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Diverticulitis Treatment: Natural Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 31, 2015

Grapefruit Seed Extract   9  0   

Posted by Gabrielle (Schuylkill, Pennsylvania) on 05/15/2010

[YEA]  I found out I have diverticulosis the hard way... when it became a serious case of diverticulitis with a perforated intestine and peritonitis. I had to have a foot of my large intestine removed during emergency surgery and spent a week in the hospital.

Since then I've only had a couple minor bouts with pain, as I'm very careful what I eat now. However, this past week it became a daily problem - both pain and occasional nausea were really dragging me down, making me feel miserable.

I finally checked earthclinic and read the post about grapefruit seed extract. Lucky for me, I have some. I tried the 12 drops / glassful of water and within the first hour my symptoms were diminishing quite noticeably. After four hours they had completely disappeared. I did take one more "dose" six hours after the first one and, so far, I'm feeling great!

Now I know what to take - not sure if I'll do the daily regimen, as the stuff tastes rather unpleasant, and I rarely have any problems - but having it on hand certainly makes me feel better.

Thank you SO much for this info! You've saved me a trip to the doctor and taking antibiotics (which I hate to do).

Posted by Amaury (New York, New York) on 05/29/2009

[YEA]  My elderly mother had an acute case of diverticulitis. From July 2007 to July 2008 she was taken to the emergency room six times. Just around the 5th day of every other month (a two-month frequency) she would get an attack: First starting with a minor discomfort on the lower left side of her abdomen and gradually gaining intensity as the days went by up to the point she couldn't walk or do just about anything. Repeated tests, hospitalization and antibiotics were taking a toll on my mother, who otherwise is an energetic and enthusiastic 75 year-old person. Two meetings with a team of surgeons at her hospital, and the consensus was the removal of her entire colon. My mother though there was no other option. I though otherwise, since I educated myself about the disease and knew there could be other venues. I placed the surgeons on-hold while I experiment with different diets for my mother (none of them worked). I knew that the overgrowth of bad bacteria on her colon was a mayor factor. Now, if I only could kill them all.

Until I found this site. The testimony of "M F" (from Mineral Wells, Texas) was the key. I spent so much time reading about Grapefruit Seed Extract that I became convinced, this was worth a try. To all of you suffering from this condition read this with all your hope because I am not making this up: MY MOTHER STARTED TAKING THIS REMEDY LATE JULY OF 2008 AND AS OF THIS WRITING (MAY 29, 2009) SHE HAS NOT HAD ANY ATTACK (I myself am getting goosebumps as I say this), and she has been the person I'm always accustomed to see: energetic, active and in good humor.

Thanks to MF, thanks to this website, thanks to the Internet, thanks to the Supreme Being I believe in for giving me the opportunity to find this wonderful, natural medicine called Grapefruit Seed Extract. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information. I'm willing to share as much as possible.

Replied by Peteremond
Mobile, Al

I'm so encouraged by your mom's experience with Grapefruit Seed Extract. Did y'all use the capsules or drops? How is your mom doing these days?

Posted by M F (Mineral Wells, Texas) on 09/18/2007

[YEA]  In the past I've been troubled with Diverticulitis to the point I had to take anitbiotics. This would happen about every 3 to 4 months. I started taking Grapefruit Seed Extract when I'd feel an attack coming on. I would take 12 drops in a glass of water 4 times a day. After about 4 days the pain would subside. Then after several months I would have another attack and do the same. I finally got smart, I take 12 drops (GSE) in a glass of water each and every night with out fail. I am now free from the attacks and when I do feel like an attack is coming on I do the 12 drops (GSE) twice a day and soon go back to just once a day. I hope this helps others that are bothered with this condition, it has made a big difference in my life. I don't like to take antibotics. I have just found this web site and am really interested in reading about all the different cures and remedies. I'm going to try several of those mentioned.

Replied by Joan
Endicott, NY
Comments to Noni juice Honolulu, HI I am writing to ask if the sender will share her recipe for the homemade noni juice that seemingly helped her diverticulitis... I am 75 years old, had my first attack of diverticulitis yesterday, went to ER, was diagnosed, and today have been searching the web.....5feef3
Replied by Jeff
Bath, UK
Guess what, the tablets my wife takes for high blood pressure, stops her from ever using, grapefruit, in any form. So maybe Noni?
Replied by Kailani
Lahaina, Hi
I have been dealing with this painful affliction for 6 years. Terrible attacks of 3 to 4 a year. I recently tried the GSE a couple times a week but did not drink the 12 drops every evening. I am going to try the 12 drops every night and see if I have better luck. I want this debilitating madness to end. Has anyone else tried it recently?
Replied by Ti
Houston, Tx
Grapefruit seed extract works miracles when combined with high quality vitamin C.

Usana has an amazing product called proflavanol-C that has both these ingredients. Google usana and read about it. I have been taking 2 per day and it has done wonders for my overall health.

Replied by Hef
Ontario, Canada
While doing some research on Grapefruit Seed Extract.... I found something which is making me skeptical of using it:

Grapefruit seed extract may owe its antimicrobial action to toxic chemical additives.

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Oregano Oil   1  0   

Posted by Raymond (Matawan, Nj) on 02/24/2013

[YEA]  I have been hospitalized once, and have had three severe attacks of diverticulitis. Now when I feel an attack coming on I start taking 12 drops of Grapefruit seed extract and 6 drops of oil of Oregano 3 times a day. This has been enough for me, to prevent any serious attacks.

Replied by Peteremond
Mobile, Al

What brand of oil of oregano do you use?

Replied by Raymond
New Jersey, US
Hi Peter, Sorry it took so long to respond. I don't go on to the web site because I'm doing so well with no flair ups! Most brands work well, but find a brand with more "Carvacrol" Some brands use to much olive oil.. I happen to use "Swanson" oil of oregano which is much more affordable. Have faith in taking GSE and Oil of Oregano; these herbs work very well with NO side effects!

Lemon Water Enema, Activated Charcoal   1  0   

Posted by Cheryl (Bacliff, Texas) on 09/29/2012

[YEA]  I have Diverticulitis and have had several attacks through the years. A few years ago, my first attack landed me in the hospital while visiting my niece in Denver. I was in the hospital for 9 days with just an IV pole for fluids. When I got back to Houston, I called my friend that manages a Nutrition center. I told her about my predicament. She asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 where my pain level was, I told her it was 50!! She told me to get two lemons, squeeze them into a hot water bottle, add warm water and do a lemon water enema and then call her back when I felt better. Well, 20 minutes later.... I was just shocked that that pain level was almost GONE. She told me that the lemon helped to eradicate the bacteria out of my system. She then said to get Activated Charcoal tablets, take 5 (but no other medications before or after for 4 hours since the charcoal would absorb them)... The next morning do the same thing, warm lemon water enema and 5 more Activated Charcoal Tablets. I'm telling you, this is the FIRST thing I do when I feel an attack coming on. Diverticulitis doesn't own me anymore. I hope this has been helpful information!

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada
Lemon water enema, means you just drink it or the otherway round? Explain that will be helpful for others. thanks
Replied by Peteremond
Mobile, Al

That is amazing that you got relief sooo quickly! Do you think you would get the same relief with just a regular warm enema? Was the lemon irritating to your rectum or colon? How much water do you use with the juice from 2 lemons?

Magnetic Belt   0  0   

Posted by Kiwidel (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand) on 12/12/2012

Hi, I have suffered from this disease for a few years now and it has got to the stage where I cannot eat any green vegetables (I may as well take a laxative). Does anyone have any ideas on how I can replace these, or better still, take something so that they dont have this affect ? Would be grateful for any information as it becomes very draining.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky
Kiwidel: along with many other recommendations for this condition I recommend Magnet Therapy as it can bring immediate anti-inflammatory action to the colon (thus improving healing conditions). Wear a Magnetic Belt over the colon area at least 2 hrs day.

MMS   1  0   

Posted by Michel (Montreal, Quebec) on 02/18/2012

[YEA]  Hi all, I worked as a mechanic on a septic tank vacuum truck. Few months later I got diverticulitis cure by conventional medicine but within a month symptoms came back. I did not feel like going back through the medical stuff again. I put 15 drop mms with citric acid and drank. 2 hours later my colon drained itself and my toilet bowl looked and smelled like my septic tank. I was fine after. I don't think 1 drop would have cure me and gradually increasing the dose may have given the germs a chance to adapt to mms plus a heavy dose cause my colon to go into. Flush mode to rid itself of the irritating chemicals and drastically reducing the germs count. It worked.

Multiple Remedies   1  0   

Posted by Carolyn (Thousand Oaks, California) on 02/27/2012

[YEA]  Hi Everyone, I hope some of this info helps any of you dealing with diverticulitis. I have been taking papaya enzymes, aloe vera juice and apple cider vinegar with blackstrap molasses, for a week and WOW what a difference. My tummy feels so calm and peaceful. Also, I am doing juicing with lots of veggies twice a day and eating or trying not to have any gluten. I feel amazing after just one week, it's truly a blessing, my tummy feels as though I have a heating pad inside, making it feel so peaceful and calm. Have been dealing with diverticulitis for 3 years and had a foot of my colon taken out, and finally I was just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!!! I'm so happy! Thanks to my Aunt for telling me about this incredible website!! Thank you Earth Clinic!! =)

Posted by Jessaka (Tahlequah, Ok, U.s.a.) on 10/24/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I tried a lot of these remedies. As for the Grapeseed Extract, I read that it could cause problems, but my other thought is, if it kills bacteria, then it could kill all the good bacteria too. I could be wrong.

What someone told me to do, as she had, is to take Paul D'Arco tea 3 cups a day and to take probiotics. I failed miserably on drinking the tea 3 times a day, but I took a lot of probiotics, and it helped. Then I had one small pain in my colon, and I didn't know what to do about that. It dawned on me that it could be gas, so I took some charcoal capsules, and it went away.

I am still drinking noni juice in case it can heal the pouch I have. But I also plan on buying some papaya tablets, but I am drinking the juice.

Personally, I think it was the probiotics that helped most.

Replied by Carol
Okanogan, Wa
I took used those for my ailments and saw a great improvement, don't give up. Taking pharma drugs have some many dangerous side effects.

Noni Juice   1  0   

Posted by Mary (Honolulu) on 01/17/2007

[YEA]  About 10 years ago I got diverticulitis and peritonitis and was hospitalized for a week. My doctor told me that I would need an operation on my colon once I got healthier. My friend gave me some homemade noni juice to drink every morning and I took it for the 6 months after my hospital stay. When I went back to the doctor for a 6 month check up and to schedule the surgery, I no longer had any bad spots left on my colon. There was no reason to have surgery. My doctor put up the before and current xrays of my colon and asked me "What the heck did I do to cure myself like that!" I now make it myself and take it every morning.

Replied by BRENDA

EC: Here's one article we found:

and a how-to video here:

Replied by Lynn
Highland Park, Il
We were in Hawaii and went to an organic noni processing plant. We tasted the noni juice, bought the capsules and continue to buy the capsules. The capsules give me energy, and may have helped me avoid getting sick so far this winter. But I do want you to know that noni juice tastes terrible-people described it as a cross between pineapple and stinky cheese. Nevertheless, I am going to order the juice to try it on my diverticulitis. I have an episode now, despite taking the capsules. But I imagine the juice is more easily transported through the bowel. I can tolerate the taste of a few capfuls- you don't have to drink a lot to get the daily dose they recommend for general health. Good luck on healing yourself!

Oregano Oil   1  0   

Posted by Janet (La, United States) on 11/16/2013

[YEA]  Oil of Oregano is now my "go-to" cure when I start to have a Diverticulitis attack. Recently I had another severe flare-up. Called my doctor and he called in Cipro and Flagyl, but I held off taking them while I tried to cure the attack with Oil of Oregano. It worked. I did not have to take the antibiotics. I took it several times a day for a few weeks, and I am now pain-free.

Replied by Jessica T
Do you take internally in droppers or capsules?

Psyllium, Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract   1  0   

Posted by Max (Coolum Beach , Queensland) on 11/14/2007

[YEA]  I recommend psyllium husk I take 5 teaspoons a day with plenty of water for preventing Diviticulitus, it works. Just get the powder from the supermarket.

Replied by Max
Coolum Beach, Queensland
Update - Have found that raw virgin coconut oil taken each day helps with diverticular disease. It has Lauric acid in it.
Replied by Coolumax
Coolum Beach, Queensland Australia
Update October 2011

I now have a routine that I sticking to Coconut oil each day. 2 table spoons. Psyllium husk 5 teaspoons after evening meal with plenty of water. 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract a day.

Replied by Coolumax
Coolum Beach, Queensland
No attack for 6 months now, I take 3 tablespoons of Coconut oil a day. Changed from psyllium husk to GROUND Chia seeds.

Salt Water Cleanse   1  0   

Posted by Misty (Indiana, Usa) on 02/07/2014

[YEA]  Salt Water Cleanse for Diverticulitis: Dissolve 2 tsp non-iodized, natural salt (such as Himalayan pink salt or sea salt) in 1 liter warm water. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach. When you first feel the urge to go, just resist the urge and let the solution "brew" in your intestines for about 30 minutes (or more if you can stand it). When you feel you can't stand it any longer, visit the toilet. This will likely result in one semi-solid defecation and 3 or more liquid ones. Avoid eating anything until you can go one hour without evacuating your bowels (which takes about 5 hours for me), then have light meals for the rest of the day. Repeat in 2 days, increasing the salt to up to 3 tsp, if you are not feeling any better. Once you are feeling better, it is important to eat a high-fiber diet and drink plenty of water to prevent flare-ups.

I first decided to try this remedy after having a flare-up due to taking calcium/magnesium/zinc tablets (calcium can cause constipation). After suffering for a few days with pretty severe pain, I figured I would try this remedy. I believe this remedy works by dissolving the contents of diverticula while reducing swelling and inhibiting bacterial growth. The next morning, I woke up pain-free!

Note that using iodized salt in this remedy probably will work but is dangerous because it may result in iodine poisoning. For best results, use filtered water or boiled tap water. I would advise doing this on a day when you are going to be home all day because you'll feel the urge to run to the bathroom throughout the day. Avoid passing gas when not on the toilet because it will probably not just be gas!

Replied by Sanjay
Portland, Or
Hi Misty, is it 1 tsp or 1 Tbs? I just wanted to reconfirm. Thanks, Sanjay

Sea Salt   1  0   

Posted by Planky (Ronkonkoma, New York, United States) on 06/11/2013

[YEA]  I have had good luck with taking sea salt in hot water at the first sign of diverticulitis. If it doesn't help the first time I take it again. I started with it one night and took the sea salt and had to take it a second time and woke up in the morning with no pain. I usually take about 1/2 t of sea salt to a cup of water.

Warning About Colon Cleanse   0  1   

Posted by Joyce (Glasgow, Scotland) on 03/29/2008

[NAY]  I digested Psyllium and Bentonite clay for a colon cleanse. This was to ruin my whole life and caused immediate gastritis and triggered rosacea/rhinophyma. The onset of syptoms were abrum, immediate and extremely severe. I now have blepharitis and meibominaitis as a result. I was very stupid and digesting this product has ruined my whole life. DO NOT TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replied by Drjohnathon
Helsinki, Finland
It is more likely that Psyllium & Bentonite clay stired up your current condition of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or even Demodex mites (parasites) both of which have been shown to cause Rosacea & Rhinophyma! Taking those 2 herbs WITHOUT combining them with an anti-parasite program or herbal "peristalsis" tonics will agravate diverticulitis in many people. Some people do have an allergy to these herbs but the allergy will subside after taking them. In your case it did not! As you claim they ruined your life? Did you self prescribe or did you consult a trained health professional? A Chinese herbal doctor can help with this problem! Both Rosacea & Rhinophyma are treatable with Diet changes & Chinese herbal medicine!
Replied by Lauren
New York, Ny
You could also have had a mold allergy. People with mold allergies aren't supposed to use clay products as they can grow mold when wet.
Replied by Misty
Indiana, Usa
Psyllium and clay can cause constipation if sufficient water is not consumed while taking them, and some people cannot use this remedy at all without experiencing constipation and gastric inflammation. I would advise a moderately strict diet with regular salt water cleanses to clear up your condition and avoiding ingestion of psyllium and clay in the future.


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