Dizzy Spell? Try Naturopathic Remedies for Dizziness!

Last Modified on Jun 21, 2014

Everyone ends up feeling dizzy at one time or another. Dizzy spells can be triggered as easily as by dehydration, standing up too quickly, low blood sugar, fever, and all manner of relatively insignificant bodily changes. Still, dizziness can also though rarely be a symptom of more serious health conditions, so it is not something to be ignored.

A brief period where you are feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or unsteady that passes and does not recur is probably of little concern but can be cured with home remedies. Dizziness and nausea are often paired symptomatically, since both are often the result of issues with the inner ear and your vestibular system. You may also experience a headache and dizziness together, perhaps because an eye issue is at fault. A sudden drop in blood pressure can likewise cause you to feel dizzy.

Home Remedies for Headache and Dizziness and Nausea

The first steps in eliminating the cause of a dizzy spell are to ask whether you have eaten enough or might be dehydrated. Inner ear infection can cause dizziness as well, so a natural antibiotic treatment for the ear such as colloidal silver may help. Anemia is sometimes another cause of dizzy spells and it can be a side effect of certain medications, so review these possibilities and change your diet accordingly.

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Coconut Water   1  0   

Posted by Faithinhealing (Forest Park, Ohio) on 04/27/2010

[YEA]  Dizziness Remedies...Coconut Water!

I've been dealing with dizziness for the past three weeks or so and I know that it is an electrolyte imbalance for me, although in others it could be dehydration! Trying to find the right ratio of minerals is tough. Since I have candida, I cannot do the typical sports drink or anything, although I heard of one that does not have sugar that the pharmacy recommends that starts with an E.

That said, what I use is coconut water which is the juice from raw coconut. It has the best balance of electrolytes so I always keep a cup in the refrigerator and an extra coconut as well.

If anyone has an excellent electrolyte replacement recipe please let me know!!!

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
949 Posts
Hi Faithinhealing...I had candida and managed to get rid of it myself by alternative means three years ago. It took a full year to get rid of my candida and my major daily protocol consisted of faithfully taking Teds's alkalizing remedies 3 times a day -- usually Ted's lemon/lime with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda(Arm and Hammer brand) three times a day.

I also took at least two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil a day(in my coffee) to help with my constipation and candida problems. To help support my liver and kidneys from the candida fungal die-off or Herxhiemer affect, I also took my own decoction of herbs -- but milk thistle, dandylion or burdock are just as good for the job.

And now that my candida is gone I still take Ted's alkalizing remedies a few times a week, but I now also take my own formulated mineral water. This consists of one litre of water with:

1/4 tspn Natural Sea Salt
1/8 tspn Sodium Bicarbonate(Baking Soda)
1/4 tspn(1/8 tspn for women) of borax(20 Mule Team brand)

You can also add 3 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide(food grade) to this mineral mix safely. Hydrogen peroxide is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti viral.

I drink this water throughout the day, usually lasts more than one day. This mix supplies most my mineral needs from the sea salt, the borax is one of the best fungal killers there is and is also good for hormone balance and bones and the baking soda is just for alkalinity and to supply bicarbonates to my body.

I also used to get episodes of racing heart and dizziness. For this I took Magnesium Gluconate supplement as well as started using an 8oz garden sprayer with one or two tablespoon of Epsom Salts(Magnesium Sulfate) mixed in and sprayed it all over my body after showers. Your body will absorb the magnesium transdermally.

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

Magnesium Chloride crystals are about the best form of magnesium there is, but I can't get it here in the Philippines, so I use Epsom Salts instead. This successfully got rid of my dizziness/racing heart etc.

Posted by Faithinhealing
Forest Park, Ohio
Thanks Bill, I have that recipe and am going to try it. I have gallstones right now that I'm trying to dissolve so I was focusing on that right now. The dizziness is from the gallstones. I remember reading that you did not change your diet and was amazed by that! I know that my sodium levels are always off in comparison to my potassium levels so I'm wondering if that would help. Right now I'm doing another alkalziing drink that includes help so I'm hoping that will help with the sodium imbalance without the added salt.

Thanks though and I'll keep you posted!

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
949 Posts
Hi Faithinhealing...The combination of the mineral water and magnesium should play a big part in balancing your sodium issues.

And it's quite true, I didn't change my eating habits much, but I eat virtually no bread(mainly rice), I only cook in virgin coconut oil now(I avoid veg oils like the plague because they are all heavily processed and oxidize more quickly than VCO) and I stick by the Asian principle of eating until I'm 70-80% full. I also drink lots of water now. Remember that I now live in the Philippines, where every third tree is a coconut tree...LOL, so its not expensive here. I eat very little store bought processed food as well -- buy most of my food from the local wet market.

I also forgot to mention that, during my own candida eradication protocol -- after a couple of months, I started to discharge small, hard pea-like things in my faeces. I then realized that these must be gallstones and something in my regimen had caused this to happen.

It's also well known that lemon juice and olive oil will cause gallstone discharge. But perhaps it was my combination of coconut oil, lemon/lime plus BS that caused my discharge of gallstones -- which continued for a couple of months and then suddenly stopped. The result of this was a nice surprise -- I lost weight and my stomach is now flat.

Thinking about it, I also took a herbal protocol to protect my kidneys and liver while taking my candida protocol. And one of the herbs I used -- Chanca Piedra -- is well know for removing both kidney stones and gallstones from the body. So this might have also played a part in my own gallstone discharge.

Colloidal Silver   1  0   

Posted by Jeanie (Essexville, Michigan) on 07/11/2013

[YEA]  I was having dizzy spells for over a month. And it was happening every time I would lay down or get. I went to the ear doctor and he said that it could be acid crystals. He wanted me to do more test. I decided to pray. The Lord directed me to put colloidal silver in my ear. Even the first application seem to correct it. Did put more drops in ears later in day and for another day. Have not had anymore dizziness since. It has been over a month now. I hope this helps other.

Epley Maneuver   2  0   

Posted by Healthhelper (Peuget Sound, Washington) on 02/05/2012

[YEA]  Dizziness, Vertigo

This problem originates in the inner ear and can quite easily be corrected with a very simple exercise called "Epley's Maneauver". This exercise was demonstrated to me when I went to a doctor for dizziness. YouTube shows how to do the exercise as well as showing exactly what and where in the inner ear this equilibrium is controlled. Anyone can easily do the exercise; it's very simple, and it works!

Posted by Zeninfinity (Santa Rosa, Ca, Usa) on 11/01/2011

[YEA]  This is not a vertigo cure, but a possible way to help you cope when a vertigo episode happens.

I have been having all sorts of weird stuff happening with my ears in the last few weeks. I am 46, an audio engineer and had my first incident with vertigo 2 weeks ago and then another last week. I think I have "glue ear" which I am not sure is the same as an ear infection. Sorry I digress.

Anyway, just thought I would pass this on. The Epley Maneuver is a great way to deal with a vertigo episode. I had a mild attack last week, did the Epley Maneuver and the room rocking back and forth stopped!

Here's a youtube video of this simple movement. I hope it works for you!


Ginger   0  0   

Posted by Snoochi (Hartford, Connecticut, Usa) on 02/06/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Possible fix for dizziness

Ginger may be helping...I have been drinking a ginger drink I feel is helping. Someone actually described almost exactly what I do. I take about a tablespoon of chopped fresh ginger root in two cups of water that I let steep. Sometimes I put some clove, cinnamon, and honey in too. I call it my ginger tea. I also eat the ginger as well.

I have been doing some neck stretches and muscle massage to the SCM muscle over the last month as well which I feel might be beneficial.

Green Smoothie   1  0   

Posted by Gokhals (Larkspur, California) on 10/22/2011

[YEA]  Spinach and fruit smoothie. For nearly two months on and off, I was getting extreme attacks of dizziness, head spinning, tightness in neck. Once at night, I think I moved my head slightly, and the head spinning started. Its was terrible. I thought I had low blood pressure issues - as at an earlier doctors appointment, my doctor had told me that my bp was on the low side. I went out and bought a blood pressure monitor. My bp was consistently in the 100/70 range. Thinking it was this lowish bp that was the problem, I started drinking salt water. It helped a little bit. The intensity of the dizziness attacks waned, but I still felt moderately dizzy from time to time during the day.

One day, my kids made me drink a spinach/fruit smoothie. My dizziness, 'head spinning' went away, simply vanished, never to return. My conclusion is, this is a diet related disease, maybe an infection got cleared by the nutrients in the smoothie, maybe my body need certain minerals in the fruits and spinach. I drink spinach/fruit smoothies regularly now. If this helps others with meniere's disease, vertigo, dizziness etc. Please do let me know. It worked like magic. I am still baffled by the science behind it. But it works!!

Posted by Lanlee
Houston, Tx
2 Posts
I read your blog on Green Smoothies. I wanted to know what fruits and how much Spinach leaves???
Posted by Gokhals
San Francisco, Ca, Usa
24 Posts
The SmartSmoothie: As compared with supplements and store bought health drinks, or potable cleanses, you are nutritionally many times better off drinking the following five (5) ingredient fresh smoothie with organic produce several times a month:

2 cups green stuff (spinach, watercress, kale other dark leafy greens

1/4 -1/2 cup fermented stuff - such as Beet Kvass, Sauerkraut, Yogurt, Kefir - anything with bugs, enzymes and organic acids

1-2 cups of fruits (any)

1/4 to 1/2 a cup of fats (avocado, coconut oil, heavy un-homogenized cream, coconut cream, shredded coconut, soaked nuts that have a high mono unsaturated fatty acid profile such as macadamia. It's important to vary the fatty acids.

Cilantro/parsley is a must in every smoothie, even two leaves is better than none (it's a potent detoxifier)

What you get: You get huge amounts of friendly bacteria, minerals, enzymes, fat and water soluble vitamins (also ability to synthesize B12 via bacteria), organic acids (that detoxify) and phyto-chemicals in the above concoction.

The science goes like this: You cannot digest minerals (or proteins) without fat soluble vitamins to function as your mineral carriers. And fat soluble vitamins are carried only in raw fats such as avocados, coconut oil, minimally processed heavy cream etc. Thus in order for your body to actually absorb the minerals you ingest, every single smoothie MUST contain a source of good fats. Above combination will fix stomach problems, give your body the substrates it needs to detoxify pollutants, clear up your skin, fix your liver, give you energy and mental clarity, keep you from getting dizzy, prevent cancer, blood pressure problems, heart problems down the road - while forcing you to eat greens daily in a way that is super pleasant (addictive). If you have low BP and are dizzy try this smoothie before you try medication.

If you are hypothyroid, add seaweed to every smoothie. Fading memory? Add a couple of raw egg yolks. Heart trouble? Increase the high quality saturated fats. The heart muscle preferentially metabolizes fats. Brain fog? Ditto. Your brain is 70% fat and could use some more.

Dr. Terry Wahls (google her) reduced her crippling multiple sclerosis with supplements, but CURED it with SmartSmoothies. Food has the complex molecules you need to assimilate the 'special molecules' you really need. Supplements do not have this, thus vitamin C in a pill is only marginally as effective as an orange. Further, bottled juices have largely lost their nutritional value by the time they get to you. There is also the very real danger of salmonella and other contamination when vegetable matter is mashed in factories instead of at your home. In order to get rid of the bad bacteria, these beverages are frequently flash pasteurized. And pasteurization kills all enzymes and factors you need to actually digest the nutritive elements in the smoothie. Thus what you frequently get is sterile juice at best and unhealthy juice at worst.

You get all that and more, by drinking a SmartSmoothie. Spend your shopping dollars on organic kale for maximum bang for your buck. Make sauerkraut, kefir and yogurt at home (it's a snap, it's cheap and its digestive effect is magical), stock fruits (fresh or frozen), invest in good fats for an easy smoothie.

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Autumn (Louisville, Ky) on 06/09/2014

Has anyone heard of or experienced terrible dizziness while sleeping? This has happened to me a few times over the last 6 month. I am fully asleep and I wake up to extreme dizziness, especially when I roll over. I feel like I am drunk & the whole world is just spinning around. It is VERY scary to say the least but I have no idea what it means nor have I ever heard of this happening to anyone else before either. I have looked this up and cannot find any information on it. It only happens on occasion, not often at all - thank goodness - but when it does it causes me to also be nauseous after. I don't get sick but my stomach feels sick. The feeling also stays with me for a while, even when I go back to sleep after it happens, when I wake up again it's still there. Does anyone know what this is? Is there anything that I can do to help it either stop happening or just lessen when it does. Any advice would be great. Thank you.

Posted by Tg
I wonder if you have fluid pooling in your ears? That can cause dizziness.
Posted by Mary
Mi, US
It could be your inner ear. I've had dizzy spells for 35 years. Go to the Dr.to rule out anything serious. If it is your inner ear try the EPLEY exercises. You can find them on you tube.
Posted by Timh
1293 Posts
Autumn: This could be a case of high level toxic metals entering the bloodstream, landing in the liver, and excreted in the duodenum (causing the nausea). I would advise to order an online heavy metal test kit. If this is indeed the case, there are safe and natural methods for removal found here on E.C.
Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
470 Posts
Hello Autumn:

Re; Dizziness while sleeping...

Other posters have made good suggestions. Let me ask a few follow up questions; Are you having any other symptoms? And how long have you been experiencing this? Was there any trigger to it when you first started experiencing this? And is there a trigger now?

I'm trying to get to anything underlying that Posters can get a handle on. I'm always on the search for a virus as an underlying problem...in inner ear for instance, so I'd look for an original trigger such as a sinus infection and hence my way of dealing with that, if indeed it was the trigger, would be to kill the virus. Otherwise the cause continues to operate.

But a virus/fungus etc cause may not be the cause in your case.

Still go back to beginnings. Did you have any ear/sinus problem pre dating the onset to your dizziness? If so, then I assure you with a high degree of certainty that the cause is viral and the problem will remain until you irrigate your system with a virus killer...like Colloidal Silver or MMS or Echinacea/ Tea Tree Oil/ etc.

Posted by Caligirl
You tube the Epley maneuver. It helped me with dizziness
Posted by Mr. Ree
Put a night light in your room and when you wake up dizzy focus on something in the room and your dizziness will go away.
Posted by Autumn
Louisville, Ky
16 Posts
Thank you all for all of the great suggestions!!

Dave, to answer some of your questions, this has happened 3x in the past 6 months, all while sleeping. I actually had a ruptured eardrum after a double ear infection back in Jan 2013. Since then, I have not had any ear infections but I do have significant scarring in my ears from when I was a child.

I looked online for this as well and saw where it could be crystals that formed behind my eardrum that may be doing this when I am lying on one side too long. I am not sure but that could be the issue.

I also am thinking it could be from dehydration as well. I do NOT drink enough water at all but I am trying to now since I started taking food grade DE a few days ago for other reasons.

Yesterday, after the episode from the night before, I was very dizzy for the whole day and am still today but no where near as bad. I slept elevated last night to hopefully help it not happen again and drink plenty of water yesterday to help. I think drinking water did help some as well. I will be drinking plenty of water today for sure.

I am also going to try out the Epley Maneuver to see if that might help, since I have read online that this may help with the crystal that may be behind the eardrum.

Timh, I have 2 VERY small silver fillings, each of them are about as big as a grain of rice, and have been wondering if taking DE will cause issues with the mercury in those to affect me in some way with the heavy metals? Would you have any insight on that please?

I truly appreciate the help and any other suggestions would be great. Thank you so much!!!

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
470 Posts
Hello Autumn,

Follow up to your second Post.

OK. Re your second Post...I mentioned in my first Post that if you had some significant sinus or ear issue which immediately preceded the onset of your symptoms then I could say with a lot of certainty that the cause was viral/fungal.

And you say you had an infection significant enough to cause a ruptured eardrum. Plus there was some issue with scarring when you were a child. Maybe a lingering ear weakness or even residual virus?

Well, to kill a virus....in my opinion...if this were me, I'd do a lot of Colloidal Silver irrigation, and the Eustachian Tube will carry to inner ear...enough CS after numerous sinus irrigations to kill the virus.

I'd also use a dropper to get some CS into outer ear.

I'd also be consuming orally two tablespoons twice daily on empty stomach for three months in case this infection has become systemic.

The use of CS into sinuses (using an ear syringe) gently squeezed and then head back to let drain into back of sinus and down throat... will, if sinus is infected, produce some stinging in sinus if they are infected. Usually more stinging on one side than the other. Irrigation must be repeated twenty or thirty times to make sure virus is gone.

If the infection is systemic, after consumption of CS over a week, energy levels become stronger. And, if this is working the dizziness will decrease in intensity and frequency after three or four weeks, finally disappearing after a few months. Time will have to rebuild damages nerves (also Calcium AEP will be of great benefit). Google "nutrition review calcium AEP".

But much faster if this is an "early" infection. However, the fact that you had issues when you were a child leads me to believe this condition may be long lasting.

Caveat: I am assuming that the condition is only in the early stages and only localized to the inner ear. But if the condition was begun in your youth (which you allude to) then some infection could be in the Temporal Lobe of the brain. And so if the CS irrigations are ineffective but you see SOME improvement, but not cured, then likely the infection is in "inferior" portion of Temporal Lobe. Look all this up on Wikipedia. A different protocol to get CS to Temporal Lobe.

Let's hope not.

If this theory expressed above makes sense to you by all means discuss this with your specialist MD. Your MD may have some insights on this that exceed my NON medical experience.

I know this is frightening to you but believe that there is a practical and workable solution.

By the way, any CS you buy should be able to knock out a sore throat. Lots of CS companies claim theirs is "super duper" tiny and better than anyone else. OK...but does it get rid of a sinus infection or a sore throat. I make my own and you may want to get a little unit to make your own. Cheap and simple to do.

Bless you Autumn. (I lived the first three years of my life in Louisville. Dad was in Seminary there.)

Posted by Cindy
To Dave from Fountain Inn, SC. Hi Dave I always follow your posts with great interest and after many months have finally decided to try colloidal silver for a similar ear issue as autumn. If we were to start out on the 2T. twice daily I can't help but think this is going to bring on one AWFUL herx issue. What ppm silver are you suggesting? I would also be interested in knowing more about temporal lobe you talk of. Thanks and I do appreciate your helpful posts.
Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
470 Posts
Hey Cindy/ USA,

Re: CS consumption re Temporal Lobe issues

I'm guessing that the herx effect is possible if the "kill off" is great and hence toxic. Just never ran across herx as some talk about it on EC.

So, to be safe and alleviate your concerns, if me, I'd take ONE tablespoon and gradually increase over a month.

How's that for a nice compromise?

I use a high ppm; so the paradox with a high ppm (given your concerns) is that a high ppm would give a high herx effect, would it not? Again, I've never had or seen the effect. But it would make sense. The cases I've seen, just haven't observed the herx effect. Just a theory here ... could the silver be acting as a cleaning element and somehow not allowing debris to accumulate? You've really raised a good question. For the longest time I tried to understand how CS did not destroy beneficial bacteria and then a Live Cell Microscopy expert (trained extensively), explained to me the CS charge is "positive" as is beneficial bacteria whereas deleterious bacteria has a negative charge.

Maybe the "herx" question (why doesn't CS produce such an effect) has a good answer too.

Your other question about Temporal Lobe is where the focus of auditory issues reside. Look at a chart on google (of the brain of course) and zoom in; much action in the TL. And the Inferior portion is where it appears virus can cause havoc.

Now remember my theory (you kindly stated you've been reading my Posts...sorry if they appear relentless)...but I focus on two sources for a problem, like the ear issue that have appeared in the past week on EC. The infection might just be in the inner ear and that causes some symptom. AND/OR, the virus/fungus might have ridden the nerve superhighway right into the brain. For the former much less invasive problem, an irrigation might be the solution but if the virus has bypassed the blood/brain barrier and has invaded the brain (Temporal Lobe, for instance), I suggest that IF ME I'd use a poultice. I have done so myself; I mix DMSO with CS, fifty/fifty and apply to back of neck. Multiple applications and if I see an improvement after a few applications I continue for another dozen and so forth. I keep a journal. I talk to a knowing MD to get his oversight. Before this protocol I see if the MD has any ideas as to treat a virus in the Brain...and can he/she help confirm or disaffirm such a reasoned theory. (Such theory is based on the prior medical history.)

Well, hopefully, the infection (if the theory is correct) can be eliminated by a simple series of CS irrigations. Keep track of energy levels. Over and over I've seen increase in energy after a week or two and that in my mind confirms infection is being eliminated. The road to recover is underway.

Best to you. Keep me informed on how your road is being traveled.


Posted by Autumn
Louisville, Ky
16 Posts
Thank you Dave, for ALL of your help with this. You just may be my life saver!!!

I will definitely get some Colloidal Silver ASAP. May I ask which brand or brands that you think are better. I went to amazon to order some but with so many selections and not knowing much about it, it would help to have somewhere to start. If not, I completely understand. I may try to make my own later on though, but I would like to get this treatment started soon.

I am hoping that it is not further along and in my Temporal lobe. I have always had slight dizzy spells since I was younger, due to fluid build up in my ears but nothing like what is going on lately since the ruptured ear drum.

I truly appreciate ALL of your help on here. I am so happy that I have found this site with people like you who are so willing to really help others out. Plus, since you are originally from KY and I assume, grew up in SC, you must be a great person. :) Thank you so very much!!

I may be back to ask more questions about this later but either way, I will definitely write an update on how it went.

Posted by Autumn
Louisville, Ky
16 Posts
Dave, I just read your main story on Colloidal Silver and saw where you said to Google affordable generators. I went ahead and ordered one for myself. I know it can't hurt to have one so that I can use the CS as often as needed. It also helps the headache of trying to find the best brand as well. I will start taking the CS as soon as I get a batch made. I truly hope this helps with my dizziness among other issues I am having.

Do you mind if I ask you if you think that using the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth while taking the CS will be okay? I am taking 2 tsp daily of the DE and am on my 6th day. I just don't want to OVER DO it by taking too many things at once.

Once again, Thank you and everyone else so much for your help!!!


Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
470 Posts
Hey Autumn;

Re CS etc.

Oh, by all means continue taking the DE. The Silver and DE won't interact negatively. But just separate when you consume each by a few hours. I had been told that minerals could compete with the receptor site at the cellular level if Silver was simultaneously taken with minerals.

AND you are getting your OWN generator. YES!!!

A few words on that: I use 20 or so grains of salt in 2 cups of heated water (about 90 degrees) to give conductivity to my purified water. As soon as I drop the silver strands into the heated water, I see a fine white mist beginning to disperse in the clear water. After 30 seconds I use a wooden spoon to gently stir the water to disperse the cloud better. In 4 or 5 minutes (if batteries are strong) I take out the silver strands and the mix is then dense with the white cloud (silver ions and silver particles). I then DILUTE with purified water by at least 20 cups of water or more so that no cloud is apparent and no taste of silver is apparent...but you know that silver is in the mixture, because you made it and saw the cloud of silver prior to dilution. I often will used the concentrate...over 1, 000 ppm. But the dilution will work.

Now there is ANOTHER group of CS makers who do not want to add any salt at all for conductivity They just let the silver strands sit for 30 minutes and what is produced is a different color in the water.

I've used the former method for 20 years with great success. You might experiment with both methods and determine if there is a difference. But just to let you know, there are two different "camps" who make the CS. The latter group believe their silver solution produces smaller particles than the former (fast method as I call it). Maybe true; but I have read at least one very good article that argues the larger size particle is better than the smaller particles.

I also had one experience where someone convinced me to try the slower made silver on my chronic sinus problem (I think allergy induced) and during the time I was irrigating with the "super stuff" I actually developed a sinus infection!!!!! After two days of the infection growing in intensity I switched to my old "fast made" solution and "bam" the infection was gone with ONE application....I threw away the "super duper" stuff and since then am critical of the supposed superiority of the "slow" method.

But come to your own conclusion. Let me know what happens. I'm certainly here for you to discuss anything that arises.

Posted by Cindy
Hi Dave, Thanks for all the information. Do you do the irrigation with straight silver or diluted? Your help is appreciated. I may have more questions yet.
Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
470 Posts
Hi again Cindy,

Re; What concentration to perform irrigation of Colloidal Silver.

After making a two cup container of CS, I dilute over 20 times (as I discussed in previous posts). The "diluted" is still strong at about 100 to 200 ppm. And THAT is considered very strong...so just because it's diluted does not mean it has a low ppm value. Some commercial CS has 5 ppm.

You'll find out with experience what levels work best. I often use the full strength CS...the original two cups diluted by about 5 times. But I'd have no problem using the more diluted and often use that also.

Posted by Autumn
Louisville, Ky
16 Posts
This is for Dave or anyone who make their own Colloidal Silver. I will be getting my CS Generator today and I cannot wait to get started with it. I just have a question as to how long AFTER I make it, can I take it? Does it need to sit for a while after it is made or can I take it right away? Thanks again for any help!!! I am really excited now & I hope this will get rid of my chronic Sinus infections and the dizziness I have been having. **Knock on wood, it only happened 2x this week & hasn't came back in a few days now**
Posted by Mama to Many
705 Posts

Do you use regular iodized table salt for your 20 grains of salt? I have too many salt options in my house. :) table salt, Realsalt, Celtic Sea Salt. The Sea Salt grains are much bigger than table salt. Just want to make sure I use the right thing when I make it.


~Mama to Many~

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
470 Posts
Hello Mama to Many;

Re: what to use for conductivity

I've used any salt...and one could use any bit of mineral...such as a tiny bit of mag sulfate for instance.

your friend,


Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
470 Posts
To Autumn:

CS generation:

RE: When to start taking after generation... Like start within ten seconds! It's ready instantly...those neat little silver ions/particles are just waiting to kill off viruses/ fungi/ bacteria. So as soon as you dilute to your satisfaction start up. I actually believe that the fresher the solution, the more potent.

I'm very proud of you, brave lady. You're going to have a hundred stories in a year or two. Welcome to the world of Silver making.

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
470 Posts
To both Autumn and Cindy,

As I discussed with Cindy in this thread, IF the infection (assuming virus) goes deeper than the ears and is in the TL of the Brain; then remember to get the CS to the Brain I must use DMSO in a 50/50 mix. I'd hope the situation would be helped/cured by irrigation of sinuses (repeated) to get to Eustachian tubes and into inner ear. IF that is not sufficient, but helps, then the problem may be Temporal Lobe.

THEN I'd use the poultice of the MIX...DMSO to transport CS. Back of neck...repeated applications. But first try the simple irrigation. Only if insufficient would I go to poultice.

Again; this is what I would do. I don't recommend or diagnose. And I've recommended to always talk to MD to discuss options.

Posted by Autumn
Louisville, Ky
16 Posts
I just wanted to give an update on my CS making & taking. I wanted to wait a couple of days before, to see what, if anything, changed.

I finally got my CS Generator on Saturday and immediately made a batch of CS. I had also purchased a set of Amber & Cobalt Blue Glass bottles for various uses for storage.

One was a nasal spray bottle which I am now using daily. I have not actually ingested any by mouth yet but plan to soon. I just wanted to see how it did in my nose first and I noticed that my nose is much clearer now since starting to put it in my nose. I don't have to 'Sniff/Snort' it up since I can put the nasal sprayer pretty far up my nasal cavity and inhale it enough to get it down my throat. I actually probably need to use it more than I do and I am making an effort to do that.

I noticed today that my nose is clearer & I am breathing much better through my nose. I used to have to blow my nose & make horrible noises to be able to breathe at times but not anymore - so far - which is great!!

Today for some reason (not sure if it has anything to do with the CS, or if it is my Chronic Sinus Infection moving around) but the left side of the back of my neck if very stiff today. It wasn't from sleeping because it didn't start until this afternoon. Not sure if this could be anything or not but I am still using the nasal spray.

I plan to start taking some by mouth later today though. I know I need to be more aggressive in my approach with the issues I have been having (explained above). I just hope this keeps helping but I have started out slowly as I do with most 'new' things, to see how it will effect me personally.

I almost forgot too, I sprayed some on a spot on my knee that I believe was either a series of bug bites or a small patch of poison ivy (not sure) but it was itching horribly for a couple of weeks and after spraying the CS on it, it stopped itching & the next day it was dried up. So far so good.

I will continue to use CS and see where it takes me. I will update again soon too!! Thanks Dave for all of your help & insight too. Any other advice from you & anyone else is still appreciated!! Thank you!!


Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
470 Posts
Hello Autumn;

Congratulations on a good Colloidal Silver start.

On the neck issue...well, it's never happened to me nor have I ever heard of it as you described. Is it possible that the CS spraying is related? Might be. If you were holding your head at a low angle and then sprayed and you then quickly turned your head up and assuming you did that a few times...well, could you have slightly sprained your neck?

I've had lots of neck and low back issues over the DECADES...starting as a teen. So I know (having an S curve as well as C-5 fusion...genetic) that small actions can have consequences. I even have to sleep with my head at a particular angle...tilted up. I've gone to a million chiropractors and learned lots of chiropractic techniques (pressure points being my favorite).

My point is; what you describe you were doing could, in theory, strain a muscle or pinch a nerve. Just a guess.


Posted by Autumn
Louisville, Ky
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Dave, I think you are right on the money there. I am pretty sure I pulled something in my neck from the day before possibly. After having the pain for a while, I figured it had absolutely nothing to do with the CS.

I am still taking it daily in my nose but I keep forgetting to take it internally for some reason. I guess between taking the DE daily & the CS daily, I am forgetting to take both since I should take them each a couple of hours apart. I am going to have to make a real effort to take the CS by mouth. I am so busy lately that I forget. :(

Is there any way for me to find out the ppm's of what I made since I do not have a TDM (I think that is what it is) or a laser light either. I was wondering about that so I know how much I am actually ingesting when I do take it orally.

Thanks again for all of your help!!

Posted by Juju (Buffalo, New York) on 03/21/2014

Been dizzy on and off since Aug. Had sinus surgery in January. Have had a few sinus and ear infections since then. Got a cold about a week ago. Moved my head this morning while getting ready for work. Got super dizzy again. Now walking around unbalanced again. Using Netipot too!

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
470 Posts
Re dizziness after sinus surgery;

You have an infection in inner. or middle ear...or Eustachian tube (canal that connects sinus to ear).

You mentioned you were using an irrigation but if me I'd use a strong anti viral//fungal...Colloidal Silver. I've knocked out a number of such infections over the years. Using an ear syringe, squirt into ears and into sinus cavity. Since you just had surgery there do as gently as you now do with the irrigation you currently use. I'd repeat three times daily for three days.

Posted by Laine (Santa Clarita, Ca, Usa) on 08/23/2012

My husband is in his early 70s. He is very fit - cycles 10-12 miles daily. Since 4/12 he has been complaining that he feels disoriented, woozy, fatigued and he is stumbling a bit due to recent poor balance. Blood tests and EKG are normal. His blood pressure is about 112/68, no cholesterol issues. He has taken ACV twice daily for a couple of years and it solved his problems with seasonal allergies.

He had a thyroid problem many years ago (Hashimoto's), but the Dr. said his thyroid was normal. Does anyone have any ideas as to a cause of these problems?

EC is such a great site and I am grateful to all, especially Ted, who have shared so much knowledge. Many thanks.

Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa - USA
Hi Laine, I would make sure your husband is checked out by a good ENT (ears, nose, throat) doctor. A lot of times equillibrium and dizziness is an inner ear thing. Good luck!
Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Laine, have you tried magnesium?
Posted by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Laine - I'm sure others will respond, but is it possible your husband is severely dehyrdated? Cycling 10-12 miles a day in summer is quite a feat!

There's an interesting Web site called the Water Cure. You divide your weight in two and that's the number of ounces of water you drink per day. You also add 1/4 teaspoon natural sea salt to each liter you drink. Evidently the salt assists the water getting into the cells (otherwise you excrete most of it right away).

Another thing that might help is getting enough healthy fats in his diet (coconut oil, omega 3s, etc.).

Hope you find the right answer - best of health to you both. Cheers, Bess

Posted by Anne
Jacksonville, Ar
2 Posts
Did your physician check him out for veritgo? Has he had any nausea? Do the symptoms abate when he lies still? Can be caused by dehydration and also a virus. Hope he feels better very soon.

Posted by Brobertson (Tomball, Tx, United Stated) on 11/10/2011

Need some help with ongoing dizziness and inner ear infection. Been going on for about three weeks now. Just finishing up some antibiotics from the dear Dr. , but they appear to have had no impact. I really didn't want to take the antibiotics for obvious reasons, but anyway, I did. What can I take to help get rid of the dizziness specifically, and secondary the ear infection?

BTW, tried the whole 'tilt the head this way and that' several times to no avail.

Posted by Candy
Fort Madison, Iowa
Colloidal silver worked for me. Just take one teaspoon a day and it should clear up in a couple days. think I saw it here. C
Posted by Debby
Monroe, Ct
Just a warning on "Colloidal silver" if taken for too long it will change your skin color to a blue-grey color and it will be permenent. Be careful.
Posted by Timh
Louisville, Usa
1293 Posts
Brobertson, I have been having good luck lately gargeling Colloidal Silver for my gums, ears, eyes infection. But I wouldn't advise not using C.S. orally also. I also use a Zapper to help with infections. If you don't happen to have a zapper on hand, try using a 9v olt battery. Before I purchased a zapper, I was very desperate for relief from infections so I placed the 9volt battery on my tongue for zapp. I did this for several minutes, moving the battery and tollerating the sting as much as possible. Waited a few minutes and repeated. An hr or two latter I experienced the worst herx ever with pancrease being mostly affected. Vit-C, coffee enemas, and some fibre cleared the die-off.

Also, Zinc lozenges could proove as effective as anything. Vit-C (Ester w/ bioflavinoids) is a must for immunity & detox.

Hope this helps.

Posted by Meg (Hamilton, , Canada) on 06/29/2011

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a remedy to cure/help my husband's dizziness. It feels like a 'head rush', or like when you get up too quickly, but it happens to him at all different times of day, if he turns his head too far, or tilts it up, etc. Often he also feels nauseous as well, and it is sometimes accompanied by a headache too. This been going on for 3-4 years. He has been to the doctor, had an MIR etc, and they can't find anything the matter.

Btw, he's 27, regular weight, and eats well. (No artificial sweetners, junk food etc.) Any help would be great! Thanks!

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Meg, the dizziness symptom jolted my brain a bit. Someone posted this excellent ebook the other day on this site about spirulina and chlorella. It does mention dizziness. May be worth trying... They are excellent for health anyway.

It is an excellent read (about 39 pages but worth it).

From an excerpt (page 14):

"Both chlorella and spirulina have been shown to be quite effective for people suffering from anemia (blood deficiencies), poor spleen function, weak digestive absorption, and other similar "lack of vitality" disorders.

If you or someone you know is anemic, has low blood pressure, suffers from dizziness, or shows obvious signs of lack of vitality (such as having infrequent bowel movements), then chlorella is something that I strongly recommend be considered. Over time, most people find that chlorella builds vitality, improves digestion, enhances energy, improves mental clarity, and basically helps people regain their youthful energy and start rebuilding the strength of organs and tissues".


Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
Hi Meg -

Has he ever had a diagnosis of meniere's disease? I suppose you have already read up on it, but if not, you might want to google it on the web....that is what it sounds like to me, anyway (I am not a doctor, just know someone who has had meniere's disease). Good luck - that would be such a miserable thing to have for so long. I hope your husband is better soon.

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
949 Posts
Hi Meg... It might be that that your husband has an inner ear problem affecting balance. It could be that he has a form of Meniere's disease or Vertigo. In any case, here is Ted's remedy, which applies to both of these problems:

Meniere's Disease:

This is the simplest possible cure for this condition. You should see a dramatic reduction in tinnitus, dizziness, vomiting in a matter of days. The cause is a virus, likely to be a herpes viruses. The condition attacks the area and when you first have it, you know when it started. The remedy to get most of the viruses killed is to take 1000 mg of vitamin C, followed in 55 minute, by a doses of1200 mg of lysine for a total of 6 doses on the first day. On the second day its 1200 mg of lysine at 55 minute dose interval for a total of 4 doses. The third and fourth day is the same. To make sure it's completely gone, you try to take at least 1200 mg of lysine dose twice a day for the next 30 days, or longer. The point is, the very first week usually 90% is gone. The lysine is kept up at a fairly high level. For the tougher cases, a 500 mg aspirin can be added along with the vitamin C, before starting on the daily doses of lysine. That means vitamin C 1000 mg plus 500 mg aspirin, before starting the 6 doses of lysine on first day, 4 doses on second day, 4 doses on the third day, 4 doses on the fourth day. It's a four day remedy that usually kills most of the herpes out of the system. If it isn't out, the attacks will be far and between, instead of getting more frequent attacks with each coming year, until it becomes very debilitating. I managed to see a couple of cures, from this Meniere's disease. If there are tougher ones, there is alpha lipoic acid, zinc and alkalization to deal with it, as well as lemon bioflavonoid, piracetam, and the like. But it's likely to be lysine, vitamin C and aspirin in that order. I am presently investigating alpha lipoic acid in such use, but since herpes always goes away before I get a chance to start the new test treatment, I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

After the above one month treatment, I think a daily maintenance dose of just 1200 mg lysine should prevent most future attacks. If not increasing the dose to just twice a day should be sufficient.

In the past I also had heart arrythmia as well as strange dizziness, but not as serious as your husband's condition I think. I cured this problem -- now four years gone -- by supplementing 250 mg Magnesium Chloride (or Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate) twice a day as well as taking 5% Lugol's Iodine solution -- about two drops daily -- every day. If you cannot get the Lugols Iodine then just use high dose kelp instead. And I still take Magnesium and Lugol's Iodine now, since these nutirents, which are both extremely important for our body's metabolism, are so sadly lacking in all western diets.

Posted by Patrice53 (Modesto, Ca, Usa) on 07/14/2010

Tremors, dizziness, brain infection... Any help for my Aunt, she has been told that all of this has been caused by a Brain infection? No help! The doctors just want to remove her brain! ! And these are really intellient people! Do you have any suggestions for me to help relieve some of her dizziness, tremors stc! Would appreciate any and all suggestions! Patrice

Posted by Abid
Islamabad, Pakistan
3 Posts
Plz tell complete details. This is a sensitive issue. Did she ever get some injury? Any tumour in brain? Any paralysis? If she is feeling paralysis then on which side, rt or lft side. For the time being get Arnica 1 M ( homeopathic remedy). In one litre bottle add two glass of water and 5 drops of Arnica 1M. Shake it hard for about 100 times. Now medicine is ready. How to Give? Just shake hard 15 times one give one tablespoon of wtaer from this bottle thrice a day for one week. Each time u have to shake it hard 15 times. Report back after one week with all the questions I have asked.

Posted by Kay (Santa Monica, California, USA) on 10/19/2009

I was wondering if someone can help me. I looked on this site for dizziness, but I did see not an ailment listed for it. Recently I signed up at the gym and have been working on a few machines to make my legs stronger. The leg press machine, sorry don't know the exact name, is the one causing the issue. It's where you put both legs on the board and stretch them out slowly. I am pressing about 90 pounds to start, not a big strain for me. The problem is that when I have finished and get up from the machine, I am very light headed and dizzy. The weird thing is that the dizziness doesn't go away for about half an hour. Could this be a heart issue, a neck issue, or maybe that I am depleted in a mineral? I do eat before I go and work out and I take a multi liquid vitamin supplement every day. Thank you very much for any help or insight!

Posted by Rin
London, Uk
Kay are you drinking water during your time at the gym? This could be your problem if not. Also, you should try to breath out on the effort. In other words as you press your legs forward breath out through the mouth.
Posted by Kay
Santa Monica, California, Usa
Hi Rin. Thank you so much for responding to my questions. I went to the gym last night and did as you suggested (water and breathing) and it definitely helped. Another thing I realized is that I started the leg press with my knees very close to my chest, so that was additional strain, perhaps too much strain. I put the seat back so I wouldn't have to extend so far and I think this helped. I also waited about 20 seconds to get from the machine. I guess I had vertigo, but it was strange that it lasted half an hour. Thank you again for your helpful advice. Kay
Posted by Rin
London, Uk
You're very welcome Kay. One thing I forgot to mention in my previous message was.. you said you eat before you train? make sure you food has gone down properly before you start to train. My next suggestion (had you replied that you are breathing right and drinking) would have been your seat position and form. Just to check..

Set the seat so that the knees are bent just over right angles.
Position feet about shoulder width apart
Try to push through your heels, keeping the knees lined up over the toes
Extend the legs until nearly straight, avoiding locking the knees
Lower the weight slowly back towards the starting position
Sit there for a moment before slowing getting up without lowering your head.
Sip fluids throughout your training session and have some form of carbs within an hour after training to replace the muscle fuel (glycogen)you have used. Ignore the guys you see drinking pints of protein shakes after a workout, your body needs carbs straight after not protein ;)

Good luck Kay

Posted by Kay
Santa Monica, California, USA
Hi Rin, thank you for responding to my second post! I am following your guidelines carefully. I think your initial suggestion to drink water was the key. I had done the treadmill for one hour before doing the leg press the day I got terribly dizzy and did not drink water before, during or after. I never thought that dehydration could have caused dizziness! Thank you again for solving this mystery for me. You are appreciated!
Posted by Rin
London, Uk
Youre very welcome Kay. Its nice for me to be able to help someone on here after all the help I have received. Earth Clinic Rocks!
Posted by Tomatolady
Denver, Co
If I were you, I'd ask my doctor to order an ultrasound test of my carotid arteries in my neck. If your carotid arteries are partially blocked, not enough blood is getting to your brain and maybe your exercises are bringing on the symptoms that you describe. Just my opinion.
Posted by Ga_bass
Atlanta, Georgia
If you are experiencing dizziness please look at the section on EC regarding artificial sweetners. If you are eating or consuming coffee , gum, diet drinks, and low calorie foods you are overdosing on the artificial sweetners. Once I cut those items out of my diet the dizzines went away. I have been dizzy free for 3 years.

Yoga Positions   0  0   

Posted by Kathy (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Usa) on 10/10/2010

I have been doing yoga for the last 9 years, when I turned 50 yrs. old I had to stop doing the 2 minute head stand because it would give me vertigo. I had 3 bouts of severe vertigo until I made the connection when the last bout started immediately after I came down from the head stand. I stopped doing the position and still 3 yrs. Later I haven't had a vertigo episode since. I hope this is of some help to others.


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