Natural Cures for Chronic Pain Syndrome

Wild Oregano Oil
Posted by Mary (West Columbia, SC) on 12/11/2007

Pain and inflammation, due to arthritis, bursitis, overworked muscles or plantar fasciitis respond beautifully to oil of wild oregano, applied topically. I highly recommend it, both as a user and as a registered nurse. I have suffered for five years with severe pain in my feet, both knees and right hip. I have done cortisone shots, anti-inflammatory drugs, orthotics, and endless pain meds. I take ACV, which does improve mobility overall. For true pain relief, however, the oil of wild oregano is the only way to go! It can be mixed - 6-10 drops to one tablespoon of olive oil and rubbed into the affected area as many times a day as you wish. On the soles of my feet, I use it full strength as the skin in that part of the body is much thicker. I noticed a decrease of pain and improved mobility after the initial application. Within 3 days, I was virtually pain free! Oil of wild oregano has many of the same properties as morphine and works almost instantly. It is available at some health food stores and on the web. Be sure you purchase pure oil of wild oregano. It is worthwhile to try this for any chronic pain. Good luck!