Black Bean Broth: Home Remedy for Gout!

Last Modified on Feb 07, 2014

If you suffer from gout, one of the simplest and most effective home remedies you can use is to make a basic black bean broth. Sipping the bean broth regularly can restore needed nutrients and help to limit the build-up of uric acid in the body. That crystallized uric acid is what builds up between the joints and causes your gout pain.

Black bean broth is a traditional Taiwanese home remedy for gout, one that has quickly been taken up throughout the world as people recognize the curative properties of this natural remedy.

The specific kind of black beans does not seem to be critical, as all such dark beans are rich in anthocyanins, phytochemicals that for many people quickly reduce gout pain and inflammation.

Basic Recipe: Add half a pound of dry black beans to two quarts of water and boil for 1-2 hours. Afterwards, drain the liquid into a container and discard the beans. Drink about a cup of broth each day at the outset of a gout attack. Then drink it each day until the pain is gone. Thereafter, at least once a week to prevent gout pain.

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Posted by Ellen (Stoughton, Ma) on 05/21/2013

[YEA]  I have been suffering from joint and muscle pain since I developed the Shingles last June. Worked with my Chiropractor, with some relief, he also had me taking ACV. Came across the black bean juice last week and thought I'd give it a try, beans were cheap enough. WoW! Do I feel great for the first time in months. I've been drinking it for just 6 days now and I'm hooked. I have severe arthritis in both knees and have a referral to see a specialist. Can't wait to tell him about this.

Posted by Andrew (Singapore) on 06/28/2008

[YEA]  Black beans works very well for me!!

I had been suffering from heal pains, toe pains for a few years and had seen doctors who prescribed painkillers which provided only temporary relief for the pain. They were telling me I was suffering from "bunion", "bursitis", etc.... I was referred to specialists but my "pains" still persisted. In fact, the pains came on more frequently - perhaps due to my diet. I was desperate!!! Then it dawned on me to find out more about my ailment from the internet.

I am glad I did because I have found something that can hold my "pains" at bay, and it really works like wonders! It is through this Earth Clinic website that I discovered "Black Beans". I started taking black bean broth as described and I was amazed that the pain was gone the next few days. From then onwards I have been taking black bean broth regularly. At the same time I am still enjoying my food - including my favourite food , such as red meat, and many other purine rich food , which I realised were the main causes of my gout problems.

Lately, I did a test on myself to affirm the efficacy of black beans on gout. I did it because beans are known to cause gout, and yet black beans are doing the opposite. As usual, I continued with my regular intake of red meat and other "rich" food, but I stopped taking black bean broth. After a week or so, I began to feel my gout pains coming on - slowly but surely. Finally, I started feeling the pain on one of my toes and it got worse very quickly. The toe then became red and swollen and I had difficulty walking. Immediately, I prepared black bean broth and drank it. The first day after taking the bb broth I could feel that the pain did not get worse. I continued taking the broth the next day - the pain was less and the swelling on my toe was subsiding. On the third day, I could walk normally as the pain was gone.

I am a very happy person now as I can still enjoy my favourite food and not need to worry too much about gout pains anymore. Of course, I must also be mindful of my other aspects of personal health and well-being, so I am making a conscious effort to reduce my intake of "sinful" food and eat in moderation.

Posted by Arlene (Toronto, Canada) on 03/11/2008

[NAY]  Hi, Firstly I wanted to express my gratitude for this website, it's fantastic! I just discovered it and am eagerly trying many of the remedies for weight loss and my father's gout. I was excited to read the information about the black bean 'juice' and quickly made a batch for my father as he has been suffering from gout on and off for about 2 months. The day after I made the concoction, he came down with gout. We promptly tried the remedy, infact I had him drink 2 glasses, and unfortunately today it has worsened and swelled up. I feel terrible. Reading about ACV, I will TRY to get him to take some w/ honey - unfortunately I think that his trust in me has probably deteriorated - rightly so I guess. But I'll keep you posted. Also, can you give me any other information as to what foods may cause gout, I've checked so many websites and composed a list for my father - who is avoiding the foods as best as he can, but the gout still comes back on the weekly basis.

Posted by Rhemacs
Atlanta, Ga
Try organic cherry juice or better yet just eat fresh cherries along with celery juice made from a juicer juicer. Both of theses are excellent for gout

Posted by Siong (Singapore, Singapore) on 08/14/2007

[YEA]  Black bean broth helps speed clearing up pain due to gout.When I was a kid I often heard that black beans cooked with pork bones help strengthen the legs. But fearing that black beans will aggravate gout, I avoided black beans. Dennis's article convinced me to try black bean broth discarding the beans.Now I drink it as coffee or tea and make a black bean drink at night when I want to. The flavor and taste is great. Adjust your preference - 2 handfuls of beans for 1 cup(300ml)

Posted by Ben
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi I would like to know about the black beans. Is it black soy bean or just black color beans?

Posted by Denis (Luo Dong Township, Taiwan) on 05/29/2007

[YEA]  I get really severe gout attacks sometimes, usually in my knees, but at times I can even feel the uric acid crystals forming in my finger joints, wrists or elbows! I know that cherry juice, blueberry juice, pomegranate juice, etc (which all contain anthocyanins) can eliminate uric acid from the blood and is much more effective than colchicine which merely stops the production of more uric acid in the liver. But colchicine is also very damaging to the liver, and liver damage is the origin of gout in the first place in many people (or kidney damage in others). After moving here to Taiwan, the manager of a school I was teaching in informed me about black bean broth. Unlike the various juices mentioned above, black beans are CHEAP and are easy to find in local markets and to keep around the house. A close look at the black bean broth shows that the black color is really a dark red. Yes, black beans contain anthocyanins, that group of pigments which range in color from blue to red to almost black. In an emergency, you throw a cup of black beans in a pot of water and boil it and as soon as the water color turns dark, you can get some broth, cool it and drink it. This remedy takes only a few hours to eliminate the crystals from the joints, but the damage to the joints may take up to two days to heal. It is good to prepare some of this amazing healing remedy and freeze it in case of a sudden gout attack.

P.S. I never heard of it before living here. I assume that it is due to anthocyanins. (The red color seems to support that idea.) But, boy, it really works. While I am waiting for it to take effect, I just began using 55% DMSO topically to take away the pain, which helps a bit. But, with black bean broth, it really removes the uric acid from the blood in about 2 to 4 hours.

Posted by Denis
Luo Dong Township, Taiwan
As an afterthought, the amount of black bean broth I typically consume to cure my gout, is usually made from 2 cups or more of dried black beans. I guess the dosage would depend on how big the person is and how high the uric acid levels are in his body. I weigh about 64 kg (141 lbs.) and this amount is fine for me. With this natural treatment, of course, it is totally safe and drinking a lot will not hurt you. Also, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." I know that high purine foods and alcohol can induce gout, but in my case (I am a vegan and drink only tiny quantities of red wine with meals), the worst precipitating factor in giving me gout is Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils. If I eat a snack, not realizing it has HVO, I will soon get a gout attack. Other things that I have noticed which bring on an attack are mung beans, eating too many mushrooms or eating or drinking a very sugary food. Anthocyanin containing fruit juices will not cure gout if they are also loaded with sugar. By the way, while hydrogenated vegetable oils are a problem, natural saturated fats are not, such as coconut oil or cocoa butter...
Posted by Troy
Dewey, AZ
3 Posts
I would be interested to know the exact meaurements for the black bean broth. If anyone knows, please contact me.
Posted by Zobione
Hualien, Taiwan
Guys beware! The so called "black beans" found in Asia are not the same that you can buy in your grocery store in America. In Asia what is called "black bean" is basically a variety of soybean with a dark skin. The asian "black bean" belongs to the genus glycine, the one commonly found in America belongs to the genus phaseolus. This not the same thing!
Posted by Grannypeck
Reno, Nevada
You are so right about black beans! I do a blog about healthy, low cal/carb/fat dieting program I call the Fairy Tale Diet (that is not for sell, just read the blog and learn how it has helped us lose a lot of weight) and today I posted a super simple recipe for Black Bean Brownies. My DH loves their taste even more than regular brownies, even after he found out they were made with black beans! He had a 2 inch wide by 1 inch high gout flair up on his big toe until he started eating these brownies every weekend for a year... Now it's gone. The pain stopped with the first batch. Try them out... I publish 5 free recipes a week and have no products for sale. This recipe is at the bottom of a blog titled: Become a Picky Eater at I hope you will love them too!
Posted by Webfoote2
Salem, Oregon
[YEA]   "I heard about the black bean broth and gave it a try. It appears to work for me, but a friend didn't have any positive results. I mix 1/2 lb. Black beans in 2 quarts of water. I add a small amount of ginger (buy it bulk for not much cost) to the help with the taste. I slow boil it for 90 minutes, then I strain the liquid into another container. Throw the beans away, we tried to salvage them, no luck. When the broth cools to room temp. I pour it into a 16 oz glass and drink it. Leave the bottom inch as it is thick. I do this once a week and have had success controlling the gout.
Posted by Karen
Springdale, Arkansas
It was 10:30 p.m. when I read your posts about black bean broth for gout. My husband has been suffering (and I DO mean suffering! ) with gout for 11 weeks in his hands, wrists and elbows. He has been a vegetarian for 4 weeks now. He has been on cherry juice, cherry juice concentrate, cherry pills, a liver cleanse, a ginger/turmeric/local honey mixture and alkaline water (9. 5). I ran to the store in my pajamas and grabbed a bag of black beans. I am in the process of cooking them now at 11:30 p. m. Then I read that the black beans in America aren't the same black beans in Taiwan. Does that mean that the black beans I just bought aren't going to work for him. I'm going to make him drink the juice anyway, but will check back for your answer. Thanks!
Posted by Wayfinder
Motown, Ca/ Usa
Guaifenisin is an old, old gout remedy. It is the exact chemical composition as the original tree bark extract. It pulls lactic acid out of the cells, to relieve the pain, if it is in fact gout. This worked wonders for me with fibromyalgia as well. As with so many wonderful healing agents, I have heard it is being pulled off the market. Does the job too well! I do not know what tree was originally used, but I'm sure it could be found. --T.
Posted by Rsb927
West Virginia
[YEA]   "Black Bean broth!

Amazing! Thank you for posting. I have been in misery for months with chronic gout. Bought some beans Monday afternoon, drank some broth and within a couple hours my right leg is feeling real relief!

I never dreamed that relief could come that fast from something so simple. I feel better today than I have in months. Gout and the side effects of the prescription medicine made me feel lousy. I could ever say now that black bean broth is good for depression, LOL.

Again thanks for you folks posting.


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