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How to Use Borax as a Natural Remedy for Arthritis

Posted by Sue (Vermont) on 09/14/2016
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Thanks for the info on Herxheimer. It can take weeks to get through??? I'm on day 10 of Herxheimer, mostly feeling fatigue, and on week 6 of the borax treatment. The arthritis, which is all over my body from head to toe, has improved some. Am I just being impatient? Can't wait for a cure!

Posted by Julieh12 (Scotland ) on 02/09/2016
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Better But With Side Effects

Hello, I have been supplementing with borax for five days. I have followed Ted's guidelines on 1/8 of a teaspoon in litre of water and drink further bottled water throughout the day. I am also taking 200mg magnesium, vit b, vitd, vit c, evening primrose, and fish oil.

I have osteopenia brought on by early menopause, I'm currently post menopausal, I'm 45. I also have some arthritis in my fingers and toes. The arthritis is my main reason for supplementing as I'm a seamstress and will need to work well to my retirement. The first day I'm sure felt some relief but things seem to have slowed down. Although. Have no pain I still have bumps and stiffness.

I have also had some diarrhoea the past two days but this could be my ibs. I just wanted to ask everyone's experience with time scales and if the diarrhoea will pass. I'm still using fluoride toothpaste as non fluoride is so expensive, however I do have plenty of coconut oil and bicarb. Any advice please. Thank you.