Natural Remedies for Grover's Disease

Last Modified on Oct 07, 2014

What is Grover's Disease?

Grover's disease, also known as transient acantholytic dermatosis or Grover's Rash, is a skin disease characterized by red, itchy spots appearing on the back and upper chest. They can last for months and never appear again, or go off and on for years. This is more common in older men with a history of high sun exposure, but it is believed to be caused by blockages in the sweat glands in the upper layers of skin. The cause of Grover's disease is still clinically unclear, but having dry skin increases the risk, and is commonly seen in hospital patients who are lying on their backs for extended periods of time. Symptoms of Grover's disease include small, but very itchy, red bumps

Find a Home Cure for Grover's Disease

On this page you can find a number of user-submitted home remedies for Grover's disease. Some of our more popular cures include diet suggestions like eliminating sulfides, gluten, and taking Vit B supplements. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to treat Grover's disease. Know of a remedy not yet listed here? Please feel free to share your story with us.

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User Reviews

Coconut Oil   0  0   

Posted by Jackson (Tennessee) on 01/07/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have Grover Skin rash and just went to the doctor yesterday, she saw that I was really flared up on my chest and stomach area. I have really struggled with this disease. I have the prescription creams and they only seem to keep it at bay. However she recommended to me to try the Virgin Coconut oil, after every shower. I am on day three of this and I know its a little early but it seems to be really helping with the itching, Also the redness is starting to go away.

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
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Hello Jackson,

I've had success with rashes using enzymes and sometimes herbs such as marshmallow root and papaya leaf. The enzyme best suited for therapeutic use are ones such as amylase, protease, lipase, pectinase, cellulose.

That combination helps with pH levels for me. Often I have acidic body issues and if baking soda in water isn't enough I've found the pH balancing can be done with an enzyme/ herb combo. And it doesn't seem to take much of such a formula. You can find pH enzyme formulas at health food stores. I found supplementing with enzymes helps with my"dry eye" problem but seems to help rashes and itching which is the Grover's itching you are having.

My point is this: On itching issues, could there be a base deficiency of enzymes? Not that this would be the cause in all cases. I doubt if itching caused by "ringworm" could be helped by enzymes. But I've just seen the enzyme connect play out enough so that I'm becoming really intrigued at the interplay of enzyme activity overall to proper body functioning.

Another, for instance; when I take my enzyme pill I notice I have less sinus congestion. Could the chronic congestion be related to a metabolic / digestive problem that enzymes help overcome? I use a pH balance product from Enzymedica but am sure other companies make a "pH balance" formula also.

Posted by Lisa
Atlanta, Georgia
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I too have been diagnosed with Grover's Disease. The prescription medicines don't do a thing. I have been using Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil as a moisturizer for about a week. I have also been ingesting about a teaspoon daily along with taking Borage Oil. Although the rash is still there and going strong, the itching is definitely better and my skin is getting softer and softer.

Eating it is not the most pleasant thing, but it does go own quickly. If you want you can freeze small pieces and just take like a pill.

I found another plus to the coconut increases my energy and somehow acts as a diet aid. I have lost 3 pounds in one week!

Good luck to all! Lisa

Posted by Key West Lu
Key West
I have also been diagnosed with Grovers (over 15 years and counting). I am in the middle of a horrendous flare up and have been told to go on drugs that are really scary. This morning I was so inflamed that I got ice packs and put them on the worst areas. OMG! This was awesome. The blisters have almost disappeared and I am no longer itching uncontrollably. And the best part is that other parts of my body where I didn't put the ice packs have calmed down. I am not cured but I am not so out of control that I'm miserable. (I've had several emotional breakdowns this week due to the uncontrollable itching) I have been doing some crazy stuff to try to stay off the drugs. I have bathed using a solution of olive oil and sea salt (stings like crazy), then put on hydrogen peroxide (I was told today that this was bad b/c HP breaks down skin but it seems to be working for me), and then used triamcinolone cream and topped with coconut oil. But the life saving thing was the ice packs on the areas that were so out of control. I live in south Florida so I am also laying out in the sun for 15 minutes on each side every day.

Eliminating Sulfides   1  0   

Posted by Bob (Chapel Hill, Nc) on 01/24/2013

[YEA]  You might add a category for Sulfides, which may be a cause. I have had Grovers for 20 years or more. And drank wine and scotch for longer. Two years ago, I stopped drinking all alcohol beverages. I have been free from the itching and pain ever since then.

Posted by Tom
Apex, Nc
Hey man, still clear?? I have been suspecting bourbon and am eaten up with the rash now. Nothing has helped from the derm or the web. GO STATE!! Tom
Posted by Bob
Chapel Hill
Just checked mayo clinic because they know... Duh, nothing. So it's up to us to educate them! Scotch and bourbon are the problem. Due to the damage they do to the liver. My experience is cirrhosis, fatty build up in the liver, degrading it's ability to remove sulfides. So they get passed to the intestines, which convert them to sulfuric acid. Which gets absorbed in the blood, and the body expels them in the sweat glands. So Bobs theory is Grover's is not a pathogen, no fungus, no virus. It's a chemical reaction. It's exactly like the eufedex I use on sun damaged skin. So get a blood test, check GGT level. You asked if I was clear, answer yes, and no. Spent several months with my father who passed, and I was careless and drank more. And Grover's returned. And GGT levels rose. I backed off the alcohol, Grover's is now under control. Damned, the things we do to ourselves!

Gluten Free Diet   1  0   

Posted by Sue (St. Louis, Mo) on 12/16/2012

[YEA]  I have had Grover's since I was a teenager, but never knew what it was. I am 56 now. My Dermatologist confirmed it a couple of years ago. She suggested using the cream AmLactin which helped, but it was always there. I noticed when I started having fruit smoothies 5 days a week, my skin improved. A couple of months ago I decided to go on a no wheat diet in hopes of helping with inflammation problems. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and have a lot of pain and stiffness. Well, my pain and stiffness is 60 percent better and the grovers disease seems to be gone for the first time in my life! Oh, and I lost about 7 pounds and feel better than I have in a long time. If I cheat and eat wheat, I am in pain for a couple of days. It is definitely worth a try!

Posted by Ibhipru
St George, Utah
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   This is in response to the post implicating wheat as the possible culprit to Grover's Disease. I had undiagnosed grover's sysmptoms for years when my wife and decided to go gluten free. The aggrivating itching and red bumps on my stomach, chest and back cleared up to a great degree. I was formally diagnosed with Grover's recently. I also recently fell off the wagon and consumed wheat at the direction of my Dr who was testing me for a skin problem related to Celiac Disease (Dermatitis Perfitaformis). Almost immediately my Grover's errupted. I have also recently veered from my diet and consumed wheat products with a corresponding flare in my Grovers. I really believe Grover's may be affected by wheat or even all gluten flours.

Grover's Disease Remedies   1  0   

Posted by Chris (Honolulu, US) on 09/27/2014

[YEA]  I have been a firefighter for 14 years and have had Grover's ever since. I have tried everything for Grover's Disease. To keep it at bay eat healthy natural foods, avoid excessive heat and stress, cut back on alcohol and caffeine. The underlying problem is within the skin, so foods and supplements good for your skin help fight Grover's. Consider a good hair, skin, and nail vitamin. If you have a flair up use a good mild cleansing soap. If the itch is really bad use ice packs, also rubbing alcohol kills the itch and cleans the area. Again, maintaining a healthy lifestyle works best. Sincerely, Chris

Posted by Barb
Your advice was helpful and made sense.

Grover's Disease Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Lynn Ann (New York Ny) on 06/05/2013

My Grover's disease is so bad it is unbearable. I am a 55 year old woman and this started a couple of years ago - about at the onset of menopause. The disease was diagnosed by biopsy. I am considering undergoing light therapy treatment. Is there any wholistic treatment for this? I have used steroid creams & Atarax but it just will not go away. I really need help. I am itching like crazy and the rash is all over my chest, stomach and my upper & lower back. I can hardly bear it.

Posted by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa
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Hi Lynn Ann, That sounds miserable! I have not experienced this, but have a few thoughts about what I would try if I were in your shoes. I noticed on earth clinic's Grover's Disease page that some have found relief with iodoral. Since iodine deficiency can cause all sorts of problems, it would be something to look into. Since it seems menopause related, possibly, Evening Primrose Oil, internally, might be helpful. 1300mg gel caps daily. They help many with menopause symptoms. Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap molasses help so many people with so many things, adding those to you diet wouldn't hurt and might help. 1-2 T. Of each daily. Lots of water and less sugar are also helpful to many ailments.

To help your immediate problem with itching, you could try oatmeal baths or epsom salt baths. You could also put Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) in a spray bottle and spray it on. It might sting. Try a small spot first. Or dilute 1:1 with water.

I recently made a lotion that is for anti-itch. It works really well for some tick bites that are not being helped by anything else. Here is the recipe:

Natural Anti-Itch Cream:
1 teaspoon fine sea salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons bentonite clay
1 tablespoon (approx. ) witch hazel

How to Make:

Mix sea salt, baking soda, and bentonite clay in a small bowl or jar (nothing metal with the bentonite clay). Slowly add witch hazel. Stirring constantly, until it reaches a creamy consistency. Add essential oils if using.

I added a few drops each of: peppermint, lavender, frankincense, tea tree and patchouli essential oils.

Hope you find some relief soon! Let us know what works for you!

Posted by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado
60 Posts
Dear Lynn, sick people tend to complain about the problems, question the remedies and do nothing. I used to do that when I was sick, suffering from a plethora of degenerative illnesses going downhill getting worse. At some point you have to start working on the solution. You have to begin to take care of yourself because that is what all life on earth does that is living naturally. The first thing you need to do is chant the mantra "just the best not the rest". Believe it or not, the root cause of all illnesses is eating cooked improperly processed food from big agra so stop eating that. Eat a combination of the best vegetables, best fruits, best oils and best proteins. Go to the grocery store and buy some organic baby leaves and some organic strawberries, raspberries, black and blueberries, add some water and grind them up in the blender. Take 1 cup every hour. Take either 15 grams of rapadura or raw honey every hour. Take 15 grams of coconut oil and 15 grams of flax oil together in divided doses daily.

For protein take either 60 grams nondenatured microfiltered whey proteing isolate or 16 eggs from pastured hens, eaten raw and not grinded up in the blender or stirred with a fork. The yolks should be firm and orange, not yellow and soft, in divided doses daily. Take 10 grams or more of red miso daily. You can also take the superfoods hawaiin spirulina, japanese or south korean chlorella, raw organic cocoa powder, nondefatted dessicated liver, absorbable colostrum, raw fermented skate and cod liver oils.

Naturopath doctors, who are the super heroes of the 21st century, have discovered the body requires around 150 nutrients taken in small doses several times a day with lots of water. This is what I take every day and I have not been to the doctor in 6 years.

Posted by Trudyg
Waynesboro, Va, Usa
16 Posts
16 eggs? Per day? Wow. Maybe you can answer my question about eggs: If I eat a raw egg, laid by my hen, it's very fresh and I'm not concerned about bacteria--I know it was clean before I cracked it because I'm the one doing the cleaning. But, how long can I hold an egg before being concerned about contamination? I know that hens can lay eggs over a week and then sit on them to hatch, so they don't automatically go bad without refrigeration. So, at what point do I say it's better not to eat it raw?
Posted by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa
705 Posts
Hi again... after I posted, I thought of a few more things that might be worth a try...

Turmeric - this is great for inflammation. It is also anti-tumor. 1 t. 2-3 x a day. You could take 4 00 capsules to make 1 t. Or you could mix the powder with milk. (Some people like it that way... I don't! I mixed it with honey to get my 4 year old to take it.

Vitamin C - another thing that helps many diseases. Doctoryourself. com has lots of stories and talks about how to dose it.

Coconut Oil- read about how many things this helps here on earthclinic. You could do oil pulling or just take it internally. (1-3 T. A day... Start with 1 or 2 t. a day and work your way up.)

Let us know what helps you! ~ Mama to Many

Posted by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado
60 Posts
Dear TrudyG,

1. google eating eggs from pastured hens raw.
2. Eggs from pastured hens are not contaminated. The shell seals them, preventing them from being contaminated from the outside.
3. The egg can be stored at room temperature for 1 month.
4. Heating and grinding up in the blender and stirring with a fork denatures some of the beneficial properties.
5. When a racoon steals a duck egg, he doesn't cook it. The duck has been eating greens not grains.
6. A famous naturopath doctor got a call from a relative of a sick old dying woman who was given 2 days to live by a doctor. She asked what could she do and the naturopath said at this late stage maybe eating eggs from pastured hens raw. In 2 days, she ate 6 dozen and eventually made a full recovery.
7. All the nutrients are in the egg except sugar because the egg turns into an animal.
8. The reason I said eggs was because they are the most convenient. They are not the most cost effective for protein. The most cost effective is nondenatured microfiltered whey protien isolate and red miso.
9. Every day tissues are being replaced these tissues are made up of the oils 3 6 9 and a protein called glutamate. When people don't get enough of these oils and protein, their organs become smaller and weaker. The 3 foods highest in glutamate are red miso, nondenatured microfiltered whey protein isolate, and eggs from pastured hens eaten raw. I take both red miso and nondenatured microfiltered whey protien isolate and flax oil because they are cost effective. The flax oil needs to be taken with coconut oil because the polyunsaturated oils need saturated oils to function properly. Eggs contain some very important substances that are not in the miso or the whey. For purposes of cost effectiveness, take 4 eggs a day and then take the miso and the whey and the flax oil and the coconut oil.

Posted by Trudyg
Waynesboro, Va, Usa
16 Posts
So what's the easiest way--just toss them back? I only have a couple of hens, so don't get 6 eggs/day. May need more chickens. Will this help my insomnia? I'm the terrible insomniac on this forum for whom nothing works. Thanks so much for your input.
Posted by Sandy
My suggestion is to take D-Lenolate (olive leaf extract) and bathe the areas with Olive Leaf soap.
Posted by Tinabobeena
New York, Ny
I don't think there is a cure per se - though I am not a doctor. I was told it just has to run its course (this of course after I got it checked out and the doctor told me it was Grover's Disease). Best remedy for the itching: Sarna lotion. It helped tremendously!! Be prepared - Grover's Disease can last for months, but does eventually go away on its own.
Posted by Shae
Los Angeles, California
I've had Grover's Disease for many years, and was FINALLY diagnosed a couple of years ago. I had a second biopsy just to make sure and confirm. The ONLY thing that has worked (medication-wise) has been Accutane. I'm not thrilled about having to take it again, (this will be the second time), but, I'm miserable. I'm interested in finding a doctor that specializes in Grover's. Anyone know of one in the US??? Thanks.
Posted by Michelle
Los Angeles, US
I have to disagree.... In SOME cases grover's can go away on its own. I have suffered for 25 years. Almost always in some sort of break out somewhere on my body. The only relief for me has been acutane. Don't love going on it but it stopped it completely while taking it. After two months off it erupted in full force. I would like to try a natural remedy and I have in the past, but nothing really worked. I'm still searching.

Hibiclens   0  0   

Posted by Donangelo (Bend, Or) on 06/30/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I contracted Grover's Disease 10 years ago when I lay in bed for 3 months following a head-on collision that broke my bones in 27 places. Several months ago I discovered that coating the area with Hibiclens, a strong and inexpensive antibiotic available without a prescription, for a couple minutes when I take my morning shower, almost completely eliminates the pustules, at least by 80%. Aloe vera or coconut oil also help a little. I am currently applying the Hibiclens only every other day, and I have not experimented to see if I stay cleared up if I stop the Hibiclens.

Kelp Paste, Hot Showers   0  1   

Posted by Avvidor (Pembroke Pines Fl.33027) on 12/29/2013

[NAY]  Grover's Disease: I am a 78 yr old female diagnosed by biopsy....... been told that my case is severe includes back, legs and both arms. Itching is outrageous...any ideas are greatly appreciated.....even tried kelp paste and very hot showers/..nothing has been effective....derms have sent me to specialist..// at jmh..have been told there is no will go away......hope to hear from someone.....

Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
705 Posts
Dear Avvidor,

What have you tried other than kelp paste and hot showers? I noticed several things on the Earth Clinic page that have helped...Iododral and B-complex. I am wondering if you have tried these.

Carrot juice also comes to mind as something I would try. The high vitamin A is good for skin and it is a good detox for the body. But it can be an investment if you don't have a juicer or one you could borrow. Drinking a quart a day of carrot is doable, though you might start with less to make sure it doesn't bother you. (Like a cup a day and work up to a quart a day.) I have had a quart a day for a couple of weeks with no adverse affects.

Do keep us posted...I hope you are feeling better soon.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Avvidor, in my experience, the real Coconut Oil drastically reduces itching from any cause.
Posted by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado
Avvidore: Watch raw food videos. The80/10/10ers have recovered from everything. You can also take the best all in one formula according to Mike Adams from natural news, a 30 herb blend, mostly wild harvested from deep in the amazon jungle. A Finnish company checked the electromagnetism with a tesla scope and the energies were so high they had to recalibrate their instrument. The preperation is called sparygic. The caps are called liquizons. The owner's girl friend happens to be Olivia Newton John. She takes 3 tsp. Daily.

Molybdenum   1  0   

Posted by Jerry (Huntington Beach, Ca) on 07/17/2010

[YEA]  I have Grover's Disease, confirmed by a dermatologist and a pathology. My first major outbreak was in 2004, with subsequent major outbreaks in 2006 and 2007. I have discovered that the outbreaks are caused by ingestion of sulfites which I am apparently sensitive to. As you may know, sulfites are plentiful in all manner of food and drink, especially psckaged french fries and hash browns, out of season fruits and vegatables and unfortunately, wine and brandy. (and probably beer) I believe that many years of enjoying alcoholic beverages may have damaged my liver's ability to process sulfites. However, I have found that taking molybdenum has negated my problem with sulfites and I am no longer troubled by Grover's. I take one capsule per day (1, 000 mcg). I have no trouble with wine and occasionally even have a few french fries. I don't know if sulfites cause Grover's outbreaks in anybody else but you might want to consider it.

Posted by Seavid
Los Angeles, Ca
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I've had Grovers for over 10 years. After researching and finding mercury might be a cause I tried eating fresh cilantro ever day for several weeks. To my surprise it has helped more than any of the many other things I have tried. The Grovers is not completely gone but it is the best it has ever been since it appeared. Amazing!
Posted by George
Wall, Nj
Quick relief for grovers itch-Vicks vapo rub-lasts for awhile.

Oil Pulling, Coconut Oil   0  0   

Posted by Judy (Schertz, Texas) on 03/20/2014

Grover's Skin Disorder and Polycythemia Vera:

Hello out there. Could use some help here in regards to the Grovers issues, read the oil pulling, which I hope will help and going to take Coconut oil capsules as well with using the oils recommended. The Poly Vera have had for 7 years and treated with med and blood withdraws. Yuk but it works. Anybody out there that has this? Thanks.

OTC   1  0   

Posted by Cindy B (Sarasota, Florida) on 07/02/2014

[YEA]  Last summer I was diagnosed with Grover's disease .. Fought it all summer.. it came back this summer ..a friend of mine told me her secret to treating it. Monistat 7 cream ..applied 2-3 times a day. I did this and within 3 days it's almost gone!

Posted by Kathy
Mashpee Ma
I have been diagnoist with Grovers also ealier this year. I have been on steroids with no effect at all. I read this post about using Monistat 7 and decided to try it. I use it 2x/day then put baby powder on the lesions. I also take 2400mg fish oil / day. This has definately helped me. This itching goes away within 3days but I stopped using it for 4 days while recovering from unrelated surgery and it came back in full force.

I have also noticed that staying out of the heat will help. I tried taking an oatmeal bath as recomended by an RN and my legs broke out something awful. It may have been the temp of the hot bath however.

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Jordan (Lansing, MI) on 11/30/2007

Hi I have a question. For about 3 years now I have experienced itchy bumps that look similar to acne but are not, on my chest before my menstrual cycle. I had dealt with it and just decided it would be yet another thing to deal with during PMS. But now I am having the same problem all the time and it is on my back now as well. They are incredibly itchy and swell when touched and show up only on my chest and back. HELP!

Posted by Jake
Chicago, Il
For Jordan from Lansing: Your description sounds like it could be Grover's disease - something I have been fighting several years. I did a biopsy a long time ago and it came back -Grover's, and the doctor said it was just something that comes and goes, but that nothing could be done about it. In other words they don't have a clue as to what it is. The last couple of years of my searching, I discovered that some enterprising doctor in N.Y linked it to Mercury and has had some success chelating with Chemet. I have found other ways to deal with it, but first you need to see if it makes sense that that is what you have. Do you have amalgam fillings. If so that's a good clue. Or have you have a lot of injections or innoculations or do you eat a lot of fish. Those are generally the three sources in decending order of mercury toxicity - amalgam generally being the major problem. Mine was related to cracked mercury fillings and I had the last of them out with a carefully identified holistic dentist. Now I'm finding ways to detoxify from 50 years of amalgam in my mouth and my system. The removal along with the pulling of my root canal and the decay sitting beneath each silver (amalgam) filling and in the root canal - which is unavoidable in any root canal as I understand, has made a huge difference in my health over the last 11 months. I had 4 major symptoms that have mostly resolved.

Also were you for any reason suddenly inactive whereas before you regularly exercised? This would be another clue. Mine first showed up after a 10 day hospital stay.

Posted by Jake
Chicago, IL
Iodine for Grover's Disease

I believe I have cured my Grover's Disease with iodine, mostly iodoral which is the pill equivalent of Ludol's iodine - generally 2 to 3 pills providing 25 to 37.5 mgs., but with some kelp too that contains a lot of iodine, as well. It took 2 to 3 weeks but then I realized the red pimples were not coming back. It is now 3 months and there are no signs of the red bumps that covered my back and both sides of my chest for several months - or on my chest less profuse with them than the other areas mentioned, as well.

Posted by Ann
San Francisco, Ca, Usa
Jake, I am curious. Why do you think that the iodine cured your disease? Were you experimenting to cure the Grover's, or were you addressing a different health issue?

I had Grover's forever and had success with Chemet. I am curious about your experience.

Posted by Jake
Chicago, Il

I was experimenting with a lot of stuff. The red pimples would not go away. This was my longest bout with Grover's which had come and gone - mostly gone for most of the 18 plus years since it showed up after my cancer operation in 1991. Presumably it now related to my latest bout with mercury from a filling that broke down and was removed by a dentist who was not willing to accept mercury's toxicity (at least to some of us.) My current thinking is that the 1991 cancer and many of my health issues over the years all related to the many amalgams in my mouth as well as two root canals, one of which was removed after it failed.

At any rate, I found some success. The red pimples receded. But then they came back, a couple of times I think. The problem was I experimented with so many things that it was hard to pin down what was producing the results. I surmised wrongly - and it was frustrating. Each time I thought I had it isolated as to the supplement finally giving me relief, I did not in fact have it. I realized eventually however that when I started taking Iodoral - that in fact was the factor. Cold hands and feet and other hypothyroid symptoms had improved, and perhaps that is why I didn't make the immediate connection to the Grover's, as the hypothyroid issue had been my focus. Now I see both issues were probably connected. The thyroid issue too I see related to the mercury toxicity.

The Grover's has still not returned now even though I have at times gone stretches without the Iodoral. I have used other iodine supplements like kelp, and that may be part of the reason. But also, I believe I've continued to detox mercury over these latest months, and that's probably part of it too. I for instance can take cilantro now without the headaches I got before. I believe a lot of mercury is now out of my system - although I also believe I'll probably be detoxing the rest of my life.

Posted by Ann
San Francisco, Ca, Usa
Thanks for the quick response. I also believe that mercury toxicity contributes to many diseases. I am very slightly hypothyroid and I am trying to figure out what is going on before the doc tells me that I have to take T3. Hands and feet are always cold. What I believe - after seeing so clearly that the Grover's was directly related to mercury - is that disease is the result of some imbalance, and I would rather figure out the imbalance than take the prescription pill.

I sauna a lot and thought that maybe I lose iodine when I sweat, so I have been taking some kelp supplements and will retest thyroid in a few months. What I don't know is how much iodine to take. I know the RDA, which I believe is a minimum, but I don't know how much is safe. In other words, I'm sure that there is a maximum, and I don't know what that number is. There is so much info on the web, and much of it is conflicting.

My Grover's is clear enough, and has been for a long time, so the residual rarely flares enough to bother me. Let's say I'm 95% clear. I haven't seen a change in my skin since I started taking the kelp, but then, I'm only taking 2 - 3 times the RDA. What's interesting to me is the potential connection between iodine, thyroid, and Grover' you have an idea of the reason that the iodine might have had an impact on your skin?

I also think that I will be detoxing in some form or another for life. I took the Chemet initially because I wanted to use the strongest medicine to get the mercury out as efficiently as possible. Now I take chlorella, eat cilantro, and sauna regularly.

Posted by Louis
Narara, Australia
The itching started about 18 months ago, then came the red pimples all over. Front and back, then the top of the legs and arms. the itching was so bad, at times it feels as if someone was stabbing me wit a needle.In this time I saw 4 doctors,who gave me different ointments to no avail.

Eventually after 6 months I was sent to a specialist who recognised it immediately as Grover's Disease. He put me on steroids 4mg. After 3 days my itching was completely gone I was advised to bring the amount slowly down.

After one year on the steroids I am now only taking 0.5mg every second day. I still get itchy pimples but only by ones, but a mosquito bite is worse

Posted by Jc
Mv, Ca, Usa
I was diagnosed with Grover's Disease3 yrs ago after symptoms got progressively worse over the previous 2.5 -3 yrs. My Derm subscribed a steroid and said if that didn't help we could try Accutane. The steroid did little to nothing. I wasn't interested in using either of these drugs so I started taking 400 mg garlic capsule supplement, 2@ morning, 2 @ evening. Within a week I was noticing improvement. Within 3 wks I notice a huge improvement. The itching was almost gone and the breakouts were clearing without new breakouts forming. I continued taking that dosage until all was clear. Once it was completely cleared, I reduced the dosage to 2 in the AM.

I continue to take this dosage daily to keep the disease at bay. Now and then I do get a few breakouts due to forgetting to take them or possibly fatigue related. When that happens, I increase the dosage for a day or so and then return to 2 in the AM. Garlic is very good for the entire body, it is naturally anti-fungus, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. I hope you find success with this wonderful alternative to treating groves disease. It has been a true God send for me.
Posted by Diamond
Salisbury, Ma.usa
Thank you on the garlic, I use garlic liquid caps. 1000 mg; I also itch alot, most times I forget to take the garlic caps. And itch again. Some one else mentioned on this site to use fresh garlic and fresh lemon so I use both in apple cider accept I buy real lemon in a bottle and what a great juice drink, I grind up my fresh garlic in a blender then push it through a strainer not a colender, it used to be a coffee or tea strainer they are still sold in stores. All three are a great combo.
Posted by Buddy
Kingman, Az
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   Hi Guys, I also had Grover's disease (have) I had all the metal fillings taken from my teeth. (Contain mercury) Been over a month, seems to be cleared-up, almost all gone, try it good luck God Bless.

You'll be glad you did.. Buddy

Posted by Lisa
Boston, Ma
I have been recently diagnosed with grover's but have had a few red bumps for many many years but it was so slight that I just thought it was from working out. However in February and early March I developed a pretty big rash and went to have a biopsy and - my dermatologist said it was definitely Grover's. So I have been on two topical creams and they don't seem to be doing anything except drying out my clear skin. I am so stressed over these bumps. I was so itchy that the Dr.gave me a cortizone shot yesterday - which has already helped. But, I really am interested in trying some natural cures. I already eat raw garlic twice a day and I started to take kelp after reading this blog - But maybe I need more? What exactly is Iodoral? A brand of iodine? Is it safe to take and how much is the right amount. I really need some advice - I am detoxing eating only raw foods - totally clean. I am also drinking an indian tea that is meant to detox metals from your body. I beleive I can trace my mercury expose to when I replaced all my old fillings.

At any rate... I am really intersted to know more about the Iodoral and how it is safely used. Any thoughts?

Posted by Daniel
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
If you are reading this then you were probably like me and in need of something that works. I came to this site because I have never experienced anything like this before in my life and really needed something that worked. Because I live in Mexico I went to the pharmacy here and they did not have a clue on what it was but said try some hydrocortisone which did not work. It got worse. I then went to a dermo doctor in San Diego and he immediately knew it was Grovers and prescribed Olux-E which is a foam topical which cost $104. 00 and that was my co-pay! I used it for three weeks with no results in fact it got worse. The Grovers was now on my right forearm, right upper arm. Right calf, left calf, left calf and left upper arm. I did some research of my own and found Terrasil cream and bought it on-line for about $24.00.

I then bought B-Complex and Garlic pills and started with this all at once. The first use was at night and when I woke in the morning I could see improvement. It has been three days now using the Terrasil, B Complez and garlic pills and the Grovers is almost gone! I still itch a little but it won't be long before it's all gone. I don't know what actually helped the most but I am satisfied so I will continue with all three. I grew up in So, California and went to the beach almost every day in the summer so I may have damaged my skin which caused this problem and now I'm 58 and paying for it. I suggest you try this little concoction that I did and I think you'll be relieved from all of this itching and actually see results. GOOD LUCK!

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Posted by Buddy (Kingman, Arizona, Usa) on 07/14/2011

[YEA]  I had Grovers for about 15 years. About two months ago, I had all my metal fillings replaced and my Grovers has cleared-up.

Thanks and good luck..

Vitamin B Complex   1  0   

Posted by Lisa (Lawton, OK) on 12/01/2007

[YEA]  I was diagnosed with eczema many years ago. The Dr. prescribed some medication, but I didn't want to take it because I was pregnant at the time. Tried Vitamin B-Complex after reading about the benefits. I took 1 in the morning and 1 at night and the eczema started to clear up after about 3 weeks. I then started taking just 1 pill a day and if I get lazy and don't take it for several days, I start feeling the "itch" starting. This might help Jordan with the "itchy bumps". I hope so. I'm somewhat of a petite person; I don't know if body weight would affect the amount of B-complex needed to see possible improvement.

Posted by Kerry
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi l am a 56 year old woman and was diagnosed with Grovers 10 years ago, unlike all of the blogs l have it on my upper legs and they are not itchy. I feel l may have been misdiagnosed.

Vitamin D3   0  0   

Posted by Timothy (London, UK) on 03/28/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I first noticed evidence of Grover's disease in 2011 with spreading lesions on my torso both back and front. Visits to dermatologists in London and New York including biopsies confirmed that the lesions were caused by Grover's Disease which I was told was incurable. However, I noticed that the symptoms were far less noticeable in the summer months and guessed that sunshine and therefore Vitamin D may be effective. In 2012, I started to take 4 x Vitamin D3 (Potency 10ug = 10 micrograms equivalent to 400 IU = 400 International Units) per day. I immediately noticed an improvement to such an extent that after some months the symptoms and the scars had completely healed. I then experimented by coming off Vitamin D3 in the summer of 2012 but after some weeks the symptoms returned. I then stayed on Vitamin D3 for six or seven months over the winter of 2012/2013 and once again the symptoms disappeared following which I stopped taking Vitamin D3 for approximately eight months with no further symptoms. However, as I write this in February 2014 the symptoms have once again returned and I have therefore re-started the Vitamin D3 which once again has suppressed the symptoms.

The conclusion to my experience is that if not a cure, Vitamin D3 in the dose that I have used is a highly effective way of treating this unpleasant and irritating disease. I hope this works for you.

Zinc Oxide   1  0   

Posted by Peterjk (Hcmc, Vietnam) on 09/30/2012

[YEA]  Hi, I was diagnosed with Grovers Disease by a dermalogogist in Vienam (USA doctor) he did not explain the implications of the anti-biotics he subscribed to me, the RARE side effects being light sensitivity. This being me I did exhibit! He sunscribed several differant tablets & creams. None of them worked, I bought babies nappy rash talcum powder (Contains ZnO-Zinc Oxide) also read about GARLIC tablets, so bought them.

Within several weeks applying baby nappy rash powder and taking a 1000mg tablet of odourless garlic the rash had gone. I thought this strange so stopped taking tabs and using powder for a few days. GROVERS reappeared! Restarted using the powder and taking the tabs and GROVERS went away again!

I do not know if this will work for all suffers but it did work for me, don't know why it works, Zinc Oxide is good for all basic skin problems but how it works on GROVERS I have no idea!

Both treatments do not cause any harmful effects, the woese that cam happen is you develope an allergy to GARLIC!

It has been 4 months sonce the last signs of this terrible disease and I am glad this treatment worked for me!

Posted by B
Hi, when and how often do you apply the nappy rash powder? Are you still taking that tablets and having rash free skin?
Posted by Renee
Ewing, Nj
I read about how baby powder with zinc oxide and 1000 mg of garlic pills helps with Grover's disease. When do you start to see results? How long does it take for the rash to completely go away? Is there any particulars on how and when to take this remedy? Is there a specific nappy baby powder to be used? Thanks!


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