pH-Balanced for Life!

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pH-Balanced for Life! The Easiest Way to Alkalize

by Parhatsathid Napatalung and Bill Thompson

You know you're not your optimal self. Though you may feel reasonably healthy, something is not quite right. No wonder. Toxic modern life is turning your body into an acidic mess, out of sync with the natural balance required for optimal health. We can't escape all life's toxifying influences, but we can fight them with the tools provided in…

pH Balanced for Life!

Counteract life's overwhelmingly acidic effects simply and effectively with inexpensive, natural, and off-the-shelf medical supplements that can be incorporated into your daily life as easily as pouring yourself a glass of water.

  • Discover what Alkalizing really is!
  • Become the #1 expert on the state of your own health.
  • Find out just how much the human diet has changed in these last decades--and not for the better!
  • Learn about Ted's overall Health Defense Diet.
  • Uncover the easiest ways to Alkalize.
  • Choose a form of alkalizing best suited to your health needs!

"pH Balanced for Life!" is a straightforward but comprehensive account of how to completely turn your health around. Written by the man who has spent the last three decades formulating these acclaimed remedies and assisted by the colleague who brought himself back from the brink by applying them to his own life and health.

Too easy and too powerful to be missed!

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pH Balanced for Life! Book