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Re: Chemical Sensitivity

Thank you to those who commented. I looked up the Joni Eareckson Tada story as I have looked up many without limbs or in more

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Mole Removal

The ACV mole removal treatment really does work. I have started going bald so I decided to shave my head. When I did I o more

Re: Blackstrap Molasses and Sole Solution Interaction

Hi Mike, did you ever find an answer regarding taking the sole' and blackstrap molasses together? more

Re: Beautiful Skin Oil Cleanser

Hey there... I just wanted to mention a possibility. Most olive oil sold contains high amounts of soy oil. The olive oil more

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses for Fibroids

Hi adeline, am going through the same problem but I start using this therapy of ACV AND mollasses trust me I just get th more

Re: Borax as Skin Cleanser

Hey there, I don't know what is specifically causing these issues but the skin is naturally slightly acidic to prot more

Re: Borax Vs Boric Acid for Yeast Infections

So, I had been wondering this same thing, and I think I figured it out. This is based on nothing more than speculation h more

Re: Colloidal Silver and Coconut Oil for Mites on People and Dogs

Thank you for your post and your offer to answer questions! So how did you apply these items to yourselves? External or more

Re: Heme Iron

Heme iron, and non heme are not the same. Meat is heme, and can eventually result in iron toxicity which is difficult to more

Re: Rubbing Alcohol for Jock Itch

YES. Rubbing Alcohol works wonders. I had really bad jock itch for over 10 years. It was horrible and it was disappoi more

Re: Chemical Sensitivity

HI U ROBYN, , , , , , , , , for some reason, I don't believe a word you wrote. You say you can't get on a comput more

Re: Stabilized Oxygen

Can you share the details on what type of stabilized oxygen to purchase online. Thank you more

Re: Magnesium for Atrial Fibrillation

I use a few different types of Mg because it can be difficult to contain in your small intestine. Mg Citrate is good, bu more

Re: Aloe Vera for Insect Bites

My son has been bitten today on his arm, so I just put aloe vera on his arm, and after less than 5 minutes, he stopped s more

Re: Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Hey Nayibe! I have tried Dinovite - I didn't get the results I sought, but that could be just my particular dog. I foun more

Re: Activated Charcoal for Puppy with Parvo

How much did your dog weigh when you gave the charcoal? And how often did you give it? I have a 6 mo old pup going thru more

Re: Nodular Carcinoma on Eyelid

Can you tell me what type of basal cell was on the eyelid? Was it nodular? I am trying to find an alternative to surgery more

Re: Is This the Right Treatment for Parvo?

Hey Mia! Keep up with what you are doing. Make sure you give her the charcoal and pedialyte liquid every 2-3 hours all more

Re: Misophonia (Hatred of Noise) Remedies Needed

Hi Dave, I'm the sister of Dooli1981 that he mentions. I never properly made the association before, but now that I& more

Re: Dog Incontinence

Garlic also cured my dog of worms in 1 dose (plus I had given ground pumpkin seeds a day or two earlier) but you have to more

Re: Homeopathic Drops for Dogs With Cushing's Disease

I also used Cushex drops for my American Eskimo who was diagnosed with Cushings at age 12. At the time his liver enzymes more

Re: Treating a Puppy With Ted's Dog Mange Cure (2)

Hello Pam! I feed my dog raw bones. I have given lamb and beef bones and plan to incorporate chicken as well. A holistic more

Re: Demodex and Blackheads

Thanks, Theresa, for your help. I'm sure you're right about the yeast - have started using the vinegar as you su more

Re: Treatments for Vaginal Atrophy

Hi, I am having an issue with vaginal atrophy-mainly on the external areas aggravated by urine. My gyns prescribed estr more

Re: Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Hey Theresa. Thank you for replying. I forgot to mention that she has been on Soloxyne 6mg twice a day since 2012. At th more

Re: Is This the Right Treatment for Parvo?

i don't know if I am in the right path..i been giving my 11 week old puppy charcoal with pedilyte and Gatoradel. She more

Re: Improvement for Son with Perioral Dermatitis

My son is much better. We used Osmia Black Clay soap once everyday. Then immediately moisturized with Raw shea butter. S more

Re: Multiple Remedies for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Part one: I've been suffering terrible sciatic pain for several weeks. A few days ago I started taking ACV+baking so more

Re: Chemical Sensitivity

Robyn, I don't know how I can help you but I love you and suspect that many here do too, without ever having seeing more

Re: Help Needed for Child with GI Problem

Hi Mama, I earnestly need natural remedies for my daughter. She is overweight (35 kgs). Her age is 7 years. After an ea more

Re: Remedy Needed for Puppy

Hey Ambiii! I am trying to understand. What kind of infection? Skin infection? more

Re: Remedy Needed for Puppy

My puppy is having infection in his body below ear and stomach; he is 25 days old.... How can I treat it at home?? Vet d more

Re: DHEA Suppositories

I understand DHEA vaginal suppositories have yet to be approved by FDA (in third phase trial study). Those who have been more

Re: Making Lypospheric Vitamin C and Glutathione

R.H. Good to see you're on your way w/ the Lipo; it's been nearly a yr for me and has been very instrumental in keeping more

Re: Help Needed for Diverticulitis

I'll second the other response of Vit-C, Magnesium, and Aloe Vera and would add two more critical naturals to the list - more

Re: Lupus Problem

Noma: Parasite infestations almost always cause both digestive & immune disorders as a consequence. Here is a link t more

Re: Fatty Liver and Pulmonary Fibrosis

Tim from ky and Bess from Calgary: After reading my post I realized I made 2 errors. The dose for the grape seed extract more

Re: MMS For Allergies

There is a lot of misunderstanding about how to use it, as I can see, it is best to read the protocols, written about it more

Re: Wheatgrass Has Made my Hair Healthy and Stronger Than Ever!

An incredible benefit of drinking wheatgrass (the juice powder) is that it has made my hair incredibly smooth, silky, an more

Re: Wheatgrass for Chronic Sinus Congestion and Allergies

Wheatgrass (the juice powder) works miraculously well for clearing out sinuses! I feel relief immediately when I drink i more

Re: Spicy Food Increases Stomach Inflammation

Hi Hpylori, The symptoms you have written can be due to many other things, because Hpylori is practically found in majo more

Re: Spicy Food Increases Stomach Inflammation

Readings from earth clinic suggest ginger and cinnamon is good for curing stomach ulcers. However to me taking food cont more

Re: Baking Soda Side Effects

Thank you for taking the time to link to this interesting study. My takeaway was the importance of balance when we supp more

Re: Baking Soda Side Effects

Thank you for taking the time to link to this interesting study. My takeaway was the importance of balance when we supp more

Re: Baking Soda Side Effects

Thank you for taking the time to link to this interesting study. My takeaway was the importance of balance when we supp more

Re: Baking Soda Side Effects

Thank you for taking the time to link to this interesting study. My takeaway was the importance of balance when we supp more

Re: How to Use Bentonite Clay

A friend recommended I take Bentonite Clay for acid reflux, also high cholesterol. It was emphasised that no metal tools more

Re: Nettle Tea for Varicose Veins

My first pregnancy is when I first noticed visible veins in my legs. During my second pregnancy I drank a combination of more

Re: Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Hi there....saw your post and felt the need to respond....check the link below, it will help you a lot in understanding more

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice for Gallbladder Attack

I have suffered with occasional (4 to 8 times per year) gallbladder pain since I was a child. As a teen I was hospitaliz more

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