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Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar for Heart Disease?

I have chronic heart disease, is there any side effects from taking Apple Cider Vineger. more

Re: Suffering from Bad Breath

Dear Om, thank you so much for your reply. I have started doing oil pulling with sesame oil its been 4 days with little more

Re: Excessive Saliva

Hi Oscar, Yes, a dentist should be consulted but Saba did not say anything about tooth decay, just a nasty taste. No me more

Tea Tree Oil and DMSO for Plantar Warts

Another alternative that even works with planters warts is to use a combination of tea tree oil then DMSO to drive it in more

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar For Vaginal Itching

Just fyi, lower pH is acidic; higher is alkaline. The vagina is a naturally acidic environment (low pH), so that's w more

Re: Exhaustion Before and During Menstruation

To:Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa I have been thinking about your exhaustion before and during your period. I have a more

Re: Jojoba Oil for Dermatitis

I'd be careful with jojoba it may feel nice to moisturizer but unfortunately the high oleic acid content will only f more

Re: Lugol's Iodine for Fibrocystic Breasts

Hi, I read that women were taking the Lugols iodine for Cystic in breast.. I was diagnosed with Severe Fibro Cystic Brea more

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Pink Eye

Yes! it works! My lil bro had an eye infection, I don't know what kind, maybe pink eye? It was really swollen. So I more

Re: Vitiligo

In reply to Jenni from Wisconsin , According to the following study, it appears that vitamin D might be worth considerin more

Re: Excessive Saliva

@Saba: Sounds like you are recently eating some food or maybe beverage that is definitely not healthy, or you simply nee more

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Did Not Help Blocked Ears & Ear Noises

@Gertie: I occasionally have that "clicking" noise also but not the watery slushing sound. I think this is a condition o more

Re: Hepatitis B - Help Urgently Requested from Oscar

@Oscar: I am very sorry to hear of your persecutions and am glad you have the courage to voice them. I too lost my priv more

Re: Detoxing from Silicone Leaked from Implants

@Suzy: Here's 3 natural remedies for general detox. 1) Take the amino acid NAC 1grm daily to boost the body's primary a more

Re: Multiple Remedies for Morgellons

I have found that 1 tea alfalfa powder and 1 heaping tea of diatomaceous earth in 3 to 4 ounces of liquid of your choice more

Re: GERD, Dizziness, Fatigue

I have been diagnosed with Gerd and have silent reflux with acid going to throat and nose especially at night. I experie more

Re: Where to Buy Chanca Piedra in South Africa

Hi, please advise if you have a store in south arica. please provide the address if you have a store in gauteng. more

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide, Aloe Vera Mole Success

Is there any chance you can post a picture of the result? more

Re: 4 Years With Deep Vein Thrombosis

Hello EarthClinic, Please help me with my problem. I have got ankle injury 4 years back and just after 3 months, I have more

Re: Daughter is Allergic to 55 Foods

Look for a N.A.E.T practitioner and reduce or eliminate the foods that she reacts to. more

Re: Stock Up On Borax

I have seen a lot of posst on here about BORAX now being scented in many markets. I also read, where some guy that was p more

Re: Measurements of ACV and Baking Soda

Hi Can you let me know how old are your boys? I have a 3 year old girl who has persistent cough and constipation.I am th more

Re: Colloidal Silver Dose for Sinus Infection

Hello, I have a serious sore throat, my ears are plugged and a bit of a cough. I finally went to the doc today and they more

Re: Daughter is Allergic to 55 Foods

Hi Revnco...Your daughter seems to have severe food allergies which would tend to point to possible Candida and bacteria more

Re: Update on Using Castor Oil for Pterygium?

Hey, just wondering how are you doing after all this time with your pterygium, did it go away? Are you still using casto more

Re: Locating Apple Cider Vinegar in Melbourne

Wendy that natural/organic stuff store in Melbourne is Prahran Health Foods. more

Re: Excessive Saliva

Lately I've been waking up with a mouth full of bitter saliva. It doesn't matter if I sleep for 10 minutes or I& more

Re: Blocked Renal Artery and High BP

I have been reading up the website a lot and will appreciate a reply from Ted in Bangkok. My kidney arteries are 60% bl more

Re: Stock Up On Borax

Meant to say, "For long term storage, I think glass jars *out* of light, would be ideal. (In other words, in a cool dar more

Re: Dog With Heart Murmur

From my own experience, Hawthorn tincture is the best and it can be combined with coqu10 ubiquinol. Namaste, Om more

Re: Magnesium-Rich Drinking Water

Thanks, I knew about this possibility, but honestly, I do not want to buy another "machine" for my small kitch more

Re: Using Borax in Australia

I recently heard of the virtues of Borax and after much research purchased (Sydney, Australia based), Blants (brand name more

Re: Locating Castor Oil in India

India is the biggest producer of castor oil. You should be able to get this in India. Ayurvedic doctors use this in vari more

Re: Detoxing from Silicone Leaked from Implants

One of my neighbors has had health issues for the last year..... was told she had rheumatoid arthritis in her joints amo more

Re: Hard to Cure Genital Herpes

Believe me's not over! I was infected with genital herpes by my husband 31 yrs ago and I still have frequ more

Re: Dog With Heart Murmur

My 14 year old mixed breed dog (30lbs) is starting to show his age. He seems happy and relatively healthy but is quite s more

Re: Pain in Neck and Shoulder

I don't know what to do. My neck and shoulders are driving me nuts. It feel like something is in there irritating an more

Re: Urine Therapy for Lymphoedema

This is for Ted of Bangkok. Good evening. I am very much in favour of the efficacy of urine therapy and have used it on more

Re: VRM2 for Heartworm

Hey Deb! If you are using the capsules and need to split a capsule, you can buy empty gel caps at the drugstore; pour t more

Re: VRM2 for Heartworm

Hi, I can't get my dog to eat food with VRM2 on it. Any suggestions? more

Re: SSKI for Dupuytren's Contracture

How can I purchase SSKI on-line for Dupuytrens? Kind regards, M. Kuko more

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Did Not Help Blocked Ears & Ear Noises

Hi Gertie from Al ---- you may want to try this ayurvedic remedy: Turmeric dust with alum 1: 20. Make a slim funnel fro more

Re: Excessive Saliva

You need to see a dentist. An abscessed tooth is nothing to play around with and can lead to very serious infections. I more

Re: Stock Up On Borax

Another thought on storing does seem to absorb odours, thus the common concern that it has is more

Re: 4 Years With Deep Vein Thrombosis

Dear Sakthi, There are some stories on this page: of peopl more

Re: Genital Wart Remedies Helping

I am a female in the process of exterminating warts from my genitalia. I currently am using vinegar, aspirin, garlic, an more

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Did Not Help Blocked Ears & Ear Noises

Dear Gertie, Mullein leaf, in capsules or tea can help thin fluids so they can drain. If you do the tea, I would take more

Re: Hepatitis B - Help Urgently Requested from Oscar

Dear Emmanuel from Lagos, Nigeria, I can NOT buy BHT for you because of the mistrust between the USA and Nigeria. I know more

Re: Excessive Saliva

You could have an abscessed tooth. They aren't always painful, at first. There are some good posts here on EC that help more

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Fever

My mother used washclothes dipped in apple cider vinegar and applied to our foreheads for fever many times when we were more

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