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Effective Ways to Take Borax: Dosage, Usage Tips, and More

| Modified on Sep 26, 2023
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Borax powder for internal and external use.

Borax is a versatile substance that can be used internally and externally to treat various health conditions. When taken internally, borax can effectively manage arthritis, fungal infections, and other ailments while also providing the body with essential trace minerals such as boron.

On the other hand, borax is also used externally to treat parasites, and mange in dogs, and as a substitute for shampoo, especially for individuals with scalp infections, mite infestations and scabies.

For detailed instructions on how to make a borax solution, you can check out our popular YouTube video. In the video, we demonstrate two effective ways to create a borax solution that can be used for various purposes.

Borax Internal Uses

If you're considering taking borax internally, here's how to do it:

  • For men, it's recommended to take 1/4 teaspoon (940 - 1,000 mg) of borax dissolved in one liter of water. Sip the liter of water throughout the day.
  • For women, it's recommended to take 1/8 teaspoon (470 - 500 mg) of borax dissolved in a liter of water. Sip the water throughout the day.

Both men and women should take the borax water for five days on and two days off. For example, take the borax water Monday through Friday and take the weekend off.

This dosing recommendation comes from Earth Clinic's Ted. Following these instructions can help ensure you take a safe and effective amount of borax.

Alternative Methods For Taking Borax

There are a few different ways to take borax, in addition to the method of dissolving it in water and sipping throughout the day:

  • Some people add borax to their morning coffee or sprinkle it on their food as they would salt. However, it's important to measure your daily dose (1/4 teaspoon for men, 1/8 teaspoon for women) each morning if you choose this method to ensure you're not taking too much.
  • While borax is not more toxic to the body than table salt, taking too much may cause temporary stomach upset or diarrhea. Even the regular dose may be too much for some people. If the daily dose of 1/4 or 1/8 teaspoon doesn't agree, you can cut the dose in half. Alternatively, you could try the more diluted version recommended by Walter Last, which some people have found effective for their needs.
  • Walter Last recommends dissolving 1 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water and then taking one or two teaspoons of the borax solution daily. This is another option to consider if you're looking for a different way to take borax.

Borax External Uses

Borax can be a helpful addition to a tub bath or foot bath for skin conditions, particularly fungal ones. You can add 1 to 4 tablespoons of borax to the bath water.

Borax is also one of the two ingredients in Ted's Famous Mange Cure, which is used to treat mange in animals. To make the solution, you mix 2 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 4 cups of water, and 3 heaping tablespoons of borax together. The solution is then used for bathing the affected area, or the entire animal, several times a day and allowed to dry on the animal. For more information see this page.

In addition, borax can be used as a substitute for shampoo, especially for people with an itchy or infected scalp. To use it as a shampoo, you can add one tablespoon of borax to 1 or 2 cups of warm water and use this mixture to rinse your hair from the scalp to the ends. Then, rinse your hair thoroughly. However, for some people, this may cause some dryness of the hair and scalp. If this happens to you, try moisturizing your hair with a small amount of coconut oil.

Patience and Persistence: Seeing Results with Borax

It's important to note that taking borax internally or using it externally can take time to produce noticeable results. Therefore, giving it a little time is recommended before determining whether or not it's effective for your particular health concern.

If you have been taking borax for a week or two and haven't seen any improvement in your symptoms, you might consider gradually increasing the dosage. However, you should always consult with a healthcare professional before making any changes to your dosage.

It's also worth noting that the effectiveness of borax may vary from person to person, as everyone's body is different. So while some people may see results quickly, it may take longer for others.

Overall, if you're using borax for a health condition or skin issue, it's important to be patient and consistent with your usage. If you have concerns about the effectiveness or safety of using borax, you should consult a healthcare professional before continuing.

Where to Buy Borax

For those looking to purchase borax, 20 Mule Team Borax is a popular brand and can be found easily in the laundry aisle of most grocery stores in the USA. Alternatively, you can purchase 20 Mule Team Borax online through Amazon.

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4 User Reviews

Posted by Dove (Pampatar, Venezuela) on 05/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Can always count on Earth Clinic for the best info. Is there any reason I can't take the borax in herbal tea sweetened with honey and xylitol instead of water?

Replied by Bob

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this. Why is it necessary to dissolve borax before taking internally? Why not place it on your tongue and chase it down with a liquid? Thank you.

Replied by Janet


I believe that is is a remedy to be assimilated. It also detoxes. Its effects are very profound.

Detoxing anything can make one feel ill. Off. Slow steady detox, prevents herxemier/herxing.

When we started Ted's Borax remedy at 1/4 tsp in a gallon of water, used in the general kitchen things, washing veggies, cooking pasta, rinsing dishes. Amongst the 5 of us. The first 24 hours changed everything.

My daughter's 5 year struggle with PCOS stopped that night. My husband's joint pain, blood clot pain, my own struggle with my onset of Alzheimer's or dementia began to melt away. Our girl's skin started to clear from angry red, irritated. The list is long. Just the first day.

The fluoride from our medications and water, began to be eliminated. It is so powerful.

Regaining hormonal balance in the body, improves digestion, pain, some disfigurement (dowagers) (psoriasis).

It should be a slow and steady detox, healing.


Replied by Chris

With all due respect, PCOS is a complex clinical syndrome that can't be cured in 24 hours. Dementia and blood clots can't either. Yes, borax is quite a curative but let's not exaggerate for effect. People come to EC for real experiential feedback and this type of thing isn't helpful.

Replied by Janet


You can not believe as you wish. I saw it.

Your comment suggests two things. I am being untruthful or I should disguise the results to fit a general parameter.

That is exactly what happened. Fluoride is that profoundly poisoning us. Removal of it is critical for human health. As evidenced by our experience.

It was not intended. She went from unable to function. With her cascade of issues. To finishing school. Working, moved out and is living a normal life. Something we had no hope for.

Years of medical treatment, studies tests, medications. At 19 she could live. At 14 little hope. From, Narcolepsy, PCOS. To No medications, none.

Removal of poisons, that is the real fight of today. Fluoride interferes with every morsel of human health. Glandular function, digestion, bone and connective tissue health, teeth, oral health, hormone levels.

Removal of fluoride, is release from a prison of medical intervention.

If you find that astounding. Two weeks into the fluoride removal will certainly be an eye opener.

She had Narcolepsy, severe acne, psoriasis, dowagers hump. She fell asleep in her swim lane at practice. She had more symptoms than health. She could fill a book.

All our teeth whitened, all on their own. Years of six month appointments at the dentist, unneeded. All the spots from so called tetracycline, gone in one child. She has had since they came in.

Removal of fluoride, alkalinity drinks. My husband was back to work. This because of a blood clot, 2 blown discs, stenosis, gout, arthritis. Unable to do anything. Off vicodin, blood thinners, normalized blood pressure, gout. No medication at all now.

My Alzheimer's/ dementia. Diagnosed a brain tumor, to holes in the brain. Gone. Off antidepressants that were given for pain, Tramadol, hormonal meds. Menopause, vanished, the type that makes you bleed and bleed, deadened emotions, bone pain. Osteoarthritis. Dowagers. Balding.

Our oldest, started with an ulcer when she was born, unending horrible problems, Meniere's, POTS, CFS/MCS. Food allergies that prevented her from going in places that had any tomatoes cooking. Chronically enlarged spleen, all kinds of hormonal issues, body and face acne. Totally disabled. She is also now working and moved out.

There is more, way more.

I believe the accepted numbers of adverse reactions from fluoride when they okayed it for human consumption was 30%. They knew 30% of the population would have serious problems with it. That is not acceptable in any scale I have ever seen for other products. It is industrial waste. Nothing but poison.


(England. Lymington.)

Wow Janet. I've just read your reply. It's given me some hope. I've had 'fibromyalgia' for over 30 years. Tried to cure it myself with an A4 page size of expensive treatments. Dr's have been totally useless abusive and damaging. I feel like I'm being eaten alive by pain. Tramadol levothyroxine pregabolin and steroids!!! But all have stopped working well. Although if I try to stop I just don't want to be here any more. I was gonna give borax a go anyway, but your answer has given me more hope. Wishing you the best.

Ps I'm not technically minded so may not find you here again but. Thanks. I'm gonna try it.

Replied by Marnie
(Nampa, Id)


Thank you for sharing you and your family's experiences with borax.

Could you please share the specifics of how you took it? Dosage and frequency? And for what duration?

Wishing you the best!

Replied by Anon

She said it BEGAN to be cured.

Replied by Janet


It was not Ted's recommendation at the start, that I used.

I did not know much, was still learning. I knew water was increasingly becoming more poisonous from the faucet. The 2 days following our water treatments in town, the smell of chlorine from the water was getting stronger.

I purchased a faucet filter thinking I had solved it. The family going for 6 month cleaning at the dentist. Fluoride this, fluoride that. My husband was getting yellowish teeth. The kids, 1 had lifetime tetracycline stains. The youngest's front teeth came in brown. My teeth looked brownish. We were doing all the things, to no avail. It made no sense.

As I was learning about alkalinity Ted brought up fluoride poisoning. So I thought I would add a little borax to water to see if it would help the color problem. I took a glass gallon jug, filled it with filtered tap water added 1/4 tsp if borax. This was the water I used in the kitchen. Had the kids use. I was not functional at the time. Just for making food. Washing vegetables.

By that night, before bed, my PCOS daughter got her first period in 5 years. I cannot express the miracle this was. Monday morning she was going in to start birth control as Metformin was not enough, according to the Dr. That weekend, as I have said many times here, began the healing.

The point of the story is, I did it wrong. I was looking to add a pinch of something. For one benefit. By the following week, we had all begun to use Ted's recommendation, 1/8 tsp for women, 1/4 tsp for men, in 1 liter of water. 4 days out of 7.

We have now switched to a Berkey water filter. Interestingly we did not keep up with the borax at first. Realizing we still needed to after a short time. Fluoride or fluoridated water is in everything you buy. So back to Ted's remedy.


(Cleveland, TN)

Hello, I first heard about taking borax from my older brother. I have type 2 diabetes, digestion issues, anxiety and depression and acid reflux and high cholesterol and sinus tachycardia and abnormal kidney function. (yes I have quite a few health issues) I take meds for all these issues except the kidney function as I just learned that my kidney function is abnormal and I'm being referred to kidney specialist. My brother suggested taking a pinch of Borax and adding it to a bottle (16.9 Fl Oz) of purified or distilled water.. can you tell me if a pinch would work? And does the borax need to dissolve in the water before drinking? Any info would help, thank you! God bless🙏🏼

Replied by Marnie
(Nampa, Id)

Thank you, Janet! I am glad you've shared such detailed info. Blessings!

Replied by Samantha

Hi Janet,

May I ask please from where exactly did you buy the borax you used? There are many borax products on the market, they are not all the same. The one you took is obviously working extremely well. If you would be kind enough to post the link to the borax product you used that would help the community hugely. Are you still taking it? 1/4 tsp. in a gallon of tap water sounds a tiny amount and it still worked... Interesting. Thank you

EC: Most likely she uses Twenty Mule Team Borax, found in the laundry aisle, like most people who do the borax protocol.

Replied by Randall

Is it possible to mix in some kind of flavoring agent because the taste is making me nauseous?

1851 posts


I used to take my borax mixed in Gatorade and could not taste it, but I stopped that because it seemed like a lot of sugar. I found if I just added some Gatorade to my borax and water mix, that was enough to hide any borax flavor and then it was not too much sugar.

Btw, how long have you been taking borax and have you noticed any benefit yet? I noticed benefit in less than a month, but I always suggest giving it two months for a fair trial.


(Bristol, VA)
5 out of 5 stars

Then dilute it, it doesn't taste that strong I am a woman elderly and I take a 1/4 tsp in distilled water daily, and off on weekends. Mamm it's the smell not the taste, unless you're using more than what is recommended. Do you know what a 1/8 th tsp is? Just wondering, just decrease the amount.

1851 posts


You may find the following Earth Clinic page helpful :


How to Take Borax
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 385 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Below is the original post from Ted, who first brought the borax remedy to Earth Clinic in 2002! Thousands of people went on to try Ted's remedy to treat arthritis and scores of other conditions after this was posted on Earth Clinic.

Consider taking borax. Some people believed the demodex mites are responsible for rosacea. They may be right. But, there are others too that are not yet identified. I prefer to lump all these insect issues to just one category: nanoinsects. These insects have several weakness that you can kill them, or at least weaken them. One obvious ones is borax. The treatment can be broken down to two things;

1. Taken internally: Try 1/8 teaspoon to 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of water/day. You just drink this water throughout the day. If it runs out then drink just normal water, with some magnesium added if possible. Magnesium is found in certain seeds such as sunflower. They seem to be synergistic with the vitamin D as vitamin D promotes calcium and the body needs to balance both magnesium and calcium to an ideal amount.

2. Used externally: Dog mange is confirmed demodex mites and the only treatment that effectively cured of dog mange is 1% hydrogen peroxide and borax saturated solution applied topically. Many people believe the demodex mites is the cause of rosacea. What I am sure about is it is an insect issue. The method of killing them is external application of 1% hydrogen peroxide with borax saturated solution to the face, unrinsed. It tends to cause drying. So you can apply appropriate lotions to prevent drying, such as jojoba oil, aloe vera or lavender oil.

EC: The above was copied from the Reader Q&A section on the Rosacea remedies page.



Replied by Sasha
(Slovenia / Europe)

Hi Ted,

I have a question about using Borax internally. I have borax powder (INCI: Sodium Borate). Somewhere I read 1/8 teaspoon tobe put in 1 liter of water and taken 1 or 2 teaspoons in a day; and here you suggest to drink whole 1 liter of this borax-solution. I got this "covid" problem (parasites) and I feel very very tired. So, if I understand right is OK to dissolve a pinch of borax in a glass of water and drink it? For how long, because usually a detox like this is recommanded for 3 weeks with 1 week pause. What is the right thing to do here, not to overdose it? Thank you very much for info. Regards, Sasha

Replied by Roxie
5 out of 5 stars


if you read throughout, I think you'll find 1/8 t. Borax For women and 1/4 t. For men, mixed in a 1 liter bottle and drink throughout the day. When it's gone, drink only water. It mixes in hot water to dissolve.

Also, 4-5 days in and 2-3 days off.


The dose gives 113 mg of boron. I read in literature that max daily dose is 20 mg. So is 113 mg, aka 1/4 teaspoon too much?

(South Africa)

I think the "upper" limits found in some studies are done to mislead the public. I've seen a study on rats where they dosed 3mg/kg (per day). That's an equivalent of 240mg per day for a 80kg human and another study on pigs where it was 15mg/kg per day so 1200mg (1.2g) per day of Boron (so ~9x more Borax for eg.). I think a 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of Borax (roughly 100-200mg Boron) is fine if not on the low side for acute symptoms. Apparently 'back in the day' an apple could contain 20mg Boron so that's another perspective.

1851 posts


I have taken the 1/4 teaspoon dose each day for 4 days per week for well over a decade and it has worked very effectively to keep my arthritis in remission. Look up the toxicity of Borax and then look up the toxicity of table salt and that will give you a better idea of the safety profile of Borax.


Replied by Sarah
(Baton Rouge, LA)

Is there a certain type of borax? Everything on mine says do not ingest. Wondering if there are levels of “power”? Like a 6 mule team vs 20 mule team? Sorry if that is an ignorant question but ingesting something that could kill you is scary.


No wrong questions, dear.

I use 20 Mule Team, found in the laundry product aisle.

Have been using just a pinch in my morning lemon water, but after reading more on the benefits, will stop the half-steppin' and get serious: 1/8 t in a liter of water starts tomorrow!

Replied by Alisa

Could you please give more exact instructions on how to prepare 1% hydrogen peroxide with borax saturated solution?

Please, it is urgent!