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How Borax Can Help Alleviate Arthritis Symptoms Naturally

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Posted by John (Michigan) on 11/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

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Posted by Brian S. (Coombabah Qld) on 08/04/2017

I have arthritis in my fingers and knees. Last December I was told about Borax. I mix 1 1/2 teaspoons in 600 mils of water, then take 1/3 of a small glass each morning; now virtually no pain. Last Easter I was away for 5 days, but did not take my Borax. After 2 days the pain started to return.

That is rather strange. The original researcher that discovered Borax as a treatment for Arthritis and many other researchers have said the opposite. After patient had been on Borax for a few months to a year that if they suddenly stopped the pain relief lasted many months to a year after treatment stopped. If you stop and think about it that makes sense because borax is absorbed mostly by bones in the body and they have not found any plateau effect in bone like they see in soft tissues. So you should not see results of supplementation disappear in 2 days or even a few weeks time. Think about it you stop taking calcium and magnesium you bones do not turn to dust in days! If our bodies where that bad with regard to mineral maintenance we as a species would have died off many thousands of years ago. In fact even when you water fast your body does a good job holding onto sodium, magnesium and calcium with phosphorous being the problem child we just can not hold onto well when water fasting. If you are having this much problem when you stop for a 2 days or more you might need to up your does of not only Boron but also magnesium, K2 and vitamin D3. Borax/Boron works synergistic with these. You might also want to look at your faty acid profiles because lesions on articular cartilage are directly related to some fatty acid's but not other's. Remember once your bones are loaded with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, boron it is like money in bank or a swimming pool full of water a little daily leak is no big deal even if it goes on for weeks if the bank/pool is full. If it the bank account or pool is almost empty though even a tiny leak will have you in trouble fast.

As near as I can tell if you have osteoporosis it takes 75mg-150mg of Boron a day combined with 400mg-600mg of magnesium a day to reverse it. So you might consider these things and a bone mineral density test to see where your at. You do not need DEXA X-Ray study anymore a lot of doctors have in office bone mineral density testing that just has you insert your lower leg into a small device and it reads bone density! Bottom line is that after weeks or months of Boron supplementing you should be able to easily go 2 days with out it and not be in pain. The studies using low doses like 3mg-10mg a day are all over the place with either no statistically significant results or hit and miss results.

The people that have been preaching about Borax for 20+ years usually talk about 50mg-150mg daily doses. Some even advocate 5 days on 2 days off to guarantee that you never over do it since Boron is water soluble and is flushed regularly from your body. Also keep in mind placebo effect works both ways if you think something is a cure or will help with pain often id does even if it is just a sugar pill or salt pill but if you think you can not go with out something guess what placebo works that way too and any interruption of the "cure" and you spiral out of control. Most nutrients are not a daily thing unlike rodents humans do not balance the metabolic books every day.

Sincerely, John

Posted by Nick (South Africa) on 10/26/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for twelve years and found this wonderful site a few weeks ago. I started taking a quarter teaspoon of borax in a liter of water sipped throughout the day and within a week my arthritis pain was gone. It was miraculous. I felt great. Then I got flu like symptoms and then I got really sick with flu. I stopped the borax and went to the doc who gave me a antibiotic. Once I was over the flu the arthritis returned so I stared taking the borax again at the same dose.

This time however it seemed to have no effect on the arthritis. It has been six weeks and I still have a lot of pain especially in my hands. I do feel some benefits like the fatigue is not so bad. Can someone help as to why borax would work so well the first time and then have very little effect. Feeling hopeful.

Replied by Janet

Nick Antibiotic use can throw off your whole system. Digestion can experience problems. You then do not absorb nutrients from your food, boom you're unwell.

Here is Ted's chapter regarding RA:

Tony Pantellarescos RA formula, it is simple and amazing for pain.

Borax is always first in our house. There are further remedies to add to be even more effective.


Replied by Pam

Could be there is still some antibiotic in your bloodstream, blocking the boron? This is only a guess.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

When I first started my borax foot soaks I had amazing results with lots of discomfort and my friend tried it and got flu like symptoms from detox. She did too much too soon. I told her use oscillococcinum for flu symptoms and she got relief.

Replied by Ailora

You were experiencing the Herxheimer response. It sounds exactly like the 'flu like symptoms' you had. Herxheimer is when your body is healing and sloughing off toxins that have built up in your system over a long period of time. You must power through this and healing is on the other side. By stopping the borax and intervening with allopathic medicine, you most likely hindered your ability to recover. I wonder if it'll still happen for you but only take a lot longer now...

Replied by Kenneth

This is exactly what I thought when I read the initial post.

Replied by Barbara

It could very well be your microbiome that has been damaged by the antibiotics. The most assured and quickest way to restore your microbiome is through FMT from a thoroughly tested donor. However, a great diversity of food, yogurts, fermented foods, etc can restore your microbiome over time.

Posted by Barrie (ex-zim) (Brisbane, Australia) on 08/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using Borax (from Turkey) as a supplement for a few years as there are numerous reports and personal feed backs of the benifits of Borax/boron in Nexus Magazine (a New Zealand publication), particularly in the treatment of arthritis. I have seen amazing results from those I have suggested try Borax rather than surgery or chemical drugs - fingers regain unpainful complete movement, fingers actually straightened up. We need 5mg a day but because of fertilisers in food production our soils are de-mineralised and we are now only getting about 1mg a day, hence all the arthritis surferers today. I have absolutely no pain at 68 years old. Borax is good in many areas of health. Turkey and California produce the highest grade (as I have read) and have be consistently voted the highest environmentally safe mines in the world.

EC: The Nexus article can be read here.

Replied by Ben

Am experiencing extreme fatigue, wondering if using borax for arthritis pain would aid fatigue or cause more??

Replied by Ellie

Hard to know if borax would make your fatigue worse or better. Some find it helps with fatigue. Others find that, at first, it can make one feel worse. A normal dose of borax for women (1/8 t.) makes me feel awful for 24 hours. I think I am just detoxing.

You could try starting with small amounts if you want. Like just a pinch in your coffee in the morning. And increase slowly if you like.

Replied by Dr Mike
(San Diego)

I am loving everything I read here. Thank you very much for this great site. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Brian S. (Coombabah Qld) on 08/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have arthritis in my fingers and knees. Last December I was told about Borax.

I mix 1 1/2 teaspoons in 600 mils of water, then take 1/3 of a small glass each morning; now virtually no pain.

Last Easter I was away for 5 days, but did not take my Borax.

After 2 days the pain started to return.

Posted by Kate (Co) on 07/07/2017
4 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I can relate. I need borax b/c my knee exploded in to 7 pieces 2 + years ago. I was diagnosed with crps following surgery. It's too long a story but arthritis was going to put me in a wheelchair and then I found borax. Almost immediate knee pain relief, but after several weeks of the recommended dosage, I started getting very sick from borax. I wish I knew why, what exactly is happening, but no one seems to know. I just keep diluting the I'm at approx 0.1mg at bedtime. This makes me mildly ill. We shall see if this even continues to help.

Replied by Timh
2072 posts

Seems like the Borax is reacting to another substance likely heavy metals. Do a hm detox, paracleanse, and colon cleanse to free your natural detox & elimination. Ionic Foot Spas & Detox Foot Pads are very effective.

I frequently use Borax & Epsom Salts foot & whole body baths. Also I tried a supplement of 4mg Boron with very good results for my bones, confirming my suspicion that little-to-none Borax was converting to Boron.

I also use Magnets & Zapping to kill infections and reduce inflammation. Solonpas are also effective.

Replied by Louisa

You may have mercury or (silver ) tooth fillings and that might be interfering . I couldn't get well till I had my silver filling taken out. Good luck

Replied by Roxie
(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Are you taking magnesium too? You might need that with the borax intake. Research it?

Replied by Susan
(Cedar Rapids IA)

I've read that you can neutralize stomach pain received from taking borax by taking charcoal tablets. Might be worth a try--

Posted by Rima (Sd) on 06/27/2017
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The solution is causing me dizziness few minutes after I take it. I end up napping a bit, and then I am fine. So far this is all I noticed. I am waiting it would help me with arthritic joints (cracking mostly). Anyone experience dizziness, too?

Replied by Nepp

Yes, but went away after a few days.

Posted by Jua (Madrid) on 02/02/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Ted,

I want to thank greatly you share all their knowledge and good work with us. This page has been and is of great help for me.

I have approximately 3 months taking borax, solution 1/8 teaspoon in water (a little less volume) mixed with the juice of half a lemon and sea salt (1/8 also). I have several issues that I wanted to try: rosacea and rheumatoid arthritis, all a result of perimenopause, with hormonal imbalances also.

I take this solution 5 days a week. I want to keep taking it because it helps me a lot (already do not hurt me the bones of the hand and is being corrected me enough inflammation of the index finger), but the problem is that it makes me very sleepy. What should I do? Am I doing something wrong? Sorry for my English and many thanks again.

Greetings and best wishes.

P.S. I take tablets of vitamin E, D3+K2, magnesium, and vitamin B2. I guess it is important

Thanks a lots

Replied by Hisjewel
(America, New York)

Hi Jua,

Please let me butt in. I'm always watchful of things that make me sleepy, because my assignment calls for me to be alert. if you take a look in the EC insomnia section, which makes suggestions of what you can take to help you to sleep, you will find Borax, Sea Salt and Lemon listed there. And yes I find that Borax gives me a good nights sleep, but Sea Salt even more so. So if I have in All Night Prayer or Shut in coming up, these are listed with the early supplements I stop taking.


Posted by Sue (Vermont) on 09/14/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the info on Herxheimer. It can take weeks to get through??? I'm on day 10 of Herxheimer, mostly feeling fatigue, and on week 6 of the borax treatment. The arthritis, which is all over my body from head to toe, has improved some. Am I just being impatient? Can't wait for a cure!

Posted by Patricia (Downsville) on 07/04/2016 42 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I somehow got to the information on this site about borax and was fascinated by the testimonials. I was wondering why the people stopped posting to it. It has been a over a year. Do you think it's because it really doesn't work to cure arthritis as Walter Last says it does?

I have been taking it since June 20 and I am still alive. Amazing. I am taking Mr. Last's recommendation 1 level tsp in a liter of water as my base solution. I started with 1 tsp of this solution 3 times a day for me and 1/4 tsp for my under 10 pound cat. Was it Rex Newman who took 30 milligrams of borax twice a day because he figured out that 30 grams was toxic. This gave him 6 mgs of boron per day which eventually cured his arthritis. I hope I have this info correct.

I must say I was fearful to take something that says not to take it internally. I was still alive (not sick) after a week so I decided to take two three times a day. Now I am up to three three times a day and guess what I am still alive and so is my cat.

My neck was unable to turn very far right or left because it was stiff. The amount of turn has increased enough to say that something is happening.

I am trying to figure out how to ingest 30mgs of borax a day into my body so I can get 6 mgs of boron a day. Does anyone know how to compute it?

EC: Dear Patricia,

We get borax feedback regularly on EC. Please make sure to read our borax page for the most recent reviews.

Replied by Art
1673 posts


I use borax at a 1/4 teaspoon (approximately one gram) 4 to 5 days per week in a liter of water and it keeps my arthritis in remission. I tried the 1/8 teaspoon dose everyday and it was not as effective for me as the 1/4 teaspoon dose. The dose you are using will not work for me. I'm using the dose that Ted recommended for men. I think Ted said that a lesser dose would also be effective, but it would just take longer to see benefit, but I don't think that is 100% correct because a lesser dose does not work for me no matter how long I take it. I think Ted may have meant that as a generalization, in that case I would say he is correct because many people report benefit at dosing well below a gram per day for 4 to 5 days a week.

I have been taking borax for many years and it continues to work for me as long I take the right dose for me. Everyone is different.

Borax is approximately 11.3% boron so 30 mgs of borax should contain about 3.39 mg of boron. I used to take a high quality glucosamine multi-supplement that contained 3 mg of boron and it eventually was not helpful for me.

To measure 30 mg of borax you will need a decent electronic digital meter that can measure to .00 if you want accuracy. I just measured 30 mg of borax on my meter and that is a very small amount......roughly what I might apply to a dish of food if it were salt. The borax grains for 30 mg was not enough to cover the surface of a dime if spread out as thinly as possible on a dime.

Keep us posted on how you do!


Replied by Patricia
42 posts


Are you drinking a whole liter of water with the borax each day?


Replied by Art
1673 posts

Patricia (Downsville),

I am following Ted's recommendation for men of a 1/4 teaspoon Borax in a liter of water each day for five days of the week and weekends off. Ted recommended 1/8th teaspoon/day for women and smaller people. I have taken the 1/4 teaspoon in a half liter of water, but then you can taste the Borax. Not an obnoxious taste, but not one that I would look forward to. Sometimes I will add a little Gatorade or Powerade to give it a little flavor since I'm not a big fan of water.

My experience is that Ted was right, as I tried the 1/8th teaspoon per day and it was less effective than the 1/4 teaspoon per day.

Borax clears fairly rapidly from the body and I think that the weekend off is to help prevent any excessive Borax buildup and it is easy to remember when not to drink it that way.

That Ted is a smart cookie!


Replied by Patricia
42 posts


I still don't understand. Are you drinking a liter of water every day with 1/4 tsp of borax in it or are you taking 1/4 tsp of borax solution (1/4 tsp borax in 1 liter of water) per day.


EC: Art is drinking a liter of water every day with 1/4 teaspoon of borax in it. This is Ted's remedy. 5 days on, 2 days off.

Posted by D (C) on 04/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

The pain in my knees and hips was too painful to go up stairs too quickly.

After 1 week on borax: I went to the movies and the steps up were so hard and painful before borax-- this time I found my self running up the stairs with very little pain in the knees and no pain in the hips--wow--I thought its been years since I did that stair stepping with no pain wow--borax is a miracle for me.

Posted by Jacqui (Devon, Uk) on 03/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I got my Mule Team Borax from Ebay. It tastes a bit soapy, but I put into some Cherry cordial, and one teaspoon of the liquid concentrate really doesn't taste at all in that.

My fingers (RA) don't hurt at all today, and it's damp and cold here in the UK. Result!

Also, my kidney/bladder is not complaining at all today, either. (Healed UTI and suspected stone because of continuing trace blood in urine). Will test for blood at the end of the week.

Posted by Julieh12 (Scotland ) on 02/09/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Hello, I have been supplementing with borax for five days. I have followed Ted's guidelines on 1/8 of a teaspoon in litre of water and drink further bottled water throughout the day. I am also taking 200mg magnesium, vit b, vitd, vit c, evening primrose, and fish oil.

I have osteopenia brought on by early menopause, I'm currently post menopausal, I'm 45. I also have some arthritis in my fingers and toes. The arthritis is my main reason for supplementing as I'm a seamstress and will need to work well to my retirement. The first day I'm sure felt some relief but things seem to have slowed down. Although. Have no pain I still have bumps and stiffness.

I have also had some diarrhoea the past two days but this could be my ibs. I just wanted to ask everyone's experience with time scales and if the diarrhoea will pass. I'm still using fluoride toothpaste as non fluoride is so expensive, however I do have plenty of coconut oil and bicarb. Any advice please. Thank you.

Replied by Art
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Borax works very well for me, but it takes time to achieve the full benefit (months).

As far as I can tell, Dr. Rex Newnham populararized the use of borax decades ago to treat different types of arthritis and one of the things he found out through his experiments is that it can take 3 to 4 months to get the maximum benefit from borax for arthritis, especially if you are older and/or have had arthritis for quite awhile or it is severe.

Dr. Newnham also used boron effectively at far lower doses than Ted suggested as beneficial. If I remember correctly, Ted said that the lower doses would work also, but it would just take longer to get the maximum benefit. I used Ted's dosing to good effect.

Magnesium can contribute to diarrhea, so if that is a new addition to your supplements, you could dial it back a little until your body adjusts to it.


Replied by Julieh12

Thank you, Art. So all good then. I look forward to the improvement. I was on omeprazole for a very long time and through research found out it can cause osteoporosis. I am hoping the borax will reverse my osteopenia so I don't develop osteoporosis.

Replied by Art
1673 posts


Here is an interesting abstract about the value of boron, a major component of borax, in human health.


Nothing Boring About Boron.

Pizzorno L1.

Author information

1is a senior medical editor at Integrative Medicine Advisors, LLC, in Seattle, Washington.


The trace mineral boron is a micronutrient with diverse and vitally important roles in metabolism that render it necessary for plant, animal, and human health, and as recent research suggests, possibly for the evolution of life on Earth. As the current article shows, boron has been proven to be an important trace mineral because it (1) is essential for the growth and maintenance of bone; (2) greatly improves wound healing; (3) beneficially impacts the body's use of estrogen, testosterone, and vitamin D; (4) boosts magnesium absorption; (5) reduces levels of inflammatory biomarkers, such as high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) and tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α); (6) raises levels of antioxidant enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, and glutathione peroxidase; (7) protects against pesticide-induced oxidative stress and heavy-metal toxicity; (8) improves the brains electrical activity, cognitive performance, and short-term memory for elders; (9) influences the formation and activity of key biomolecules, such as S-adenosyl methionine (SAM-e) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD(+)); (10) has demonstrated preventive and therapeutic effects in a number of cancers, such as prostate, cervical, and lung cancers, and multiple and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; and (11) may help ameliorate the adverse effects of traditional chemotherapeutic agents. In none of the numerous studies conducted to date, however, do boron's beneficial effects appear at intakes > 3 mg/d. No estimated average requirements (EARs) or dietary reference intakes (DRIs) have been set forboron-only an upper intake level (UL) of 20 mg/d for individuals aged ≥ 18 y. The absence of studies showing harm in conjunction with the substantial number of articles showing benefits support the consideration of boron supplementation of 3 mg/d for any individual who is consuming a diet lacking in fruits and vegetables or who is at risk for or has osteopenia; osteoporosis; osteoarthritis (OA); or breast, prostate, or lung cancer.

Replied by Timh
2072 posts

Thanks Art, more good info on Boron.

From a lay perspective, I would venture to guess that of all the benefits listed for Boron is not simply something magical about the mineral except that it is an alkalizer. Many of the conditions listed are in conjunction with acidosis, although Boron has it's specific healing qualities.

A very warm Epsom Salts & Borax bath once a month would sure to right the ship for many folks.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

It seems to me that BORIC ACID should NOT be used like BORON or BORAX. It has it's uses, but, as far as I know, boric acid is only used externally.

Replied by Art
1673 posts

You're welcome, Timh!

Here is a link to some very good info on boron that explains some of how it works and what it can do to improve our health.


Replied by Greta
5 out of 5 stars

I am not sure you are completely right about the timeline for seeing results in arthritis using borax. I started on my 4 day cycle of 1/4 teaspoon in a liter of spring water each day and got immediate relief. I finished my 4 days and did it again after nothing for 4 days. I finished second round and I feel I didn't need it. My large swollen knuckles were pain free in the first round. It did take a few months for the swelling to go down. I have friends that see the results as quickly as I did. When your body gets what it needs it doesn't wait to repair itself. Occasionally it seems to start again and only a day or two of the borax in water seems to fix it.

Replied by Larry
(Mena, Arkansas)

The very first thing to do today and the rest of your life is to stop all ingestion of fluoride.

When your body has 2 parts per million fluoride, your white cell migration rate is "0" - (zero) - that means that your immune system is not active (not working)..

When you brush with fluoride toothpaste ===> you ingest 4 to 41/2 parts per million, your immune system has been compromised..


Replied by Jill

I was excited about your immediate relief from taking borax, so I have some questions about your arthritis. How long have you had it and which kind of arthritis is it? Is it in your knees? Is it in your feet or hands? Are you 65 or older? Are you over weight or do you have normal weight?

Replied by Art
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Dr. Rex Newnham who popularized the use of boron and borax for arthritis decades ago, said that his research had showed him that the longer you have had arthritis or the more severe it was, the longer it would likely take to get the maximum benefit from using borax/boron. I think he also mentioned that age may be a factor also. He said in the worst cases it could take 3 to 4 months of regular use to achieve the maximum benefit.

If you have joints that are already damaged, I suspect that there will be pain that remains even after the borax has done all that it can do for you. My arthritis was in the moderate to severe range.

It sounds like Greta from Kentucky may have had a milder arthritic condition as her response was very quick and she didin't mention other major joints like the hips, knees, feet, back, shoulder, elbows or neck. She just mentioned her hands so I can see how results may have been fairly quick.

I feel it is important to mention the longer time frame that Dr. Newnham refered to because some people have severe forms of arthritis and if they are expecting results in 4 days to 2 weeks, they may be disappointed and stop using it prematurely.

I doubt that it can work for everyone or that everyone will be able to tolerate it, but given the very good safety profile, I tried it and it worked for me and judging by the many positive reports on the web, I would say that it has worked for many people.


Replied by Marika

I heard if you take to much boron it will give you the runs so stop taking it for a couple of days should fix it. I had burning in my hips for a few days and started taking 1/4 tsp in 1 litre of water over 2 days and great relief getting better all the time

Replied by Tina

Your coconut oil and bicarb on its own is a great​ fluoride free toothpaste, also sodium bentonite clay, turmeric​, ground cloves, real salt, colloidal silver and essential oils for palatability

Posted by Naomi S. (Milwaukee, Wi) on 09/25/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I'm 51 and for 25+ years, I had ankylosing spondylitis, psoratic arthritis and osteoarthritis, with various related/resulting conditions like hay fever, depression, anxiety, addiction, eczema, tinnitus.

Three and a half months ago, after eliminating all pharmaceuticals, I started daily with 4 teaspoons of borax solution (solution is one teaspoon of borax mixed with a liter of water) and 500 mg's of magnesium (1000 mg's for the first ten days); and since I thought I also might have Pyroluria, I included zinc, B6, D3 and Omega 6 supplements. All my conditions are 90% better.

The healing reactions were tiring at times, especially in the third month when most severe. After three months, I reduced the borax to a maintenance dose of two teaspoons daily. Any persistent minor healing reactions are declining and no longer problematic.

Posted by Starswalker (Los Angeles) on 08/16/2013
0 out of 5 stars

I wonder if Ted would be able to jump into this conversation, and give us (even) a little bit more on Borax. I confess I am feeling a tiny scared today about using it, but I believe it must be good, and I want to continue. Let me tell the story: I found Earth Clinic a while back, and got addictid to it. I started using some of the treatments and protocols prescribed here, and I am happy, even though I don't have any reason for fireworks. ACV+baking soda and molasses became integral part of my life. For me it is the general sense of well being that counts, and I am feeling good. About a month ago I started feeling a increasing pain in my left arm, which came from nowhere. I went to the doctor, and an xray was taken, and the doctor said I have a mild arthrits in my shoulder junction (it hurts a lot, and I don't take medications). Instead of going to another doctor, I came straight to EC, where I spend a couple of days reading everything possible about the use of Borax, and finally yesterday I started. I put 1/8 of 20 Mule Team borax in one liter of water, and sipped it throught the day, without any complication. Today on the other hand, things changed: I went to the bathroom again and again, until I felt empty. I felt a general weakness in my body and my heart seems to be working harder, there is a heavy sensation on my left side (heart?) and in my chest. As I said, I want to continue taking it, and resolve this pain the way God and nature intended me to, but this sensation in my heart and the weakness is making me a little bit weary. Please, give what you have, as much as it is possible. I will stop it until I get an answer. Thank you so much, this is a great place to be, and I appreciate all the people hanging around and exchanging information and support. You find love in the most unexpected places!!!!!

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

Nobody has done a post in removing the FEAR out of taking borax. This is what is creating so many questions on borax. This also needs to be put in the Question and Answer posts on borax.

Fear is created by the "Not for internal use" warning on the box and from some of the posters who haven't looked into it enough.

It took me a while to understand borax more clearly. Many posts gave impression it is dangerous to use. This is not true.

First, salt is as toxic or more toxic than borax. How many people go into mortal fear for their life when they sprinkle salt on their food. Not many. (as an aside, salt has no connection to heart disease).

Ted has the 5 days on and 2 days off protocol but the 2 days off is really OPTIONAL. You make the decision. Since no medical tests are being done to determine your levels of boron etc, this is just Ted being cautious. I can perfectly understand this when giving advice to other people. This is why you want to be familiar with boron overdose just to be aware of the warning signs.

Some people do experience herxheimer or other reactions. This is the reason for going slow. It isn't because your going to die from it. This going slow approach is OPTIONAL. If you do have reactions, just use common sense and pull back.

Some people take medications and other things. That could be a factor on how much you take.

Females dose is 1/8 tsp. Male dose is 1/4. I think it really comes down to your body weight. Heavier and larger people should probably take higher amount.

It is not some deadly substance unless consumed in some very extraordinary high amounts. You have to eyeball your own particular health situation.

I am 6'2" and 255 lbs (btw, I am slim). When I started taking it, I took 3/8 tsp divided up in 3 doses. I took this amount because my body weight is higher and I wanted an initial load period. I am not having herxheimer reactions etc. I will bring the amount down the longer I take it. I will eventually add days off. Down the road as the boron builds up, I will keep decreasing it. I don't have any objective measurement that tells me when enough is enough. I will keep on guard for overdose symptoms. We have to use common sense when taking anything. Ted's philosophy is taking as little as possible. I generally do that with any supplement over the long run.

I also don't use the liter of water. Nobody has explained the rationale for that. Experience tells me it is to mask the soapy taste. The soapy taste is no big deal for me. I use anywhere from 1/2 to 1 cup of water. No need for that litre crap. The only other reason for that amount of water is it could help wash a little more toxin out of one's system but if you're getting enough water (the color of your urine will tell you if your getting ewnough water), why bother.

I also don't drink the water throughout the day. That is a terrible inconvenience for me. I just spread the dose. At some point I will adjust that. If one is having herxheimer or other reactions then maybe that has some validity but it is not necessary to do it that way unless your having problems with it.

Do not be in mortal fear or terrified state of using borax. One poster took 1 tsp a day for 10 days and had no problems. You need to overcome the psychological mortal fear of taking borax.

Bottomline: The general protocol gives you a framework for how to take borax. Just understand the rational behind it. You need to adapt that protocol for your own situation. Don't be afraid to do things differently.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2072 posts

I second Prioris but also recommend caution as some people experience side effects most likely from detox and herx reaction in which case "start low and go slow".

Personally I have been using Borax recently in a hot bath for the treatment of fungal infection with modest results. I also add a generous amount of other major and trace minerals to the bath for general health reasons. 1/4 -1/2 cup Borax and no bad side effects to report.

Replied by Timh
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@Starswalker: The symptoms you report are classic detox and die-off reactions. The Borax is removing the Fluorides and other heavy metals as well as killing pathogens. All this stuff courses through the circulatory system (which puts stress on the heart). To support the heart supplement Magnesium, CoQ10, and Carnitine. To help the liver detox the bad stuff being mobilized by the Borax, supplement 1grm NAC before a meal and take 3mg Melatonin before retiring. These two nutrients will dramatically increase you antioxidant levels which should reduce the shock your body is experiencing.

Replied by Helen In Houston
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I tried boron for a minor arthritis in some fingers. The first evening there was a tiny bit of stinging at the tip of one finger. The next evening the tips of several fingers on one hand stung. The third evening the tips of all fingers on one hand were stinging enough to keep me awake. It's a couple months ago I don't remember if the tips of the other hand were starting to sting or not, I think so but am not sure.

Nowhere near a joint of fingernail - the fleshy fingertips were stinging badly. I was really scared. Stopped the boron, then the stinging died away over about 4 days.

20 Mule team Borax, ingredients sodium tetraborate, 1/8t tsp (or somewhat less) in a quart of water over the day.

I searched for what stinging fingertips could be a symptom of but found nothing, no web site suggesting boron for arthritis suggests any such side effect, so I'm curious if anyone has any idea what might have been going on. I was using 2 tsp ACV + baking soda in a liter of water over the course of the day at the same time. ACV has never caused side effects for me.

The boron had no effect on the arthritis as far as I can tell but I used it only those few days.

Replied by Timh
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Helen: It would be nearly impossible to determine specifically what is causing the stinging, but generally it is surely a "detox reaction". We know that Borax has a neutralizing effect on several heavy metals and chemicals like fluoride. I would suggest backing up and doing any number of detox remedies found here on E.C, while continuing a small dose of Borax. A very good multivitamin/mineral supplement which contains whole foods, enzymes etc (the longer the profile the better) is the first step in detox. Cruciferous vegetable and their extracts like I3C, DIM, will greatly enhance your defenses while helping detox the body.

Replied by Prioris

Boron itself generally will not kill the arthritis infection. It needs borax to kill the infection. Data seems to indicate that boron can be preventative once the infection is gone.

You didn't specify how long you took the borax for. Your post seems to indicate only 3 days or maybe 3 months. At proper dose, the cure usually takes 3 weeks. Around what age are you and what other things are you taking.

This kind of gets neglected in borax posts but without enough magnesium in the body, it may cause the borax protocol to not work. Ted has even said that. Also borax does chelate some minerals out of the body also. So take some magnesium (magnesium glycinate is good choice) with it if you aren't taking any.

Given RA effects fingers, that would be a preferable place to have side effect because it would indicate to me that some type of herxheimer reaction is occurring and borax is attempting to fight infection.Maybe your lacking another nutrient or maybe some toxin is blocking it. Ut takes self detective work.

I think Timh posts had good ideas about detoxing body. It is good you reported the side effect here for other people. You really need to stay with it and try to figure it out by continue to experiment. Don't give up.

Replied by Ronald
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Does borax remove bromine from the body?

Replied by Marilyn

Hi, I have been reading these posts with interest as I have just started taking borax for my arthritis. I have gone off my anti inflammatory tabs and it is now 14 days into the borax. I am not noticing any difference with my arthritis except I can feel it more and am wondering if my dosage is high enough. I have been following the 1tsp in a litre of water, having 3 tsps of this a day. Any advice would be appreciated.

Replied by Marilyn
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Following on from my comment. Just wanted to say that have found out I have psoriasis arthritis (even tho never had psoriasis) and have now started to see some results with the borax. A bony growth that had started on a knuckle has almost disappeared and the feeling that I had had in my fingers of the arthritis growing has diminished. Is anyone else out there with psoriasis arthritis in hands trying this with any results? The aches in my knee's which I have had since childhood have also disappeared. I will continue on with the borax.

Replied by Bev
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Magnesium oil -- applied externally --helps with pain, arthritic or otherwise. It also does other good things.

Replied by Mycoplasma
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People who take Borax:

Na2[B4O5(OH)4]ï ¿ ½8H2O

or other treatments like ClO2, Mefloquine, Neemleaf extract, and all other chemical substances that have affect on Mycoplasma will cause huge eruptions into the blood stream. As a consequence, people will get severe diarrhea. Dosing should be started with low amounts, especially on heavily affected people, who may otherwise end up in hospital in the lucky case.

One problem that occurs on this site is the fact, that dosages are improperly discussed. Fractions of teaspoons are improper ways to measure. I tested this and just on Borax 1/8th of a teaspoon can vary between 300 mg to 800 mg. I really would suggest to get a proper balance that can handle milligrams and start talking about dosages in body dosages in milligrams (but please put in your weight in kg as well) and the time intervals it is taken, so that a daily dose would come clear as well.

If the webmaster would support it, we could start taking information on a scientific level instead of staying in the semi-knowledge.

I am studying this mycoplasma since over two years and could benefit from better statistics, if the forum would be willing to support proper statistic data on their experience. I am quite startled how wide spread the problem is affecting nearly everyone.

Replied by Earthdrinker
(Berkeley, Ca)

Mycoplasma are being widely distributed in chemtrails, aka geoengineering, sprayed on most population centers in the US and Europe (less so in the Southern Hemisphere). for a sense of scope, watch the documentary "what in the world are they spraying." borax is well known for treating mycoplasma.

Replied by Grant
(Sydney, AU)

Mycoplasma, have you found the best treatment for it? What you think of Teds treatment?

Replied by Wanda
(Missouri, US)

My question concerning the measurement is this..when saying 1/8 or 1/4 tsp..are they referring to measuring tsps or regular tsp? I am using a measuring tsp..that specifically says 1/8 tsp. I could see a discrepancy of the amount of ml if a regular tsp is being used.

Replied by Dee
(San Antonio, Texas)

They mean measuring spoons, like for following regular recipes. (At least I hope so, since that is how I measure! )

Replied by Edson Araujo De Freitas

A dosagem que eu uso minha esposa minha filha usa 6 gramas de borax em cem ml de agua, 12 gotas 2 x ao dia, esta certo?

EC: Google translate:

The dosage I use my wife my daughter uses 6 grams of borax in one hundred ml of water, 12 drops 2x daily, this right?

Replied by Brian
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To the forum, of the forum, Advice please?

Have been on borax now for around 1 month. Started with the anti fungal dosing protocol, massive eruptions of very hot painful diarrhea and when that stopped moved up to a quarter tspn 3 times a day. Excellent results first 2 - 3 weeks, massive weight loss and tons of energy. About 2 weeks ago began to feel washed out and ill, so stopped for 2 days and started again on 1/4 tspn 2 a day. Fine for a few days then depression hit. Lot of muccus out of nose and chest and chest very painful. Headaches, very sore eyeballs and weeping tears. Could be a bad cold but dont think so. Have not been able to work, feel too sick. Couldn't find anything within the forum like me other than mycoplasma infection posted by Replied by Mycoplasma
Geneva, Switzerland

Am I taking too much? Is it a healing sickness? Any imput welcome. b

Replied by Timh
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B: Like many illnesses, there usually is no simple one shot solution. Borax has obviously helped your condition but other therapies are needed. Always try and identify EXACTLY the problem and apply an exact treatment protocol.

In your situation, you would prosper by doing any number of detox and cleanses listed in the Remedies section at top page. There are a good number of effective remedies that if used properly will get you back to health, but you must take time and dedicate yourself to getting well again.

Come back here and post questions and results.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Brian...1/4 tspn borax with water 2 or 3 times a day is way too high a dose and not what is recommended on this site.

Ted's Borax remedy is 1/4 tspn in a liter of water per day. Drink this liter of water slowly throughout the whole day. Do not drink it all down in one go.

Some more information for you on borax on my google doc here and on Earth Clinic here.

Replied by Dawna

For those of you living in Europe and have joint pain - I have a suggestion.... Novartis sells Voltaflex, it's a pure glucosamine, it works. My husband's knees were so bad he needed surgery, one week on voltaflex and he is fine, I also had bad knees, not like his, but I started taking it.... We've been taking it for 7 years now. We've told many people about it and it has worked for all of them.

I've tried several glucosamine brands in the USA without any relief at all. I buy Voltaflex at the Zurich train station pharmacy, it's over the counter, costs about 12. dollars per month.

Replied by Russell
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I about to start taking borax, and, I noticed that everyone is talking about mixing it in water. I'm wondering if it works in anything other than water? I drink 3 or 4 cups of tea a day and was wondering if mixing it into my tea would still be effective? Thanks.

Replied by Baldev
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Hi Ressell,

What is important is that you should not take it empty stomach, yet how you take it whether with water, juice or tea, in my opinion makes no difference. My advice would be to avoid sugar in the tea. Good Luck


Replied by Goldenbee
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@ Mycoplasma (who posted on 10/04/14): This mycoplasm study is very important. I would like to learn more, as I am studying and recovering from Lyme, with co-infections. Please let me know what kind of support you need. Thanks!

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G'day Russel from Oz,

I have been using Turkish Borax in my diet and home for a couple of years with arthritis and osteoarthritis and am very pleased with the results, severe pain has subsided to occasional negligible and generally bearable.

Your question regarded mixing it with water ... I began with a 1/4 teaspoon orally, twice a day washed down with lemon water and as I began to go through the healing process, I gradually weaned myself to, currently, using it as you would use salt.

That is to say, anything that I cook with salt, I add as much Borax as salt. When I bake my bread, I add as much Borax as salt. I brush my teeth with virgin coconut oil, Borax and hydrogen peroxide.

I live in the northern tropical zone of Oz and to keep the ants, cockroaches etcetera at bay I use honey, Borax and some warm water to blend them .

Russell, you are only limited by your own imagination, do your research and be thorough.

(Australia, Victoria)
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Hi all, Borax rocks....of the laundry shelf, in the supermarket. I sprinkle it on like table salt, on my breakfast, and a little sugar ( its breakfast you know )...its through you by seven hours, but for me once a day is enough. Its fantastic, it like lubricates my joints, eliminates pain, and sparks me up.

Me - 61yrs, Rhm/A, Ost/A, require a knee opp, but planning not to for go it, so little pain, am thinking I may reduce all the medications, soon, been taking it over a year and a half, into my second jar of Borax.

Some of you are a little pedantic on consumption. Over use will cause nausea and diarrhea, just like to much table salt. So try and see what works for you. The rest of my diet stayed the same. No harm in trying this ...Borax.

Better health to you all. Pip

Replied by Steve

You needed to drink more water to flush. It would have also been a good idea to walk a few miles to stimulate the circulation, thereby mobilizing the detoxification systems. The stinging was the boron reacting with the precipitates at the fingertip regions. Absent adequate water to flush and exercise to circulate, you have a small smoldering fire going on at the end of each fingertip.

Replied by Sandra
(Pikeville, Tn)

Do you use mule team borax or do you buy it at the drug store?

Replied by Velma

I think most people use the mule team borax.

Replied by Daniel
(California, Usa)

BRIAN; I read your comments and clearly your symptoms are detox pains-- as you continue taking borax the borax is flushing out the toxins and your symptoms are detox pains. Just stop using the borax for a few days let your body flush out the toxins and when the detox pain subsides then resume the borax--and---just cut your borax consumption in half. Just let the borax do its healing slowly and let your body flush out the it slowly so you have less detox pain just give yourself plenty of time--- set a 6 month plan in motion and be sure to just cut the dosage in half --if the detox pain returns--- that's just the toxin flush out---and it will get easier as most toxins get flushed out.

Replied by Nicole

Vitamin E can help reduce the stress on the heart.

Replied by Brien

I am reading with great interest the caution of OD on Boron from Big Pharma. I am well acquainted Natures Sunshine herbs in capsules, which in 1982 I fed to my 3 little kids from the 250 different applications in Herbally Yours. They are now 38; 40 and 42, and never saw a doctor or dentist growing up. My partner now was coughing so bad getting rid of mucous I suggested we get Comfrey root powder that is Illegal to take, and which we got from a herb company that supplies horses. Gabrielle like me is 79, and we mixed a heaped teaspoon in an inch of cold water with a barmix and topped it up with warm water.....she did this 5 to 7 times daily. We have a 12 year relationship during which she has coughed on and off, but I was seriously concerned for the possibility of her injuring her lungs with what developed. That was 6 months ago. With the results I went to "Truth about Comfrey" on Google and read about Dr Christopher's research that goes back to Heroditus 500 BC and Gaylen 250 BC all the way through to Queen Victoria. Comfrey Root internally has healed all conditions of the lungs and other organs including bleeding internally. We are now having it on and off with our daily Bone Broth, and have both started skipping to build up to 7 minutes daily. The sad Old World of 'yesteryear' is now more and more being shown in Governments and Religions as Full of Lies, with the only hope for all of us in the Bible which fully condemns both, with the simple way out spelt out by God's Son in the Lord's Prayer....."Let YOUR Kingdom come and YOUR will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven" as in Revelation 21:1-4 and Ephesians 1:9,10 etc.

Replied by Michaelm

Borax dosages:

I am just getting started with borax and I am working on coming up with the best dosage for myself. I have noticed there seems to be two different dosage recommendations that people are working with:

Ted's recommendation:

1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of Borax powder dissolved in a certain amount of water, usually one liter, and drink that entire amount of water in divided doses or sipped throughout the day.

In this scenario, you have ingested between 1/8 and 1/4 teaspoon of Borax powder per day.

So far it appears to me from looking at other people's posts, and not doing my own calculations from my own measurements, that 1/8 of a teaspoon of Borax has approximately 75 mg of boron and 1/4 teaspoon of Borax has approximately 150 mg of boron.


1tsp/L borax water:

1 teaspoon of Borax powder dissolved in 1 L of water and then take 1 teaspoon of Borax water or more each day.

1 teaspoon of Borax powder contains approximately 600 mg of boron. Since there are 203 teaspoons in 1 L, this would mean that 1 teaspoon of this borax Water would contain 1/203 teaspoon of Borax powder and approximately 3 mg of boron.

In comparison, taking 1/8 teaspoon of borax powder per day is a:

25 times larger dose than taking 1 teaspoon of the 1 teaspoon per liter borax water,

12.5 times larger dose than taking 2 teaspoons of the 1 teaspoon per liter borax water,

6.25 times larger dose than taking 3 teaspoons of the 1 teaspoon per liter borax water.

The above three numbers would be doubled if the comparison is with 1/4 teaspoon of Borax powder per day.

I just recently learned that one medical doctor out there that is a big fan of iodine, also recommends patients with osteoporosis to take 150 mg of boron per day for a year before they taper off to a lower maintenance dose. Which of course would be equivalent to taking 1/4 teaspoon of Borax powder per day.

Replied by Art
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When I put a 1/4 teaspoon (level flat) of borax on a digital scale it measures out at a gram on average and I suspect the variation is due to moisture content and a variation in the size of the particles. Borax is stated to contain 11.3% boron so 1 gram or 1/4 teaspoon of borax should contain about 113 mg of boron and an 1/8th teaspoon about 56 mg of boron.

One thing to keep in mind about borax is that not everyone can tolerate it and it is not effective for everyone as far as arthritis is concerned, but for those who can tolerate it, it can have many health benefits beyond arthritis. For this reason, it may be safer to start at lower dosing and work your way up in order to try to avoid any potential adverse events while trying to obtain the potential health benefits of borax.


Posted by Wayfinder (Modesto, Ca/ Usa) on 10/22/2012

Hey look! My first link ever! This is so amazing, I wanted to copy every paragraph. Another substance as marvelous as ascorbic acid. Hope this works! --T.

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WOW! This is awesome!!

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