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Natural Cures for Lipomas (Fat Deposits)

Last Modified on Mar 27, 2015

What Is a Fat Deposit?

A lipoma or fat deposit is a slow-developing growth of fat this is usually located beneath the skin and above the muscle. Lipomas are typically easy to identify as the deposits move easily with light finger pressure and feel “doughy” or pliable to the touch. A lipoma is not cancerous and is usually harmless; however, some deposits may be painful or continue to grow. If these conditions occur, it may be necessary to have a lipoma removed.

The symptoms and characteristics of a lipoma are relatively standard. Most lipomas are small from 1 to 3 cm in diameter and can be felt just beneath the skin. The growths typically feel soft and rubbery and cause little pain. Typically, a fat deposit remains the same size or grows very slowly and is not a major health concern. Issues that may cause concern include the location of the deposit as well as the size if it continues to grow or is uncomfortable.

The exact cause of lipomas is unknown; however, obesity is not the root cause of the deposits. Lipomas do typically tend to run in families, however, so the cause likely has genetic underpinnings.

Natural Remedies to Remove Fat Deposits

Fat deposits typically cause little actual health concern; however, the deposits can be unsightly and uncomfortable depending on the location. As such, many individuals prefer to treat lipomas using natural means. Often a change in diet – eliminating processed foods and artificial sweeteners and consuming whole foods and products – is an effective change toward eliminating lipomas. Likewise, sage, turmeric, chickweed and thuja occidentalis are supplements that can be taken orally to diminish fat deposits. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle also prevents the further onset of lipomas.

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Most Popular Lipoma Remedies:

Apple Cider Vinegar3

User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   3  1   

Posted by Julia (Gardner, Ks) on 12/24/2011

[YEA]  My father has had fatty lipomas growing on his stomach and arms for years. He also has type2 diabetes. His friend told him to take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before going to bed. He has been doing this for a 6wks. His fatty tumors have shrunk half their size and many have totally disappeared. They are even soft when you touch them and they use to be hard lumps. His blood sugars are also regulated and never high in the morning like before. He has made no other dietary or supplement changes. I really believe this will work for you.

Replied by Lee
New York, New York

so far I been trying 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before bed and in the morning and afternoon I drink organic apple cider juice. ( I will reply in 8 weeks to see if theres any progress.) Thanks for the post.
Replied by Rohan
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

I am going to try this too. I just found a dealer in India who has Apple cider vinegar. I am waiting for the shipment. I have more than 120 Lipomas all over my body. Just on my hands I have 25 - 30 each. Have them on stomach, lower back, thighs, forearms.. I have been wearing full sleeves shirts and have avoided boxer shorts since 2 years due to embarrassment.

I will try this for sure and will update my feedback in 2 months. Thanks a lot for the information.

Replied by Mike
Omaha, Ne, USA

How does your father take the apple cider vinegar? Does he take it full strength or dilute it with water? Would you clarify that for me please? I don't know if I can take it full strength even though it is 2 tbls. Please advise. Thanks!!
Replied by Julia
Gardner, Ks

My dad is doing great! His arms and stomach are looking great. He doesnt dillute it but takes 2 tablespoons faithfully before going to bed. I pray this works for you all like it has helped my dad. Good luck!!
Replied by Bobby

[NAY]   I tried this for a month and didnt notice much change in my lipomas. I am going to keep going with it. I am going to setup a blog and I think what I want to do is try to find the common link between all the people that have lipomas.

So I want people to put in their age, their location, and their diet, do they eat dairy. etc. There must be a reason these things suddenly appear, I refuse to believe that for no reason at all they appear.

What do people think about this?

Replied by Akram
Kabul, Afghanistan

[YEA]   Dear Julia, I am male 32 from Pakistan, currently working at Kabul and having 3 lypo lumps in my head. One of them was pluto, whilst the other two were jupiters. It was a real embarrasment for me all the time. I couldn't comb my hair propely. I contacted many physician and they told me that any surgeon shall offer me surgery. But if its not painful, let it be.

I read your suggestion quite long ago but was stuck in my professional thingies all the time. Last night I finally bought the apple cider vinegar bottle of 450cc. I took two table spoons last night and two in the morning. Miraculously, the huge lypos are now the size of mars as compared to previous. I really want to thank you for sharing this with us.

With love and thanks, Akram

Replied by Khan
Phoenix, Arizona

Akram, thanks for the suggestion... I am gonna try vinegar treatment today and hoping to see results :) Thanks again and God bless! Khan
Replied by Dietz
Waterloo, Ontario Canada

I have lipomas all over my body also. They have grown to about 2 to 3 inch in size in some areas of my body. I was wondering how long that your father took the Apple Cider Vinegar. Was he doing anything else to his diet? When he stopped the ACV did the lipomas come back? Has he tried anything else to prevent the lipomas?
Replied by Parm
Vancouver, Bc

Hi Guys, I brought organic Apple Cider Vinegar from local store and it is easy to take with water. This is just one week now and my lipoma are getting soft. I will post update next week and seems like this is working for me.
Replied by Naresh Jain
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Hey All!!!! Looks like we are not alone!!!!! Me suffering from Lipoma for good 10 year and it started to multiply at rapid pace for last year and half... My Dr. Say no way out for lipoma but will give a try to turmeric (Haldi) paste with olive oil and ACV two tea spoon bed time. Will also Pray to god that It works.

Also wanting to know if anyone is suffering from Ulcerative Colities also with Lipoma ( yes me blessed with both Ulcerative colities and 40 odd lipoma)

Cheers all. Naresh Jain

Replied by Jessie
New Jersey

I have a Lipoma on my left side that is also giving me ulcerative colitis. It's actually giving me so much grief and I went to the doctor last night and he just kept saying, surgery, surgery, surgery. Wasn't compassionate at all!! It is very painful at times and it is so unsightly!! Yuch. I purposefully actually gained weight so the fat could hide it. :( It's right in my oblique area. I will try the apple cider vinegar. I am praying this works because I have no insurance to which the dr told me last night, well this is a problem. Duly noted, jerk. Thanks. :(
Replied by Kim
Walnut, Ca

I have a lipoma growing on my neck below right ear and now one the left ear area, gettng painful to turn head and sleeping is such a discomfort, antibiotics didn't help much and just bought apple cider vinager and turmeric.......... Very good to see apple cider has helped some, anything orgainc that is working, can't go wrong with that.... Best of luck to all!
Replied by Katt

[YEA]   Wow I wish I would of read this before I let the dermatologist do a biopsy it was just a small area, but it still hurt months later it was deeper than what she thought anyhow the lab said it was just lipoma . I think that the biopsy was unnecessary I had couple more of these lipoma fat deposits on my lower back so I started ACV and they are disappearing. We're vegetarian and we eat tons of organic nuts I wonder if the fat deposit comes from nuts so I cut back on them.
Replied by Neil A
Los Angeles

Hi. Thank you for sharing this. I have been taking apple cider vinegar for one week already after reading this post. Also, I got to read one comment that she was taking kombucha tea. I also bought and I hope it works. I have a lot of lipomas, I can't wear short sleeved shirts nor boxer shorts because I also have a lot on my thighs. It is really disgusting. I will keep you posted if apple cider and kombucha tea, combined, could help.
Replied by Karan
Chennai, India

Hi All, I have many lipoma all over my body. I want to cure without surgery, so can any one tell how to use apple cider vinegar???? whether to mix with water or ???? Pls suggest any other treatments?

EC: You can mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with water or drink it plain.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric   1  1   

Posted by Trey (Nj, Usa) on 04/07/2011

[YEA]  Re lipoma's, I had two on my back for two years. Two months ago one started getting large and full and a bit annoying. A doctor suggested that I get it surgically removed (for asthetic purposes). I then discussed it with the wonderful owner of my health food store who suggested turmeric as a possible remedy, so I bought a bottle. I dont know if he had expected me to take the turmeric internally, but all I did was prick one capsule with a pin and put a dab of the turmeric oil on each lipoma.

Coincedently, however, I simultaneously started taking raw Apple Cider Vinegar the same day, and the following night I put a diluted dab of the ACV on my lipoma instead of the turmeric. Hense, I cant be sure which one 'did the trick', but to my surprise, within 2 days (when I reached back to 'scratch' my itchy lipoma) it opened up and emptied out quite a lot of a white substance! I then helped the process along that night by gently applying pressure w/ a tissue against it to empty it even more. They are both now flat and barely visable at all, so... Surgery was avoided! (Yay! =o) However, I can still feel an occasional 'tingle' or 'itch' from the area, so whatever caused the lipoma's in the first place may still be 'alive and well'. Perhaps I will put some more turmeric and/or ACV on the area again and see what happens. Anyway... Hope this helps others looking for non-surgical solutions?

Replied by Evita

[NAY]   Response to Trey: I have tested this fake for a week. I think this what you have was not a lipoma. After using the ACV and Curcuma my Lipoma looks like an big yolk.
Replied by Ray
Il, US

How much did you dilute cider when you applied it on skin? How much did you take orally?
Replied by Pam
Sd, Usa

Sounds like maybe molluscum contagiosum. I've just started treating that condition in my daughter with ACV..... So we will see!!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turnips   1  0   

Posted by Nitesh (Victoria, Bc Canada) on 11/18/2012

Hello everyone. I am also suffering from Lipoma. Its started when I was 16 years old and growing till now. Its all over my body, arms, stomach, thighs. I am very frustrated from these. Now I have reached the stage where I no longer wear shorts because of these stupid lumps. Really need help on these. its all the time in my head and bother my alot.

please do reply me with some suggestions, I tried homopathy, other medicines too but of no use.

Replied by A.k.
Kabul, Afghanistan

[YEA]   Dear Nitesh, If you want fastest results that work within hours. Here is the miraculous tip.

Get some Turnips, boil and fry them and eat them with spoon in your dinner. Add the taste of your choice, (chilli sugar etc)

Before going to bed, take a couple tea spoons of apple cider vinegar. If by chance you happen to wake up in the night (or rather set and alarm / reminder) eat as much turnip as you can.

I'm sure you shall be praying for me after you see those lipomas shrink fast.

Re-do the task till results are as per your desire.

A.K.Afridi-Kabul Afghanistan

(Source: Personal Experience)

Replied by Nitesh
Victoria, Bc Canada

Thanks A. K. I'll definitely try the method you told in fact I get hold of apple cider vinegar too near by. thanks for the suggestions. i pray for all those are suffering from these freaking lumps that they all get rid of these asap.

Dietary Changes   0  0   

Posted by Arusha (Goa, India) on 06/21/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I'm 32. I had my first lipoma on my arm ages ago. I ignored it. Recently I have been getting more. I'm almost certain that they are the result of poor metabolism/extremely imbalanced eating habits/overload of carbs & fats & sugars/sedentary life.

In any case, over the past 2 months, I have finally switched to a healthy diet: no processed foods, only olive or coconut oil, no sugar, no dairy (except curds), no white flour (in fact i'm keeping off wheat), no caffeine, no processed foods, plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts and some fish/egg, and I have reduced the amount of grains I consume.

I try to stop consuming grains by 5pm. After that I only eat fruits/vegetables/legumes/nuts/protein. The idea is that by the time I sleep, my body will no longer be digesting and can start healing.

I also do yoga every day, and make sure to get exercise.

Finally, I have started taking a little apple cider vinegar before sleeping.

So... these lipomas are still here, but smaller and softer. I am curious to see if they will eventually go or not. But I think this lifestyle change has helped. It seems there are no clear-cut answers to lipomas, their causes and their remedies (from what I read online any way). But perhaps we can think of them as imbalances, or signs of imbalance, and pinpoint the root cause of imbalance in ourselves.

In my case, disordered eating habits have been the cause of all my imbalances, and perhaps by addressing those, helping my metabolism to speed up, not taxing my liver anymore, and helping my body cleanse, this has helped. Perhaps for someone else, it would involve another set of changes. Along methods such as the apple cider vinegar of course.

Good luck to everyone else here, Arusha

Replied by Kathy
Lv, Nv

I read if you take Diatomaceous Earth it shrinks the lipomas.
Replied by Ashish

How is the treatment going arusha? I have more than a thousand lipomas all over my body

Posted by Matt (Ithaca, NY) on 06/19/2013

My personal belief is that the lipomas at least for me may be caused by excessive consumption of soda/carbonated beverages, or possibly a combination of soda, red meat, and foods with preservatives or processed foods (think bags of chips, campbells soup, etc). The scientific research of lipomas suggest that they reproduce on their own. What I have noticed is that when I drink soda, this is when my nerves seem to pinch, so my thinking is that when I drank the soda, it caused the bump to grow, therefore making it more likely to pinch a nerve. I have not tried any of the suggested cures yet but will begin seeing what works. Other suggestions for remedies include sage oil, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme q10, MSM, and acetyl-L-camitine. Alpha Lipoic acid would make the most sense, but hopefully someone comes up with a viable answer. Sage oil was recommended because chefs use it in cooking to reduce fat content, so the theory was that if sage oil is applied to the skin surface where the fatty tissue is, the skin would absorb and then shrink the tumor. I have heard that surgery may remove the tumor temporarily but I'm thinking if my theory is correct in eating unhealthy, that may be whats causing them to grow back. My theory is that fat content from unhealthy food is creating the fatty tissue, and caffeinated products like soda and coffee cause the fatty cells to go into hyper mode causing growth and reproduction. But, this is just a theory. If anyone has scientific tools to evaluate this theory, please follow up. Thank you.

Replied by Lin
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Usa

I have 2 lipomas I have had for quite a while. One is on my head and the other on my back. I have been taking Pau 'd Arco every day, it will be a year in July. I have seen some reduction in the size and consistency, still working on it. Also I take Diatomaceous Earth which is suppose to help with that too. Also use Red Raspberry, Red Clover, Nettle, green tea and lemon. A lot of it is caused by diet, the more bad fatty foods you eat, the more it grows, I stay away from ice cream/dairy products, no sodas, not much fast food either. Hope this helps.
Replied by Matt
Ithaca, Ny

A mix of Apple Cider Vinegar pills, coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid seemed to be working a bit, in addition to eating healthier (No fast food, no dairy, no soda, no meat with high fat content, primarily fruits and vegetables). All the dietary supplements listed I was able to find in the organic section, homeopathic aisle of the local Wegman's grocery store. I am going to start trying Sa-Tan I believe it's called, it's a meat substitute that people seem to say isn't bad for taste. (I know it spells Satan, guess you gotta get past that). I have one lipoma in my chest that seems to have significantly reduced in size in just 3 days, though all others still remain the same. Texture doesn't feel much different, as it does not really feel softer, but shape feels different.
Replied by J
Boston, Ma

Not true because dogs get them. They get the same problems as humans and for the same reasons. You'll never see a raw fed dog have "diabetes". My dog has been raw fed for 8 years which means no sugar, no carbs and no processed garbage. I found this site trying to find herbal remedies to shrink it before it gets any bigger and needs to be surgically removed. Most (if not all) dogs that do have them surgically removed just grow more.
Replied by Amcken3
Wyoming, US

Re: Lipomas and Diet: DOGS DO GET THEM...and when they are taken off a a grain diet they STOP getting them. I'm starting to think they are from GMO sugar, wheat, corn, soy, rice etc.
Replied by Klctrp
Louisiana, US

Have you seen any reduction in size in the lipomas your pet already has? I've recently taken my dog off of grain fed diet.
Replied by Kris
Bradford, PA

I've noticed the soda pop pinch too. I did a 2 and a half day hard fast and it definitely had a reducing effect on the lumps but they are not gone yet.

Posted by Geoff (Las Vegas, Nv ) on 11/27/2012

I have at least 27 lipomas. A couple of years ago, I had a saliva test which showed a soy and casein allergy. I used to be a vegetarian and ate a lot of soy and milk products. Now I never eat soy and have recently stopped eating dairy. I will try the apple cider vinegar treatment.

Replied by Bhavin

Dear Geoff, I am also suffering from number of lipoma, just I want to ask that, the soyabean diat can cases lipoma increasing?

Please let me clear bcs I am eating so much soyabean in a day. Thanks, Bhavin

Replied by Helen
Southern California

Warning! Too much soy can cause thyroid problems!

Ice   0  0   

Posted by Victor Romero (Macon, Ga, Usa) on 07/10/2013

If you have only one small lipoma, try ice. Has anyone tried applying an ice pack (like you would for a sprain) directly over the lipoma for about an hour, then waiting for a couple of months to see if it slowly goes away or diminishes? Using an ice pack may sound overly simple, but it has worked for one person that I know who had a lipoma on his elbow that was the size of a lemon. But as a word of caution, do not apply ice to a large part of your body because it can lower your body temperature and cause death or other serious medical conditions and injuries. So take whatever precautions you need to take to prevent skin burns caused by ice or other injuries that may result from applying ice.

This ice remedy to remove subcutaneous fat is based loosely on the same mechanism that is believed to cause "popsicle panniculitis" in young todlers. That is a condition where a todler eats a frozen popsickle, then develops red cheeks followed by localized fat destruction and dimpling of the cheek. Baby fat in the face is saturated fat (it will harden easily when cooled) and the ice cools the fat enough in that area to make it as hard as pad of butter. As I understand it, it is believed by some that the fat cells that were cooled undergo programmed cell death (similarly to what is reported to happen when a plastic surgeon/cosmetic surgeon uses a Zeltiq skin cooling machine to remove fat underneath the skin).

Please note: I am making no claims of safety of applying ice to lipomas to reduce their size or appearance. I am also making no claims that the lipomas will stay away forever. I am also making no claims that the fat doesn't simply move to another area of the body. Finally, I have no idea how this process affects your blood lipid level, your blood cholestrol levels, or your liver functions. So if you try ice on your lipoma, you do so at your own risk.

Kombucha Tea   1  0   

Posted by Reiler (Arizona) on 01/31/2014

[YEA]  Hello everyone, I would like to share my personal experience and solution for lipomas... I had a medium size lipoma on one of my arm pits, and a couple on my back, and what really helped and worked for me, after practically tryng everything without any positive effects, was drinking "Kombucha" tea, it all happend when I started drinking it for the first week only., I noticed that my lipomas were reduce almost 80 percent!! ... I couldn't believe how fast it worked., im still drinking it and I expect full recovery soon!!!! I will post my progress in a couple of weeks.. I hope this advice works for you, Take care, God bless you!

Replied by Missy

How often did you drink the kombucha tea? once a day, all day? thanks!

Lipoma Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Susan (Lakeland, Fl) on 04/23/2014

Six years ago I had a lipoma the size of a large orange removed from my ankle. I was originally diagnosed with arthritis in the MRI but a podiatrist who studied at John Hopkins realized on an ultra sound right away that it was a lipoma. Long story short, it grew until it was cutting off the complete circulation in my leg. it had ingulfed the nerve in my ankle, causing nerve damage and pain and it was blocking the main artery in my foot. When the surgeon went in to take it off it had mestatasized to skin and they had to scrape it tearing much of the was a horrible experience. What was supposed to be a small scar was over 6 inches long. I looked at it and knew immediately he didn't get it all. I turned my ankle this weekend and for some reason it trigured the growth again......I've never tried any of these home remedies and I have two more on my foot....I'm going to try some of this stuff and see what happens...I have nothing to lose. Lyposuction would be amazing but this lipoma is hard and does not move......I'm interested in anything any one has to say that may help me....Thanks so much :)

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas

Research iodine (Lugols solution or Ioderal) and lipomas. Iodine is very useful in treating all manner of abnormal growths.

You may also want to try castor oil packs which are explained in detail here on EC by Mama to Many, I think.

Replied by Gia

Hi Susan,

I hope you are checking back here at the blog because your post caught my eye. I also have what looks like a fatty cyst around my outside ankle bones, especially large on my left foot. I always just thought it was from being overweight with puffy feet and ankles but it's really right at the ankle joint bone on my foot and when I touch it, it feels a little spongy. Recently I've been having tingling, buzzing vibrating sensation on the bottom of my foot on that same side and went to the doctor where she said it looked like a lipoma and I'm going to have an ultrasound next week on both legs and feet. I don't know if the sensation is because I'm having nerve involvement or if it's something like vascular where the arteries are being blocked but in any case, I need to figure out what to do about it. Do you think that lipomas should be surgically removed and have you had any side effects with regard to the sensation in your foot and any impact on your walking??

Thank you.

Posted by Abhishek Gupta (Bareilly, U.P., India) on 05/04/2013

I have lots of lipomas in my all body some are getting bigger and some have pain. Plz give me some cure for that.

Liver Detoxing Herbs   1  0   

Posted by Giggit (Beaumont, Tx) on 08/30/2012

[YEA]  I tried just about EVERY THING you can think of to rid my self of an UNSIGHTLY lipoma that is located slightly under my right rib. I had been growing this nasty protuberance for 13 years. Because I am a relatively thin female, and the lipoma is pretty large it was like having a third breast. I hated it.

I recently became extremely interested in herbal remedies, and I decided that I would try a liver detox. This detox consists of Burdock, Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle and other liver cleansing/blood cleansing herbs/roots. I feel indebted to God for the fact that my lipoma has gone from about 4 inches (give or take depending on the direction you looked at me) to something akin to 1 inch and still growing smaller. Mind you, it took me about two months to see such a difference, but it was the only thing that actually has worked for me in any way shape or form. I hope this information helps others out there struggling with this problem.

Replied by Sofisticatedmama
New York, Ny, Usa

This is for Giggit from Beaumont, Tx. , You said that you did a liver detox and it removed your lipomas to a minimum, can you please tell me exactly how you did it cause I am also full of lipomas. I have them mainly on my thighs so I don't wear any shorts during the summer days cause they're so noticable. I began getting them in 2002 and since have developed around two hundred of them all over my body. I would greatly appreciate all your input in this matter. I hate the way I look. Thank you
Replied by Grace

I read that lipoma is a sign that liver that needs to be cleansed. A malfunctioning liver that is toxic is storing the toxins in the fat of a lipoma and slowly releases the toxins. So my line of attack after research was the Gerson juice fast, including taking black walnut hull extract for parasites, serrapeptase which dissolves scar tissue and then shifted after 12 days into Airola broth fast because my understanding is that all diseases, inferior tissues start getting burned up by process of autolysis on the third day of juice fasting the body turns on its furnace and focus and goes afte stuff get burned up and cleared out of course you need to be on this fast for a while. Plus I took coffee enemas recommended. I realize this is not for everyone, and time and energy commitment well worth it. Consult with naturopathic or medical doctor before doing this

Magnesium and Potassium   0  0   

Posted by Richard (Rocky Mount, Nc) on 07/16/2014

If your body digests more poisons than it can handle because you don't have enough magnesium and potassium in your system to bind and excrete the poisons, it tells your body to make fat and store the poisons until it can get enough magnesium and potassium. It will do this even if you need energy from your food, giving you fat instead of energy. Lipomas are unnatural fat. I'd rather take magnesium and potassium than lose energy, get fat and lipomas. Also I won't eat the animal fat that stores the poisons of the rats and snakes that they eat.

Replied by Marisa

I'm interested in what you say about the body making fat to store toxins until it is able to get rid of the toxins. I was wondering whether this is your opinion, or whether you've come across evidence which shows this is the cause? Cheers.
Replied by David

Has any one tried magnesium? I was doing some research and I came across some lady saying her doctor told her that she was low on magnesium/deficiency. The doctor told her to take 1500mg of mag a day. In about a week her lipomas went away. She said when she stopped taking them they came back. Wonder if it relates to magnesium deficiency. I also have lipomas and I was healthy. I played sports and always worked out tremendously. All the talk with alcohol and causing lipomas isn't true bc I had lipomas and I never drank alcohol, just to throw that out there.

Parasite Detox   0  1   

Posted by Linda (Seattle, Wa) on 12/02/2012

I have found that these lympomas are not fat at all. If you have one removed, ask the surgeon for a pathlogy report. They are not human tissue. They are tapeworms that form into round balls. Cystercicosis is caused by the pork tapeworm is from what I have researched. One can be vegitarian and still get pork tapeworms from contaminated water, soil, air and passed by unsanitary measures. Removing one or several limpomas surgically will not help. You need to treat the larva, eggs, adults and cysts or the infestation will get severe, they can travel to the brain (neuro cystercicosis), many times misdiagnosed as dimentia, brain tumors, lipomas in the brain. Seriously, research it!

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Linda: thanx for your post on this problem. There is also the Beef and Fish Tapeworm w/ possible Cystericosis. I have been twice diagnosed w/ Parasites by a Mennonite Iridologist and 3 yrs ago what appears a cyst on my right cheek or jaw w/ noticeable swelling and some occasional pain; also maybe another on upper left jaw. I have occasional acute brain pain (not head-ache) as described by others w/ cystericosis. I have been using Magnet therapy especially on the brain area and have so-far not been afflicted by any bad symptoms other than the occasional pain (which is quite severe but lasting only a few seconds).

These cyst are proly most dangerous as they spew out Malonic Acid as well as Pathogens like Streptomyces and Candida (which can cause cancer).

Thanx to the late Dr Hulda Clark for her contributions on Parasitosis.

Replied by Dev
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

hello, I was also suffering from these fat lumps but someone told these lumps generates cause of not enough oxgyen in our body.. then I have started doing yoga and also started homeopathic medicine, since then these lumps never generated again... thanks
Replied by Sam
Melbourne, Australia

Hi Dev, What kind of yoga did you do. which homeopathy medicine did you took. thanks
Replied by Katrine

Very interesting . If I ever see the doctor or dentist and if the situation deems necessary I will request a pathology lab analyisis. I had lipoma on my lower back and I had the dermatologist remove it and she sent it to the pathology for identification and it was just body fat, However I'm looking at the cause . I read it is from too many high fats we're vegans and eat lots if nuts everyday that the fats coat your cells and lipoma .I'm doing a 20 day juice fast and parasite cleanse using FOOD GRADE diatemous earth and fresh green walnut hulls. Cell Food to oxygenate the body
Replied by James222
New Hampshire

To rid the body of parasites and increase oxygen in the body you might want to target your research in the direction of MMS.

It is especially true of MMS to start small and go slow, mega doses do NOT work well here where as a smaller frequent dose sustained over time will be far more effective.

Hope this helps


Replied by Faith

[NAY]   I had mine lipoma biopsied and sent to the lab and the report came back and it was just a fat mass so I investigated juice fasting.

The Knotted Hair Technique   1  0   

Posted by LETTY (HARLINGEN, TEXAS) on 08/22/2007

[YEA]  My husband had a lot of fat deposits and I pulled a hair off my head and tied one on each fat ball and add two knots by the week the had dried up and fell hopefully this helps.


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