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Juniper Berry Home Remedies

Last Modified on Oct 22, 2012

As a potent diuretic with antifungal and specific cleansing effects on the body, juniper berries provide a more intensely therapeutic natural medicine than some of our other home remedies.

Natural Juniper Home Remedies: First and foremost, juniper is considered a purifying remedy. It is a diuretic that stimulates elimination of wastes from the body and is considered a detoxifying agent even beyond that basic function. This is particularly true for arthritis and gout, where juniper can be taken internally to reduce uric acid build-up.

However, it is in that diuretic role that is most often used as a therapeutic agent for the kidneys. Additionally, juniper oil can be rubbed into the chest for congestion or a cough. It can also be used as a massage oil to reduce the pain of gout or arthritis. In both cases, be sure to mix with a gentle carrier oil to prevent irritation.

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Juniper Berry
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Posted by Anon (CA) on 08/18/2012

[YEA]  I also suggest you create a new page for Juniper Remedies. It has lots of properties, helps/heals colic, indigestion, digestive problems, urinary track problems, cystitis, vaginatis, urine retention, inflamed kidneys, prostate, gallstones, anti inflammatory, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, ... It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, etc... However, it should not be used by pregnant woman, it is said it could cause abortion.

Replied by Ray Of Hope
Camberwell, London, Uk

[WARNING!]   Please do not toy with juniper oil, it is not for the novice, it is the most stimulating oil of all essential oil and thus should be diluted according to the age of user. In fact it has a contraindication for those who have conditions like fibroid etc. And should not come into contact, neat, on skin without it been diluted (drops has to be added to a carrier oil) and not suitable for children. Let an Aromatherapist advise you.
Replied by Linda
San Francisco, Ca, Usa

Juniper the herb is a totally different animal than the essential oil of Juniper (Juniperus Communis, Linn.).

Read about the uses of Juniper here from the excellent Herbal by Ms. Maude Grieve:

It is important when discussing anything commonly called "Juniper" to be specific by using the exact botanical name of the plant under discussion.

As is apparent from reading at the end of the link above, there are varieties of Cedar (Juniperus Monosperma for instance, is commonly called a Cedar), MANY different varieties of Juniper, and other species (Thuja, etc) which are ALL frequently referred to as "Juniper" by common name, hence my caution to stick with the exact Botanical name (the Latin name) when discussing these varieties.

The different parts of the plant also have different medicinal uses (Berries, even the state of *ripeness* of the berries, bark, leaves, etc), and they are not interchangeable.

The essential oil (steam distilled) of Juniperus Communis is far and away much stronger than other forms of this plant, and indeed should be used only by folk who are knowledgeable about its cautions. No one with Nephritis should use this oil at all, and no one with any other inflammatory Kidney issues should either. Essential Oil of Juniperus Communis should only be used, and then very sparingly and carefully, when well-diluted with a carrier oil (e. G. , almond, avocado, olive oil, etc).

Especially in this day and age where many, many people are taking God Knows What pharmaceutical junk.

A tea infusion of Juniper is far safer and Juniperus Communis indeed has many wonderful uses as a food seasoning and healthful ingredient in many foods/flavorings.

I would love it if the original Poster on this thread would post in more detail their experiences, and the reason for their request that there be a Juniper page, because I agree there should *definitely* be a Juniper page- And Juniper berries are indeed wonderful- As long as we are NOT talking about undiluted Juniper Berry steam-distilled Essential Oil (Which is also wonderful, but you had better know what you are doing if you use it. AND know how to recover if something goes wrong.)).

Stay well, Linda from SF

Replied by Sandra
Dallas, Tx

A question about Juniper. What if you are extrememly allergic to Mountain Cedar? Would that also crossover to other types of Juniper? I am currently at the end of my initial allergic response to Mountain Cedar and the cycle is so much like the flu for me. After this, it will just be generalized allergic responses.

Hair Tonic   0  0   

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 07/19/2011

I have found this recipe for a hair tonic in one of my books but I am not sure whether it is good to use spirit for the hair. The recipe is as follow: 50ml of surgical spirit (or flower water if the hair is very greasy but mine is not), not carrier oil or lotion, 10 drops of Cedarwood essential oil, 10 drops of Juniper EO and 15 drops of Rosemary EO. Anyway has ever used such a tonic? I don't know whether to try it or not.


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