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Natural Cures for Lipomas (Fat Deposits)

Last Modified on May 04, 2016

A lipoma or fat deposit is a slow-developing growth of fat this is usually located beneath the skin and above the muscle. Lipomas are typically easy to identify as the deposits move easily with light finger pressure and feel “doughy” or pliable to the touch. A lipoma is not cancerous and is usually harmless; however, some deposits may be painful or continue to grow. They can also be cosmetically discouraging to those who are plagued with them. While some people have just a few lipomas, others have dozens or even hundreds of them.

The exact cause of lipomas is unknown; however, obesity is not the root cause of the deposits. Lipomas do typically tend to run in families, however, so the cause likely has genetic underpinnings. Our readers have share with us some natural remedies for lipomas and important dietary changes that have caused their lipomas to shrink or disappear altogether.

Home Remedies for Lipomas

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is our most popular reported cure for lipomas. Drink 1 glass of water with 1-3 teaspoons of raw, organic apple cider vinegar 1-3 times a day. Start with less and increase the amount over time to make sure this remedy suits you.


Liver and blood purifying herbs have been useful for the reduction of fat deposits. Burdock root, turmeric root and dandelion root are all good choices. It is easy to add these supplements to your diet. Burdock and dandelion roots can be found in capsule form. Take 4 capsules twice a day with meals for at least a month. Turmeric is a common remedy for many ailments and can be taken in capsules, like dandelion or burdock root, or a teaspoon can be added to a glass of milk or water and consumed once or twice a day. When you are taking purifying (detoxifying) herbs, always take them with plenty of water so that your body can eliminated the toxins easily. One theory about lipoma causes is that these fat deposits are caused by toxins, making detoxifying herbs a good choice.

Dietary Changes

Our readers have made some interesting connections between diet and lipomas. While anyone dealing with a chronic health condition will do well to avoid artificial sweeteners, MSG, sugar and processed foods, there are a few other considerations for those who suffer with lipomas. Soy seems to be linked to lipomas. One or our readers found that dairy consumption, especially ice cream seemed to increase lipoma formation.

Natural Topical Treatments for Lipomas

Castor oil is useful in removing a variety of growths from the body. Massage castor oil onto the areas of the lipomas before bed. Castor oil is greasy so use old pajamas and sheets when you use this treatment.

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)  is another natural topical treatment for lipomas. Apply DMSO to clean skin with clean hands. DMSO is a solvent. Avoid chemicals in clothing and on your skin when you are using DMSO as the DMSO can "carry" the chemicals into your body.

Turmeric can be used topically for lipomas as well as internally. Turmeric can be added to coconut oil or castor oil and applied to lipomas at night. Turmeric will stain skin and clothing.  Add about 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder to 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil.

Iodine can be used for lipomas. Earth Clinic contributor Steve from Nevada was able to cure his wife's lipoma by painting iodine onto the lipoma twice a day with a Q-tip.

Essential Oils for Lipomas

Essential oils can be used for lipomas. Essential oils are very concentrated natural medicines! They should be diluted for topical use.

Sage, tea tree, and frankincense essential oils can be used for lipomas. Add 1/2 teaspoon of one or a combination of the above mentioned essential oils to 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil (Coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil or castor oil) and apply to lipomas twice a day.

How Long Will it Take to Cure Lipomas?

Because lipomas can take time to shrink and disappear completely, do stick with your remedy (or remedies) of choice for at least a month. If you see no change at all, consider adding another remedy to your treatment plan, or try a different remedy. Everyone is different, so what works for one person is not the solution for everyone. But don't give up. While it is common to hear that the only "cure" for lipomas is surgery, our readers tell a different story, but usually their story includes perseverance and faithfulness to a remedy in terms of weeks or months instead or one or two applications of a remedy.

Have you tried any natural remedies for lipomas? Please share your experience with us! And continue reading and you will find interesting cures and commentaries from our readers.

Remedies for Lipoma

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Apple Cider Vinegar  
32 User Reviews | 4 YEA | 5 NAY | 2 BETTER BUT NOT CURED | 1 SIDE EFFECT

Posted by Karen (Los Angeles ) on 04/07/2016

[YEA]  Apple cider vinegar for lipomas - just take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every night before going to bed. Follow this treatment for about 3 to 5 months - make the bump go away. 2 to 3 times a day, morning and night.

Posted by Guru (Bangalore) on 11/09/2015

[NAY]  Hi All,

I used Apple Cider Vinegar for around 3-4 months.

I used to take it empty stomach in the morning mixing it with water of 2-3 tablespoons but unfortunately it didn't helped me in any way.

All the lipomas are still present and none of them have shrunk. If any other meds are there, please let me know.

Posted by Raven (Edmonton, Alberta) on 10/05/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have been taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every night before going to bed for my lipoma since August 2015 (My mouth is already watering, sigh) but I will admit I have seen some significant changes to the size. I just don't know if it will ever fully go away. Mine is on my upper back shoulder blade. Very visible with strapless and spaghetti strap outfits. I wish I would had heard of this 30 years ago as mine started to grow and I was 19. Thanks.

Replied by John
San Francisco
Thirty years ago, I had a lipoma growing along my spine. I was in excruciating pain, could only stand for 15 minutes. The lipoma was pushing against a nerve. They did a simple outpatient procedure and removed it. Within a week the pain was gone. Really glad I did that. Now I have developed several in my abdomen. I am going to try the ACV treatment and see how it works.

Posted by Katt (La) on 01/10/2014

[YEA]  Wow I wish I would of read this before I let the dermatologist do a biopsy it was just a small area, but it still hurt months later it was deeper than what she thought anyhow the lab said it was just lipoma . I think that the biopsy was unnecessary I had couple more of these lipoma fat deposits on my lower back so I started ACV and they are disappearing. We're vegetarian and we eat tons of organic nuts I wonder if the fat deposit comes from nuts so I cut back on them.

Posted by Julia (Gardner, Ks) on 12/24/2011

[YEA]  My father has had fatty lipomas growing on his stomach and arms for years. He also has type2 diabetes. His friend told him to take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before going to bed. He has been doing this for a 6wks. His fatty tumors have shrunk half their size and many have totally disappeared. They are even soft when you touch them and they use to be hard lumps. His blood sugars are also regulated and never high in the morning like before. He has made no other dietary or supplement changes. I really believe this will work for you.

Replied by Lee
New York, New York
so far I been trying 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before bed and in the morning and afternoon I drink organic apple cider juice. ( I will reply in 8 weeks to see if theres any progress.) Thanks for the post.
Replied by Rohan
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
I am going to try this too. I just found a dealer in India who has Apple cider vinegar. I am waiting for the shipment. I have more than 120 Lipomas all over my body. Just on my hands I have 25 - 30 each. Have them on stomach, lower back, thighs, forearms.. I have been wearing full sleeves shirts and have avoided boxer shorts since 2 years due to embarrassment.

I will try this for sure and will update my feedback in 2 months. Thanks a lot for the information.

Replied by Mike
Omaha, Ne, USA
How does your father take the apple cider vinegar? Does he take it full strength or dilute it with water? Would you clarify that for me please? I don't know if I can take it full strength even though it is 2 tbls. Please advise. Thanks!!
Replied by Julia
Gardner, Ks
My dad is doing great! His arms and stomach are looking great. He doesnt dillute it but takes 2 tablespoons faithfully before going to bed. I pray this works for you all like it has helped my dad. Good luck!!
Replied by Bobby
[NAY]   I tried this for a month and didnt notice much change in my lipomas. I am going to keep going with it. I am going to setup a blog and I think what I want to do is try to find the common link between all the people that have lipomas.

So I want people to put in their age, their location, and their diet, do they eat dairy. etc. There must be a reason these things suddenly appear, I refuse to believe that for no reason at all they appear.

What do people think about this?

Replied by Akram
Kabul, Afghanistan
[YEA]   Dear Julia, I am male 32 from Pakistan, currently working at Kabul and having 3 lypo lumps in my head. One of them was pluto, whilst the other two were jupiters. It was a real embarrasment for me all the time. I couldn't comb my hair propely. I contacted many physician and they told me that any surgeon shall offer me surgery. But if its not painful, let it be.

I read your suggestion quite long ago but was stuck in my professional thingies all the time. Last night I finally bought the apple cider vinegar bottle of 450cc. I took two table spoons last night and two in the morning. Miraculously, the huge lypos are now the size of mars as compared to previous. I really want to thank you for sharing this with us.

With love and thanks, Akram

Replied by Parm
Vancouver, Bc
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Hi Guys, I brought organic Apple Cider Vinegar from local store and it is easy to take with water. This is just one week now and my lipoma are getting soft. I will post update next week and seems like this is working for me.
Replied by Naresh Jain
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Hey All!!!! Looks like we are not alone!!!!! Me suffering from Lipoma for good 10 year and it started to multiply at rapid pace for last year and half... My Dr. Say no way out for lipoma but will give a try to turmeric (Haldi) paste with olive oil and ACV two tea spoon bed time. Will also Pray to god that It works.

Also wanting to know if anyone is suffering from Ulcerative Colities also with Lipoma ( yes me blessed with both Ulcerative colities and 40 odd lipoma)

Cheers all. Naresh Jain

Replied by Neil A
Los Angeles
Hi. Thank you for sharing this. I have been taking apple cider vinegar for one week already after reading this post. Also, I got to read one comment that she was taking kombucha tea. I also bought and I hope it works. I have a lot of lipomas, I can't wear short sleeved shirts nor boxer shorts because I also have a lot on my thighs. It is really disgusting. I will keep you posted if apple cider and kombucha tea, combined, could help.
Replied by Karan
Chennai, India
Hi All, I have many lipoma all over my body. I want to cure without surgery, so can any one tell how to use apple cider vinegar???? whether to mix with water or ???? Pls suggest any other treatments?

EC: You can mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with water or drink it plain.

Avoid in-taking of meat or fish with milk products (milk, curd, butter and ghee). This is the major cause for lipoma.

I realized this after I got few lipomas. My grandma used to say this "don't mix meat and curd." During digestion, these create a complex fat deposits and settle as lumps under skin.

Replied by Nyla
Lipoma is fat deposits that are hiding toxins and chemical waste in them and happens from eating (non natural foods -i.e. Chemicals or other Toxins) when the body is not able to remove junk through elimination. The job of the fat it to protect our organs from being attacked by these toxins by forming itself around toxins. ACV helps clean up the toxins and therefore the fat will dissolve as the toxins are taken out the body from the use of this vinegar. However, we must also clean our diet so the toxins or lipoma or fat don't come back. THREE major source of toxins: 1. eating processed foods, 2. eating vegetables and grains that have been sprayed by chemicals like pesticides and that were grown by chemical fertilizers. 3. eating meat that has been given antibiotics and non natural feed. 4. and most unknown by people is COOKING IN OIL. vegetable cooking oil is a "freak of nature". at hot temperature when cooked in metal pots, oil looses an electron and becomes TOXIC!!!!!


If you are vegan or vegetarian then if able please ask the older generation, (great grand mother) how they cooked before 1911. may be using a clay pot and not heating the oil too much may be an option??

Best, Nyla


Whatever Nyla said is 100% correct, that the fat bumps are nothing but bags locking toxic waste that our body could not flush out. There is a very simple very affective but difficult to do remedy for fat bumps. If you consume only plain yogurt mix with rice for 15 continuous days then the immunity system with get reset naturally and the bumps will start getting dissolve(it increases white blood cells in appropriate amount). Keep in mind while doing this experiment the only thing that goes in your body through you mouth is the mixture of yogurt+rice(no salt or anything) and off course water.

Note: Your body will first react to this diet because your body is not used to of consuming only yogurt and rice and no salt and other stuff. You might get headache, nausea, weakness, cold or fever even anxiety......keep in mind you don't have to take medicine to treat them, this is the proof that you body is actually getting clean.

For sure your body will get read of all these symptoms in 3 days as it takes 3-4 days for our body to get set with new diet pattern.

Through the day whenever you are hungry the only thing that you can consume is yogurt and rice, you can have them as many time as you want.

This is the most effective method of resetting immunity(resetting Lasika Granthi/gland).

Hope it helps you all!

Replied by Bob
San Jose, California
[SIDE EFFECTS]   Use caution trying Apple Cider Vinegar I tried yesterday and had a Big side effect - - it sped-up my heart rate - - due to high levels of vitamin B - which as I found out is a stimulant.

I felt like yesterday that I drank: 5 to 6 cups of coffee after taking the Apple Cider Vinegar.

Replied by Jill
Hi Everyone , 43 . 5 /8" and about 30lbs overweight .

I've have just recently noticed these lumps on around my ribs and stomach and I think some on my upper arm. I changed my diet to 80 % raw veggies not all organic with a little protein and 100 whole grains. no sugar or white breads. I changed my diet because I had a scare with thyroid nodules I found one day. went and had biopsy and test and changed diet while waiting to see if I had cancer. No cancer! Then after all that I started to notice all these lumps all over ribs . most all small like pea size to larger big peas to almond size. I had my primary doctor examine me and he thinks they are lipomas .

I still kinda want to check them out more just to be sure its not something else . don't know what else they could be , but like everyone I don't like them, some kinda hurt while laying down. I think I'm getting more of them. I feel like there are about 30 of these things so far.

so I've been reading alot and noticed that alot of people that have these lipomas seen to have a somewhat veggie diet ??? not all people . makes me wonder if it is eating pesticides or chemicals from vegetables. Like I said I just changed eating from more of a 50% raw veggie to 80 % juicing , and whole veggie with a little animal protein and whole grain and not all organic.

I will also try the apple cider . I am also applying a turmeric, olive oil and organic yogurt mixture all over ribs. I look like a big bird weirdo but who cares If it gets rid of these things. I leave it on about 15 min. or dry. turmeric stains so beware.

I mix 1 heaping tbs of turmeric, 2 heaping plain yogurt, and 1 tbs of olive oil and maybe a little flax seed oil. mix it up and use paint brush and paint it on thick.

I've also read you have to be careful with turmeric because it is a blood thinner. So I'm not eating it yet.

On another site I read that a thick mixture of honey and flour mixture gets rid of them too . but you have to leave it on for like 8 days and cover the paste up with bandages . then re-apply it every 36 hours and til the 8 days its up ... yikes!

I will also reply back if this stuff works.

Replied by Chance
[NAY]   Does not work.. I challenge anyone to prove it.
Replied by Pam
Lipoma, from what I'm reading, comes from Hypothyroidism (which most Americans have a low efficient thyroid because pre-made/fast food options). I've had them for several years especially when I became pregnant with my first child. They have multiplied but their size have remained the same (like a small marble). I do go out to eat quite often but eat very healthy at home. I love my veggies especially the greens. I cook with only olive oil and eat only real butter. I take herbs on occasion when needed. I'm not on any kind of pharma (chemical) medication and haven't for many years now. So I wonder...why do I have these. I have been told more than once by my natural healthcare specialist that my thyroid is not functioning full force...which I rotate herbs on and off for that. I've started drinking apple cider vinegar with ginger root water hoping that will make a if I could only quit eating out so often that might be the answer!!!
Replied by Cindy Vr
San Diego
You are probably Iodine deficient. Eighty percent of Americans are. Read Dr. David Brownstein's book "IODINE: Why You Need It Why You Can't Live Without It" He recommends Ioderal or Lugol's solution to cure it.
Replied by Robyn
Cape Town
I have lipomas on my arms. I get spells of dizziness which was diagnosed as 'crystal disease' the formation of crystals on inner ear. They dislodge and cause dizziness and eventually get absorbed or something. A Scio machine diagnosed fatty liver and apparently that can cause the formation of the crystals which might be fatty crystals on the inner ear. I used a liver enzyme called LiverChol and the dizziness went away. Now after many months it is back and the product is no longer available I will try the Apple Cider Vinegar and see if it helps my ears and the lipomas (my mum also as lipomas) . Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am a 56 year old vegetarian, I eat mainly organic, don't take much alapathic medication, probably consume too much sugar and not enough greens, never use sweeteners and only use olive oil or grapeseed oil or coconut oil. I suspect gluten is a problem but not sure how that relates to to fatty deposits and liver, if at all.
Replied by Balaji
Bangalore, Karnataka
[NAY]   I using the American apple cider vinegar and two week but not reduce to fatty tumors and please you tell me any information is there.
Replied by John
Dallas, Tx
[NAY]   I am 64 years old and I have had fat deposits for over 30 years. I have one between my neck and shoulder the size of my fist. They are in my rib cage, arms and in my back with several next to my spine. I would have the larger ones removed, but the root system of them embed themselves into muscle and I can follow the root system under the skin to where they are all connected/attached to each other. I probably have over 100 in my chest, back and arms. I have one under my arm the size of a golf ball. I have tried apple cider vinegar to no avail. Doctors are no help and only offer surgery, but claim since mine are so deep, healing will be a real issue. My father had 2 or 3 small ones, but had them removed. He complained about his, until I showed him all of mine.

Some of mine are painful but nothing I can not live with. I am open to other suggestions beside the vinegar.


Replied by Bp
Atlanta, Ga
Limpomas are SYMPTOMS of a larger issue. Limpomas are an effect, not a cause.

Just like w cancer, limpomas have not invaded the body, they have been produced BY THE BODY as a sign or result of some CAUSE.

Apple Cider Vinegar, ginger, garlic etc etc etc work to detoxify the body & the help it perform its regular maintenance & repair.

Please find presentations such as A Quest for the Cure, Truth About Global Cancer & others. They have tremendous resources throughout.

***Medicines NEVER cause harm. Poisons do that. Medicines heal, or they are not medicines.

I have had approx 20 of these limpomas removed over past 6 years via incisions. Only recently have a been better informed on what I CAN DO to help treat the CAUSE. :)

Replied by Bonnie
I question the validity of the claim that lipoma comes from toxins in food. I am now 68 and have been eating ONLY organic fruits & vegetables for 45 years. I never eat processed foods and I have avoided meat & chicken raised with chemicals, I eat only fresh caught fish. I have more lipomas than I can count and they continue to increase. Doctors of all disciplines tell me they are hereditary. I do not believe it is related to eating fatty foods (which I do not do). My body weight is below normal, I have exercised rigorously 5-6 days a week for 45 years but still I have fatty tissue deposits. I think it's in our DNA. I will try cider vinegar and help this natural method helps.
Replied by Timh Donate

Bonnie: It is well known that wild fish catches, particularly in areas with much industry or agriculture and also particularly in downstream rivers or reservoirs, are to some degree toxic w/ a variety of heavy metals &/or zenobiotics including synthetic hormones. Only fish from pristine and mountainous areas are considered safe.

Toxicity involving fatty tissues are common where there is a deficiency of antioxidant nutrients. Vit-A, Vit-E+Selenium+CoQ10 will detoxify lipid environment like fatty tissues. Some of the super berry complexes like Noni, Mangostein, Acai, Blueberry, and Cherry are all (specifically taken together) very good antioxidants which often produce weight loss of stubborn toxic fat.

There may also be some infection in chronic conditions like you report so herbs like Garlic, Oregano, Oregon Grape, and Echanacia may help.

Sweat treatments like Hot Mineral Baths, Saunas, or Steam Rooms often produce positive effects for skin or fatty conditions, especially in combination w/ thermogenic herbs like Caffeinated Coffee and/or Green Tea, and maybe a Cayenne/Ginger combo capsules.

Despite what may be considered a very healthy diet, chronic conditions may appear from poor quality indoor air and/or water and nutritional deficiencies, so a very good Multivitamin/Mineral will often, by itself prove to be excellent at restoring vitality and optimal health. Almost all Naturalpathic Physicians recommend a Multi atop a healthy diet.

And yes, the ACV will likely help and hope to hear a good report from your results.

Replied by Maria
Sun Valley
I've had a sudden increase as well with them ..I'm like totally a clean eater

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric  
7 User Reviews | 1 YEA | 1 NAY

Posted by Trey (Nj, Usa) on 04/07/2011

[YEA]  Re lipoma's, I had two on my back for two years. Two months ago one started getting large and full and a bit annoying. A doctor suggested that I get it surgically removed (for asthetic purposes). I then discussed it with the wonderful owner of my health food store who suggested turmeric as a possible remedy, so I bought a bottle. I dont know if he had expected me to take the turmeric internally, but all I did was prick one capsule with a pin and put a dab of the turmeric oil on each lipoma.

Coincedently, however, I simultaneously started taking raw Apple Cider Vinegar the same day, and the following night I put a diluted dab of the ACV on my lipoma instead of the turmeric. Hense, I cant be sure which one 'did the trick', but to my surprise, within 2 days (when I reached back to 'scratch' my itchy lipoma) it opened up and emptied out quite a lot of a white substance! I then helped the process along that night by gently applying pressure w/ a tissue against it to empty it even more. They are both now flat and barely visable at all, so... Surgery was avoided! (Yay! =o) However, I can still feel an occasional 'tingle' or 'itch' from the area, so whatever caused the lipoma's in the first place may still be 'alive and well'. Perhaps I will put some more turmeric and/or ACV on the area again and see what happens. Anyway... Hope this helps others looking for non-surgical solutions?

Replied by Evita
[NAY]   Response to Trey: I have tested this fake for a week. I think this what you have was not a lipoma. After using the ACV and Curcuma my Lipoma looks like an big yolk.
Replied by Ray
Il, US
How much did you dilute cider when you applied it on skin? How much did you take orally?
Replied by Pam
Sd, Usa
Sounds like maybe molluscum contagiosum. I've just started treating that condition in my daughter with ACV..... So we will see!!
Replied by Sharon
Thank you so much for this information. I plan to follow your advice and hopefully this will help avoid anymore surgeries. If you don't mind I would like to keep you posted. God bless you!
Replied by Michee
Las Vegas Nev
Hello I've suffered with lipomas for the last 20 years. I've had many surgically removed and some I've applied chickweed and other numerous topicals. I've never experienced any that leaked anything. Are you sure it was a lipoma, or perhaps it was some type of cyst?
Replied by Migs
Sounds more a sebaceous cyst..

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turnips  
2 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Nitesh (Victoria, Bc Canada) on 11/18/2012

Hello everyone. I am also suffering from Lipoma. Its started when I was 16 years old and growing till now. Its all over my body, arms, stomach, thighs. I am very frustrated from these. Now I have reached the stage where I no longer wear shorts because of these stupid lumps. Really need help on these. its all the time in my head and bother my alot.

please do reply me with some suggestions, I tried homopathy, other medicines too but of no use.

Replied by A.k.
Kabul, Afghanistan
[YEA]   Dear Nitesh, If you want fastest results that work within hours. Here is the miraculous tip.

Get some Turnips, boil and fry them and eat them with spoon in your dinner. Add the taste of your choice, (chilli sugar etc)

Before going to bed, take a couple tea spoons of apple cider vinegar. If by chance you happen to wake up in the night (or rather set and alarm / reminder) eat as much turnip as you can.

I'm sure you shall be praying for me after you see those lipomas shrink fast.

Re-do the task till results are as per your desire.

A.K.Afridi-Kabul Afghanistan

(Source: Personal Experience)

Replied by Nitesh
Victoria, Bc Canada
Thanks A. K. I'll definitely try the method you told in fact I get hold of apple cider vinegar too near by. thanks for the suggestions. i pray for all those are suffering from these freaking lumps that they all get rid of these asap.

Bentonite Clay  
1 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Yoyoma (Texas) on 04/01/2016

[YEA]  I am, by NO means an expert, but I do read a lot, and I have been desperate to get rid of 2 lipoma's on my face. The main one was on my forehead by the hairline and it was the size of well smaller than a grape, but large enough that my husband noticed it even though I have bangs. I ordered some bentonite clay powder. I mixed it with water two nights ago and applied it just on the lipoma like a facial mask, and then rinsed it off once it was all dry and flaky. The cyst is noticeably smaller, but not gone. I spoke to a friend last night and asked her if she had heard of that, she acted like I was a late bloomer or something. She told me that she mixes hers with apple cider vinegar to make the paste (the ACV must have Mother in it). I'm going to try that tonight. Just wanted to let you guys know, since I saw a lot of people asking, but without a lot of answers. The bentonite clay has many uses and is very affordable. Hope that works for you!

Castor Oil, DMSO, Tea Tree  
1 User Reviews | 1 BETTER BUT NOT CURED

Posted by Sophie (Pleasant Hills) on 08/19/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I been a organic vegetarian most of my life so I cannot figure where this came from. I have a three small lipoma I had one removed on my back now that area hurts from the scar tissue, so now I do warm castor oil packs on the scar and I noticed the one next to is getting smaller so I put DMSO and little bit of tea tree oil on it this seems to be helping. I think it lipoma are toxins walled off from the body The next step is to juice fast for about 20 days and see if I can get rid of them. I will do an update

Dietary Changes  
15 User Reviews | 1 YEA | 4 BETTER BUT NOT CURED

Posted by Seth (Arizona) on 01/27/2016

[YEA]  I started getting a single lipoma in my side under-arm and had never had one before. The only thing I was doing differently was eating ice cream more and more big glasses of milk. I was scared and gave up milk and ice cream for almond milk. It has shrunk to almost nothing and I am convinced that it is the milk.

Posted by Greg (Baton Rouge, La) on 12/05/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have had these things for a number of years too ( since 1985). At first I had them removed and checked. No problem. Then more came, since then I have gone through quite a few lifestyle and diet changes. The only thing that had any effect was when I cut out the carbs. So it might be the bad sugars, or the insulin, or ...... But they definitely started going away when I cut out ALL carbs. I did not stick with it because I like a some of that stuff.

FYI I also eat gluten free because of my wife. But that did not seem to have an effect.

Posted by Clint (Saint George) on 07/30/2015


I wish we could find something that would work, that would take the lipomas away,

I have had a few of mine removed over the years. I have found that when I get a little over weight they will grow faster and more of them. I have to many to count.

In my opinion, sugar speeds them up very rapidly . When I stopped drinking my favorite drink in the world, (Pepsi ) and quit 2 scoops of sugar in my coffee, they stopped coming,

If your mom or dad had them you will get them! But if you keep your body fat down and little to no sugar, I know it slowed them to a crawl.

Change your diet, no sugar, at least a little exercise , and save up for Liypo or one big operation, thats what I am doing.

good luck!!!

we all know how you feel.


Posted by Arusha (Goa, India) on 06/21/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I'm 32. I had my first lipoma on my arm ages ago. I ignored it. Recently I have been getting more. I'm almost certain that they are the result of poor metabolism/extremely imbalanced eating habits/overload of carbs & fats & sugars/sedentary life.

In any case, over the past 2 months, I have finally switched to a healthy diet: no processed foods, only olive or coconut oil, no sugar, no dairy (except curds), no white flour (in fact i'm keeping off wheat), no caffeine, no processed foods, plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts and some fish/egg, and I have reduced the amount of grains I consume.

I try to stop consuming grains by 5pm. After that I only eat fruits/vegetables/legumes/nuts/protein. The idea is that by the time I sleep, my body will no longer be digesting and can start healing.

I also do yoga every day, and make sure to get exercise.

Finally, I have started taking a little apple cider vinegar before sleeping.

So... these lipomas are still here, but smaller and softer. I am curious to see if they will eventually go or not. But I think this lifestyle change has helped. It seems there are no clear-cut answers to lipomas, their causes and their remedies (from what I read online any way). But perhaps we can think of them as imbalances, or signs of imbalance, and pinpoint the root cause of imbalance in ourselves.

In my case, disordered eating habits have been the cause of all my imbalances, and perhaps by addressing those, helping my metabolism to speed up, not taxing my liver anymore, and helping my body cleanse, this has helped. Perhaps for someone else, it would involve another set of changes. Along methods such as the apple cider vinegar of course.

Good luck to everyone else here, Arusha

Replied by Kathy
Lv, Nv
I read if you take Diatomaceous Earth it shrinks the lipomas.

Posted by Matt (Ithaca, NY) on 06/19/2013

My personal belief is that the lipomas at least for me may be caused by excessive consumption of soda/carbonated beverages, or possibly a combination of soda, red meat, and foods with preservatives or processed foods (think bags of chips, campbells soup, etc). The scientific research of lipomas suggest that they reproduce on their own. What I have noticed is that when I drink soda, this is when my nerves seem to pinch, so my thinking is that when I drank the soda, it caused the bump to grow, therefore making it more likely to pinch a nerve. I have not tried any of the suggested cures yet but will begin seeing what works. Other suggestions for remedies include sage oil, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme q10, MSM, and acetyl-L-camitine. Alpha Lipoic acid would make the most sense, but hopefully someone comes up with a viable answer. Sage oil was recommended because chefs use it in cooking to reduce fat content, so the theory was that if sage oil is applied to the skin surface where the fatty tissue is, the skin would absorb and then shrink the tumor. I have heard that surgery may remove the tumor temporarily but I'm thinking if my theory is correct in eating unhealthy, that may be whats causing them to grow back. My theory is that fat content from unhealthy food is creating the fatty tissue, and caffeinated products like soda and coffee cause the fatty cells to go into hyper mode causing growth and reproduction. But, this is just a theory. If anyone has scientific tools to evaluate this theory, please follow up. Thank you.

Replied by Lin
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Usa
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have 2 lipomas I have had for quite a while. One is on my head and the other on my back. I have been taking Pau 'd Arco every day, it will be a year in July. I have seen some reduction in the size and consistency, still working on it. Also I take Diatomaceous Earth which is suppose to help with that too. Also use Red Raspberry, Red Clover, Nettle, green tea and lemon. A lot of it is caused by diet, the more bad fatty foods you eat, the more it grows, I stay away from ice cream/dairy products, no sodas, not much fast food either. Hope this helps.
Replied by J
Boston, Ma
Not true because dogs get them. They get the same problems as humans and for the same reasons. You'll never see a raw fed dog have "diabetes". My dog has been raw fed for 8 years which means no sugar, no carbs and no processed garbage. I found this site trying to find herbal remedies to shrink it before it gets any bigger and needs to be surgically removed. Most (if not all) dogs that do have them surgically removed just grow more.
Replied by Amcken3
Wyoming, US
Re: Lipomas and Diet: DOGS DO GET THEM...and when they are taken off a a grain diet they STOP getting them. I'm starting to think they are from GMO sugar, wheat, corn, soy, rice etc.
Replied by Klctrp
Louisiana, US
Have you seen any reduction in size in the lipomas your pet already has? I've recently taken my dog off of grain fed diet.
Replied by Kris
Bradford, PA
I've noticed the soda pop pinch too. I did a 2 and a half day hard fast and it definitely had a reducing effect on the lumps but they are not gone yet.
Replied by Jagannathan

I stumbled on this thread. I am not sure whether any one is still interested. Still I thought this may be useful.

6 out of 9 we siblings have lipomas all over the body after our mother had big ones but harmless and she had a normally healthy life of 90 years.

2 of my brothers had to undergo surgery to remove lumps each a bound in size.

I noticed my growths from the age of 50.Consulted many doctors. All said they are harmless. I gave up. After retiring at the age of 60 I learnt Pranayaam and Ayurved and I am a yoga teacher now.

By 65 I had tiny lipomas all over body. I started reading in detail. My BP/Sugar/Cholesterol/ everything was normal and consistent but I noticed in my annual medical check ups the Triglyceride was going up. I devised and started a self cure.

1 cup of ginger juice+1 cup of Garlic Juice+1 cup of Apple cider vinegar=slow simmered to condense to 1 1/2 cup, bottled and stored in fridge.

Take 1 table spoon with warm water in empty stomach and 1 tablespoon with warm no or low fat with a pinch of turmeric powder, with honey or sugar to taste. Continue 20 days. Repeat once in three months as long as you feel the need.

I did this for a year. My lipomas stopped spreading or growing.Once in a while I repeat. Now I am 73. 30 mts. of yoga/30 mts. walk a day / 6 hrs of writing / 7 hrs. of sleep /pure vegetarian- in excellent health.

Limp nodes can only be arrested they can not be eliminated. But the side benefits of this composition are relief from the sufferings of BP and Arthritis. This is not a cure for these ailments but gives strengths to bear them and arrest their progress.

I hope someone will benifit

May GOD bless all of us.


Posted by Geoff (Las Vegas, Nv ) on 11/27/2012

I have at least 27 lipomas. A couple of years ago, I had a saliva test which showed a soy and casein allergy. I used to be a vegetarian and ate a lot of soy and milk products. Now I never eat soy and have recently stopped eating dairy. I will try the apple cider vinegar treatment.

Replied by Bhavin
Dear Geoff, I am also suffering from number of lipoma, just I want to ask that, the soyabean diat can cases lipoma increasing?

Please let me clear bcs I am eating so much soyabean in a day. Thanks, Bhavin

Replied by Helen
Southern California
Warning! Too much soy can cause thyroid problems!