Natural Cures for Chronic Pain Syndrome

Rock Salt Treatment
Posted by Naeriyah Jo An (Atlanta, USA) on 01/11/2008

re: Chronic tercaria/ water retention/ pain in achilles tendons, knees, legs when i walk and stand, arms, midwaist when lye down too long

I came across your sight searching the web on acv & lemon juice remedies. I took the time and read through your sight seeking my issues hoping to find a remedy I could try or experiment on my issues with. I have been dealing with these issues for over 20 years and I have seeked Medical attention but am not a pill taker. Besides the pills dont work. I figure maybe i am low on minerals, enzymes or something. I take vitamin supplements. I need some suggestions on how I can get my life back I am very active but have been shorten by pain and stiffness. Afraid to walk without a cane for fear of falling my knees feel unstable to hold my body weight and i feel it is largely due to the h20 retention when its too cold my legs feel like frozen ice. I have a mass in my deltoids on one arm and the doctors says it nothing to be concerned about. It gets painful and sometimes presents diffulculty in using my arm i have noticed if i have ice therapy used in a massage technique it begins to break whatever it is up. I know what to do on some things the problem is somethings I cannot do myself.

Does anyone know about RockSalt bath for dropsy treatment = a treatment for fluid retention where you cover your body in a bath with rocksalt or seasalt and wrap yourself in a sheet i seen this proceedure somewhere but now cannot find it.It is suppose to pull all the extra fluid out of your tissues through your skin.

I do know of two remedies that work if you've been biten by a spider or insect and its caused swelling and redness and pain mix some tumeric and olive oil into a paste and apply it on the infected area and it will draw out the venom and reduce the swelling and relieve the pain. This has to be done several times over 7 days. You leave it on and repeat it 2-3 times throughout 7 days and it will be an improvement.

Another remedy that works if your lower extrementies are having difficulty in asorbing oils lotions or resisting water when your bathing. soak your legs in a bath of acv and warm water for about 30 minutes immediately your legs will begin absorbing again. I have done both. with the legs my medical doctors told me that they were dying and a japanese massuse told me about the acv bath and to never use anything on my skin i cannot eat. I went back to the doctor and showed them my legs. They didnt knowwhat to say but told me to keep on doing what i am doing. I have not had that severity with asborption since. I have had to repeat the bathe again 7 years since i first tried it.

okay hopefully someone can help with the itching =chronic utercaria and the chronic pain and stiffness w/ h20 retention in the areas i mention. I will anticipate your response. thank you and May the Creator of All living substance Bless each and everyone of you and your endeavors. NJ