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Scorpion Bite Remedies

Last Modified on Sep 06, 2014

While the reputation of a scorpion bite or scorpion sting is somewhat inflated as to the dangers of its venom and the toxin's effects on the human body, a scorpion bite is still painful and can be dangerous for children and the elderly or infirm.

Symptoms of a scorpion sting include sensitivity in the area of the sting, numbness or tingling, pain or burning, and a relative lack of inflammation. Systemic symptoms may include dizziness, nausea, headache, changes in vision, and thickness in the throat or tongue.

Natural Remedies: A scorpion bite should be washed with soap and water, and then a cold compress should be applied to the area. Also remove any restrictive jewelry so that swelling does not impede circulation. Elevate the body part, if possible. An analgesic can reduce pain and inflammation.

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User Reviews

Ammonia   1  0   

Posted by Alan (Indianapolis, IN US) on 05/15/2009

[YEA]  I got my first scorpion stings in Florida, when I was 10. I had gone out for firewood, and stuck my hand in a nest hiding below a log. My parents immediately immersed my hand in regular ammonia, and told me to quit screaming. My recollection is it worked very well, and by night time, I slept soundly.


I soaked a washcloth with white vinegar and applied it to the sting. IMMEDIATE pain relief!! Why doesn't poison control know this?
Replied by Connie
Pennsylvania, US

I remember the first time I was bitten by a scorpion as a new bride in Texas. I asked my husband to take me to the hospital (thinking that I was dying) and he said it would be too late by the time I got there (knowing I would be feeling better eventually). I thought he was not caring about my death. (We survived it).

I later learned the ammonia solution. It definitely helps.

Baking Soda   1  0   

Posted by Carol (Yoakum, Texas,77995) on 08/16/2009

[YEA]  I have used baking soda many times for scorpion bites, for bee stings, for yellow jackets and red wasps. Apply a paste of baking soda and water. Keep applying to bite until sting is gone, usually immediate. I carry a small plastic bottle of baking soda in all vehicles for bites and stings. Thank God for this wonderful inexpensive multiple use powder! My husband and I take baking soda daily as an additional way to alkalize our bodies.

Suzy's Scorpion Bite Remedies   1  0   

Posted by Suzy (Houston, TX, USA) on 10/05/2008

[YEA]  Suddenly woke up at 2:30 A.M. from a stinging scorpion. I did the following and within 48 hours all symptoms were GONE!

First, I took 3 Benedryl tablets total 75mg. Then applied soaked cotton balls of Hyland's Tincture of Arnica until all the swelling disappeared. Took less than 30 minutes. Taped the cotton ball to my chest and went back to bed. The pain kept me from sleeping for about 2 hours. Finally nodded off around 5:00 A.M.

When I got up the pain (feels like a knife in your body) still present and bite area red but no swelling. I then applied 3" ball of red clay mixed with organic apple cider vinegar and wrapped the area with a light cotton band. (I used a white gauze kitchen towel.) Changed the clay/vinegar every 4 hours.

Continued for 24 hours even thru the night. Next morning I took a warm, not hot, epsom salt(4#) bath with lavender. Soaked for 20 minutes. Rested all day feeling very hung over from the Benedryl. Drank lots of water including lemon/baking soda.

I also put my hands on the bite area (just 3" below my heart) I sent loving gratitude to my body. Then did the same to my liver for processing the poison. Following morning I woke up feeling great. No redness. No pain.

Tea Bag   1  0   

Posted by Uga (Oklahoma, US) on 09/05/2014

[YEA]  I strapped a used frozen tea bag to the scorpion sting and kept it on for several hours. Pain gone within 30 minutes, no redness or swelling. I keep my used teabags, after squeezing out most of the liquid, in a zip sandwich bag in the freezer. The cold helps right away, and the tea draws out or reduces the venom. Also use for fire ant stings, wasps, etc. Bleach or ammonia dabbed on immediately helps neutralize the acid of the sting, but I've been using tea bags exclusively this summer. God bless.


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