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Diverticulitis Treatment: Natural Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 19, 2015

What is Diverticulitis?
Diverticulitis is a digestive tract condition involving the presence of little pouches called diverticula anywhere between your esophagus and large intestine in a process called diverticulosis. Diverticula are common and do not normally cause trouble, but when one of these pouches becomes inflamed or infected it can cause severe pain and intestinal trouble. Diverticula usually develop in weaker parts of the colon under a lot of pressure, but how they become infected or inflamed is still an area under a lot of medical scrutiny; some theories involved trapped fecal matter causing infections, obstructions causing reduced blood-supply and leading to inflammation, and increased pressure weakening diverticula walls.

Symptoms of diverticulitis are sudden and severe pain on the lower left side of the abdomen, changes in bowel habits, abdominal tenderness, fever, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and rectal bleeding. It was once believed that diets high in nuts, seeds, and corn were associated with diverticulitis risk, but research has shown no association.

Find a Natural Diverticulitis Treatment on Earth Clinic

On this page you can find a number of natural and home remedies for diverticulitis submitted by Earth Clinic readers. Some of our popular treatments include grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera juice, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, and even an acid/alkaline diet for diverticulitis. Let us know what you use from Earth Clinic to cure diverticulitis. Know of a remedy not yet listed here? Please don't hesitate to share it with us!

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Most Popular Diverticulitis Treatment Remedies:

Grapefruit Seed Extract9
Aloe Vera Juice7
Aloe Vera Juice, Papaya4

User Reviews

Acid Alkaline Diet   1  0   

Posted by Erica (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) on 09/15/2011

[YEA]  My mum has been following an acid alkaline diet which has really helped heal not only her diverticulitis but ulcers too. She no longer takes any medicine and is can even eat foods that she couldn't tolerate before - though in moderation!

Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharride   0  0   

Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 09/19/2014

When push comes to shove, one can try a more expensive option for ulcers when lower cost options don't work. It cured my diverticulitis within two months. I used amp mp plus.

It did cost me $126 at full dose per month at 9 capsules per day. I was able to cut down to 2 capsules per day after 2 months. How fast it works depends on severity of ulcers. Some people can have results in a week. Once you get better, you can cut down your dosage.

Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharride (AMP)

You should be on a high quality pro biotic. Probiotics has also cured this condition. I assume you have tried that.

Aloe Vera Juice   7  0   

Posted by Lisad (Cirencester, Uk) on 10/15/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I've suffered with Diverticulitis for a number of years now as it comes and goes in severity. About 18 months ago, I had a particularly bad bout and it was time to see the doctor. He gave a course of antibiotics which I admit did make me feel worse before I felt better. I'm certainly not a fan of antibiotics but occasionally they are needed.

Obviously, a good course of high quality probiotics are indicated after using antibiotics... and of course anything that is going to improve digestive health with this condition is a positive thing. I personally like the Odos Choice as there are 30 billion viable organisms per capsule, about 8 different strains and they have to be kept in the fridge which for some reason makes me feel more confident about it - but I digress.

I have always been a fan of Aloe and I spend alot of time in France. They have a drink there in most shops that is basically just water and aloe and everyone drinks it for their overall gut health (presumably because of a rich food diet). I found though that it works miracles if you just use it (well Aloe in general) all the time, rather than when you are feeling under the weather as it's also a powerful preventative measure rather than a treatment.

I get very few problems these days as a result (although Aloe isn't the only thing I use every day but it one of the main things).

Yay for Aloe Vera - which tastes nice and sounds nice. :)

Replied by Timh

To help empower your probiotic and get more bang for your buck, it is recommended to take a natural antibiotic like Grapefruitseed, Olive Leaf, or Oregano Extract before retiring and take the probiotic first thing when awakening. FOS or Inulin is also recommended as a pre-probiotic as it helps the digestion environment for proper colonization.

Another critical nutrient for colon health is Butyric Acid. Butyric Acid is found most abundant in Butter and gives it the kinda rotten smell. B.A. is rarely available in supplement form but is effective and would be highly recommended during flare-ups. Also the body makes B.A. as a byproduct of incomplete digestion of Wheat or Oat Fiber.

Back to Aloe Vera. I have been using Aloe on-and-off for yrs. I currently take two soft gels once per wk as a maintenance dose.

Posted by Mdepaul (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/02/2013

[YEA]  Diverticulitis: Fourteen years ago I had terrible pain in my intestinal tract. I could not go to the hospital because of no insurance and I praise the Lord to this day that he sent me to the computer where I discovered a site, do not remember which one but they all had serious problems with their intestines, ulcerative colitis, bleeding etc. One of the common things that was working for many of them was an aloe product which was a fortune but supposedly was better because they had elilminated things which could be harmful to you. I could not afford the two hundred they were charging and decided to go and buy regular aloe. I had been suffering for about a week or more with horrible pain. I went and purchased the aloe capsule in herb form not gel, the gel did not work for me. Within a day my pain had gone. I stayed on this everyday and have not stopped. It has been fifteen years and I still take it and will not stop. I praise the Lord for showing me the way to healing.

Replied by Peteremond
Mobile, Al

What brand of aloe did you use? Dosage?
Replied by Lisa

What type did you buy?

Posted by Prioris (Fort Pierce, Fl, Usa) on 05/23/2013

[YEA]  Remedy: Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharide (AMP). I am surprised AMP isn't mentioned. The best Aloe Vera is a very highly concentrated and purified form of the active ingredient called Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharide. This not only does not contain any toxins and side effects but solves a large number of intestinal and bowel disease problems. Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharide is a natural antibiotic. It is kind of expensive but after it works, you can taper down. There is a chart which compares the Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharide products on the internet somewhere.

Also Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharide will heal the little sacs in the intestine. Doctors say they won't heal. That is baloney. With the right nutrients, your body will heal.

The regular Aloe Vera would not work on my diverticulitis. It was too weak. Plus it caused nausea. It took 2 months for it to work. You will also figure out which foods are causing it after a while. They may not be the ones that get listed either. I do take a small amount of fiber to clean my intestine a little also.

Replied by Wholly Holistic
Little Rock, Ar

[YEA]   AMP-ed up aloe vera likely saved my life. Physician had me on two strong antibiotics to cure diverticulitis leaving me with strict instructions to take ALL doses. Within two days, I was having what I call rigors (muscle rigidity) and felt close to death! When by the grace of God, I awakened that next morning I told my husband I would NEVER take another antibiotic in my life. After researching on, I dispatched my husband to the health food store to buy several items! But the one that made the most immediate impact was ALOE Vera juice with AMP. Within 1 hour I was better and by the afternoon I was 2000% better!!!!! It is now a part of my daily regime, although it does taste like drinking hydrogen peroxide.
Replied by Prioris

I took the AMP capsules so the taste was irrelevant. Most AMP products come with 270 capsules although slightly different strengths but I did find one with 90 capsules and good strengths so lower cost for less severe condition. I had to take AMP capsules for a month and half before I found relief but many people find immediate relief within days or weeks. It depends upon the severity of the problem. Here are comparisons of some products:
Replied by Peteremond
Mobile, Al

What brand of Aloe with the high levels of AMP did you use to heal your diverticulitis? I'm using Lily of the Desert aloe gel, but I'm still having pain in my lower left abdomen. Before I make an expensive purchase, I'd like to learn what is working for other diverticulitis patients.
Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa

I used Aloe MP PLus. The capsules are pure AMP. I'm sure other brands will work.The chart on reviews will point out things to look for in an AMP product. It probably comes down to getting the most bang for your money.
Replied by Alyson Linville
Leesburg, Va

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have been taking Aloe Vera juice (from Amazon) - two or three "shots" a day, with papaya tablets after every meal. I also take L-glutamin 500 mg a day. Since May I have been off the Flagyll and Cirpro. So far it's working and I thank this website. No more popcorn or fried chicken:( But for me - better than the antibiotics! ) and I still can have my wine:)
Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa

Noticed you had "Better but not cured" label. You may need a stronger version of aloe vera. Try the AMP tablet version.

Posted by Cc (Fort Worth, Tx) on 03/30/2013

[YEA]  I have not been "officially" diagnosed by a doctor as to whether I have diverticulitus or not - it could be IBS but my symptoms for diverticulitus are nearly exactly what others have suffered, so I tried aloe vera juice and grapefruit seed extract and probiotics (kefir). I was completely amazed at my relief after just a couple of days. I am fairly convinced it was the aloe vera juice for the most part because kefir and other probiotics have been part of my daily life for 10 years and I was still suffering. I will be consuming 8oz or so of the aloe vera juice daily for a while to see if I can avoid flare ups. I may add papaya enzyme as well. I was totally thrilled when my symptoms completely disappeared and felt normal for the first time in nearly a decade!

Replied by Jeanine
West Hollywood, California

Hi CC, Gary used Grape seed extract, not Grapefruit seed extract. Perhaps that will help you too! People often confuse the two.

Posted by Gary (Stuart, Florida) on 02/17/2013

[YEA]  After a flare up of diverticulitis symptoms, I am convinced the aloe vera juice was the greatest factor in significantly reducing my symptoms within 24 hrs. I also took papaya enzyme, grape seed extract, and probiotic complex. Was hospitalized 2 years ago, and do not want to go that route again. Will start doing the fiber again as prescribed. There is a " gummy bear" like chewable on the market now that does not require that you have to drink water with it.

Posted by Brenda (Fort Worth, Texas) on 04/10/2012

[YEA]  Well I am on my third bout of diverticulitis and my friend found this site. We went out immediately and bought aloe Vera juice. Today I was totally miserable for hours then remembered. I have the aloe Vera juice. I drank down an ounce and I am telling you in seconds I started to feel better. That was at 10 :33. It is 10 50 and for the last 10 minutes I have felt so much better!!! Lord I hope this is real.

Posted by Johanna (Colorado Springs, Colorado) on 08/06/2011

[YEA]  Diverticulitis: Been doing the Aloe Vera juice, but never thought about adding papaya. My first bout with diverticulitis happened after I gorged on raspberries from my back yard. After waiting all summer, they seemed to ripen overnight, and I indulged a little too much. After 7 weeks of anti-biotics and still in pain, the Dr. suggested surgery. I went straight to the internet for alternative remedies and found Aloe Vera juice listed. That was 6 years ago. Now, when I feel a twinge, I hit the juice!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Johanna, can one really get diverticulitis because of eating too many raspberries? I thought that were terribly healthy and the only thing you could get from eating too many was diarrhea? But diverticulitis, if I understand well, comes from constipation. I am interested in this subject because we are intending to grow raspberries in our new house so I might be tempted to eat a lot more of them but I don't want to get health problems!
Replied by Mary
San Carlos, California, Usa

I believe it is the seeds from the berries that get caught in the pockets of the diverticulitous in the colon that cause the problem, along with nuts and seeds like sesame seeds and so forth. This is what a Dr. told my friend who had a severe case of diverticulitis.
Replied by Laurie
Atlanta, GA

Seeds, nuts, etc do not cause diverticulitis. Look at the or and you will see that although Dr's told people with diverticulitis not to eat popcorn, seeds or nuts for years, recent studies show no correlation. I've also been told that not enough fiber causes diverticulitis, but since I grew up eating from an organic garden, and still eat a lot of fiber and not a lot of processed foods, I don't think that is the cause either. My grandmother had it and never ate processed food in her life. Had raw veggies with every lunch and dinner. So in my opinion, we don't really know what causes diverticulitis.
Replied by Sheila
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Seeds do not CAUSE diverticulitis. A low fiber diet can cause it to develop. Once you have the condition, you need to eliminate things like seeds from your diet as they will cause a flare-up, because they get caught in the pockets in the colon which causes inflammation and pain.
Replied by Diana
Washington State, US

Yes, the Mayo Clinic. other sites, and even my doctor say nuts and seeds are ok. For me they are the kiss of death..I only have to look at a sesame seed, popcord, chunky peanut butter and I am sick! Trying aloe starting today...fingers crossed

Aloe Vera Juice, Papaya   4  0   

Posted by Pmc (Clarkston, Washington, Us) on 11/07/2011

[YEA]  We had very excellent results after just the first dose of AV juice and papaya pills for my husband's diverticulosis/diverticulitis. Much quicker than antibiotics. He looks and feels good as new and has added this to his prevention regimen. Love finding this website!

Replied by Peteremond
Mobile, Al

how much apple cider vinegar did y'all take to get such great relief?
Replied by Momto2

[YEA]   I was diagnosed in 2010 with diverticulitis. In 2011 I had a flare up and was told (by a separate doctor that had diagnosed me) that flare ups should not be happening, and if I had another it meant surgery. Well, that scared the life out of me so in 2013 when I had another flare up I saw yet another doctor. She also mentioned surgery. All 3 times I had the Cipro/Flagyl combo and hated the way they made me feel and the metallic taste. I had my 4th flare start last week and was adamant not to see a doctor nor hear the word "surgery". I started to research to see what my alternatives were and came upon this site. After reading about Aloe and Papaya I decided I would try that and if it didn't work I would (reluctantly) make an appointment to go in.

I bought Aloe Vera caps and Papaya with Mint; within one day I was already seeing improvement and now I am on my third day and although I know I am not 100% feeling better, I am 100% certain I will not be going to see a doctor to get antibiotics. I am thrilled beyond belief and so thankful to have found the feedback I found on this site.

I am going to stay on a daily regimen of Aloe Vera to see if I can remain free of attacks, but glad to know I have alternatives to antibiotics.

Replied by Gg
Denver, CO

One of the best aloes that was recommended (by Jini Patel Thompson who healed her crohn's disease) is George's aloe which helped heal my IBS along with licorace, marshmellow, slippery elm and Natren probiotics. Country Life Papaya Enzymes were my favorite but since healing my gut, I've not needed any for 10 months (before I averaged 10-20 a week). God knows these sources were so much better than what the docs suggested. If you have stress in your life, consider adrenal support products. Tumeric (1/4 - 1/2 t for smaller framed person; 3/4 t for larger) works amazingly well to eliminate boils or fistulas. Not only did I drink it (in almond milk but not necessary) but applied it as a paste. By next morning, gone. It may cause your heart to race, so start small. Back to the aloe, it was explained to me that one should only drink the purest form of aloe, esp if there are stomach or intestinal issues. George's is pure, tastes like refreshing water and take approx 1/4 cup before meals.

Posted by Rilo B. (Crescent City, Ca ) on 06/01/2011

[YEA]  I got diverticulitis after I introduced elk meat into my diet ( elk meat is very lean) while living in Montana one spring 10 yrs ago. That summer went I on a camping trip(to oregon) and took elk jerky, a 5 pound bag of almonds and in the mornings would pick wild blackberries and eat almonds and jerky thru the day, within a week started getting pains and ended up in the ER , ( no help @ ER- gave me maalox).

Desperate for relief I visited a healthfood store in Brookings, OR and the kind store owner, (after asking me what I had been eating) quickly told me that the combination of elk, berries &almonds was causing diverticulitis. She then brought a tall bottle of Aloe Vera juice, some papaya juice & papaya tablets and told me to just start drinking the Aloe and to eat papaya tablets before each meal from now on - was cured within a few days. Free advice that saved me from more useless Dr. appts. and a lifetime of recurring problems.

I was really saddened when I met people who had had sometimes 5 surgeries for diverticulitis in Montana where elk is plentiful after that.... Once again -another example of medical community failing to help with something as simple as Aloe Vera juice & papaya for this awful, painful & sometimes life threatening condition. Even though I would tell people about this simple solution... They opted for believing their Dr.s advice that they needed surgery - after all Dr.s being a gift from God and all, win some, lose some "wisdom never lies" -Homer... Now I always check earthclinic before making a Dr. appt. to see if I can heal myself.

Replied by Mike
Nyc, Ny


Ate them in a field for days and started to get left side pain... Diverticulitis pains: going to try ALOE JUICE, Papaya Tablets, etc. tomorrow! THANKS for sharing.

Replied by Wildbilll62
Holland, Pa, United States

My first comment is that people die from divriticulitis - particularly if the condition has progressed and has resulted in a perforation of the colon. If your pain is so significant and just seems to be getting worse - head to the ER. Once your condition is stabilized then perhaps these alternate therapies may alleviate the condition. My colon had a small perforation and so I was admitted immediately and put on antibiotics and restricted diet for four days. Someone very close to me had a complete perforation, was admitted to the ER and had surgery (sigmoidectomy) the same day. In order to heal from that surgery, he had to wear a colostomy bag for weeks. He was very lucky and could have died.

There are many other side effects from divriticulitis. The colon becomes inflamed and excreting waste becomes very difficult. A consequence of this, in my case, was that my bladder also became inflamed and anytime the bladder had fluid, it was very painful.

I'm back at home now and revisiting this site to see if there is a way to avoid surgery. I had tried some of the remedies here prior to my hospital stay but I think the colon had already perf'ed and so anything I tried was ineffective. Now that things seem to have settled a bit I will try this alternative remedy and see how it goes.

As for whether eating seeds or nuts or what have you is the cause of divriticulitis, as one surgeon told me in all of the sigmoidectomies he has done, he has never seen a seed or nut lodged into the infected divriticulum. Be well.

Replied by Cindy
Whitehorse, Yukon

Wondering how many ounces a day I need to take of the aloe Vera juice ? Thoughts ???
Replied by Robert
Atlanta, Ga.

I use one-third cup aloevera gel, mixed with two-thirds buttermilk. Once or twice daily.
Replied by Stanley's Mom
Boston, Ma

Thank you for these posts. I'm on my second round of antibiotics and Drs are starting to mention surgery. Not going there. I know all Aloe Vera juices are not the same, are people buying any special types? Straight papaya juice? I switched to kagen water, lots of it, vegies brown rice, yogurt and raw honey. Im afraid of everything :) but completely determined to beat this.
Replied by Judy
Chicago, Illinois, Usa

Read some books. Try Serovera (dehydrated aloe plus l glutamine) also other glyconutrient aloe products.
Replied by Michele
Alachua, Florida

[YEA]   Have had diverticulitus for years... Just didn't know what it was! Often getting "that pain in the left side", etc. The last couple of year on and off, waking up around 2:30 am with the pain and not being able to sleep again till 6:00. Did several cleanses which would clear out the colon; that helped temporarily; of course stayed away from nuts, seeds, etc. Also took aloe gel (whole leaf, inner filet, organic). It really didn't seem to help. But after reading this post decided to try aloe capsules a friend had used with success. I've only used them for 2 days now but, Wow! I'm very happy with the results... My pain is entirely gone! V Vegetarain
Replied by Michele
Alachua, Fl

Reporting back after my 2nd day on the aloe capsules: read the label on the bottle; it says it's for relieving constipation (I'll vouch for that! ) which is also verified by other reading I've done. The bottle also says, "Not for long term use. " And I have to say, I think 1 pill 1 day was enough for me! So, back to the drawing board. I'm going to try the aloe juice and papaya pills; if that doesn't work, I'll try the Noni juice or maybe just have to cleanse regularly...
Replied by Peteremond
Mobile, Al


What brand of aloe capsules did you use? Why did you stop using them? Did they make you go too the bathroom too much? It sounds like from your previous post that the capsules worked to clear up your diverticulitis pain, but something changed to make you go "back to the drawing board." Would you mind expounding? Thanks!

Aloe Vera Juice, Turmeric   2  0   

Posted by Xia (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/04/2012

[YEA]  I had a severe case of diverticulitis and was hospitalized for several days. The surgeon told me I needed colon surgery. Once released from the hospital, I started drinking 3 glasses per day of aloe vera juice (I bought the gallon jugs from Trader Joes as they are the least expensive) and began taking Turmeric extract (800 mg. Capsules) -- I took 3 capsules morning, noon and night, washed down with aloe vera juice. I also increased my fiber intake (there is a psyllium husk and oat cereal that is loaded with fiber, but you could also just mix a tablespoon of psyllium husks in a Tall glass of water, stir and drink quickly). Long story short, I healed my diverticulitis, the fistula that appeared on CT scan disappeared and the surgeon informed me I no longer needed colon surgery. That was 2 and 1/2 years ago and I have never had another problem with my colon. I still drink aloe vera a few times a week and continue taking 3 capsules of Turmeric daily (the 800 mg ones) and eat the high fiber cereal a few times per week.

I told a friend of mine who had been suffering from ulcerative colitis for 6 months without relief despite a multitude of prescription meds and he tried the combination I described above (he said he also added Boswellian for inflammation) and within 4 weeks he was given a completely clean bill of health from his doctor.

Hope this helps anyone suffering from colon problems!!! I told my doctor and my surgeon and both were very impressed with the natural healing method and just wanted to know how I had thought of that combination. It did not surprise either that it actually worked!

Replied by Peteremond
Mobile, Al

Xia, how have you been since you posted your message about treating diverticulitis back in 2012?
Replied by Tamara
Auburn, Maine

After reading your post just had a question concerning the Turmeric. Was that 3 - 800 mg three times per day or 1-800 mg Three times per day? Also just wondering which brand you used? Thanks, Tami
Replied by Xia
Los Angeles, Ca

I took 3 capsules, 800mg each, per day, I.e., total of 2400mgs. Sometimes I took all 3 in the morning, other days I spread them out over the course of the day. I got mine from Vitacost as they had the best deal (less than $20 for 200 capsules). After completely clearing up the condition, I stopped the daily regimen and did not have a flare up from 2010 until this month, when all of the symptoms of diverticulitis returned (I wasn't surprised because I had gone back to eating processed and fast foods fairly regularly - I know, I know, shame on me! ) So I started up with the turmeric, psyllium husks, aloe vera juice and within 5 days, I have no more pain or tenderness and am symptom free. I learned my lesson - no more processed junk food for me!!!
Replied by Laura
Illinois, US

[YEA]   i just got this problem for the first time after eating a lot of junk food since the holidays. I am not as young as when I went on binges before and I usually eat good unprocessed stuff so the diet change to junk did it I am sure

Will try turmeric as I know it is an anti inflammatory. Today I was starting aloe juice . Helped but not 100% so thanks for additional info and your update Xia

Replied by Vickie
Hot Springs, Ar

These symptoms all started up again, left side soreness and pain, also causes a headache. Early on I had a lot of doc visits. I hated the antibiotics. I didn't know what was wrong. I've been watching, had hardly any doc visits, sometimes I mess up, don't know what did it. Today I felt the Lord told me to try aloe vera again. Thanks for all the confirmation and other remedies as well. This really can be no fun at its worst. Also someone mentioned back pain, which I never thought it went together.

Aloe Vera, Papaya, Carrot Juice   1  0   

Posted by Rose Bud 3 (Ofallon, Il.) on 03/07/2013

[YEA]  Diverticulitis: First I want to say, Thank you, the aloe vera juice and papaya enzyme works for me. I also found out that fresh organic carrot juice 1/3 cup twice a day also works for me.

Replied by Peteremond
Mobile, Al

Rose Bud, what brand and dosage of aloe vera helps your diverticulitis pain?
Replied by Rosebud

Fruit of the earth, sorry I didn't see your post earlier. It should have the dose on the jug or bottle, I think it said one third cup.

Aloe, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Papaya Enzymes   1  0   

Posted by Alyson (Leesburg, Va ) on 09/12/2013

[YEA]  I want to thank everyone for their remedies on this site! I had diverticulus for years. I couldn't take the Flagyl and was on the Cipro constantly. I began the Aloe Vera juice, Grapefruit Seed extract, and Papya Tabs after eating. I have not been on Cirpo since May and it's now September! If I get a twinge (which, if I eat something I shouldn't, I do:), I up the Aloe and the extract, and I'm good to go. I wish I found this site years ago and I hope you all reading this have the same success that I have so far!

Replied by Peteremond
Mobile, Al


I'm so glad you have gotten relief from your diveritulitis. I've just finished a 10 day course of Augmentin for my diverticulitis. I'm still in pain. I'm curious what brand of aloe vera did you use and what was the dosage?


Aloe, Papaya, Grape Seed Extract, Probiotics   2  0   

Posted by Diana (Defiance, Oh) on 05/24/2013

[YEA]  I just want to thank everyone's post I read about aloe vera juice/grape seed extract/papaya juice combo. My man has suffered from diverticulitis for over a year and a half. After a final 3rd visit with no relief and a MD's confirmation to our suspicion we decided to take this into our own hands. With no insurance and no Dr willing to take on his case, in fact we were told that the Dr decides who he wants to see. So in a rage of desperation, I visited our local health food store and bought all the suggested ingredients. A day and a half later.... HOLY MOLY! He is back to normal. We even got to go out to breakfast and he actually enjoyed his food with no pain! So again thank you for all your input and we are most definately goin natural on the remedies from now on. -So grateful!

Replied by Alyson
Leesburg, Va

Hi Diane, I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis and have had eight mild attacks since August. I'm tired of the antibiotics and want to start the regime with the Aloe Vera, Papaya and Grapefruit seed extract. Could you please tell me what amounts your husband takes that made such an amazing difference? I have Cipro because I feel the pain starting again, but am holding off taking it until I can try a natural approach first. Thanks for any advice!
Replied by Trishaann
Paulding, Ohio

How often a day, and what are the amounts of each ingredient to make the drink? Would love to start this for relief!!
Replied by Trishaann
Paulding, Ohio

How often a day, and what are the amounts of each ingredient to make the drink? Would love to start this for relief!!
Replied by Sam
Houston, Tx

Amounts of ingredient. How often.

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