

I might also add that on Saturday I tried DMSO for the first time (will submit separate feedback on that), but I don't think it had much to do with the side effects I was experiencing. Thought I'd mention it nonetheless.

Replied by Peter
(Chicago, Il)

Deirdre, What brand of Borax did you use ? Thanks !

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Australia)

to Deirdre about the borax and filtered water. I also did the borax 1/8th teaspoon in I litre of (tap) water and the first two days I had brain fog and a strange slight pain in my kidneys. I stopped using it and the next week I tried it again with no side affects and no change of water type. I think it is just the initial few days that give some people grief. I went back to it because of the lovely sleepy feeling it gave me at night and it helped to cure my insomnia.

Replied by Deirdre
(Atlanta, Ga)

I have only done the borax remedy about 8 times since I wrote my first feedback on the subject. Since I plan on doing this for quite some time, I am not especially in a hurry. I haven't done the remedy in over a week. I follow a fairly intuitive process regarding the remedy each morning... to do or not to do! Nay is the response as of late. I had flu symptoms appear 2 of the 8 times and I think it may have been because I drank a large amount of water (after I got home from training), rather than sipping the liter of water throughout the day which Ted recommends. As I mentioned in post #2, I got severe aching in the joints. Another time I suddenly got an intense pressure on my crown, just above my forehead, which felt rather like the beginnings of a fever. I clobbered the side effects (or an actual flu, I will never know for sure) with the hydrogen peroxide inhalation method and 1 adult dose of aspirin right before bed. When I woke up the next morning, no symptoms.

Two people have emailed me about the kind of borax I am using -- it's 20 Mule Team.

Final note: I have lowered my borax dosage to 1/16 teaspoon to 1 liter of steam distilled water.

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, New York)

In my 1st trial of the Borax remedy, I used 1/4 tsp to a liter of bottled water (reverse osmosis) I only took what would amount to about 4 ounces in the evening. (a few sips) As stated the effect was rather positive.

I had experienced a clarity of sleep & dreaming that I rarely experience. Reminded me of when I was young. However continuing the next day...with only about 6 to 8 ounces more I did not experience the same effect the 2nd night..I had some tenderness in my back but could attribute it to my anxiety over ingesting this from what others have reported. I decided to try the supplement, Boron, instead to see if it had the same effects, which it did not. (dosage on label) I perceived no effect from it. Since then I have tried Borax once more (1/8 tsp to a liter) a few sips before bed. & what I experienced was an elevation of body temperature (slight night sweating) and increased dream recall though not as pronounced as my 1st trial... In summary, I like the effects of this remedy though cannot confirm that it doesn't cause any harm. (I would imagine most Doctors reading this thinking we are crazy for ingesting this stuff) Still, considering that it is no more toxic than table salt, (wiki) I will continue with occasional trials & run it by my Dr. If he gives me a firm no... I will stop.