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Natural Graves' Disease Treatment

Last Modified on Mar 11, 2016

What is Graves' Disease?

Graves' disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism, and is the result of the immune system producing antibodies to a protein on the thyroid gland that normally regulates the production of hormones. This autoimmune disease causes an overproduction of thyroid hormones that regulate metabolism, body temperature, menstrual cycle, and heart and nervous system function. Graves' disease is most common in women and in people under the age of 40.

Symptoms of Graves' disease include anxiety, irritability, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, irregular heartbeat, increased sweating, hand tremors, weight loss, reduced libido, bulging eyes known as Graves' ophthalmopathy, and thick, red skin on the shins and feet known as Graves' dermopathy. Graves' ophthalmophaty can also include eye dryness, pain or eye pressure, light sensitivity, double vision, and difficulty making eye movements.

Home Remedies for Graves' Disease

This page is for user-submitted natural treatments for Graves' disease. Some of our more popular cures for Graves' disease are eye green tea, flaxseed oil, selenium, and a hydrogen peroxide inhalation method. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to treat Graves' disease. If you know of a remedy for Graves' disease, please feel free to share your story with us.

Remedies for Graves' Disease

The Popularity of Graves' Disease Remedies - Full List

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Apricot Seeds12014-09-14
Bill Munro's Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method12007-05-10
Coconut Oil12008-09-08
Eye Exercises22011-04-26
Flaxseed Oil12009-04-13
Food Allergies, Supplements12011-08-10
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Honey for Bulging Eyes32013-04-27
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Apricot Seeds  

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Posted by Rose (Malaysia) on 09/14/2014
5 out of 5 stars

HI..I have had bulging eyes for 13 years from Graves' I have find the answer..bulging and swelling eyes gone because I am using apricot seeds...please try it. I just want to help anyone in the same condition as I am.

Replied by Faeqa
Amman, Jordan

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Hi. Thank you, Rose. If the apricot seeds cures the bulging eyes that mean it may be good for Myopia (Nearsightedness because Myopia occurs when the eyeball is too long. I wrote what goes in my mind when I read this message, if any body try this please let us know.
Replied by Cece
Westchester, US
Hi, I was curious on how you used the Apricot Seeds to help with the bulging of your eyes. Did you boil it, eat it, put it on the eyes? How long did it take for you to start seeing results. I'm getting married in about a year and I only have one bulging eye from the Graves disease and I'm very insecure about taking wedding pics with my eye bulging.
Replied by Susan
United States
How do you take the apricot seeds for bulging eyes? Is it taken by mouth as in swallowed or do you apply it on your eyes?
Replied by Angel
Are you eating them or putting them in a tea? How fast did it work for your eyes?
Replied by Angel
Kansas, US
Today is day one with treating myself with Raw Organic Apricot Seed/Kernels.

There is a suggested use of starting out with just 6-10 kernels a day. I have consumed 4 this morning and will take 2 this evening. I am giving this experiment a 30 day trial test to establish whether I see any marked difference of my eyes that have been affected horribly by the graves disease.

I couldn't find any answers if apricot kernels really work to remove the bulging of eyes so, I became my own human study to see if the apricot kernels really reduce the bulging of eyes associated with graves eye disease. I hope the cyanide doesn't build up in my body and make me sick. I do not think it will as a person has to consume significant amounts of the kernels vs the dosage of the 10 kernels a day that I will be taking for 30 days.

Tomorrow, I will start consuming 5 kernels in the morning 5 in the afternoon for the 30 day period. If you would like to be updated on my experimental progress let me know.

Hi, did the apricot kernels help?
Replied by Elizabeth
Lancaster, Sc
Hi! Please tell me how exactly do you use the apricot seeds? For how long? And how long before you started seen results? Thank you!
Replied by Cheryl
Petaling Jaya
How much apricot seeds to take & how often?

Bill Munro's Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method  

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Posted by Brenda (Springville, Tennessee) on 05/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone, I'd like to add an update on my uses of HP. I use the inhaled method, 10 squirts, twice in a row, usually 2 or 3 times a day,and am so very happy with it. I no longer have broncitis! I was dignosed with Graves disease Dec 06 which caused terrible jitters and rapid heartbeats. I inhale the HP when this happens and within minutes the jitters and rapid heartbeat subside! I can't thank enough! I tell all my friends about HP and to email Bill Munro, and I tell that Bill will call them back promptly! A special thanks to Bill

Replied by Yoyo168
Sault Ste. Marie, ontario
what concentration of HP do you use for your inhalation method. coz I've had a rapid heart rate (120 bpm while sitting down) for the last 4 years and nervousness, jitters and run out of energy so fast.

Replied by Jessica Lynn
Harrisburg Pa
I apologize for my misunderstanding, but when you say you inhaled it, do you put it up your nose? And you had said squirts. Did you put it is a spray bottle of sorts? And then put the drops in each nostril? Thank you for your help!

EC: Dear Jessica Lynn,

Please see h202 inhalation instructions on this page of Earth Clinic.


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Posted by Paloma (Nyc, Us) on 05/14/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I just started taking BUGLEWEED extract more than month ago. I take 20 (pipette) drops X 3 time a day. My doctor told me. that it will take year/years to cure myself but I am already feel a bit better. Take care

Posted by Kay (London, England) on 05/07/2010

I have had graves disease for about 4 years now. I had an overactive thyroid which was removed 3 years ago but my eyes are still bulging and swollen around the eye area. I am so depressed with looking "like a frog" and would appreciate any advice. I take levothyroxin 150mg daily but this doesn't help the eye disease. I really don't want to have surgery although I couldn't yet anyway as the disease is "still active" I have read the bugleweed can help but I'm not sure how I should take it. I have just today started taking apple cider vinegar supplements in capsule form. Please help me as this disease has already ruined my relationship and depleted my self confidence.

Posted by Barry Richardson (Melbourne, Vic Australia) on 01/25/2010
5 out of 5 stars

My wife took 4 drops of bugelweed (orally) every day for nearly two years (2006 -2008) in order to treat and eventually "cure" Grave's disease. During those years she increased and decreased the dose to check for changes in the symptoms which were -- increased heart rate (at night especially) sleeplessness, and agressiveness/intolerance. She increased or decreased the dose accordingly.

That was nearly 3 years ago and she's now clear.

Our GP had not heard of it and a specialist advised against its use.

Dr Barry Richardson

Replied by Cindy
San Diego, Ca
Can you please provide more details on how your wife supplemented with Bugleweed? Tincture or tea? What brand? Did she spread the 4 drops throughout the day or all at once at a specific time. I've had Graves' for the last 10 years and willing to try out anything. Will appreciate the response.
Replied by J
If you read my post, its actually a reply, on the graves disease page. There are names of products that i currently take and am having success with. My email is also on that page if you would like to email me with any questions or if you just wanna talk about this awful disease. i have a few good websites that you might be interested in too. I am sorry that you have had this disease for 10 years i am 1 year and 1 month into this. Its no fun. Hope you read my reply because these products are really working for me.

Peace love and life

EC: It's here:

Message to J - unfortunately our database has been deleting your city and state because it doesn't recognize the "&" in the city field you entered (r&r, Ca). Makes your posts somewhat difficult to find!

Posted by Lori (Chesapeake, VA) on 11/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: graves cure -- The herb Bugleweed (Lycopus virginicus) has long been used in Europe for treating hyperthyroidism. Bugleweed can be used alone for mild conditions or in combination with anti-thyroid drugs. It works by inhibiting iodine uptake and metabolism, reducing the amount of hormone produced by active cells and it reduces the activity of TSI, the antibodies responsible for Graves' disease. The leaf extract of bugleweed is more active than root extracts. A tincture (alcohol extract) equivalent to 20 mg of the drug is more effective than a tea. If bugleweed is used as a tea, amounts as high as 1-2 grams daily can be used. Lycopus is often used in combination with Melissa officianalis (lemon balm). Although the effects of herbal preparations are mild compared to anti-thyroid drugs, herbs such as bugleweed should not be withdrawn suddenly. As with anti-thyroid drugs, herbs should be weaned with steadily decreasing doses as improvement is noted. The variety Lycopus europaeus (gypsywort) is reported to be as effective as bugleweed.

Replied by Karyn
Rexburg, Idaho
I was diagnosed 4 years ago with graves, put on Methozine, broke out in a rash, was put on PTU. Been taking it ever since, but don't like to take any kind of drugs. My symptoms have disappeared and I am down to 100 mg a day. It seems as tho my eyes are not bulging but eye lids are some puffy. I wanted to know if taking the Bugleweed would reduse the puffiness and if I should continue taking the PTU if I start on the bugleweed.


Coconut Oil  

5 star (1) 

Posted by Lori (Saint Cloud, FL) on 09/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Most definately Virgin Coconut Oil is soothing to the thyroid. My B/F/F has Graves' disease, she swears by it. She mixes it in her AM shakes and cooks with it.

Eye Exercises  

5 star (2) 

Posted by Niecy (Dallas, Texas) on 04/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi. I came across a couple of sites that talk about eye exercises for bulging eyes from Grave's disease but didn't really explain what to do. I suffererd from bulging eyes for years until 2 weeks ago when I did eye exercises. I put a couple of drops of moisture eye drops in my eyes, laid down and started moving my eyes around (while eyes closed) and looked as far right, left, up and down as I could to where I felt pressure in my eyes while doing it. I felt a tingling sensation behind my eyes. The more I moved my eyes around the more the sensation would go away. The next day my eyes started to return to normal.

It's been about 2 weeks and my eyes have returned to normal! I do the exercises while laying down just about everyday. Please let me know if this works for anyone!

Replied by Faith C.
Brentwood Bay, British Columbia
Thanks for this eye protrusion tip... I'm trying it now. Was diagnosed Nov. 2010... And been on tapazole since.... It helped with the jitteryness and bad moods... But eyes started acting up since end of oct. , 2011.... A few months now... Not bad but one eye is protruding slightly... I will try this exercise out... Did you find out anything else about exercising the eye muscles this way or the actual method? Thanks, Faith. P.S. I'm going to make an appt. with a naturopath right away.... I'm about 4 months away from my doctor wanting to do radiation therapy and not about to give up yet!
Replied by Michelle
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
5 out of 5 stars

Hi just wanted to say thanks the exercises are a big help. I haven't had alot of problems with my eyes although, mainly dryness, but have noticed last month my eyes are feeling alot sorer. I do have graves and I am on my third re-occurance after going into remission twice before. (First remission lasted about 4 years second remission 3 years and I am coming to the end of this cycle after being on Neomercazole each and everytime. I am down to 1/2 capsule now for another 3 months and then hopefully will be ok again). I started these exercises two days ago when I get into bed I put eye drops in and do them as you suggested and my eyes are feeling ALOT better. They were uncomfortable while doing the exercises but a small price to pay. Thanks for the tip and thankyou to all who have written here as I now have a few natural options to try. My dr has also suggested each and everytime I get hyperthryroidism that I get my thyroid cut. I am 47 and I have refused each time as the medication seems to work and I am getting a few years 'normality'. Although it would be nice to know what sets it off to begin with. I was interested in reading the Gluten problem here and will definately keep this in mind and look into further. Thanks again.

Replied by Rosa
New Jersey, US
Hello everyone, I just came across the recipe for the eye wash with honey and rosewater. You get 2 teaspoons of 100% raw and unfiltered honey, 1/2 of teaspoon of rosewater. Mix well and place it in a eye dropper. Put 2-3 drops in each eye and do the eye exercises. Good luck to all. I am going to try it tonight.

Flaxseed Oil  

5 star (1) 

Posted by Rob (Northeast, USA) on 04/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Help for Graves Disease Eye Trouble

I have had Graves disease for a couple of years. I have not had a lot of trouble with eye protrusion, but I have suffered several severe struggles with dry, crusty, scratchy, painful eyes. The first round was helped by antithyroid meds. But for the last bout I was no longer on meds. I found that flaxseed oil was very helpful. I have been taking it for a few months now, 1 tablespoon with breakfast, another with supper (on some food). There seems to be a fairly predictable correlation between when my flaxseed oil habit gets interrupted and the return of eye symptoms (which reminds me to get back to the oil).

Replied by Thyroidhope
Brooklyn, Ny, Us
I have diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2004, I tried PTU first but it didn't work then I had Radioactive iodine treatment in 2005. I didn't need any medication after the RAI treatment until 2007, my eyes have started to bulge and the doctor told me that the RAI treatment failed to block the production of thyroid hormone and suggested me to take another RAI treatment, so I had it again. From 2007 to present, I am taking Levothyroxine tablet, the doctor keeps increasing and decreasing the dosage of Levothyroxine because my blood tests keep failing to meet the normal range. As of today, my eyes are still protruding. Can someone provide me any good suggestions that I could try to cure my bulging eyes. I sincerely appreciate your help. Thank you. My email address is kitmintam(at)
Replied by Runnerrosie22
Lubbock, Texas
hi, my name is Sandy I live in texas. I had hyperthroidism in 2002 and was put on meds from my specialist the one that starts with M well I went up and down from hyper to hypo and finally that medication which they all know is hard on the liver shot my liver enzymes off the chart. Dr, then wanted me to go and have an MRI on my liver. That did it. I didn't have an MRI, didn't go back to see him and quit the meds. By this time I had been on the meds about 3 months and the symptoms had stopped( tremors of the hands, heart palpations but was still thin and weak muscles from the ordeal. When I finally went to the doctor in the begining I thought I was having heart trouble. I was probably was hyper for a long time prior. The day I went to the doc one of my eyes had started to bulge. Being vain this really tore me up. Doc said I just had a little edema (which I wasn't buying, but he did check my thyroid. From that day on I was afraid to go to bed as everymorning I would get up to now both eyes bugging out. This bugging all happened rather quickly, Doctors wanted radiate the thyroid, would not give me any steroids to stop the inflammation and progression of the eyes. Being discusted with the whole medical field, " I started trying to take supplements and anything I read might help. I did not have a computer at this time. I would have my blood run ever so often and the ranges were alright sometimes normal, sometimes a little off. It all seemed better than doctors and drugs (right? But what remained were the terrible frog like eyes. I went pretty to freaky in a matter of months. I put on my dark glasses and remained that way.

About two years ago (by now I have a computer) I read about an enzyme called Serrapeptase that is derived from the secretion of the silk worm ( look it up) it is an antinflammatory and taken for at least 6 months is suppusto dissolve scar tissue. Immediately I could see some improvement in the eyes(not much) but better. Now by this time I felt better and was either over, or in remission of the hyperthyoidism but the eyes were ruining my life. I was so excited, I would get up in the middle of the night when I woke up and go look in the mirror and pop another Serrapeptase I was taking 3 High potency 120,000. Units a day. These have to be taken on an empty stomach so they don't turn into a digestive enzyme and just digest food. Empty stomach only. I emproved quite a bit , then it came to a stand still. I should have continued to take them but I didn't, I started up again a few days ago. What they did is knock out the inflammatory problem but now I much needed the scar tissue behind the eye dissolved. I don't know there is any scar tissue but I heard there is. I heard about the exercises years ago but the eyes were so tight it was almost painful so I did this for awhile and quit. I started this yesterday and I think I can see the concept. The muscles of the eyes are so tight that they make the eyes protrude. Sounds right to me. Possibly when the muscles get unbound up the eye can float around better.

I just found this site and have read of the lady who corrected her eyes 70% by putting one drop of pasturized honey in each night and one drop of rose water in each eye and then washing off her eyes and then going to bed. She said it burns like crazy, but Oh well. I have not tried this but I am sure I will. What does feel good is green tea. Use good water in a large mug, microwave and put in one tea bag. Fill up a sterilized brown dropper bottle and fill it up. Let it cool , drink the cup and then put drops in the eye. ( anitoxidant) this stings a bit, but so do eye drops. This you will like. I also made up another brown dropper bottle with MSM and distilled water. One gram per ounce. Pure MSM no additives( this is suppusto make the eye more flexible and is also an anti-inflammatory (read about MSM drops) and benefits of green tea. The MSM drops don't sting hardly at all just a pinch like visine. I think in the long run the MSM is probably going to do more good than the green tea but the green tea takes the red out. This Graves disease is a nightmare. I have messed around with this 10 years. Well to make a long story, longer my eyes are not back to where they were in the beginning before Graves disease but they are pretty much undetectable to the average person. I hope my journey will help some. Bye for now, Sandy

Food Allergies, Supplements  

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Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt) on 08/10/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi I just want to say DONT do RAI or surgery. Why would you remove an organ in your body that is the victim of your immune system. Your thyroid is not the problem it is actually your immune system. I was diagnosed 3 years ago but I know that I have had it since I was a child. Looking back I can remember episodes of hypo and hyper at different points of my life. I have been to an endo who perscribed methimazole. I stopped that about 6 months in when my hair was coming out in clumps and my lab tests were not getting better. Of course my endo wanted me to get rid of my thyroid because Dr's don't like diseases that they don't have control over. If you get rid of your thyroid they can give you fake thyroid for the rest of your life. Not to mention hypo is less fatal in comparison to hyper.

I went to two naturopaths. The first helped a little but the second was the one who helped most. His idea of treating the whole body not just the thyroid really made sense. He started by addressing my immune system which for some reason was attacking my thyroid. He placed me on desicated thymus gland (thymus is part of your immune system that dr's believe is useless to us after childhood). He also tested me for food allergies. I had so many intolerances that I was absolutely shocked. Gluten, dairy, peanuts, almonds. Things that I had been eating in huge amounts. He explained that it might be possible for me to stop all of the intolerant food for six months and I might be able to begin eating some of them again. Gluten it seems was the main culprit. I stoped all for six months and the only one I cannot tolerate now is Gluten. My naturopath explained to me that Gluten is like a bat and when I ingest it, I am hitting my immune system with it as if it were a bee hive. My immune system freaks out and begins attacking my thyroid, adrenals, skin etc.... It made sense to me that. I can have one crouton and I will have a dabilitating migraine and trembles etc. Anyhow I started taking many suppliments as well.

*copper (hypers are usually deficient)

*selenium (hypers and hypos are usually deficient)

*magnesium (helps heart palps)

*potassium (helps heart thumping)

calcium (muscle and bone weakness)

D3 (I was difficient as most people are)

iron ( anemia and to counter the copper intake)

valarian (sleeplessness and stress)

chromium and green tea ( stress and muscle weakness)

Relora (adrenal fatigue that was due to stress)

I know it's alot but they all have a purpose....

Spanish Black Radish (just started recently and is supposed to help sooth graves and release bile from liver)

B Compex (for everything:)

Vit A, C, E, as well.

I am completely in remission now and have been for over a year. I believe that the thymus support was the start of my healing and the * suppliments are the most important ones for maintaining my health at this point.

My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed about 10 months ago. I have skipped the endo and gone for the same treatment that helped me. So far she is getting better and on the rode to remission.

Please don't have surgery to remove an organ that is so important to your health and well being. Afterall it isn't the thyroids fault right. Focus your treatment on the real problem. Your immune system and why it is attacking you. God bless and good health to you all.

Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt
I apoligize for forgetting to say that I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. My daughter was as well. Neither one of us have had any eye issues. But both of us have had very large goiters that are slowly shrinking back to normal.
Replied by Violeta
Chislehurst, Kent, United Kingdom
Hi Jen, your post gives me so much hope and confirms my suspicion that the gluten intolerance could be the culprit for antibodies attacking the thyroid. I haven't been yet diagnosed, I am going to have further checks in the next few weeks but I know that the thyroid is being attacked by antibodies and it started to become overactive. I have been suffering from gluten intolerance for about 6 years, it was a long journey of discovery and understanding what the problem was. The test for gluten intolerance came negative (which is frequently the case). 2 years ago I went on a strict diet for intestinal candida and I can't tell you how much my health improved. I realised straight away that gluten was very bad for me, after staying gluten free, when you come back to gluten based food, you have no doubts how much that affects you. Also I had palpitations and sleepless nights which I couldn't relate to my gluten intolerance condition. Anyway I went to see an endocrinologist, to check my thyroid (2 years ago) and discovered that the thyroid was attacked by antibodies, but the thyroid was functioning in normal limits. He didn't prescribe anything but said to come back in a few months to check it again. For 2 years I nearly forgot about my thyroid. I treated my intestinal candida and tried to stay pretty much gluten free. I didn't have sleepless nights anymore but occasional heart racings which would go away in few days. But few months ago, I started again to eat lots of sweets (I have cravings), pastries, no more gluten free diet. My heart started to race again like crazy for 2 weeks continuously (pulse around 100) and candida symptoms came back. I went to GP and asked for a thyroid check and it came now that my thyroid started to be overactive. I am going to see a specialist soon for tests, but I am not going to start to kill my thyroid with pills.

In the last 2 years I learned how much damage gluten can do to one's health: bloating, constipation, migraines, depression, eczema, lack of energy, turning down your immune system etc but I didn't have a clue that it can turn your antibodies to attack your own body... As you very well said, the thyroid is the victim, not the culprit.

I am more than thrilled to find your post confirming what I just started to realise by myself: that there is a direct relation between gluten intolerance and thyroid problems and heart racing. It makes so much sense.

I am going to follow what you did: go back on a gluten free diet, take supplements and I want to see a naturopath but it is not easy to find the right one. Can you please tell me who to contact to help me? I don't know how much of these supplements to take and how. Please help. Thank you so much. Violeta

Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us
Hello Violeta, I would start by searching online for a natural endocrinologist in the United Kingdom. You can also get online help. I would also search for Naturopaths in your area. They are getting more common in the US so I am sure they are where you live as well. People are realizing that they don't want to put those terrible drugs into thier bodies and would rather go the natural route. I have no doubt you are on the right track. Please feel free to ask me any more questions. Good luck Jen!
Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us
I don't know if this will help but I thought it might clarify things a little:)

*copper (hypers are usually deficient) 2 mg per day

*selenium (hypers and hypos are usually deficient) 400 mg per day

*magnesium (helps heart palps) 300 to 500 mg per day

*potassium (helps heart thumping) Try to eat your potassium Banana 400 mg, coconut water 600 too 1000 mg, Potato 600 mg, Apricot 1300 mg, Black Strap Molasses 700 mg. You need 3000 to 6000 mg per day.

calcium (muscle and bone weakness) 1000 mg per day

D3 (I was difficient as most people are) 2000 mg per day

iron ( anemia and to counter the copper intake) 8 mg per day

valarian (sleeplessness and stress) I take 1 to 5 capsules per night.

chromium and green tea ( stress and muscle weakness) 25 mcg

Relora (adrenal fatigue that was due to stress) I take 1 pill twice a day (morning and night)

Replied by Violeta
Chislehurst, Kent
Thank you Jen for your reply. Will try to find someone here.

Good health and God bless you. Violeta

Replied by Vana
Atlanta, Ga
Hi Jenn: My name is Vanessa and I live in Atlanta. I have had graves disease for some time and was seeking a Naturopath. Do you have his or her information? I would be so grateful. Thanks
Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us
Hello Vanessa, I don't personally know any Naturopaths in Atlanta but I did a search and found one that looks like they might be able to point you in the right direction. Keep in mind that they are still doctors but they usually think much deeper than your average regular doctors. If you are not comfortable with one then you can choose another. They work for you not the other way around. Her name is Dr. Ellen Levy and her number is 404-256-2244. I looked at the services she has available and I would definately ask about the Nutritional Counseling (Based on Hair analysis) and the IgG blood allergy testing. These tests will give you a really good idea what you are deficient in and what is making you immune system go crazy. Ask about a thymus gland support to help get your immune system working properly. When you go to see her make sure you know what she is giving and why. Sometimes Naturopaths like to give wierd concoctions that have a mixture of ingredients. Which is fine as long as you know why and what you should expect them to do for you. Her website is Another great website is this doctor has graves disease and has some really good posts about managing different things. He also does online and over the phone consultations if you want to spend the money. I have read most of his articles and he seems very knowledgeable and capable of helping you. I wish you the best and feel free to contact me with more questions if you want. midge811(at)
Replied by Karl
Vienna, Austria
1 out of 5 stars

@ Jen Selenium must be 400mcg micrograms!!! 400mg milligrams will kill you!!!

Replied by Cecilia
Ontario, Canada
How are you feeling right now? Are you still in remission of Graves' Disease?
Replied by Wendy
Maryland, US
You guys are so wonderful to share such promising information. I am filled with such hope as others who have responded here. Thank you all. Oh, my allergist told me he would test me for IgE once my thyroid got better so I believe that is what you meant to say (see below). Also, thanks again for listing out the minerals and vitamins, eye exercises, drinks, etc. So, very helpful!

An immunoglobulin E (IgE) test measures the blood level of IgE, one of the five subclasses of antibodies. Antibodies are proteins made by the immune system that attack antigens, such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens. IgE antibodies are found in the lungs, skin, and mucous membranes.

Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt
I actually still meant the IgG testing as the IgE testing is only for anaphalactic/ histimine type reactions. Those allergies do not apply to our thyroids like IgG immune responses do.

Here is an explanation of the differences. Most allergists do not believe IgG responses are responsible for doing any damage to our thyroids or any other body parts for that matter. You have to go to a Naturopath or some other healer who can do food allergy testing for you to get a better idea of what your IgG immune sensitivities are.

I also just realized someone wanted to know how I was doing now. I am much better. Still working on my health naturally as I did some things that may have caused my thyroid to go the other way. I am now only Hashimotos thyroid and my Graves is still in remission. It turns out I had both issues but was only experiencing Graves. But now my Hashimotos is dominant. I have had alot of stress lately as my husband just had a kidney transplant and was very ill before that so now we are trying to focus on getting me better again. Stress can do so much damage to our bodies:( I am still taking most of the supplements I listed above though. As they are so important to thyroid health. There are some new ones that I will list in a separate post.

Replied by Valri
Bellingham, Wa
Hi Jen,

I completely agree with you about NOT REMOVING or doing the RAI. Doctors are fools thinking they're god when they can't control a disease.

I've had Graves for about 2 years. The first few months was pretty sure I was going to die. I did a ton of online research, my doctor advised against that, as if he wanted me to remain feeling horrible. After digging around online I found bugleweed. Then I found a natural pharmacy that put tinctures together in-house while you waited. It was there I met someone who also had Graves and he recommended a naturopath.

My doctor had set up RAI for me and I promptly cancelled it once I was armed with my own information that the doc knew nothing about.

The naturopath was a godsend and helped me realize that it was all of me that needed treating. Once I was able to 'get it' I was on my way to recovery. He gave me easy body tapping exercises that take no more than 5 minutes, I do them in the shower every morning. And of course, my diet. No gluten. No dairy. And I feel it when I cheat. I took many supplements whose names I forget and the only thing that I have taken consistently over the last 2 years is bugleweed. I get it in tincture and capsule. It tastes nasty!!

I've gone from being 160lbs at the beginning down to 120lbs within a few months and 2 years later I am back up to 145lbs. My biggest complaint is my lack of muscle and that seems to be getting a little bit better due to my weight gain. No bulging eyes, my HR is about 80, high but certainly not where it was at 130. I sleep. I avoid gluten like the plague.

I hope everyone reading this can take a step back and think thru what Jen said and how there is a better way to get better!!

Replied by Butterfly15
Westport, Ct
Hi Jen or anyone who can offer suggestions,

I was on Earth Clinic and came across your insightful and very informative responses however I would like some guidance on my personal experience.

I was diagnosed unofficially one month ago with GD only because I did not want to be diagnosed with Radioactive uptake however my doctor was pretty certain based on my symptoms that I had GD.

I am now on Methimazole 30mg/day, Metoprolol 50 MG per day and Eliquis a blood thinner for prevention of a stroke since I have atrial fibrillation.

My question is, my endo has said to NOT take iodine while on these meds however, I have read on various articles that iodine can and should be taken for hyperthyroidism. So should I take iodine in combination with these meds or should I stop the meds then take iodine. Also it would seem some of these meds state one should not stop abruptly using as it can cause problems?

Also, if I am able to use iodine with the meds, does it make sense to also take the other supplements like thymus, selenium Etc?

I wish I had a naturopath to go to, never been to one, I live in Westport, CT... If you can advise on how to find a reliable one?

My major issue with me in particular is my heart beats like a race horse however I have appeared to have settled down overall, heart included these past four days.

Many many Thanks, :)

Replied by Jamie
Twin Bridges, Mt
Hi Jen. I have recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and won't see the endo in Missoula until January 14. My GP feels it is Graves due to having high antibody and my radioactive uptake test.

Can you tell me who your naturopath is? I am only 1.25 hours from Bozeman and I am desperate to help myself naturally.

I am on 10 mg of Methimazole 3 x per day right now. My heart rate was so high that I had to do something. Do you know if I can take any of the herbs and or supplements while methimazole?

Any thoughts from you or anyone else in the group would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Kimm
Wss, Mt
I see Dr. Joe Holcomb in Kalispell. He is a Naturopath and has done wonders for my Graves Disease and Adrenal Fatigue. He treats me by symptoms not labs. I cannot stress enough how much he has done for me!!!!

Green Tea  

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Posted by Bagpuss (London, U.K.) on 09/30/2012

There are quite a lot of people asking about the green tea method for curing eye bulging with Graves disease. I haven't come across the green tea method but I think I can guess as I have some experience that I would like to share using normal everyday teabags which are made from black tea.

(I have graves disease with multi-nodular non-toxic goitre. ) A couple of years ago, for the first time ever, I developed a stye on my eye. I went to the chemist and got some ointment which did nothing and this stye was getting huge. After maybe two weeks my whole eye was really swollen and red, I started to have a good look around on the internet for remedies as the eye drops weren't doing anything. I came across a lot of feedback about normal black teabags being good for various eye ailments so I can imagine green tea is doing the same - :

Method: Moisten the teabags by pouring on a little hot water on them whilst in a saucer. Let them cool and give them a squeeze so they are fully drenched and the dark tea is coming out of them then gently squeeze some of the excess tea off so it doesn't go everywhere and place the tea bags on the eyes and relax back. Leave on for as long as you want. You want the tea to gently go in the eye so leave enough tea liquid in the bag to do this and pat them into your eyes (your eyes are closed) and you may want to rub the teabag around a bit - don't be scared just get that tea in there:) it doesn't sting at all. I left the bags on for 30 mins the first time and saw immediate redness looked less angry. Carried on doing this all day - maybe about 6 times using same tea bags which I left on the side all day and picked them up and popped them back on when I had a spare 15 mins. Have some tissues handy as the tea drips down your face.

Why I'm telling you this is because the stye came to a head, popped and disappeared in two days and this thing was huge and it was on the rise before the teabags:) So when I had done this for a couple of days, my eyes felt loads better all round - which got me thinking. Normally my eyes are a little bulgy from the graves. They are normally very dry and sandy. Feeling better from the stye situation and feeling like my eyes felt a lot better compared to normal, I carried on every day doing the same with the teabags thinking it may help my graves eye problem. After maybe 2 weeks, my eyes were completely normal. No sandy, gritty feeling, no swollen bags or bulgy, no staring look, free movement of the eyeballs and just felt very good and normal. Amongst this teabag treatment, I did two eye bath washes by bathing my eyes with an eye bath using a solution of mineral water and a little splash of ACV as I had also read somewhere that this helped with eye ailments. I would definately reccommend the combination of the teabags and ACV in an eye bath. The measurements for the ACV wash were a guess when I tried it out so I don't know what to say - maybe one part ACV to ten parts water but I don't think it matter so long as there is some ACV in there. It stings a fair bit so you need it weak but it makes your eyes crystal clear and I really felt like it did them a lot of good. I have never had problems since with my bulgy eyes and if I feel like they are even a little dry, I place my used teabag on my eyes after making a cup of tea:) Or, I may bathe them in the ACV and water for maybe a minute or as long as I can stand it for just to make sure the eye problem doesn't come back but I maybe only do this once in every six months. Make sure it's weak though the ACV - Very important and your eyes will be bloodshot after for a little while but when they clear they look and feel great! Hope this helps and thank you for everyone's contributions. Love.

Replied by Linder
San Diego, Ca
What is ACV?

EC: ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Thankful (Macon, GA) on 01/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the green tea bag remedy and it worked great for me. I was diagnosed with graves disease and my eyes stuck out for the longest and now after 8 years of looking like a frog my eyes are finally returning to normal.

Replied by Michelle
Los Angeles, CA
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects:
... I saw it on earthclinic that some of you use green tea tea bags to relieve bulging eyes, I've also tried it but for some reason, it made my eyes crusty the next morning, but I will still continue working on it because it seems that my eyes are a bit better... though I'm not quite sure if that's true. Will keep you posted! Or if anyone has any advice on this... please reply to this post, thanks earthclinic... you've given me some hope! and thanks soooo much for reading~

Replied by Thankful
Macon, GA
Michelle, you should also do a heavy metal cleanse and then a liver cleanse. I did this in combination with the oil pulling with coconut oil and you will not believe the amazing results. I used Renew Life cleansing products but you can buy any kind you like. The heavy metal cleanse will give you the most noticable results thats why I did it first. I wish I could send you a picture of how my eyes were and how they are now.
Replied by Regina
Havre de Grace, Maryland
Hi, How are you? You said that a heavy metal clease helped you with your eyes. What did your eyes look like before? What symptoms did you have? Hope that you will respond. Thanks
Replied by Mel
Montreal, Qc Canada
In response to the green tea bags to help reduce bulging eyes due to graves disease. I was wondering how exactly you did it and how many times a day you did this. My doctors have told me that there is nothing to do about it so I am looking for different alternatives. Thanks.
Replied by Ted
Chicago, Ill
My name is Ted and I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in June of 09. I had the Radiation Iodine Treatment done and wish I would have found this site first. How exactly did the green tea bags help? Could you email me at and let me know step by step please. Any info would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance. This is for my bulging eyes. Please help.
Replied by Cathy
Fort Myers, Florida
How do I use the green tea for bulging eyes? I was treated for Graves over 20 years ago and still have the bulging eyes. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
Replied by Selu
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
how u use the green tea? u put it on ur eyes or u drink it? ps email me how could I use it, I have these grave disease and I'm sick of it my email is shalomab3(at)gmail(dot)com
Replied by Funcheso
Chicago, Il, Usa
Hi, I have also been diagnosed with Grave's Disease (20 yrs) and I thought I would just have to live with my "frog eyes" unless and until I decided to opt for surgery. Please tell me how the green tea can help reduce the size of my eyes and how I should take it. Thanks
Replied by Joy
Dubai, Uae
5 out of 5 stars

I tried using the green tea as I read in this article... For 1week now, I've seen result.. My eyes are starting to return to normal (not so much like the "frog-like eyes" anymore), I used the tea as eye drops.. I want to ask also, if I want to take the apple cider vinegar, how is it possible? thank you!

Replied by Skipie00
Grand Rapids, Mi, Usa
Hi, I've had graves disease since I was 15. Im now 26. I have the "bugged eyes" I really need your help. Im not the same person any more and im usually sad. I feel everyone stares at me and I feel sad. How exactually did you do the green tea bags and/or drops? I really want to try this... if anyone has pic of before and after and how long it took to work, please email me at skipie00(at) I also heard of honey eye drops too! Just someone please help me.
Replied by Marcus
Brooklyn, Ny
To Thankful, I went on the Renew Life website and looked up the Metal Cleanse. It says if you have hyperthyroidism you should NOT use this product. How did this work for you? Do you think it is harmful to those who have Grave's Disease?
Replied by Momsfourboys
Wausau, Usa
Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)

Our son was recently diagnosed with Graves Disease. He also has bulging eyes, already. After much research, and starting the "Graves Disease Parents" Facebook group, through other parents, and other GD groups, I have learned that 200 mcg of Selenium, per day, is highly beneficial to reduce, and even eliminate, the classic bulging eyes that GD patients have. We have just begun using Selenium. And, I am confident, and anxious, to see the results, based on other GD patient's positive results.

Replied by En
Boston, Ma
Do you have an update about using the selenium?
Replied by Maria
Washington, Dc
Can someone please let me know what the green tea treatment is? I have hyperthyroidism with graves disease... My left eye is bulging and I hate it. I dont see my own face in the mirror anymore coz I know I look different. please email me at nitalini_s(at) Thank you so so much.

Herbal Supplements  

Posted by Paloma (Ny, Ny, Usa) on 04/16/2010

Hi everybody. I have severe Graves disease (sweating, weakness, heart palpitations)for almost a year, doctors put me on med methimazole and later on PTU, my liver got damaged. Later on my doc pushed me to take a radioactive iodine, I refused.

I had and still have severe overactive thyroid and bad heart palpitations. I found alternative medicine doc and started to take alternative medications, such as Bugleweed, Melissa. I just started to take all of this a couple days ago, keep you posted... I am really tired of this disease and like all of you want to be cured. God bless all of us

Replied by Norda
Raleigh, Nc
Paloma from Ny, please keep me posted on your results. I am on methhimazole also. It was suggested to me as well to take radiocative iodine. Where can get the bugleweed from? What form are you taking (tea or drops) and how much?
Replied by Mary
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
Brazil Nuts for Graves Eye Symptoms!

Try it...! A recent study done in Italy, (May 2011) showed that selenium helps decrease graves eye symptoms.

After reading the study, I ate 2 brazil nuts which have selenium content. My eyes felt much better, not as scratchy or sore! I have been doing this for a week now and am so glad I don't have pain in my eyes anymore. I plan to increase the brazil nuts from 2 to 3 in a week or so, to see if any swelling goes down. The study used 2 daily doses of 100 ug/mcg of selenium daily. I estimated 2 brazil nuts equals about 100 mcg/ug. Therefore 2 brazil nuts taken in a.m. And 2 in p.m. Should roughly equal 200 per day of selenium. Word of caution though. Selenium can be dangerous if taken at high doses, which I think is more than 400 ug/mcg per day.

So start slowly and see if your eyes feel better with just 2 per day. Then increase to 3.

Good luck and let us know if you feel any difference.

Replied by Trish
Weston Supermare, North Somerset United Kingdom
Hi I was diagnosed with Graves Hyperthyroidsim in May this year. I was on neomercazole which was reduced too quickly and I had a return of all the symptoms, atrial fib, tremors, etc. I am back on the meds now and settling down (also on half inderal 80mg) My doc also trying to get me to have radio active, which I refuse point blank. I am taking all the supplements listed. My eyes were really sore, scratch, dry and swollen on top lid. I have been taking selenium supplement, I was told to eat brazil nuts which I have been doing for about a month now and now realise that is probably the reason my eyes are feeling so much better. A question though, I see you talk about Apple Cider Vinegar, what does that help with Graves and how much and how do you take it? Thank you for such an informative group. Trish.
Replied by Jenny
Provo, Utah
As I have liver problems my dr recommends that I find a more natural sleep remedy, which I'm really not dissapointed about, I like to keep as many toxins out of my body as possible. Has anyone here tried this and knows of any natural sleep aids?

Honey for Bulging Eyes  

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Posted by Jennie (Orange Park, Fl) on 04/27/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have been reading this forum about Graves disease and bulging eyes two days ago, I have used the honey treatment for my mild bulging eyes and the royal honey, taking 2 tablespoon twice a day, and the honey mix with just a little bit of water to clean my eyes before going to bed, it works like wonder!! . I can tell the difference in my eyes just by being in it for two days, Thank you so much for sharing all ur experiences and the natural treatment... I am going to keep up with it until I am back to myself again. :)))

Replied by Liz
Hingham, Ma
This is in response to Jennie from Orange Park, FL - Can you explain what the honey treatment is that you use? Basically exactly what do you do with all 3 things you list that you've been doing. Thanks!!
Replied by Alexandra
New York
Please help me. I just had my thyroid removed and my eyes are so huge. It has changed my appearance and my confidence has gone down tremendously. I don't want to have surgery to push my eyes back. I can really use all the help thank u. Alexandra
Replied by Kathryn4
It might have something to do with thyroid - would not hurt to get it checked.
Replied by Jenn
Connecticut, US
Hi, Can someone please tell me about the honey for the bulging eyes. I need help. Can someone tell me what exactly to do and what I need. Has anyone used this and it worked. Do u have before and after pictures. Desperate to try anything that will help.
Replied by Terry
Euclid Ohio
Checking to see if the honey treatment for your bulging eyes still worked or is working, 2 years later.
Replied by Jan
Hi. I suffer from bulging eyes due to graves disease. I wonder if the effect of the treatment was permanent?

Posted by David (Tucson, Az) on 10/24/2012

Im interested about your treatment for bulging eyes. What kind of honey do you suggest? I live in France now so im not sure what kind of honey they sell over here but im sure they have it.