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Colloidal Silver Cures

Last Modified on Oct 30, 2015

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Posted by Paro (India) on 09/25/2015

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from India - _/_ Namaste :)

I am new to this site and this is my first post. I happened to see this website when I was doing some search on the curative properties of H2O2. However, it was the section on Colloidal Silver that caught my eye. It was an Aha! Moment for me.

Just thought I would update you on an ancient Indian practise.

As soon as a baby is born in to an Indian household the close relatives gift items of Gold and Silver to the baby.

Gold is gifted in the form of jewelry - chain for the neck, finger rings, ear rings, bangles, waist chain.

Silver is presented in the form of utensils - Plate, Bowl, Spoon, a specially designed container for feeding liquids.

The baby is adorned with all the various gold jewelry and fed using the Silver articles.

Similarly as people get older the veterans eat and drink using Silver utensils.

Want to guess why?

Most of the NewGen in India (including myself) think it's a ritual and have discontinued the practise. Most are unaware that both Gold and Silver dust called 'bhasmam' is used in ancient Indian medicine.

I now realise how intelligent my ancestors were.

Its a well known fact that the immunity of babies and the old are low which makes them susceptible to sickness.

Rather than use Gold and Silver dust in medicines to cure people after they fall sick, why not take a preventive approach? Wear Gold and eat/ drink from Silver so that micro quantities of both are available to the body on a continuous basis for protection against disease. Smart eh?

Replied by Mary
Here in the USA, when using sterling silver for eating, the silver pieces must be dated before 1935 after that date they made the sterling with too much copper.

Posted by Ryeman (Rye, Co ) on 11/10/2014

The effectiveness of CS isn't "proven" because natural remedies, in general, aren't studied because there simply isn't any profit in it.
I have never taken CS but I know a lady in her mid to late 80's that swears by it. She drinks a small cup of it every day and is convinced it is what keeps her healthy.

Posted by Norma (Upper Arlington, Oh) on 12/20/2012

Lloyd from Charlotte. Could you please tell me which CS generator you use? Does it produce the small particles? Thanks for your help and all on EC. landrov101(at)

Replied by Lloyd
Charlotte, Nc
I got my latest generator from googling "economical colloidal silver" and a company comes up that produces good and affordable units.

I also use the "fast" method for making the solution. First I heat 2 cups of purified water and add 15 grains of salt and that gives conductivity to the solution and in five minutes the two cups is saturated with a milky white content. I dilute repeatedly until the liquid is as clear to the naked eye as pure water. You should not be able to either see or taste the silver. After all, we are getting the solution to a mere 100 atoms of silver to a MILLION molecules of H20. The water is heated to about 90 degrees, by the way, before inserting the silver rods.

Now there is another set of silver makers who want to use a "slow" method and they refuse to use any grains of salt in their water. This method takes about 30 minutes to produce the siver solution and it is not a milky white.

I like my fast method because I've had such fantastic success with it over nearly two decades. I consume it daily... About a tablespoon at night. I have not turned blue. I knock out sinus infections in seconds whereas in my youth sinus infections would inevitebly turn into a chest cold. I just don't get sick. For a lower track infection I opt to ACV in water and that seems to work rapitly to knock out those infections.

You asked which method makes the smaller "paricles" and I assume the slow would do that better but on what authority... What double blind do we have to demonstrate that the "larger" particles are less effective than the small ones, if indeed there is a big difference in size. As I say, I have had such success over the years with the array of virus, bacteria and even fungal issues that I don't see the advantage of changing over to another method.

In fact, I have a funny story. Once a pr, ovider convinced me to try a super small particle, the manufacturer asserted it was super small, to my sinus. In a few days however I sensed the onset of an infection even though I was taking the "small" and supposedly more effective CS. I doubled up on the spray into the sinues but it did not kill the infection, and by the next day the infection was getting out of control. I went back to my old stand by silver solution and in one "sniff" knocked out the infection. I threw away the "good" "little" silver.

Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
To Norma,

Re ... recommendation for a Colloidal Silver generator.

Some time ago you asked me what CS generator I'd recommend and I recommended you google "economical colloidal silver generator" and a company by that name would come up.

Unfortunately I have to retract that recommendation. The generator I got from that company quickly corroded because the box the batteries are stored in are supposed to be directly on top of the water that the silver rods go into. ANY water that gets into the negative pole insert will corrode and cause the unit to cease functioning. I can't clean it. I tried another one from the same company and that one that came was faulty and so two weeks ago sent it back. Still no replacement.

From now on, I'll only use a generator that has wires with alligator clips that attach to the silver and NOT a box with batteries that sits directly above the water.

DON'T get anything made by "economical colloidal silver generator" or any company that uses a "box above water" system.

Posted by Laker (Brampton, Ontario, Canada) on 10/11/2012

Hi Ted I have read a lot and currently use colloidal silver including an obscure reference to adding a drop or 2 of H2o2 to increase its effectiveness and I managed to find the odd bit of info on Coloidal Copper I wondered if you knew on possible bennefits side effects and theoretical safe amount of ingesting it would be. Also I wondered if you have heard of coloidal zinc and coloidal magnesium I am thinking they may be a decent way to absorb the minerals from the metal even if only sublingualy and if so what other metals would be good as coloids? Also wondered what your thoughts were on ORMUS also spelled ORMES or Monatomic Elements?

Replied by Laker
Brampton, Ontario
Hi and thanks for the info... I have read quite a bit on ORMUS and have heard and read some of David Wolfe's opinions on things and though some things make sense to me I don't agree with a lot of what he says. But I thank you for the input none the less.

Also my non medical opinion on CS is make your own, it's cheaper easy and you then know whats in it!! Some places use salt as a catalyst to make the distilled water more conductive. This Is A No No! As the silver particle will bind to the salt and form silver chloride which is what would cause Agyria it would also create large particles which are also unwanted. Never add anything to the water and always use distilled in a steril glass container which has also been rinsed with distilled.

Posted by Mark (Reno, Nevada Usa) on 01/02/2012

I want to preface my comments by saying this:

If you are here, you are also like me, and you are looking for a remedy and an alternative to what's available to you now. I starting researching remedies on the internet about 2 weeks ago, after extensive "surfing" (I can't call it research because I really don't know the motive behind what people post online... There's a lot of misinformation out there) Collectively, I decided that CS might be worth giving a try, I had never heard of it prior to this, I purchased it a few days later at a local co-op for $37. The product that I'm using is Sovereign Silver 10ppm. (Since I bought it I found a lab that test all different kinds of CS and this one ranks mid-pack although there are much better options out there. Next I'm buying Mesosilver) In the past when I've been to the doctor, I've felt that they weren't very helpful and it's very expensive. So I started looking for something better.

I began using CS about 8 days ago now. I have a variety of symptoms, and my illness goes unknown dues to lack of financial resources/health insurance. I started using CS in order to (hopefully) cure some/all of my ailments before going to see a "medical professional" I've been using it to treat my eyes which look red and dry most of the time, a drop in both eyes a handful of times since purchased, and there does seem to be some improvement... Both eyes feel markedly better and they appear to be clearer overall. I have been taking about 2 oz a day orally as well, I have been suffering from dry mouth and a flemy cough, now my mouth feels moist throughout the day and my throat began clearing out within a day. Also, I feel like I have more energy, although I think I may feel more energetic because CS appears to be helping.

Since I've just started taking it, I don't have a lot of information to give you, but it does seem to be helping and it started almost immediately. Good Luck and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Usa
Mark, thanks for the positive C.S. Post. I have had good results w/ C.S. As have many others for internal or/and external infections. It's a proven natural antibiotic, BUT don't throw all your hope & money on it, as the body is in need of many other nutrients to maintain health & wellness. Make sure you take a very good whole food multivitamin/mineral supplement so as to provide nutrition for your immune system. A dash of Sea Salt (provides many minerals lacking in diet) in a small cup of water 2 daily has been helping me lately.

My 2 cent addendum.

Replied by Barb
Highland, In
Just recently, all family have had stuffy noses with blood tinged mucus. A tight sticky feeling in nostrils. Lasting two weeks now. Even the dogs have stuffy noses? no fevers. No other symptoms. No cough. We are neti potting and upping supplements. Seem to come about suddenly. Some post nasal drip, but it is more of a nuisance than, illness. just SO strange!
Replied by Alternyc
Nyc, Ny
I've had the same weird syndrome... Dry sinus, blood-tinged clear mucus, no fever, but a dry cough from, I think, postnasal drip... Headache and fatigue, too. It's lasted nearly a month. There's a bunch of strange bugs going around this year, including something the doc is calling the "100-day cough."
Replied by Mesem
Riez, France
I have an 'allergy' every time it rains after being dry for a while and have same symptoms. I think its pollution high in the atmosphere that is brought down with the rain. Skin problems too. I am allergic to cupressus but in Greece I had to sit under a tree to feel bad so work that out!

Posted by Trish (Lebanon, Pa) on 12/21/2011

Hi I am suffering right now with a nasty sinus infection and bronchitis. I am going to order some Mesosilver and it will be shipped from NJ and I'm in PA. I am concerned about it freezing during shipment and if it will diminish the effects of the silver? I need to order real soon, so I'm hoping someone will return my email ASAP. Thank you so much. Trish

Posted by Rebel (Somewhere , Usa) on 12/19/2011

So I wrote on here that I was confused about colloidal silver and the different colors and ppm. I will have to say a big NO to the clear 10ppm sovereign brand. Everybody in my house was taking high dosages of this and everybody came down and got sick. We ended up having to go to medical doctor. So NO for sure on clear 10ppm at least for us.

Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) on 08/13/2009

Is this minty flavor/scent typical of silver solutions? The product claims to contain NO other ingredients than are listed on the label. And silver and deionized water are the ingredients listed. I'm trying to find the product's Website.... get back to you on it.

Posted by Reader (North America) on 02/20/2009

I know this isn't as helpful as offering a remedy, but you seem to advocate its use. While silver's a great antibiotic, it's also a metal and something we don't flush back out of our systems very easily; it will accumulate, like lead, mercury and several other metals, within our tissues. The reason we don't have silver warnings written all over everything is it's rare and hard enough that it doesn't typically enter the system in such concentrations as to be damaging; however, to use it internally, or to use it on membranous tissues, makes it possible for it to concentrate to such a degree as to do more harm than help. Thus I wouldn't advocate the use of colloidal silver except in topical conditions, such as a surface skin infection, away from eyes, nose, mouth and any similar mucus membranes.

Remember, just because something occurs in nature doesn't mean it can't be bad for you. The trick is finding what would occur in a human body in nature, and with metals that usually means exceedingly small amounts.

Replied by Connie
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
A few days ago I started taking a silver solution and withing hours my chronic sore throat began to feel much better. The discomfort is almost gone. I also feel calmer and more sure of myself. Have less mental fog. Correct me if I'm wrong, aren't zinc, copper, magnesium, and chromium also metals that our bodies need? We know that there are ways of removing heavy metals from our systems; there must be a way to remove unnecessary silver as well.
Replied by Anna
Charleston, Sc
I'm going to have to agree with Connie here- there are many metals that our bodies actually need. Silver has been used for a very long time in the pharmaceutical world until less expensive (more profitable) alternatives were concocted in a laboratory by Big Pharma. Iron is a naturally occuring metal, yet if we do not have enough iron in our bodies, we are unable to make hemoglobin, an extremely important oxygen transporter in red blood cells. While some metals are certainly important to avoid in our bodies (heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc.), there are certain others that are required and still others that are simply beneficial under certain circumstances. It is best to do one's homework and see what works for you and your body...
Replied by Aeri
Columbus, Ohio
Since reading the posts on this site, I have a few comments to make.

First, there are differences in the type of Silver you buy/make; Colloidial, Ionic. Or Salts. The differences are how small the silver particles are. In the case of the discoloration of skin, it is the mass amounts of salts that are taken over long periods of time. Me personally, am quite picky about supplements that I use and I do extensive research before buying. I have had much success using Ionic Silver.

Second, understand that silver is anti-bacterial and each person has a different reaction to how the silver works throughout the body. Many people may experience what's called a Herxheimer reaction. This occurs when large quantities of toxins are released into the body as bacteria die. Which in turn means you may feel a whole lot worse before you get better.

Third, people may have concerns about silver being a metal and harming the body. Again, silver used in moderation is key. Also, if people are that concerned about metal poisoning, then begin to eliminate all aluminum and copper pots, pop/soda and food cans, drinking tap water, eating all processed foods, etc... Because people are ingesting toxic amounts of metals and poisons on a daily basis.

Trust me, we need small amounts of these metals for our bodies to function and adding Colloidial or Ionic Silver is an added benefit. The only advice I have is to do some research and use discernment from where you buy from. Good luck and many blessings for health and well-being!

Replied by Jennywren
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
I would also like to add the colloidal silver is highly alkaline, which is what our body needs to maintain health. Much of the food we ingest these days makes for an acidic body, which is where bacteria, viruses and diseases flourish, and where CS can come in as a second line of defence. In addition, CS is not stored in the body but excreted through the kidneys and bowels. Moderation, too, is key.

My family has been using a commercially-bought colloidal silver from the health food store (15ppm) for six months now and so far it has cured flu, conjunctivits, asthma, bronchitis, sore throats, hayfever, food poisoning and gastro. It has been sprayed, dropped in eyes and ears and down throats, nebulised and ingested. We are still rosy-cheeked and healthy!

Replied by Sandy
Temecula, Ca
Thank you for your post. After reading all this, I want to seek help. Two years back I had dry cough for nearly one month during fall season. Then I went to Doctor, who said I have ear infection and gave me antibiotic. First dose itself my cough disappared. Now again I have cough. I tried lot of home remedies but it is coming back and my husband is getting disturbed during sleep because of my cough. I want to use Collidal Silver. Can anybody help me and tell me how do I use CS. I want to give it a try. I get lot of sounds in my ear now.
Replied by Jennywren
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Sandy from Temecula, Ca, You can buy Colloidal Silver (CS) from health food stores. I know it's probably a little late, but for a cough you can try gargling 10ml for around 1-3 minutes then spitting it out, two or three times a day. Or, if it's down in your lungs, I suggest buying a nebuliser machine from the chemist, pouring 5ml of CS into the nebulising chamber and nebulising for 5 minutes, 2-3 times per day. This is what has worked for me!
Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
If infection is in lungs by all means use the nebuliser... And inhale DEEPLY again and again for at least three minutes. Do this two to three times daily for at least three days. May take longer depending on type of infection and how long it has invaded the respiratory system before starting the treatment. The colloidal silver has stopped a lung infection at least five times in the past six years for me personally.
Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa
I have heard that epileptics should avoid colloidal silver. Is this so?
Replied by Anrea C
Cardiff, Wales
If you are doing H202 together with colloidal silver, they cause a 'GAS' Collial silver.... Will wipe out lots of things. Just don't do it with with H202. Love Andrea C
Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales
I did a test, HORRIFEIED!!! As first stated, I found it on a Colloidal Silver website. It has to be done in a jar. Within minutes YOU COULD SEE THE GAS!!!!!!! Do not nebulise with both. Drink the H202. Give it a couple of hours, then 'NEBULISE' the silver xxxxxxxxx Love Andrea C
Replied by Kim
Does colloidal silver really work for hpv and warts? I have had these from 2008 and I tried everything, they just keep coming back. I just want them to go away. Right now I hate myself. I don't even want to look at my vagina anymore. Please help if you can ASAP.
Replied by Jennywren
Kim, I'm not sure about getting rid of the warts permanently but they can be treated when active. Try this - each time after using the toilet, apply either colloidal silver or apple cider vinegar to a cotton wool ball and hold to the affected area for around a minute or so. With the apple cider vinegar it will most likely sting, but from experience I've found this one is faster-acting than colloidal silver. It should take 3-4 days to start to clear up. And don't hate yourself honey, it's a very common ailment. x
Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
Hello Kim;

Colloidal Silver can kill viruses and fungal infections. For anything that keeps recurring, in my experience, I'd have to be taking the CS orally for six least twice daily, two tablespoons each dose. Make sure to clear the sinuses too...ears, sinuses with a once a week irrigation.

Replied by Oscar Donate

Syracuse, New York
Dear Jennywren from Perth, The BHT [ buylated hydroxytoluene ] treatment is at least worth a try. It works amazingly well for some people for genital warts caused by HPV. Now there are many variants of HPV so there is no guarantee this will work. But if it does work it works very well and fast. You should know in one month if it is working because those warts will be gone.

Now the BHT treatment does NOT work well if used along with other treatments or supplements.

For people who weigh 130 pounds or more the treatment is: Two separate doses of 250mg of BHT per day with water only and on an empty stomach. One dose in the morning and one dose at night = 500mg of BHT per day. For 35 dollars US you can buy 500 250mg capsules of BHT here:

If you choose to give this treatment a try please report your results here at the EARTH CLINIC. Again, you should know in one month if the treatment is working or not. There should be dramatic improvement if the BHT treatment is working....Oscar

Genital Warts
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Posted by Hester (Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom) on 08/02/2010

[YEA]  Colloidal Silver got rid of my genital warts (well the physical warts that where on my vagina anyway, not sure about the actual virus) and I haven't seen them come back since. When I got the warts, I didn't know what they were and went to my doctors who confirmed that it was GW and referred me to the Genito-Urinary clinic. They prescribed me Aldara 0. 95% cream which damaged the healthy skin around the warts and made it incredibly sore and even open and weeping slightly in places. Couldn't walk. Next, I had them scraped off at the clinic, they applied something caustic and black to seal the wounds I think. The warts came back almost immediately. A friend recommended colloidal silver for another problem I had at the time. I researched it, and realised it could be used for a wide range of complaints. I bought some, applied topically to the warts and now they are gone and have been for a year and a half. I wanted to share this, it was so easy and stress free and I know how down warts can make you feel. And the doctors treatments can make you feel even worse! Thanks for this site, it's amazing. I have a deep distrust of doctors and pharmaceuticals, so the advice on here is perfect. I am planning on trying the ACV for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and also buying my mum and dad a bottle each to try for various other things. I'll report the results on this site. Thanks :)

Replied by David
Nyc, Ny
How did you apply it and what ppm exactly did you use??? Thanks!
Replied by Timee
La, Ca
I would also like to know what silver product you bought for the genital warts.
Replied by Miriam
Valencia, Spain
Colloidal Silver seems the most effective to me, both for HPV and warts, and for my chronic strep throat, its 20ppm. I fully recommend this.
Replied by Pfriend
Hi Dale, I completely believe you. I tested positive 5 years ago (CD4 350 and VL 70k back then) but for various reasons declined any stardard chemo treatments (doctors hate me for that). Unlike you I have never been sick though (they hate me even more for being clinically healthy).

It's been such a journey but I'm so thankful this happened to me because I learned so much about my own health and the healthcare disaster we see in general. Because of sites like this and proper habits I haven't even had a cold this whole time. I'm healthier than most people I know so I see no point in fixing something that is not broken.

There are many ways to treat AIDS but unfortunately the industry brainwashes people into being afraid and immediately start life-long medication that will develop AIDS-like symptoms in the long run (according to their own manufacturers!). It doesn't have to be that way, but things are starting to change.

Do you still test antibody positive? I know several people that started testing negative (apparently it happens to hep C people too if they take BHT long enough).

Good luck!

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Posted by LuAnn (Rapid City, SD) on 12/06/2008

[YEA]  Colloidal Silver Wow, I tried putting the colloidal silver in a nazal spary bottle and felt almost immediate relief of my headache. I would like to comment on the web site. WOW! Lots of information here. Will visit very often.

For those of you suffering from spasms and muscle aches I found that Magnesium 400 mg and Malic Acid 600 mg 3x per day last dose before bed is most beneficial.

I am in the belief that my FMS symptoms and the chronic fatigue were a combination brought on by a severe systemic candidiasis condition. Suppliments along with the diet really made a difference for me.

I am going to take the suggestion to return back to meat and vegetable diet again. There was so much information that I couldn't quite absorb all at once. What a wonderful website!+

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Posted by Tom (Ohio, USA) on 09/03/2008

[YEA]  I found out that colloidal silver kills all viruses, bacteria and fungus - I had herpes and took a teaspoon of colloidal silver (sovereign silver) 5 times a day for 3 months and it is gone. I found out that the brand of silver is very important. I have been re-checked and am negative for herpes. I was amazed to find that these diseases can be cured. Anyone who says that you cannot cure disease is a propagandaist. May God Bless you and Heal you.

Replied by Susan
Bradenton, Florida
The benefits of colloidal silver are numerous---especially with infections. However, whenever possible, topical application is much safer than ingestion, and 1 tsp 5 times per day for 3 months can be toxic rather than beneficial. The build-up of silver in the blood has been known to turn the skin a very un-becoming shade of blue-gray that is IRREVERSIBLE. With this product, as in all aspects of life, use in moderation, and with caution to be safe.
Replied by Angie
Argillite, KY
What kind of colloidal silver is the best? I have used several. My husband has a very large lump on his neck and we have had no luck with it. He was taken about 3 tablespoon fulls a day.
Replied by Guest-CC
SLC, Utah
There is a brand called "Sovereign Silver" I purchased some at Whole Foods Market. 4 fl. oz. bottle with a particle size of 10 ppm. Thx.
Replied by Angela
Smallville, Iowa
[YEA]   In response to tom's issue w herpes. I also was infected and took a teaspoon of ionic silver hydrosol 10PPM only once everyday for 3 weeks. So in response I'm not sure that brand type is particularly relevant to anything other than perhaps cure time, though I've read differences between colloidal silver and silver hydrosol are included but not limited to, that it can be boiled and frozen while still retaining the necessary composition to remain fully effective. Anywho, Here it is 6 months and 3 blood tests later, and I am herpes free.
Replied by Anon
Fairfax, Virginia
this is a reply to Susan from Bradenton, Florida

wow are you serious you really believe the blue condition of the skin called agryia???

if so then how come i'm not blue yet but i've drunk like 1 full 8 ounce of homemade colloidal silver for months now, probably 7 . the blue man that turned blue on that youtube video is clearly a paid advertisement by our beloved pharmaceutical reps. I ingest it and as you know silver used to be a very important nutrient in our soil until commerical farming sucked it dry out of our fruits & veggies.

Replied by Tb
Columbus, Ohio
Thank you to those are cured for giving us your secrets.
Replied by Mike
Baltimore, Maryland

I have used Colloidal Silver (1tbspn/day)for a while just as a preventative. I used it a nasel infection and it cleared up immediately. Yes you can turn blue, but it takes massive amounts as in hundreds of times doses over a period of time. I don't think most people can afford the quantity it takes to do it.

Replied by Carson
Chicago, Il
Are there any particular brands of colloidal silver that anyone recommends? Or does it not matter what kind you have?
Replied by Mary
Redmond, Washington,usa
The No. 1 best silver product you can buy on the market is from American Biotech labs. They have done exhaustive studies clinical, human and animal studies and anyone that cries about turning blue is using the scare tactics of the pharmacutical companies. With this product it is IMPOSSIBLE. Most effective antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal
Replied by Karen
Henderson, Nv
There are basically three different types of Colloidal Silver and only the one made with proteins and or salts is the one that will cause the blue color that some have mentioned. The safe ones must be made with pure distilled water and 99.9% silver and can be made yourself. Be sure to check the ingredients for any kind of salt added to water and don't buy it. Hint google bob beck colloidal silver. I drink a lot of it and haven't turned blue. There is a big push to ban it so watch out for those who try to scare you into not using it. The pharmaceutical companies are doing their best to scare us and prevent us from using it.
Replied by Lenny
New York, Bronx
I wanted to know the best brand and ppm got colloidial silver to cure herpes. I been taking a brand I got from GNC for about a week that is 30 ppm and I still have itches and what not. Can anyone provide any information please. Thank you
Replied by Lea
Waterford, Mi
I tried using Sovereign Silver to cure herpes. I used it for a 7 month period (Tom said that it was gone in three months). I still have herpes. I would like to know if you combine it with any other medications to get rid of it?
Replied by Maryland
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa
Interesting topic! So far, two people cured themselves! I gotta try this thing.

I was experimenting, actually I am still experimenting with lecithin, since I read about a guy here on earth clinic who didn't have any more outbreaks in 20 years after taking 2500mg of lecithin daily for a month. I am going to complete the 30 days in a couple days and I had a small outbreak... But I am underweight, so it might be the reason why it didn't work yet.

Colloidal silver is a bit pricey, 50 bucks for 500ml, but oh well. If the vitamin don't show results, I will try this.

Replied by Buchster
Atlanta, Ga
[YEA]   The brand I like the best is Natural Path Silver Wings. I typically purchase the 4 oz. Bottle of 500ppm. It's been very effective on my asthma, viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

I don't use it everyday, but only when needed. I usually take two droppersful at a time. Whenever I learn that I've been around someone who is sick (stomach virus, cold, flu, etc. ), I'll take a couple of droppersful and I haven't been sick in YEARS!!!

A friend recently had a canker sore on their tongue and in the back of their throat which was causing their gag reflex to kick in and their throat was swelling. I suggested they take 1/2 tsp of baking soda in 8 oz. of water to raise the alkalinity of their blood*, plus a couple of droppersful of colloidal silver. The next morning, their throat and tongue were clear. =)

*Keep in mind that disease and infection need an acidic environment to grow. The Standard American diet of dairy products, white flour, sugar, processed foods, etc. All promote an acidic environment. By raising the alkalinity (through baking soda or watermelon or other highly alkaline foods), you balance the ph of your blood. A body that is balanced can heal itself much quicker and easier than one tht is highly acidic.

Drink lots of water with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it, eat lots of fresh leafy green salads, drink green smoothies (ex: spinach, bananas and coconut water [or distilled water]) or green juices (ex: two large Fuji apples, two leaves of kale and squeeze in a wedge of fresh lime... YUMMMM!!! ). These are just a couple of examples. There are TONS of recipes online.

Diet is the KEY to good health!! Lots of FRESH fruits and veggies. Cooked (dead) food kills living enzymes and your body has to struggle to digest it. Raw (living) fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds contain living enzymes that feed our cells which enhances immune system and metabolism and promotes anti-aging!

I have been off Advair and Albuterol since turning to a raw food diet after having asthma for 46 years!! I am pharma-free!!

YAY!! =)

Replied by Hopeful
Jackson, Ms
In February 2011, I consumed 1 and a half bottle of Coloidial Silver (50ppm), at 2 tablespoons twice daily for the virus with hope of killing the it. Since then, I have had 1 breakout that didn't last as long as in the past. I obviously still have the virus. Can someone tell me if I should take the CS longer than 1 month to cure the virus. How long would you recommend? My thought was to take the CS for one month and wait 6 months before taking any more.
Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Maybe there is not as much colloidal silver in the bottle as they say. Bob Beck (you can google him) said that someone who was selling colloidal silver actually had very little colloidal silver in the bottle.. much less than advertised).

Much easier to buy your own colloidal silver generator, or make one. I intend to do just that.

Replied by Medardo
Enait, Washington
Can someone please tell where I can buy some silver colloidal silver to cure my HSV-2 & 1 ASAP I'm getting really depressed :/ and how times should I take it a day???
Replied by Kay
Long Beach, Usa
If you want a good brand, go to I got the solution called ASAP. It's the only colloidal silver product on there. I'm trying it next week for my hsv2. It's the only patented brand of colloidal silver that is available.
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Carson City, Nv
Hello All, So I have been hearing a lot about colloidal silver and how it can kill the herpes virus and also that some people have shown negative testing for the virus after taking for a while. Has anyone else had success with it? Thank you
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Love, USA
Yea. Around new years and christmas I was partying it up, drinking etc, sharing bottles at parties with friends, and about a week later I got a huuuge cold sore on my lip that persisted for the next 4 months! It would not go away like a normal cold sore and I suspect it was a mild case of herpes. In the 4 months I tried hydrogen peroxide (*cure?* for angular chelitas) and abreva, an otc herpes medication that calmed it for a week, but it persisted and it still would not go away. It has effected my social life drastically as I cannot go on dates!! I started making my own colloidal silver, drank a mason jar of a low ppm mixture and the next day it was reduced by approx 50%! Amazing..... Over the last week I have been drinking more, and it has been going away. I have been drinking and applying topically.
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Replying to above thread. What is ppm mixture?
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New York
Hello to all, I have not written in this thread for about a year or so but I believe I may have found a way to rid the body of HSV type 1 & 2 and possibly any other virus, disease, pathogen they may come our way. I don't think I will be able to upload the entire protocol here because I'm not sure if this site will allow me to write as much as I am going to but basically in a nutshell I did a 30 day water fast combined with colloidal silver and a few other things and it's been about 2 months since and I have not had an OB since. I use to get one on the shaft of my penis every month without fail and not even that has happened.

If you or anyone you know is interested in the regimen I did, please e-mail me at ourfightforfreedom(at) I will provide all the information I can on the fasting process as well as the list of supplements I used and with links where you can order them online, in case you can't find them at your local health food stores. I do have to say that if I don't get back to you right away, I apologize in advance because I am busy looking for work among other activities but I have my e-mails come to my cell phone directly so I will be sure to check and reply to everyone as quickly as possible.

Lastly, I wanted to ask everyone who tries the regimen to leave me any feedback on your results. I would like to think that this will work on everyone who tries it but I don't know because my wife and I are the only ones who have tried it thus far. So if after you complete the regimen, you could tell me if it worked for you, I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you

Replied by Lenny
New York
Hello All,

It has been about 3 years since my last post and I return with some updated and hopefully very useful information. I still receive e-mails on a regular basis asking about the regimen I used years ago. I believe that this information is void at this point. The reason being is because I have been doing research on the mind body connection and have come across some very interesting information. I am going to provide people with the newest information that I have been sending everyone who continue to contact me via e-mail. The first link will be to a man named David Flowers. I'm not sure if he has posted anything in these forums but the information that he provides is nothing less then miraculous. he claims that the body has the ability to completely heal itself by means of what he call "True Immunity". I'm not exactly 100% sure how he does it. He offers a retreat where he is located to teach other people how to do this. I myself have NOT seen him in person, but I have spoken to him via Facebook inbox messaging. Here is his link -

The next thing I would like to share are two books I have read that I believe EVERYONE should check out. I'm not going to go into too much details, as I do not believe I can post all of it here in this thread but the first book Your Mind Can Heal You by Frederick W. Bailes explains how the mind has the power to heal itself. it has a very spiritual approach to it but anyone, even atheist can benefit from this book.

The second book Titled You Are The Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza, touches on the same topic of mind body healing but from a more scientific approach as to WHY it happens and how it is possible. His book can be found here -

The point that I am trying to make here is that we all have the ability to heal ourselves without the help of some medicine or herbal product someone decided helps kill "herpes" "Cancer" etc. If you look online there are people who talk about curing illness that were "Incurable" through deep mediation, positive thought patterns and determination. I'm sorry I can't go into anymore details, but I hope that everyone takes this seriously and at least considers looking further into this method. The way I see it, if you've tried everything else under the sun to cure "herpes" and nothing has worked up until now, what do you really have to lose just trying to use your own mind to cure your illness?

P.S - I have also been checking into more of what "Herpes" really is. Through some more research, it seems as if this virus we call "Herpes" is not really a virus at all, but is actually a fungus, which can SOMETIMES (I need to stress this word) SOMETIMES be cured through an anti-fungal medicine called Lamisil. The only reason I am even posting this is because I have the feeling that some people will still be hell bent on using some sort of product to help heal their condition. For those of you who are absolutely desperate, I would suggest you check out this thread here -

and see if you can get a prescription for the tablets to see if they work for you. I hope this helps. feel free to contact with any questions and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you

Homemade Colloidal Silver
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Posted by Jenn (Coborra, Australia) on 01/03/2015

How do you make Colloidal Silver? I remember many years ago living with a lovely vegetarian lady for quite awhile and we took, all of us, 9 of us, a spoon of this every day. Needless to say we didn't get sick but at the time I didn't appreciate the knowledge I'd been given. Nowadays I'd like to be more health-conscious at a time when I'm being forced to take antibiotics that is making my body very sick. I've been bleeding from the bowel since I was taking Cleocin, apparently a side effect, and I'm now on Ciprofloxin, which continues the trend. No, I don't have bowel cancer just an absolute aversion to taking oral antibiotics in great amounts, of up to 26,000mg per month to kill something that comes back, as soon as I stop taking the drug of choice... to be honest I don't think a lot of health professionals really know much about these things that they tell us take..I need to kill Cellulitis and the gangrene pathogen and get off these tablets that are making me sick..I don't want false promises but something that will heal me, inwardly and outwardly. Please help!

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@Jenn Hello I've read a couple books on Urine Therapy and apparently urine can cure Gangrene. Just soak a bandage and wrap gangrene area and leave then reapply as needed as I can't see how colloidal silver applied first would be much problem. I forget the names of the books. Something like "the water of life" and "you own miraculous medicine" but I'm sure there are many other books. Anyhow urine was supposed to cure gangrene without even a scar and it is highly used in skin care products and is secretly a multi hundred million dollar business putting urine into skin care products under some other name like urea or something.
Replied by Kaz
Calgary, CA
Please look into the Ketogenic Diet, or the book Protein Power by Drs Eades, or even Somersizing, but once you cut out processed foods, sugars, white. Foods and start eating a healthy way, (not a diet but a way of life), your body can start healing itself. Please look into alkalyzing your body as Ted advises, like 1 tsp baking soda in 1/2 glass water a few times a day, replace soda pop with green tea and water, etc, eat raw veggies with every meal for the living enzymes to aid in digestion, and this will go a long way to letting your body heal itself, which it is meant to do. Good luck.
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I've read short dry fasts are safe and that ketosis is very high after the first day. Good luck.

Posted by Mark (Newton Abbot, Devon) on 07/17/2013

[YEA]  I'm not sure where Earth Clinic may want to put this post this but I have replied to the first post on silver and will let Earth clinic decide what to do with it!

How to make Nano particle colloidal silver at home for pennies, when using this method the final mix will produce the smallest silver particles currently known to be possible. I believe this mix will be far better and far more effective than what 99.9% of ''Experts'' sell online.

When it comes to colloidal silver by far the most important thing to consider is the size of the particles created, PPM is meaning less if all the particles are too large, for silver to be effective it needs to be small enough to enter into cells and make contact with hidden pathogens, from personal experience I can say that my earlier years of making and using colloidal silver have been hit and miss due to a lack of understanding with regards to particle size and home manufacturing, I was always led to believe that the end brew should take on a yellow or Champaign colour to it, I now know that this type of mix contains particles that are too large to be of any real benefit (compared to properly made Nano particles) the reason a finished mix takes on a colour of any description is due to the silver particles globing together to make larger particles this in turn is why you can see the colour (because the larger particles are large enough to reflect the light) proper Nano particles are so small that no light is reflected and therefore no colour is produced, just a clear potent brew, I believe that those who have previously tried silver and failed to achieve the desired effect are simply using poor quality silver (Particles too large)

So follow the simple instructions here and you will be able to make the best possible colloidal silver available and be more knowledgeable than 99.9% of the so called experts that sell coloured silver products, the use of the air blower is essential as it constantly agitates the water , it keeps it moving constantly throughout the whole process and this is what stops the silver particles from globing together thereby producing the smallest and most desired Nano particles!

  • Step 1 Obtain a small fish tank air blower or similar blower along with 500-600 mm rubber pipe
  • Step 2 Obtain a glass jar with a screw on lid (metal or plastic is ok) that holds around 500 -700 ml of water
  • Step 3 Obtain a small mains transformer that puts out between 12 -24 v at 500ma
  • Step 4 Obtain 2. 9999 pure silver rods (not. 999) about 2mm diameter x 100 -125mm long
  • Step 5 Obtain a small laser light
  • Step 6 Obtain 5 litres of Distilled water. (should last some time)
  • Step 7 Obtain 2 small crocodile clips.
  • Step 8 obtain 4 rubber grommets with 5 -6 mm centre holes

1, Solder or crimp the crocodile connectors to the 2 transformer output wires (cut of the jack socket if needed)
2, Drill 4 holes near the outer edge of jar lid and fit the grommets into the holes (drill the holes fairly evenly spaced)
3, Take the air pump hose and cut off around 100 – 150 mm Push the longer piece of air pump rubber pipe into one of the grommets so that it almost reaches the bottom of the glass jar when the lid is screwed in place, connect the other end of this pipe to the air blower/fish tank pump.
4, Take the smaller piece of the air pump rubber pipe (100 -150mm) and fit into the opposite grommet so that it is just inside the lid, this will act as a breather vent and stop water splashing out of the jar
5, Fill the glass jar to almost full with the distilled water.
6, Take the 2 silver rods and connect them to the crocodile clips that were fitted to the transformer wires (1 rod per clip! )
7, Gently push each rod into the remaining unused grommets, both rods should be held in place snuggly buy the grommets, the rods should extend to near the bottom of the jar.
8, Plug both the air blower and the transformer into the mains power supply and switch them both on, bubbles in the water should be seen and heard.
9, leave running for 3 -4 hours, check the rods every now and then, clean them if they turn dirty/black (oxidation)
10, After 3 -4 hours remove all the apparatus and check the end product for silver content, first leave the finished product standing for an hour or so to settle then in a slightly darkened room /area, shine the laser light down through the mix (no lid on the jar! ) although the mix will be clear and look like ordinary tap water you will notice a strong reflective beam from the laser, if you compare this to unused distilled water you will not see a beam or any light reflecting, this is the only way to indicate that Nano silver particles have been produced and the mix is rich with them.
11, if you need more information or clarification on any points drop an email here or search on line, try searching for ''agitating water to make silver'' as there are now a few very helpful sites that actually sell very, very effective homemade kits at almost cost price.

Good luck and happy brewing!

Posted by Sunflower (Madisonville, La, Usa) on 02/25/2013

is it okay to use coins which are 99.93% to make colloidal silver?

Replied by Xan
Erie, Colorado, Usa
Coins should not be used for making colloidal silver as other metals have been added.

I have made and use my own colloidal silver generator as I find the solution effective for many healing issues, internally as well as on my skin. As long as the dosage is reasonable (1/2-1 teaspoon in a little water 2-3 times a day) there is no risk of side effects, unless one is allergic to silver.

This website has clear instructions for making silver generator properly and inexpensively: